Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says he used to look like a buff lesbian

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says he used to look like a buff lesbian

Legendary former wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has shared an old photo in which he says he once looked like a “buff lesbian”.

The former World Wrestling Federation champion and actor is known for his macho image. But he wasn’t always so masc.

At the recent past MTV Music Awards, he shared an image of himself wearing a black turtleneck, necklace and man-purse. He joked: “Those were the days of me being a buff lesbian.”

Comic Seth Rogan sought to imitate the look with his own outfit:Screenshot-2016-04-12-at-15.46.16

The Rock replied: “Dammit and yet you pull it off looking cool and I still look like a buff lesbian.”

Slate was upset with the comments. The outlet asked: “What makes the Rock resemble his notion of a buff lesbian in this photo? Is it his neatly plucked eyebrows? His severe-yet-soft puff of curls? His stonewashed jeans hiked up to the waist?

“It’s all of those things taken together that the Rock implies makes him look like a too-feminine man or a too-masculine woman. On social media, the Rock has sexualized women who imitate the photo, calling them “hot” and “smokin’,” conspicuously foregrounding his manly desires.

“The Rock says men who duplicate his outfit are ‘confident’, ‘bad ass’, or ‘looking cool’, while the Rock himself looks like a mere buff lesbian.

“He’s using a classic middle-school bullying tactic: defending an imagined slight against his own masculinity by insulting a more marginalized group of people (lesbians) and delegitimizing the masculinity of others (butch lesbians).”

Many have however defended The Rock.Screenshot-2016-04-12-at-15.26.49

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  1. Brian Collins
    April 14, 06:58 Reply

    I don’t even know what to say to this post.

    I really miss everyone on KD though, school has been threatening to drive me nuts but my exams are round the corner, so I will be back very shortly.
    PS. I hope Deola gave HTGAWM’s finale a 9 rating.

    • Kenny
      April 14, 07:13 Reply

      He didn’t. And he has disappeared on us since then???

      • R.A
        April 14, 07:53 Reply

        Oh no! I think Frank took him out! ?

  2. Mandy
    April 14, 07:11 Reply

    Buff lesbian. Lmao. The Rock, you didn’t even lie.

  3. Kenny
    April 14, 07:15 Reply

    He does look like feminine in the picture. It’s funny. Who or what is slate? They should take a chill pill, and one for humour also.

  4. Chandler B.
    April 14, 20:08 Reply

    All I saw in this was Seth Rogen. My only true crush from the heart. And is that a chest I see on him? ??

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