The Proposal: I Am A Straight Woman Interested In A Marriage With A Gay Man That Will Benefit Us Both

The Proposal: I Am A Straight Woman Interested In A Marriage With A Gay Man That Will Benefit Us Both

As aforementioned, I am a heterosexual woman, who will be 22 in May. I am interested in getting married to a gay man, with whom we would work out the kind of open relationship we can have.

The reason I am looking for this kind of arrangement is because I am polyamorous, and will never really ever be into monogamy. I would rather not get married at all, but then, I am an only child, and my parents would be crushed.

I would like someone who is kind, open-minded and playful. I definitely do not want anybody who is a cynic.

Also, I do not plan on being around a lot – you know, the “wife” you will come home to every day. So, you may probably be on your own most times. The kind of work I’m going to be involved in will definitely involve a whole lot of travelling.

Any interested persons can send a message to, and we can get to know ourselves, before meeting up or whatever.

Submitted by OB-Girl

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  1. Dillish
    April 13, 08:41 Reply

    Hope you get to find him.

    Isn’t too early to think about or been pressured into marriage at 22?

    • Pink Panther
      April 13, 08:47 Reply

      “Too early to think about or be pressured into marriage at 22”?

      Lol. You realize you are referring to a Nigerian lady living in Nigeria, right?

      • KC
        April 13, 11:38 Reply

        And the only child

        • O.B
          April 14, 21:36 Reply

          For Chrissakes! What’s the deal about being an only child, in this Nigeria as a whole?

    • O.B
      April 14, 21:43 Reply

      Lol. Seriously, Dillish?
      Well, I was eventually going to do the whole thing at 28/30, or simply pop kids when I’m ready.
      But then, I stumbled on this page, and it dawned on me that I could actually be married without being married i.e sans obligations, and forfeiture of dream opportunities, etc.
      Also, my parents would still be very pleased with me,and society would not be outraged, and all the drama that will follow, if I pop kids out of wedlock. Society would even give me a standing ovation for “marrying early” and all that.
      So, Dillish, why the hell not??

  2. Lopez
    April 13, 08:59 Reply

    Even up North ( that is too conservative) 22 is too early to be pressured into marriage. This sounds more like a blackmail than a marriage proposal, why gay men? And then the tone of the writing, the arrangements…There are straight men that are adventurous. It will end in tears

    • Derrick Lawson
      April 13, 09:13 Reply

      Exactly what I have in mind … I will advice any gay man not to enter D’s relationship …

      Cause u will lose ur right in the house .. and u can easily be threatened with exposure if she offended u and u react

      • O.B
        April 14, 21:25 Reply

        Derrick,you definitely aren’t an authority on what will, or will not happen, because you have never met this person, or know what she’s like…

        These are mere assumptions which you are trying to pass off as facts… And just as a reminder, These. Are. Not. Facts…

    • O.B
      April 14, 21:32 Reply

      Lopez, lemme state the obvious;
      1) Because a lot of gay men are scared of getting married, for fear of discovery.
      2) When they do get married, they live in fear of discovery, under a web of lies and deception.
      3) Marriage is really overrated.
      4) Blackmail? Lol. To what end exactly?

    • O.B
      April 14, 21:34 Reply

      And ummm, Lopez?
      I think the fact that gay men often make these kinds of posts, should answer the “why gay men?” question.

  3. Mandy
    April 13, 09:25 Reply

    Lol. Gay men, you people are sha too hard to please. Nearly every woman that has come to advertize for a marriage of convenience here has had her motives questioned, from how she is too young to want marriage to apparently how she may be plotting to out the gay man after they’re married.
    It is apparently too much to fathom the idea that some women, gay or straight, may also just want the freedom that gay men want when they are in relationships and do not want the demands that come from being married to heterosexual men.
    If anything, how about letting interested gay men at least communicate with the lady before spoiling her market for her with all these aspersions and doubts.

    • O.B
      April 14, 21:21 Reply

      Like,can you believe these dudes…?
      Everyone always has a motive, which may be good or bad… All a person has to do is figure out what is, and whether it aligns with whatever plans they may have…

      All these fussiness is utterly unnecessary…

  4. Omiete
    April 13, 11:33 Reply

    22 is too early in Nigeria???? Are we in this same country? This country that sees late marriage as bad as cancer. This country that once a girl is an adult they will start asking about husband. I laugh. Maybe your sisters.

  5. Delle
    April 13, 11:43 Reply

    I would think a lot will jump at this but alas, the insatiable nature of men. Is it not this same KD that people come seeking for this exact marital arrangement? Now, you see one and are already being skeptical


    Abeg, all those people that have been looking for a lady to settle down with, I sometimes wonder if they do find any.

    Queen Blue Fox, isn’t this what you want?

    • O.B
      April 14, 21:28 Reply

      Sometimes, the fear of the unknown is too great in some… Sadly, many things in life, aren’t for the faint hearted…

  6. OB
    April 14, 21:17 Reply

    I think it would be better to actually get to know the person, instead of assuming that all 22year olds grow and mature with the same level of mental maturity…
    It’s very unrealistic to generalize whatever attribute you have assigned to a 22year old, in your head, to every 22year old in this world…

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