Five Reasons A Man Liking Anal Play Doesn’t Make Him Gay

Five Reasons A Man Liking Anal Play Doesn’t Make Him Gay

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Listen, I’m not Team Kanye at all. I already told y’all that I think Amber Rose was well within her right to check him, considering the fact that he brought her son, Baby Bash, into the beef with him and her estranged husband Wiz Khalifa.

And considering Kanye was trying to throw around his machismo, calling that into question by exposing his sexual proclivities was fair game, even if it relied on homophobia.

In case you missed it, Kanye denied the claims earlier this morning.tweet kanye

You ain’t got to lie to kick it, my nigga. As a result #KanyeAnalPlaylist has been trending all day.

Like most people, I believe Amber. Kanye, more than likely, gets down like that. And if he indeed does like to have his booty tickled, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And furthermore, the fact that a man might like having his booty stimulated does not make him gay. Repeat it with me. It does not make him gay.

I see some of you might need a little convincing, so let me help you out.

1.A man’s “g spot” or “p spot” is in his prostate gland.

I mentioned this briefly yesterday, but it bears repeating. Just like there’s a bundle of nerves toward the front of our vagina called the G spot, men have one too. It just so happens that this bundle of nerves, for both men and women, when stimulated can cause an orgasm…a strong one. And a man’s are located in his prostate gland, which is in the back.

2. It matters who’s performing the sex act

If a man likes for a woman to stimulate his behind, the key is that it’s a man being stimulated by a woman. Meaning their sex is still heterosexual in nature. It’s very straightforward. Just like receiving oral sex from your boyfriend doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian.

3. Gay men aren’t the only ones who use the booty

Y’all gay men do not have a monopoly on anal sex. Most people have booty holes. Men have anal sex with women too, lest we forget. And women can reach an orgasm through anal stimulation. In fact, I’ve heard the anal orgasm is better and stronger than a vaginal one. But does that mean that a woman who enjoys anal sex is a gay man? No, that’s ridiculous.

4. The butt is a sexual organ

In light of this new discussion, someone said “People are trying to act like the butt is a sexual organ…and it’s not.” Incorrect. First off, your butt is not an organ. It’s a pathway to the organs in your digestive system. But then again, breasts aren’t an organ either. And they can certainly be used during the sex act. People tend to forget that your brain is a sexual organ, the strongest one actually. Your skin is a sexual organ, the largest one. For some people, feet are sexual. Sexuality is different for each person. If it gets you off, then it becomes sexual. The possibilities are endless. Dudes aside, I’m sure there are some ladies in the place who can attest to the rush they feel when their behinds are grasped, caressed, or even smacked. Again, does that make you a gay man? Nope.

5. Unless you’re attracted to or having sex with someone of the same sex, you’re not gay.

That’s pretty much all that needs to be said there. The culture is so homophobic that everyone is looking for a way to out someone else, as a way to shame them. That’s not how it works. The only way to be gay is to be sexually attracted to someone of the same sex. No body posture, attire, or interest in specific sexual acts (performed by someone of the opposite sex) can make you gay.

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  1. Mandy
    February 02, 05:58 Reply

    A man’s G-spot is behind? So straight men who don’t do anal don’t get to have orgasms?

    • Jeova Sanctus Unus
      February 02, 06:28 Reply

      Stimulating the P-spot increases the pleasure from an orgasm. Even the presence of an object in the rectum increases orgasm. Men already have nerve endings in their half-brains so that assures orgasm; the post is only explaining the other pack of nerve endings.

      Today try fapping.
      6 hours later try fapping while fingering yourself.

        • Max 2.0
          February 02, 07:51 Reply

          That question is seconded by me…patiently waiting for an answer.

  2. ken
    February 02, 06:42 Reply

    Kanye is gay. Period.

    And if he’s not gay, then at least bi. Lol

    • #Chestnut
      February 02, 08:06 Reply

      Beht why are u ppl so sure that Kanye is gay or bi? Because Joan Rivers joked about it?

      • ambivalentone
        February 02, 08:37 Reply

        You see that dress shirt? The one he’s got on in the picture above? The one with one pleat short of puffy,sleeves??? Tharrs rait!!! No amount of stone face wee change.
        Don’t quote me tho *dodges. bullets soon to whiz*

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    February 02, 08:43 Reply


    Meanwhile fapping while fingerings yourself? Let me plead the fifth again!

  4. Francis
    February 02, 08:52 Reply

    One day one day by Chineke grace, person go experience this prostate stimulation ish. Hopefully it will be a good experience. Lol

    • JustJames
      February 02, 09:21 Reply

      No.. It will not be good. It will be heavenly.. Every fibre of your being will scream as you cum.. Heck.. My vision blacked out one time it happened. It’s like cummin in a whole nother dimension.. Then you will just lie down there and wonder what happened.

      • Francis
        February 02, 09:24 Reply

        ?????? Interesting but I once heard that some folks don’t like the feeling at all

  5. segs
    February 02, 12:22 Reply

    Wow hmmm wanking and fingering your self lol ? so justjames does it take time to find the gspot

  6. Somebody
    February 02, 22:20 Reply

    I don’t know what y’all talking about… I don’t exist below the waist. *sips tea*

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