The phrase “Thank God it’s Friday” had never held so much meaning to Martin as it did now. It had been a crazy week both personally and professionally. Apparently the day he’d taken a day off was the day that two people on his five-man team had had accidents; they usually commuted to work together. The office had been thrown into chaos, workload piled up, and customers and clients had suffered. He had returned to work to meet utter disarray everywhere and it had become his responsibility to make sense of everything and carry the workload of the two incapacitated staff.

At least the work had kept him too busy to think about the mess his love life was. Rotimi had called several times after the debacle in his house and sent several messages. Martin had ignored them all. The most he was grateful for was that Ricardo had left the country without hating him. He’d promised to keep in touch but Martin wasn’t holding his breath. The general chaos had also helped Martin to effectively avoid Emeka, or maybe Emeka wasn’t checking for him, or both. Martin was swamped with work, and Emeka, as head of the investment banking division, had had to handle the red tape of insurance and healthcare of the staff involved in the accident. The man had been in meeting after meeting with the team heads under him, other unit heads, and higher management. He was also stressed and Martin was grateful that he didn’t have to deal with him in addition to all the work stress. He really didn’t know what the next step was after giving a blowjob to your superior and he didn’t know how to figure that out.

It was well after 8 pm when Martin was finally able to shut down his system. All the market research he’d been working on had been completed and forwarded to his team lead. The asset valuations had been completed and reports written and forwarded to the relevant parties. They would get back to him whenever; he didn’t care. He’d done all he was required to do and was ready to go home and crash.

He stood up and began to clear his desk and gather his personal items. And just then, Emeka strolled into his unit and winked at him.

Oh God.

“Hey you,” he said.

“Hello sir,” Martin responded, his mouth going dry.

Emeka chucked. “Really, we’re reverting back to that?”

Martin didn’t reply, but instead looked away and nervously shoved papers into his desk drawer.

Emeka stalked toward his desk. “This week has been one hell of a week, right?”

“It has, sir.”

“Will you stop that?” Emeka growled. He was right in front of him now and he reached out to clutch Martin’s face in his hand.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he whispered.

Martin jerked his face away, sparing a quick frantic look around. “For God’s sake, my team lead is still in her office!” he hissed. “She could come out at any moment.”

“Then let’s get out of here. It’s Friday night and it’s been a terrible week. We deserve this,” Emeka said, his eyes smouldering.

“With all due respect, sir, I’d rather not.” Martin lowered his voice. “I don’t think ending up in your bed is the best thing for any of us, especially me. Whatever this thing is between us, we need to kill it.”

“You may be right, but sadly, I don’t want to,” Emeka said. “I’ve never wanted anybody as badly as I want you in such a long time.”

“Well that’s too bad, because I don’t want you,” Martin retorted, and Emeka laughed with a pointed glance at his crotch.

“You’re such a terrible liar,” he drawled, observing the erection straining against the fly of Martin’s cream-coloured chinos. “I’ll the waiting in the car when you’re ready.”

With that, he walked away and disappeared from sight. Martin sighed and dropped back down into his chair, knowing full well that no matter how long he stalled, he was going to end up in Emeka’s car tonight because he had absolutely no self control.


Siji slid his tongue expertly around his boyfriend’s asshole, reveling in the ecstatic moan that shot out from his parted lips.

“You like that, yea?” he whispered, sliding a long slender finger into Ayo’s hole and causing him to let out a stifled scream.

“Jesus Christ, Siji! You’re killing me!” Ayo gasped, his body burning with arousal.

Siji grinned and flipped him unto his back, sliding two fingers into his greased hole and engulfing his member in his mouth. Ayo stifled a scream as his lover worked his asshole with his fingers and his erection with his mouth and hand. Before long, he was shooting creamy cum down Siji’s throat and moaning so loudly, that Siji had to slide up his body quickly and cover his mouth.

“Jesus Christ, do you want the neighbours to come here with their tyres and fuel?” Siji asked, grinning widely despite the grimness of the picture he’d just painted.

“It’s your fault,” Ayo mumbled through Siji’s fingers. “You almost killed me. Fuck!”

Siji chuckled and kissed Ayo’s lips softly. Ayo could taste himself on his boyfriend and he could feel himself getting hot and bothered again. He grabbed Siji’s throbbing cock, but Siji pulled his hand away.

“Na, I’m OK. You need to rest after the day you had. Don’t worry about me.”

Ayo’s heart swelled with love and he hugged Siji. He did want to suck his boyfriend’s dick, but he was actually exhausted mentally and physically. He’d had quite a bad day at the office where he’d lost his temper with a customer who he almost exchanged blows with. The situation had gotten so bad that even the Head Office was aware of it. He was going to be in so much trouble next week.

“I love you so much, Siji,” he said with feeling.

“I love you too, Ayo mi,” Siji replied. “I will try and talk to Adaora tomorrow. You know that after she gets married to Chief, she will have to relocate to Abuja and resign from her job. You could apply and finally leave this teller work, since they have refused to elevate you.”

“Oh God, that would be amazing. Corporate and Treasury Sales is such an amazing field to work in, plus the money is good!” Ayo sighed. “How is she…” – he paused only for a millisecond before adding – “and your girlfriend sef?”

“They’re doing OK, all things considered,” Siji said, snuggling closer to him. “The introduction was actually today, in Adaora’s village. So of course, Liliana had to be there as her Maid of Honour and her bae.”

“I guess so,” Ayo said, suddenly feeling sad. “I don’t think I could do it sha. Watch you get married to someone else, while I pretend that I’m not dying inside.”

“Nobody is getting married abeg. Relax.” Siji kissed his cheek. “I’m all yours and nobody else’s.”

Yeah, for now, Ayo thought with mounting misery.

Then he pushed the dark thoughts aside and snuggled more contentedly into his boyfriend’s warm embrace.


Timilehin stood at the kitchen counter, pouring herself a cup of green tea as she surreptitiously observed her roommate, Ronke, looking beautiful with her big, puffy weave haloing her perfectly-made-up face. She also observed Ronke getting more agitated by the minute where she sat in the living room.

“How long do you plan to wait for?” Timilehin asked, blowing over her tea and taking a tentative sip.

Ronke glanced at her and sighed. “I don’t know. He said he’d call me around 8, when he was done taking one of his work guys out for drinks. This is almost 10. We were meant to do dinner.”

“Men are scum,” Amina, Ronke’s cousin, chimed in from the chaise longue where she was sprawled out on. “After all the viral video, is this how he’s going to stand you up?”

“At least he didn’t get her pregnant and deny the pregnancy,” Timilehin snarked, “unlike some people’s choices in men.”

“You’re very stupid–” Amina flared up, rising to her feet

But Ronke cut in, “For God’s sake, shut up, both of you! I don’t have time for you people’s cat fight tonight please.”

“I’m sorry,” Timilehin whispered.

Amina sniffed. “Better warn her o, Ronke, hehn!”

Her cousin ignored her and tried calling Gozie’s number again, for what seemed like the hundredth time. He didn’t pick yet again.

“God, I’m getting really worried! This is so unlike him!” she said.

“Do you have his PA’s number or something?” Timilehin suggested.

“I don’t o!” Ronke lamented.

“Nawa. Which kind of girlfriend are you sef?” Amina scoffed.

Ronke glowered at her, and then looked away from her. She jumped to her feet and grabbed her car keys. “I’m going to look for him. Something terrible could have happened.”

“Or,” Amina said, “he could just be ghosting you and he’s with someone else.”

“Gozie wouldn’t do that. He’s not the type,” Ronke snapped, and Timilehin and Amina exchanged knowing looks.

“Look, sweetheart,” Timilehin said. “I suggest you relax, share a cup of tea with me and chill till tomorrow. You’ll see that there is actually an explanation for this.”

“You may not like it though…” Amina added under her breath.

But Ronke was ignoring the both of them. “So you actually think that I’d be able to sleep this night, without adequate closure? You people don’t know me at all, do you?” She spun on her heels and barreled out of the apartment.

Amina and Timilehin exchanged dismayed looks.

“Somebody is going to have to go after her, you know,” Amina said.

“I’m way ahead of you.” Timilehin was already slipping a leather jacket over her nightgown and pulling on her slippers. “Ronke needs me right now.”

Amina sighed. “I really don’t know what to wish for. If Gozie is actually hurt or in danger, it’s bad news. And if he’s just being a typical fuck boy, it’s bad news still. God, I hate men!”

“Preach it, sis,” Timilehin whispered as she hurried out of the apartment, thankful once again that she had no attraction toward the males of her species. They brought nothing but pain and heartache. Amina had it right. Men were truly scum.

Written by Santa Diaba

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