Girls Like You

Girls Like You

The night I made her acquaintance, I couldn’t sleep. I lay awake in bed. There was no electricity, thanks to NEPA. The only thing emitting light in my room was my phone as I thumbed through it, bored, insomniac and looking to distract myself from the mosquitoes seeking to feast on me. I played some games on my phone, and when I got tired of that, I decided to visit Tinder. They call it the Sin City of social media, and it was there that I met her.

There was nothing extraordinary about her. I just swiped basically because I was bored, but it turned out to be a match, so I sent a Hi. Of course, I didn’t get a reply immediately, considering it was late in the night. So I went on browsing other sites and eventually got my brain to shut down and slept off.

The next day I got a message notification from the app. It was her reply. (For the purpose of this story, let’s call her NK). I started a conversation and she was quick to reply. Unlike most girls I’d chatted with on Tinder who want you to carry the conversation by yourself, NK was very responsive and gave good convo. This was a good start to our acquaintanceship.

From Tinder, we moved to WhatsApp, and then it was phone calls and video calls. I had a girlfriend at the time; I was upfront about this to NK and she didn’t mind. My girlfriend is from Ghana and she lives there, so it was a really long-ass distance relationship. But we had this understanding where we could see other people (because konji, lol), although feelings were not allowed to be caught. And I usually informed her of my hookups. But for reasons I didn’t know, I didn’t tell her about NK.

So anyway, NK stayed in Port Harcourt with her family, and was planning on coming to Ogun State for her NYSC. This was promising because Ogun is close to Lagos, where I stay. Her service commenced and soon, she was at my place. In person, she looked even more stunning than in her pictures. She also seemed to be quite taken with me, telling me how much she’d wanted to see me in person and how she had fallen for me. I had to remind her that I had a girlfriend who I cared very much for. That notwithstanding, I was very pleased she was around.

So she stayed at my place for a while. I took care of our feeding, hanging out, everything. I didn’t mind that she’d sort of become my responsibility. Sometimes, she would go to Ogun and then come back to Lagos, and even while I’d be at work, she would be at home. It was kinda comforting, because I live alone and was oftentimes tired of being alone at home. So coming home to her warmed my heart some. It became normal for her to come and go as she pleased. Even my housekeeper became acquainted with her because of her regular presence at my place. The network of people around me that she got to know expanded when I introduced her to my friends. It was all good. Life was fun.

Until it wasn’t.

One day I saw her crying and asked her what the problem was. She launched into a story about how her mother died and the father got himself another wife who had bewitched him into disregarding his family and children. It was a touching story and I tried to comfort her and tell her everything was going to be fine. She then told me she had some health issues that were weighing her down; when I asked about that, she wouldn’t go into more details. So I settled for advising and consoling her the best way I could. At this point, I liked her a lot. She was good company. But even though she claimed to love me several times, I couldn’t say it back to her because I didn’t love her.

Then my sister’s traditional marriage was coming up and I had to travel to the village for the nuptials. NK was at my place, and since she was basically my flatmate, I had no qualms about leaving her home to travel. I was in the village for about a week, and during this time, we kept in touch via video calls and phone calls. When I returned to Lagos, the separation had us fired up with a passion we were only too willing to explore with welcome-back sex. It was like having a wife. It was nice.

The next day, by 9pm, she told me she had to go help her friend of hers decorate a venue for an event. I told her it was already late but she insisted on going. However, as she was coming down from the bed, she twisted her ankle and ended up not going anywhere. I think that was on a Thursday. By Saturday, she was fine. There was no breakfast at home and she opted to go get some things from Shoprite. I gave her my card with my pin for the purchases. When she returned, we had breakfast, made love and watched movies. It was a very leisurely Saturday.

Then on Sunday, she said she had to go back to Ogun, which was okay by me because I’d begun to crave some space. She left around 1 pm. By 2.30 or so, I got a debit alert of 10 grand on my phone. I checked. It wasn’t a previous transaction. And the transaction was done on my First Bank account, which is my savings account. Because of this, I don’t use the card for expenses; in fact, all of my money was on that card. So I quickly blocked the card, and then started looking for it. You see, the First Bank card has the same pin as my other card, the one I gave NK to go to Shoprite with, and when I couldn’t find it, I thought about her and called her. She didn’t answer. I texted her, asking if she had my ATM card. Her reply was defensive; she asked what exactly I was accusing her of. I wasn’t in the mood to get confrontational; it was only 10 grand. So I let it go.

The next day was Monday. I was preparing for work at around 6am when I suddenly had a thought. I had some foreign currencies in my house that amounted up to 200 Euros, which I was saving for when naira would go up. Feeling a sudden niggling of dread, I went to where I’d kept the money to check, only to find it GONE!

I was instantly besieged by emotions. I wanted to cry. I was furious. I felt betrayed on every level. I started calling NK and she didn’t answer. Somehow, I finished preparing for work and left the house. I kept calling and texting her, asking her what I did to deserve what she’d done, assuring her that we could work this out if she’d just return the money. She eventually replied, telling me she was very sorry and hadn’t done something like this before, that she got very ill and needed money badly. I asked her why she didn’t just ask me for money and she responded that she was too ashamed to ask. At this, I got furious all over again. How can someone be too ashamed to ask for money but not too ashamed to steal it? Or did she think I wouldn’t find out? I told her I would send her money but she needed to return the Euros, and she told me she’d already changed it – for FREAKING 70 GRAND! Something I bought at 500 naira, which should have been 100 grand!

This got me even more pissed. I asked her when she took the money and she said that it was while I was away at the village. I was really hurt by this. I’d trusted someone with my house and this was what she did to me. I asked her about my card she said she didn’t have the transport fare to go to Ogun and she couldn’t ask me. Again with this! Being too ashamed to ask but not too ashamed to steal! What sort of idiot had I been living with?! I was really mad. I wanted to call the police on her but all I knew of her location was that she stayed at Sango-Otta in Ogun State. I had no address.

So I gave her number to a friend who works in Glo, and she was able to get me an address where the number was registered, which incidentally was at Ogun. From her instagram pictures, I was able to track down some locations and narrow her position down further. I had some friends in Ogun who were ready to pounce at my say-so. But I was waiting.

Her cousin had called me to apologize for NK, swearing that she had never done something like this before and that she had been beating herself up over it. She told me that at the moment, NK was admitted in the hospital, that the money she stole from her was truly for her health issues. I asked to see her via a video call, and the cousin said the doctor had advised against such because of the rays that would emit from the phone, bla-bla-bla.

So I asked for a picture. She sent me one. It was the photo of a woman in bed and covered with tubes. I couldn’t tell if it was NK. But I’m a tech person. So I took the picture to Google Images and uploaded it. Lo and behold, it was a picture of a sick Ugandan woman who died in China. I called the cousin and asked her if she wanted NK to die. She said no. I asked why then she would send me a picture of a dead woman. She began apologizing and saying she couldn’t take a snapshot at the time and just wanted to send something and didn’t know what else to do.

A day later, she sent a picture and it was really NK this time. When I showed the picture to my friend, she scoffed, pointing out that it was obviously make-up and that I should go ahead and involve police. But I knew involving police would cost money, and then there were the circumstances of our relationship to consider, which was basically offensive in the eyes of the law.

And so, I made the painful decision to let it all go. Meanwhile, in a story that will be for another day, my relationship with my girlfriend was suffering and resulted into a breakup. The suffering and breakup had drama all of its own. Remember I mentioned how I tell my girlfriend about the girls I sleep with. Well, she happened to start dating one of my booty calls, and all this was going on at the same period of my drama with NK. It was just bad karma – and, like I said, story for another day.

It was really hard for me to let go of everything pertaining to NK’s betrayal. But for the sake of my peace of mind and all round peace, I had to. I needed to. I took consolation in the fact that I’d lost money with a higher amount than this. So I chalked it all up to a bad business deal and tried to move on.

But I am still angry. And if I continue to stay this angry and I ever see that girl again, I think I might commit murder.

Written by Net

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  1. KingB
    January 17, 07:56 Reply

    Sorry about your loss girlfriend. Thought it was only the guys that do this to their hookups. Sorry.

  2. iAmNotAPerv
    January 17, 08:32 Reply

    There’s a new writerrrrrrrrrr! Lol NK sha. See never share your passwords no matter how much you feel

    • Pink Panther
      January 17, 09:10 Reply

      Gospel! Unless we have spent at least five years as a couple and a ring has been put on it, then my passwords are staying mine and mine alone. What’s mine is not all going to be yours biko.

      • Delle
        January 17, 09:51 Reply

        But PP, that’s not what the vows exchanged on the altar stipulate ?

        1+1 = 1?

        • Pink Panther
          January 17, 09:54 Reply

          When we get to the altar, then we can have that conversation. As long as we are doing boyfren and boyfren, 1 + 1 = 2.

          • iAmNotAPerv
            January 18, 14:38 Reply

            Pinky, i’m not getting email notifications about replies 🙁

            • Francis
              January 18, 16:52 Reply

              I wasn’t getting before too but it seems they’ve fixed it as your comment landed my inbox ?

      • Net
        January 17, 10:56 Reply

        I blame myself for trusting too easily

        • Dunder
          January 17, 16:16 Reply

          No need to beat yourself up. This lady was just desperate and classless. Just make sure you change your locks and passwords, sort things out at the bank with your account and block her out of your digital and real life. From her Nollywood pity story and not being straightforward, it is clear to me that this lady had a long term plan for you or at least, plans to cash out bigger. You are very lucky that she hit the play button before ironing out the details. Sorry about the relationship you lost.

  3. Delle
    January 17, 09:48 Reply

    Yes, what IAmNotAPerv said. Never share your PIN with anyone not even your left hand!

    I’m sorry dearie. Really sorry.

    • Net
      January 17, 10:58 Reply

      Thanks, Lesson learnt.. I hope

  4. WhoIsUgo
    January 17, 11:37 Reply

    Naa…. she’s just a shitty person. My ex still has my pins and I have hers. It’s not a crime to trust people, there are genuine people out there.
    Good thing she showed her true colours with 100k. It could be wayyy worse.

    Also glad there’s a new writer ??
    Please write something else with more sex. Thanks and god bless.

    • iAmNotAPerv
      January 18, 14:39 Reply

      “Please write something with more sex”

      i second this motion

  5. Ritty
    January 17, 13:48 Reply

    Intriguing Sturv…….sorry about your loss…Not everyone’s got a good heart or a conscience like you!!! Lesson learned. .

  6. Pankar
    January 17, 14:40 Reply

    Before you think of murder, let’s see her pics first. Who knows it may do the justice.

    Some poople do have low backgrounds

  7. Dunder
    January 17, 15:29 Reply

    What an ugly situation on many levels. Sorry you had to experience that. Honestly, the part of the mobile phone emitting rays that would suddenly be damaging to patients on admission had me throwing my legs up in laughter. Some people just need to be respectful when trying to mugu you.

    See it this way- you cut a slow long con short. This NK aunty doesn’t seem to be alone in this. Unless you are way out, there is a criminally minded “cousin who could partner with her on worse ideas in future. She also could have made a clean sweep of your electronics, documents etc before checking out. The N10,000 she took was a simple tester. What if she quickly outgrew the “shame” and began to spend your money faster and in bigger chunks?

    This is just a classless and desperate member of the community that used you to learn work. I’m sure straight people also experience classless lays like this but gay people battling their demons tend to start out like this before degenerating to full blown soft kitoers. Consider closing that account and blocking her from contacting you. You may have lost money and a relationship but let’s be thankful for the lessons. She has shut the door against herself to your advantage.

    • Net
      January 17, 18:17 Reply

      Yea thanks for this comment, that was exactly what I thought of her.. She just used me chop maga I just hope her next victim catches her before she does any real damage

  8. Francis
    January 17, 18:26 Reply

    Even if you share your atm Pin make sure say MONEY no dey am. Pele. Like someone suggested, you could share a picture and wait for someone to do the murder for you ??

  9. Lorde
    January 18, 08:06 Reply

    Wow… talk about a kito with a great waiting game

  10. Anita
    January 26, 14:24 Reply

    Sorry you had to go through that..shitty people abound..just keep your eyes peeled..I don’t know how u guys go into open relationships tho?..I’m still old fashioned I guess ..

    • Net
      January 26, 14:37 Reply

      Yea thanks, the open relationship was just because of the long distance and it was something she wanted.

      • Lyanna
        July 25, 18:11 Reply

        I used to trust easily too cos I tend to see other people the way I see myself. But I had a relationship that taught a bitter lesson and changed my views about relationships and people in general. This story reminds me of an ex that stole 199.999.99 from me.

        • Net
          July 25, 20:25 Reply

          You should share the story

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