Kito Alert: It’s Only In Nigeria That Someone Will Proudly Identify As A Killer Of Homosexual People

Kito Alert: It’s Only In Nigeria That Someone Will Proudly Identify As A Killer Of Homosexual People

The reason I am making this post is because I believe the lives and circumstances of members of the gay community are not something anyone should use to score points. We suffer way too many real injustices, for anyone to simply make outlandish claims about our subjugation, whether true or false. And when made, they should not be ignored.

So, if you get to the end of this post and you think the threat is real, then consider yourselves warned. If you think it’s all for show, then at least we know yet another ugly Nigerian to stay away from.

Yesterday, an online acquaintance reached out to me to let me know that the situation between him and someone he’d been interacting with online had suddenly gone awry. And that this person, perhaps in a bid to strike fear in this friend’s heart, had made the claim that he’d KILLED SIX GAY GUYS.

As you read the following exchange, here’s some information to give you some context: this friend has once before admitted to me of crossing the line with a straight guy before. So there. You may check out our interaction now.

This guy goes by the name Itz Rock on Facebook. Here are his photos and a screenshot of the threat where he made the claim of being a murderer.

The conversation in my inbox continues.

So, what do y’all think? Is this the exposure of the identity of someone who’s dangerous? Or is this guy merely laying claim to the infamy of someone who has “dealt with” homosexuals?

Either way, he’s an ugly human being, and this is a kito alert.

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  1. Mandy
    April 13, 09:33 Reply

    In a civilized society, this guy would be arrested and investigated for these claims.
    But in Nigeria, it is a thing of honour to identify as someone who makes gay people pay for their homosexuality. SMH.

  2. BoyToy
    April 13, 09:34 Reply

    Serial killer on the loose!
    This is a clear case of sociopathy, to say the very least, laced with some kind of diabolism. These kinds would go to any length to hey what they want.
    This guy just admitted to you that he is straight (no quotation marks) so there’s no need to test waters that are too deep no matter how good of a swimmer you are.
    His superficial charm could trap and eventually land you in trouble.
    Please stay away from him as much as possible.

    • Pie
      April 13, 23:18 Reply

      Which disgusting superficial charm?

      • Biodun
        April 16, 17:45 Reply

        This guy is not even charming, eew

  3. Black Dynasty
    April 13, 10:00 Reply

    He’s a ridiculous man and i hope it was just a scare tactic. That would be truly horrific if he killed 6 gay guys.

    As for the idiots still preying on straight men, no vex if you get what’s coming to you. You can’t expect to sexually assault people to satisfy yourself and not have consequences.

    If a guy tells you he’s straight, back up and leave him alone.

    I said what I said ??‍♂️

  4. Delle
    April 13, 11:53 Reply

    9I honestly think he is a very silly person, that’s the one in your inbox and such people deserve whatever they get in the hands of these vile men. As to that flimsy premise of ‘gay not being written on people’s faces’, that’s balderdash as far as I’m concerned.

    There are so many guys who are tickled by the mere fact that they are getting down with A STRAIGHT guy. That’s what they seek. Those are the men they actively go after.

    Let’s just say this was two birds being killed by a stone; the kito scum and this straight predator.

    Gay men should respect themselves! If he says he is straight, steer the fuck clear! I know how disgusted I feel when a gay man I’m not into keeps pestering me, what more these men? Y’all should behave please.

    Straight boy penis doesn’t have a special ingredient.

  5. King
    April 13, 13:43 Reply

    Is this really kito? Do not think this should be here without sufficient evidence of what the conversation was about before threat.

    • slender
      April 13, 15:30 Reply

      i though about this too, what if he only wanted to scare him away but still a wrong move, i believe a small investigation should be varied out before putting his face outa here. kindly correct me if im wrong.

    • Mike
      April 13, 21:30 Reply

      Untill someone dies, get beaten up or loses one property before you’d consider it a kito case, right?. Was this not informative enough to tell you to keep off.

      • King
        April 13, 21:52 Reply

        There is a context in which this threat was made that is not very clear. There is evidence that one party made a threat, but no evidence so far about the context in which the threat was made.

        The threats and claims of killing people are clearly wrong.

        Providing a context without evidence is not the best either

      • Q
        April 14, 11:39 Reply

        Hear! Hear!

  6. Joseph Black
    April 13, 20:16 Reply

    Please Pink Panther,I’d really like to speak with you,I need some advice,thank you.

  7. Mike
    April 13, 21:53 Reply

    Well, not siding with the guy, but lemme say this.
    The fact that you see a muscular guy online gay or straight, doesn’t mean he’s an oloshe, a gigolo or just itching to share his nude for profit. Some actually have sense, better standards and are well meaning niggas.
    Fear no dey even catch you, you no look face properly, you dey ask for nude. Like seriously.
    Some find it demeaning, considering they’re not gigolos. When you ask a man to do certain things that demeans his person, what do you expect, even if he had sent it, collected your money, you want to know a secret?, He will hate you for it, even if he sleeps with you, for that cash, as long as is not what he intended or the way he is, he will hate you. There’s no two ways about it, chill it’s how the psych of a man works. Funny fact is, there’s nothing more dangerous than repressed anger.
    It’s shameful for you duo, that’s not who he is, there’s literally nothing stopping him from taking a few shots and collecting your money, but he refused, this was where you should have realized the kind of person you’re dealing with, realize and respect yourself, but konji be praised. Be careful duo, he was probably communicating the anger his anger, how he felt, the hate he felt towards you, towards someone like you, people like you, you look at a young man, upon all this things going on in Nigeria, you want to take advantage of him, there are no words to describe that anger, I’m angry on his behalf, there no words to describe it, right now.
    You didn’t even present yourself as a human being, a good person ? you should understand that certain virtues can save you, it wouldn’t matter wether you are gay or straight. I’ve witnessed half a neighborhood defend a gay person, I’ve also witness an entire lodge come out and fight for a gay person, just because of who this people are when you take out the gay on a normal day.
    Long story short, you no try, bad boy, you deserve to be flogged and his picture does not deserve to be here. So I’ll send him a message drawing his attention to this post.

    • James
      April 15, 14:16 Reply

      I have actually been in a situation where I preyed on a straight dude that really liked me naturally but didn’t have gay intentions towards me, cause i knew dude liked me, i preyed, after over a year of flirting with him and eeish, I decided to pounce. And I did, I lured him to bed, after inviting him to a high brow hotel and eeish, initially I wanted to get him drunk and all, but I changed my mind and thought to just use his likeness for me and go over board, we bathed and soon we were in bed. An hour into sleeping, I started touching him, initially he resisted but I kept pushing and finally got my way, I rode him and in less than 10miks he cummed. The next morning he even ran me a bath in the shower and left after I gave him can fare. He stopped talking to me for over a year. I pleaded and pleaded and pleaded for him to forgive my foolishness, he never listened, but this January, he chatted me and I tried to patch things up, he told me in clear terms that he allowed me do it cause he wanted to see how it felt and that he would never do it again and that I should never try it with him again.

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