‘Denrele is not gay.’ Psychiatrist says

‘Denrele is not gay.’ Psychiatrist says

According to celebrity psychiatrist, Maymunah Kadiri, eccentric TV personality, Denrele Edun is not gay.

Edun’s rather eccentric style has made him a subject of controversy since he came into limelight, especially because he is not known to have a girlfriend.

Kadiri came up with her theory on the set of upcoming campaign movie, Peppersoup, where the VJ sustained minor injuries to his face after an accident.

Kadiri updated her opinion in a lengthy Facebook post:

‘Almost throughout my school days, a particular young man named Denrele Edun became my unofficial client/patient. Over 90% of the students including some facilitators believed he was a ‪#‎sick, ‪#‎crazy, ‪#‎psycho ‪#‎mad man. He was constantly used as a case study to explain the business in the entertainment industry.’


‘Do you what to know what a Shrink/Psychiatrist thinks about Denrele at this point…..wait no longer, here are the answers…

‘Denrele is a handsome young man who is very intelligent and passionate about his career. All you see is his prolific way of standing out of the crowd because he is destined to be ‪#‎unique. Socially, he neither drinks alcohol nor smoke any psychoactive substances. …….and also he is NOT Gay. So ‪#‎keepcalm and stop drinking phensic for his headache.

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  1. Santa Diaba
    January 23, 06:14 Reply

    Lmaaooo!!! Please can this lady’s degrees and /or certifications be seized and shredded? She obviously doesn’t know what she’s saying ?????

    • Pink Panther
      January 23, 06:15 Reply

      I swear, when I read this report (even went to her timeline to read the entire spiel), I laughed so hard! Chai! It’s amazing how clueless some people can be without even knowing it.

  2. ken
    January 23, 06:17 Reply

    That psychiatrist need to be examined….thoroughly! How can she be telling us Iya Denrele aka bottompower aka Missgaga has suddenly turn to man??? Mbanu nau! Thats like saying my grandma (after 13kids) is a virgin!

  3. Henrie
    January 23, 06:20 Reply

    A psychiatrist? What’s connecting both of them? Is he mad then?

  4. Mandy
    January 23, 06:29 Reply

    Madam, please, next time, ask the LGBT honchos in Nigeria before you draw your opinion about a gay man’s sexuality. In the meantime, pack up your degrees and certificates and burn them. You clearly make your diagnosis from sentiments and not from a learned point of view.

  5. Theo
    January 23, 06:40 Reply

    Yeah right….And Buhari is from Anambra, Donald Trump is not a racist, Remy Mars is as straight as NEPA Pole, Mama peace is a Nobel price winner in Literature.

    Sensei needs to pschyco-analayse this woman biko, I just can’t.

  6. Max 2.0
    January 23, 07:35 Reply

    Auntie goan sit down biko.. Denrele’s cock craving ass can be smelt from Mile away. I understand you’re trying to protect your friend and when you really like someone you can be blinded to things which are most obvious about that person.

  7. Khaleesi
    January 23, 08:04 Reply

    Smh, such illogical bullshit from a ‘trained psychiatrist’ why am I not surprised?

  8. King Mufasa
    January 23, 08:09 Reply

    Biko … which one of you has slept with denrele? … Or has caught him on top or under of a man ? … Neither has he claimed to be gay.
    Denrele is just eccentric until proven otherwise in my opinion **unlooks DM style

    • Pink Panther
      January 23, 08:16 Reply

      Mufasa, I am one person who does not like the speculation of the sexuality of celebrities. Until sometime last year even, I was even in the ‘straight until proven gay’ boat when it concerned Denrele.
      But then, something happened. And now, I believe.

    • Max 2.0
      January 23, 09:53 Reply

      @Mufasa, some gay men are easier to figure out than others. With Denrele, “easy” just doesnt come close to defining how obvious he is.

  9. bruno
    January 23, 08:13 Reply

    a competent psychiatrist would know there is no need to defend denrele’s sexual orientation because there is actually nothing wrong with being gay.

  10. Magdiva
    January 23, 08:35 Reply

    Who is this nobody trying to be relevant?? I didn’t know being gay was a mental illness that can be diagnosed. She needs to go back to school and get a proper degree or find another career ?

  11. Jamie
    January 23, 09:07 Reply

    Hello, guys and ladies!! She could be telling the truth, not everyone has to be GAY!!!
    I mean, this post elucidated exclusively on Gay sexuality didn’t it? LBTIQ is up for scrutiny, isn’t it? For crying out loud, someone can be a pre-op trans, and in that case, when they have a lover who shares physical attributes like they, we cannot say they are really gay, can we? A boy can be a trans girl, and a girl can be a trans boy, and they can have heterosexual relationships with the opposite sex!!! WOW!!!

  12. KennedyI
    January 23, 09:27 Reply

    I still feel it is possible he aint gay…. U cant force one to be gay simply becos he acts like one…. Same way pple r gay and act straight…. My medical opinion though.

  13. Teflondon
    January 23, 10:02 Reply

    Derenle is not Gay.. Water is not Liquid.
    This woman is a competent psychiatrist..

  14. Delle
    January 23, 11:30 Reply

    Did I say I was gay? Please, Delle isn’t gay. The Denrele I’ve seen, interacted with and have even seen a couple of his ‘affiliates’ isn’t gay?
    Mugabe loves LGBT then!

    • Pink Panther
      January 23, 14:49 Reply

      Lol. And life as a gay man in Nigeria is simply fabulous. 😀

  15. Uno
    January 23, 18:25 Reply

    What about Charlie boy?

  16. Nefretiti
    January 24, 02:51 Reply

    Yea yea …..Denrenle is as gay as the word spelt in capital letter. Trust me I know* walks away*

  17. peaches
    January 24, 05:55 Reply

    I didn’t want to say nothing but biko do i call names?,or i provide proof?…This aunty wanted to burst the internet but her tools re blunt.

  18. KingBey
    January 24, 12:49 Reply

    Uti is straight too. Nansense !

    January 25, 10:33 Reply

    Why have’nt she psycho-analysed 2 face’s sexuality???, that of Iyanya, Davido, Wizkid, and Patoranking????
    There is obviously a missing link here, coz i know u do not need to psychoanalyze all straight men, to check whether thy’re gay or not…
    This woman just wanted to use her powers to dispel the widely acclaimed rumour on Denrele’s sexuality….
    He once said it himselve, dat he is a SEXUAL OUTLAW!!!!!
    I stand to question ur competence madam…

  20. Tim
    January 04, 00:17 Reply

    I think people should just mind their business.*walks away*.

  21. tim
    January 04, 00:21 Reply

    And this is affecting our economy how?

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