WRITER’S NOTE: My name is Teflondon. I have been reading Kito Diaries since last year, but never thought to contribute until now. And I must admit, I have been more than impressed by the work done here daily, from the articles posted to the comments and different opinions expressed. Before I start my story, let me follow a few protocols of ass kissing and butt licking. I want to appreciate Pink Panther first of all for bringing all this together, for making such a platform where learned LGBT can interact. I am not by any means an awesome writer, maybe average at best. And I am amazed at the brilliant minds of everyone that writes on this blog. I can’t write fiction because my mind is not as imaginative as the lot who do so. However, the story I have to share is real. Here goes.


This happened a few years back. And I remember it all, because the turn of events changed my life forever.

I was listening to my James Blunt album on my iPod, seated outside my (father’s) house. There was no light and my dad was not home, as he always isn’t. I was very broke, and so had no money to buy fuel for the generator. I was also bored. And as any spoilt twenty-one-year-old fresh graduate of a prestigious private school would do when he is bored, I put a phone call through to a friend, Tolu. Tolu was my supplier of hunks, and I was looking for him to hook me up.

Me: Hello, how far, Tolu? Wetin dey? E don tey wey we talk last.

Tolu: Yes o! Na you forget us na. People like us no dey exist for your world except you need us.

I laughed at that.

Me: No, no be like that. It’s just that I have been busy with graduation and everything that comes with it.

Tolu: Okay, I understand.

Me: Anyway, how far? You get any parole for me? I’m just home and so bored.

Tolu: Ah! Tonight?

It was about 10pm.

Me: Yes o, tonight.

I was used to getting what I want whenever I want it.

Tolu: Okay, make I try see if I fit get for you.

Me: Ok abeg try o!

A few minutes later, he called back.

Tolu: E get this boy, you go like am. I just introduced him to the game. His name is David. Na fine boy, but e say na only rich guys fit make am do am o.

Now, I am from a fairly wealthy family, so I fit the bill. It was apparent to me that the guy could be a gold digger, but I was too horny to think right.

Me: Ehn, no wahala. Make him dey come.

Tolu: Ok, I go give am your number so e go fit locate you.

Me: Oshey padi mi. Thanks a lot.

The moment I ended the call, I fled inside the house to take a bath and get ready. Thereafter, I went out to buy indomie with the little change I had on me, what I would cook for my visitor upon his arrival. When I got back home, I settled back on where I was sitting and continued with my James Blunt album.

After nearly an hour had gone by, I became restless. No one had called me to ask me about my address. The thought that I might have gotten stood up had me getting angry. But I kept on with my wait.

And then, just when I was about to doze off, my phone rang. I woke up to answer the call. The number flashing on my screen was unknown to me. As my heart skipped in delight, I had this intuition that it was my hook-up calling. I answered the call, maintaining my silence when I pressed the phone against my ear. I had to form small.

Caller: Hello?

Me: Hey, sorry who’s this?

David: My name is David. Am I speaking to Teflondon?

Me: Yes?

David: Ok, Tolu gave me your number. He said you wanted me to visit.

Me: Yes that true. I wanted you to come over tonight, but I can see you didn’t want to come hence you calling me by this time.

I was starting to get angry, and could feel my voice rising, only to get cut short with his next words.

David: I’m around your house, in front of Delux Hotel.

This was around 11:30pm. When I realized how late it was and the effort he must have expended to get to my area at that time of the night, I toned down my attitude.

Me: Oh my God! Are you serious?!

David: Yes I am. Tolu gave me your address.

Me: Okay, just walk down a little, you will see a Close, it’s called Jonathan Coker Close. Walk into it and tell the gateman you are going to the White House, and you want to see Junior.

David: Are you sure the gateman will let me in? Why not come and meet me outside.

Me: I’m too tired to come out. Just do as I have said, please don’t be angry.

Several minutes later, he was in my compound. It was dark and I couldn’t make out his features very well to rate his cuteness level. What I could make out using my phone light was average. His looks had a ruggedness to it, and he was tall, say 5.9, slim and a bit muscular; just how I like them. He was wearing a black jacket and some denim pants with a pair of palm slippers on his feet.

I introduced myself and took him into the house. We both sat in the sitting room. I asked if he wanted to eat, and he declined. I was relieved, because I wasn’t of the mind to prepare anything anymore. So we got talking and chatting about ourselves. There was no light still, and it was really hot. It wasn’t long before we began perspiring, and all the while, I was playing scenes in my head of us having sweaty, hot sex.

Eventually, we got down the entire night. I woke up the next morning feeling like sleeping beauty. As I stretched on the bed, feeling a mixture of satisfaction and awesomeness put together, I realized that David had already woken up and was sitting on a chair across the bed looking at me. He was so cute, I mean, very handsome. I was really surprised at how handsome he was in the light of the morning, because the previous night, he didn’t look all that. I felt very pleased that I had found myself a new heartthrob.

W3hen he was ready to leave, I accompanied him to the bus stop. And to my surprise, he didn’t ask me for his transport fare, like most of my hookups do. I didn’t have any money on me, so I was really delighted he didn’t ask. He left and I went back home. I immediately called Tolu and thanked him for another good parole, the best so far.

Fast forward to a few months later, and David and I had grown close. My younger brother now knew him, and he’d spoken of me to his family. At some point, when his grandfather died, his family told him to get me a piece of aso-ebi for the burial. He became a frequent face at my place, coming and going as he pleased. I’d just gotten this EOD (End Of Discussion) car gift from my dad as a graduation present, and I cruised David and I about town in it, hitting up hot-spots, going to parties and the cinema. He seemed to enjoy himself a lot in my company, you know, a guy from the slums. And I think he started to fall in love with me. He began to fancy us an item, when all I ever thought of us was as friends with benefits. He’d come to my house, and see other guys around, and he’d start sulking and acting up. I didn’t mind thought.

Then came the day that marked the beginning of the end; the day I met someone I shouldn’t have.

That Saturday, I’d attended a wedding. I was at the ceremony, when a server came up to me to ask what I wanted, pounded yam or fried rice. I looked up at the most handsome guy I had ever seen in my life. Fair, slim, tall, with fresh-to-death skin. In my mind, I was like, What (in Khaleesi’s hell) is this fine something doing as a waiter, when he should be a model or something.

I somehow managed to tell him that fried rice would do. After he placed my meal before me and walked away, I kept tabs on him throughout the event, until it was almost ending. Then I walked up to where he was doing the dishes.

Me: Hello? What’s your name?

I could feel the stares of the other catering staff on me, as they no doubt wondered what a rich, good-looking guy would be doing in that section of the party.

Server: My name is Kelvin.

Me: Ok, that’s nice. My name is Teflondon.

Kelvin: Hope no problem, sir? Or do you want remnants for dog food?

I hadn’t even thought of that.

Me: Yes. I want it for dog food. Uh, please can I see you?

I called him apart from the prying eyes.

Me: Please give me your number. I’ll like to speak to you later. I’ll like you to help me with some things.

At his nod, I handed him my phone to type his number. It was a tactic I liked to use to impress on the other person how affluent I was. He typed his number, and handed the phone back to me. He typed his number and returned my phone to me. I thanked him and left.

A few weeks later, I gave Kelvin a call and asked if he could pay me a visit. At first, he was hesitant, and then later agreed. When he came to my place, we talked and I treated him to a good time, gave him money and told him I liked him a lot. He was very appreciative, and it was only a matter of time before we got down. Then he started visiting regularly, and on some of his visits, he met David in my place. He was always friendly and cool with David, but David was the exact opposite, very unfriendly and just short of nasty toward Kelvin. Oftentimes, he’d call me to complain about how he didn’t like Kelvin, and how he didn’t like that I didn’t mind him coming around. I really liked David, but at that particular time, I liked Kelvin more, and there was no hiding it. I don’t know how to hide it when I like someone. What I felt for David had waned in the face of my affection for Kelvin. I even started buying things for Kelvin. David had been asking me to get him a new phone for awhile, but I kept delaying the purchase because the phone he was using was still okay and I saw no reason for him to get a new phone at the moment. But Kelvin owned a palasa, a dead looking phone. And so, I decided to get him a new one, the Blackberry phone that was en vogue then.

When David realized what had happened, he went into a fury, accusing me of betraying him, and stormed out of my house as though it would be the last time we’d ever see each other again.

A month passed since his dramatic exit from my life, a month during which Kelvin and I became an item. And then, one night, as I cruised around with Kelvin, my phone rang. Until today, I wish I’d never picked that call, for it was what changed my life forever.

I picked the call, and it was David.

David: Junior, nawa o. So this is life. After all we had together, you mean you can go a month without calling or speaking to me.

Me: It’s not like that. I thought you were angry with me because of Kelvin.

I looked at Kelvin, who was beside me, and pointed at the phone, mouthing David’s name. He nodded in understanding.

Me: I am even with Kelvin as we speak.

David: But you know what you did is unfair. Anyway, can I come and see you tonight?

I didn’t mind seeing David. I’d missed him so much. And I knew Kelvin wouldn’t mind either.

Me: No problem. I’ll be home.

David: Okay. I’m on my way then.

I got home with Kelvin, and we were chilling in the sitting room when David walked in. He looked gloomy, a bit rough, as though he had being suffering all the while we were not together. He greeted me and was (surprisingly) nice to Kelvin.

When it was time to sleep, I put David in one of the visitors’ room close to the sitting room, and I went to bed with Kelvin. I later left for David’s room after awhile, and we had very hot make-up sex. I left the room around 4am back to my room where Kelvin was, and thereupon slept off like a baby.

I woke up by 9am. Kelvin was still sleeping. I decided to go check up on David to see how he was doing. He was gone. And with him had vanished my Xbox 360, laptop, and two phones. I was shattered. I was outraged. How could I begin tracing him to recover my belongings? As familiar as I thought I was with David, it dawned on me that I’d never cared to find out where he was living. He’d invited me severally to his house, but I never honoured his invitations. This I presently regretted, because if I’d known his house, I’d have simply gone there straight away to nail him.

I was confused. I didn’t know what to do. I went back to my room to wake Kelvin, and I told him what happened. Upon querying the gateman and house boys, who saw him leave with the items, it was to find out that they hadn’t stopped him because they’d become familiar with him. Kelvin and I quickly piled into my car, and I drove out to find out if we could still meet him on the way. We didn’t. I was crazed with grief. I am a game freak, and the loss of my game-box was very painful. I swore I was going to get David no matter what. When my friends got to find out, a few of them told me of one babalawo, who they suggested I go see for payback. I went to see him, but when he told me what would happen to David, I was scared. However, I told him to go ahead with his operations.

Three months passed, and I eventually moved on. And then, one day, I was going through one of my notepads, when I saw a phone number. It happened to be David’s mother’s phone number. I remembered him jotting it down on the notepad a long time ago, when he wanted to call his mother with my phone to inform her that he wouldn’t be coming home that night.

Feeling instantly ecstatic, I called the number and it went through. When she answered, I confirmed her identity as David’s mother.  Then, I told her I wanted to come see her, and she agreed. I went with one of my friends to see her, and when we met, I told her what her son had done. She was so sad and disappointed, and told me how sick David had been for about three months. As she spoke, my mind flashed back to the babalawo and his fetish shenanigans. I wondered if what he’d promised had indeed worked with David. I didn’t meet her at home. She gave me her house address, and encouraged me to come around.

Three days later, I went to the house, this time with three heterosexual roughneck acquaintances of mine. I hadn’t told them the circumstances surrounding what happened between me and David; they simply knew that he stole from me. We got there and I was told to go and see David in his room. He looked terribly sick. I saw him looking quite wasted, and I pitied him. But I felt hurt, and I asked why he did what he did. At first, he seemed remorseful. He said he was pushed to do it by Tolu. (Remember him? The supplier of hookups) I was not too shocked to learn that; they were all a bunch of lowlifes. (But I liked lowlifes; you see my life? Lol)

Anyway, all I wanted at first was for him to truly apologize, and I would leave. But he quickly shed his remorse, and began insisting that I deserved what I got. He said he sold my stuff for small change. The Xbox that I bought then for 120k was what he’d sold it at Computer Village for a mere 16k. I wept inside of me as he threw that in my face.

Then I got angry. I was no longer willing to settle for his apology, supposing he was willing to give it. I told him he was wicked and demanded for my stuff back. He began shouting at me, in spite of his frail state. I also raised my voice and started serious drama. His family quickly swarmed us and began pleading with me to calm down. But David, knowing what he knew about us, stormed that I could do nothing, and told his family members not to beg me.

In no time, the situation escalated. My friends wreaked the drama out on the street. We used our vehicles to block the road, and before we knew it, we’d attracted a crowd of spectators. We insisted we wanted to take him to police station in my area. As we bundled him into my car, his parents called a police friend of theirs and implored him to come immediately to intervene. As we were about to drive away, the police descended and stopped us, saying we could only take him to a police station close by, which was the station where this friend of the family worked. We conceded.

When we got there, they asked what happened. I told them he stole my stuff and I wanted them back. They set on David with beatings and locked him up. Then, they told me to come back the next day.

I returned the next day with the hope that I was finally going to get some resolution in my favour. I was however in for the shock of my life. As I approached the front desk to ask about my case, I was pounced on and arrested. I wondered aloud what was going on, even as I noticed the policewomen giving me bad looks. I later found out David had confessed to his family and their police friend that I was gay and he used to fuck me for pay, and because I refused to pay him for a while, he decided to steal from me. Everyone believed him, and the hand of the law fell heavily on me. As I was getting locked up, I could hear the policewomen sneering at me with their abuses.

“See as he be, he no fit fuck woman. Na man yansh e fit fuck…”

“Some of them they use am do juju to get money sef…”

“The poor innocent pikin wey no know wetin him dey do, na im this foolish one come dey deceive am…”

“The pikin even talk sey na for everywhere for him house dem don fuck, him papa room, him mama room, visitor room, kitchen, toilet, everywhere! Chai! Tufiakwa!”

As I listened to all this, I knew I was in for it. After a while, I was summoned to the DPO’s office. They asked me if all David had said was true. Naively, I agreed, thinking my admission would make this all go away. The DPO was pleased I confessed. He told me to a write a statement. I did. My family must have been reached over the phone, because it wasn’t long before my father’s PA and some friends of mine started coming to the police station. I felt shame as they were informed of everything.

I was locked back up with David in the same cell. Our cellmates asked what our offence was, and I told them. To my surprise, they were on our side. They said what we did in the bedroom should have nothing to do with police. They also said I fucked up, that I shouldn’t have made it a police case. Anyway, that night, in the cell, David and I got our freak on with each other. (Sick, right? Lol)

The next day, a media crew was called and they took photos of us and told us to hold planks up with the words “We Are Homosexuals” written on it.

Long story short, my dad got to find out about everything. I heard he cried. He was really disappointed. I had to be bailed with about 300k, while David was bailed with 30k. The police had seen the car I drove to the station with, and saw an opportunity to exploit. I was later released and got home to face the wrath of my family. My mum was in tears. My brother looked unsure how to handle me. And my dad was furious, barking and roaring and lashing out at me. He made me write and sign an undertaking that if such a thing should repeat itself, he would be within his rights to disown me outrightly. My car was seized, and my account frozen. I was due to go do my Masters abroad, but that was cancelled. My parents feared I would get worse if I get overseas. My life quickly became a living hell, and remained so for some years.

Things are much better now. But the scar of what happened then still lives on in my house and family. I have accepted my fate and the new journey life has brought for me by my family’s knowledge of my sexuality. I am not even allowed to have male friends over in peace now without a few batting eyelids here and there. Something consequential happened and my father was prompted to out me to my extended family, home and abroad (story for another day).

What matters now though is that I am succeeding to be at peace with my life and sexuality.

Written by Teflondon

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  1. simba
    April 09, 04:52 Reply

    Hi teflondon,nice read.. I will be gentle cus u were 21 and obviously not too experienced and it’s not cool to kick a bro thts in de floor.. u wicked and mean bro… David is from de slum, u showed him a better life,u yanked it from him.. he stole from u, u went to a babalawo, at 21 shudders.. u sent him to police.. cus of ur social status.. my dear u were too quick to react.. David, gave u love and good dick, it’s natural for him to be jealous.. am not supporting him,for stealing from u but dear… for just some few phones and laptops.. u really went far, did u think ur actions wouldn’t bite u? this not a Kito story, this a karma story, a plaque u callously brought to urself. . Let’s all learn from this story,..

    • kendigin
      April 09, 05:19 Reply

      What are u pipo talking abt?? Abi is it a different piece I read? What all the parties in this story had, can not by any stretch of the imagination be called “love”.
      This is not karma story and David wasnt hurt because his “love” was shunned. He simply got greedy bcos he didnt want smone else to take over the material things he was enjoying.

      Teflon was greedy too for not being satisfied with one penis and thinking u can buy affection with money.

      This is a classic case of greed gone wrong. Aand all the parties deserve what they got. Nobody is innocent.

      • Mandy
        April 09, 05:22 Reply

        LOL. It’s ironic, when you consider that Tef likes to dismiss Love and Sex’s Declan as a slut.

    • Lemuel
      April 09, 06:48 Reply

      I give 20million likes to your comment. #Cheers

    • razup
      March 12, 06:10 Reply

      You damn right! Well said.

  2. kendigin
    April 09, 04:54 Reply

    Nice story. Everybody got what they deserve.

  3. Queen Blue Fox
    April 09, 04:54 Reply

    Oh my! *shudder* Teflondon you have really been through a lot.
    That said, you really did take David for granted you don’t treat people that way. He was wrong to steal your stuff yes, but seriously when someone cares for you the way he did from all narrations, the way you treated him could have karma knocking at your door and seriously you actually went to a witch doctor? hia! odikwa egwu

  4. Mandy
    April 09, 05:11 Reply

    ‘I was used to getting what I want whenever I want it.
    ‘He seemed to enjoy himself a lot in my company, you know, a guy from the slums.
    ‘I could feel the stares of the other catering staff on me, as they no doubt wondered what a rich, good-looking guy would be doing in that section of the party.’

    And Chizzie thinks Dennis makes noise about his life? This dude puts the capital letters on Over-Bloated Sense Of Self.

    • D-boy
      April 09, 05:33 Reply

      My thoughts exactly! I was like this dude couldn’t be any more annoying.

      You went to a native doctor because someone stole your game?? Talk about twisted.

      This doesn’t exactly fit into a Kito Story. No one was unknowingly misled.

      Still an Entertaining read.

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 09, 05:36 Reply

        Oh yea, the entertainment factor is cannot be denied. lol

  5. FlyOnTheWall
    April 09, 05:34 Reply

    Everybody says Dennis is egotistic and I agree somewhat, but this teflondon character is in a league of his own. So this is the story that you have been whinning and wailing about?

    All i see in every paragraph is how rich your family is and how rich and good looking you are. You are so full of yourself that it is really sad and now i see where all the hate you spew comes from; classic case of low self esteem hence the need to overcompensate.

    Your opening bit about kissing PP’s ass was done in very poor taste! You should come down from clouds a bit and if you ever do write again please sound like a human.

    #FirstTimeCommenter #LongStandingReader

    Hello Max ***batts eye lashes***

    • cory
      April 09, 05:45 Reply

      He’s got a big Ego why I never accepted his advances,but he’s cool sometimes

    • Max
      April 09, 06:41 Reply

      Hello, you couldnt have said it any better.

  6. cory
    April 09, 05:42 Reply

    I think I know this Teflon don,he’s quite famous tho he’s a former friend and very nice.I never realized this happened to him,one of the reason I only hook up with comfortable men even though I get a lotta advances from so boys,its just too risky for me

  7. MacArdry
    April 09, 05:55 Reply

    This is not a kito story,but well-deserved comeuppance except for David.He didn’t deserve all that,Xbox or no.
    A dark part of me wish such fate or worse on such as you sometimes.Ife onye cho,ko fu

    • McGray
      April 09, 10:10 Reply

      Ife onye ko ofu is a Delta Igbo. Dear are u from Delta state? I love dat state so much. 48 laws of Power said something about knowing the kinda ppl u play (betray. Something like dat). David gave u his heart and u ripped it apart without giving it a second thought. He was from the ‘slum’ and a ‘lowlife’ yet a rich kid like u couldnt let go of a mere lappy and some fucking phones? Lol

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 10:20 Reply

        McGray.. It wasn’t even the laptop and phones that got me mad.. My Xbox 360. I’m a fucking game freak.. I lost all sense of reasoning. Lol.

      • McGray
        April 09, 10:28 Reply

        Teflondon u knw for reasons m not mad at what u did. U loved David but u didnt knw cos of ur lust for Kelvin. David loved u and he knew. He felt bitterd and betrayed by your actions, abandoning him for someone else. You on the other part felt betrayed by what he did. You trusted him but he betrayed you. But what u didnt knw was that u caused it all. And having a ‘twosome’ in the cell after what you guys went through suggests you two could hv been a perfect besties. U just fucked up, granted. But i know that there is way something will happen that u wont hv the luxury of caution.

  8. #TeamKizito
    April 09, 06:04 Reply

    Hmmm. The preamble was long ehn..

    Oh, Chi’m; Rich Kids Of Gaverly Hills.

    Well, this explains a lot of things about the snide remarks and other spices..

  9. Gentle_G
    April 09, 06:06 Reply

    Teflondon..wat babaric act did u do? Babalawo keh!

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 08:37 Reply

      Hain! I wasn’t sure if it’s the “babalawo” stuff that worked on him. So judge not!! Lol

  10. chestnut
    April 09, 06:14 Reply

    @Teflondon: my dear,u tough,biko! Tougher than half-cooked ponmo! U went to bed with Kelvin but snuck into David’s room for hot make-up sex? And u pipu still got ur freak on in the police cell? Hian! Una too tough abeg!(Thank God d other prisoners didn’t insist on turning ur twosome into a party…)
    U get mind to go babalawo house sha; I wouldn’t have thought it was that serious,lol (I hope your jazz didn’t eventually kill the dude, gabadaya?)

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 08:38 Reply

      Thanks chesty.. He is very alive and kicking! Lol

      Your sincerely
      Tough babe (Lol)

  11. Jamie
    April 09, 06:21 Reply

    WOW!! Everyone was wrong… It was love, or lust gone bad… Nice read!!!

  12. Pete
    April 09, 06:21 Reply

    Teflondon, did you reverse the ‘charm’ you placed on him?

  13. Pete
    April 09, 06:25 Reply

    Wait oh, Nigerian cell mates told you that your bedroom antics should remain there? Inukwa! Your cell mates must either be enlightened or are not Nigerians.

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 08:41 Reply

      @pete I was perplexed myself. But that was exactly what they said.. Maybe in a bid to “comfort” us.. As we had just settled them. (When you are about to enter the prison for the first time.. You have to hold certain amount to settle the bosses of the cell).

  14. Silver Cat
    April 09, 06:33 Reply

    *heart pressed over chest*
    Oh dear!
    My poor little dear, I do hope U’ve learnt how to treat people better. My heart truly goes out to U.
    NB: I don’t know if U meant to brag or not, but wealth, money and social status make for very awkward conversational topics.

  15. KingBey
    April 09, 06:35 Reply

    So the people serving food at the party you attended wondered what a rich kid was doing in their section? hmmmm…..I never knew riches is now written on the face….David no even do you anything, he should have sold off that Honda car. And no, this is not a Kito story. You were mean and heartless acting silly because you feel you can get away with anything just like the average Nigerian from a middle class home….except for few ones I know. Darling, your from a middle class home. There’s nothing rich or fairly rich about you or your story…..really rich folks hide themselves. And a really rich boy would never visit a babalawo just to get back a game, laptop and two phones. They will wave it off and move on….

  16. Max
    April 09, 06:39 Reply

    Ok, this is this most irritating piece I’ve ever read here. Assuming this is true, I’d say you deserve what you got.
    You’re a condescending and irritating human being. Now I see why pinky never bothered to post it, because its a cheaply written load of crap. Can’t believe I wasted my minutes in reading it. Unnecessarily long , boring and annoying.
    Xbox never sold for 120k.. You’re a pathetic liar
    He took your Xbox, laptop and two phones from the visitors room?? That doesn’t add up. Those items are supposed to be in your room.
    You’re rich and couldn’t afford money to buy petrol? Or at least rent a room in a hotel to do your whoring??
    You like low life’s, you know why? because you’re one.
    People who are rich don’t talk about it, they rarely do. It’s just something you figure out for yourself.

    Please do yourself a Favour and never write any stuff here again. This is the worst debut so far.

    • Mandy
      April 09, 06:52 Reply

      OhMyGod! Max went to town! LMAO!!!

    • simba
      April 09, 07:20 Reply

      Oga max.. never seen u this angry…

    • McGray
      April 09, 10:21 Reply

      U guys wonder why i love Pinky? Pinky knows how to throw shade at u that u find yourself exclaiming “oh! I love this comment”. Obviously Max doesn’t know about it. Max u just sounded as if u r getting back at Teflondon. As far as i’m concern his writing skills are great, and this piece is great as well. Just a little correction on the ‘high horse’ thingy and Teflondon is a complete dude.

      • Max
        April 09, 11:36 Reply

        @Mcgray, last warning.. Back off.

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 12:06 Reply

        McGray I love you already..
        **blows you a thousand kisses**

      • MacArdry
        April 09, 16:46 Reply

        @McGray,you ought to know the embittered Max by now.His spewing venom is par for the course,especially at those he doesn’t get along with.

  17. Masked Man
    April 09, 06:40 Reply

    It’s better I remain mute on this piece. Hi PP! Kisses from Seychelles.

  18. Stickysly
    April 09, 06:40 Reply

    Well, well, well….

    An interesting read.
    TEF London, I sympathize with you on your ordeal. Its never a pleasant thing to have happen to you.
    However, like some people have already pointed out, you brought this on yourself.
    Frankly u thought the story would end after the theft of your properties.
    From then on everything just appeared to spiral crazily out of reason.
    I think the lessons are clear as crystal.
    1) I certainly hope you’ve toned down on the “I’m wealthy card” cos it dripped all through the early part if the story. If I’m right, that was very likely what dictated the pace of events. Being an entitled rich kid you could camp 2 lovers under the same roof same night; you could pay a jazz man to deal with someone instead of cutting your losses; and organise a rofo-rofo fight nicely that eventually went south.

    2) The police is never anybody’s friend. Everybody suppose know this one.

    3) A kito may not necessarily arise from “set up”. This story has shown as much.

    Once again, my sympathies Teflondon.

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 08:45 Reply

      Thank you.. Lol I was a naive spoilt brat.. Noted tho.

      **hugs and kisses**

  19. KingBey
    April 09, 06:48 Reply

    Thank you Max for that comment. I dated a Governor’s niece….a girl whose mum is also a member of the state’s house of assembly for 4 good months before I found out myself who she really was. I had to figure it out myself. The point is really rich people hide because of security and not wanting to be disturbed or they are actually too busy living their fabulous lives to have time to tell you they are rich. I am not rich, but trust me I am from a comfortable home and I have mingled with the rich. I know exactly what am saying.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 09, 06:51 Reply

      ‘too busy living their fabulous lives to have time to tell you they are rich.’

      I love that.

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 08:47 Reply

      Thankfully I am not as “rich” as your “girl” so maybe I don’t need to hide mine.

      • Gad
        April 09, 16:45 Reply

        If I were you I will maintain a humbled silence. There are times when all one has to do is just listen in silence and shame and learn…

      • Mitch
        April 09, 19:20 Reply

        Gad darling, you didn’t just do that! That was extremely on point

  20. Dubem
    April 09, 06:57 Reply

    What’s that they say about empty vessels and loudest noise?

  21. Vhar.
    April 09, 06:59 Reply

    So this is it?

    The language of money is very brief.
    Cold case of Over-developed sense of self importance!

    it must be sad for boys to immediately see you and just think “sex” not even caring what else you have to offer.

    And about the “Ass-licking” intro..
    Don’t be so humble, you’re not that great.

    • Mandy
      April 09, 07:07 Reply

      But don’t you see, Vhar? He kissed ass and licked butt. The sins he claims he can never do on KD. *snigger*

  22. Masked Man
    April 09, 07:02 Reply

    PP darling. It’s rolling in by weekend hopefully. You’ll know when it does.

  23. Max
    April 09, 07:05 Reply

    Pinky was trying to save your sorry ass all the while.. But you were asking for it. You really did..

  24. Lemuel
    April 09, 07:08 Reply

    So after u nearly killed him with Babalawo Jazz…u went ahead to lock him up in the police cell in his frail state? And u coming bk thinking the story will be in ur favour even with their police relative. Plus a freak in the cell with other inmates? Or did u forget to add you were in the rich kids cell? hhmmmmm….this ur story is arguable. #make I go work biko

  25. Khaleesi
    April 09, 07:52 Reply

    Wow Tef, no1 should ever have to go through this, you were really young and naive … i really feel sorry for you and LOL @ Khaleesi’s hell. What exactly is your obsession with ass kissing though? It seems once anyone appreciates a good post or comment or whatever you automatically label them ass kissers simply because they refuse to join in your weird penchant for irrational fault finding? Well, this story gives deeper insight into why you seem so angry @ the world, i can understand why you’d be bitter going forward and why you’d see the world in only dark and bleak hues, nevertheless its no excuse for you to always seek to drag others into your private hell to bake and stew with you. I truly am sympathetic over what you had to go through simply on account of your sexuality – a very natural thing! But you must somehow find it in you to move on,hun drop the bitterness and anger,it’ll harm you more in the long run, you were outed to your family – one of the worst fears any gay man can face, you stared that horror down and your still standing … move on and try to be the best you can be. And oh, referring to others as low-lifes, slum dwellers, scum etc and to yourself as classy, affluent, wealthy and blah blah blah … all i can say is – wealth and class can never hide themselves, if you’ve got it it’ll be clear for the world to see without you even having to say a word … the hullabaloo and noise you made trying to impress upon us how ‘wealthy and classy’ you and your family are, paints the true picture …. nevertheless this was an extremely good read!!! ***hugs***

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 08:54 Reply

      Hehehe! So I get a favorable comment from Khaleesi today Hun! Lol
      Key word *young and naive*
      As for the wealth and class thing.. We are all diff people. Rick Ross is wealthy and brags.. Jay z is wealthier and doesn’t brag about it… But both are wealthy init?
      We are all different people.. Shaped differently through different circumstances.
      As for bitterness trust me.. I was done with that along time again. I am just an objective person.
      As for being classy.. Lol let me leave that to Sinnex.. He knows! Lol

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 09:38 Reply

        Hain! What’s this nonsense “hard-IDGAF-bitch” you are forming here on KD.. Anywoos, whatever!

    • Peak
      April 09, 11:08 Reply

      Hahaha! Did this child just say that rick ross brags about his money and jigga doesn’t? Lol clearly u are really trying and struggling to appear cool today. U either dont nofin about jayz,his discography or the rap game altogether. Boy stick to what u know and leave the pretense game to those who know how to do it well.

      • MaisonMartinMargiela
        April 09, 12:37 Reply

        @ Mr Peak, Mr Tef is actually right (although what black rapper who started rapping in the past two decade doesn’t brag about the bank rolls they have). They both have different spheres of the rap game that they got on lock down, but the brag-o-meter is way higher where Mr Rozay is concerned.

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 13:34 Reply

        @Maison please do preach it to the ignorant. Lol

    • Peak
      April 09, 14:25 Reply

      @MaisoMM every rapper come out bragging. They “fake it till they make it” u ve guys talking about gold chains and ice they dont ve, cars and women they wish they could ve, talkinf about houses and mortgage worth 6-7 figures. In the words of drake in “Headliner” I Use to rap about things I dont ve, now I got it like that”. It a competitive genre., u must appear big at all time. Jigga is like every other cat but is onto that legendary status level if u pay attention to how he has evolved as a lyricist over the years, u would understand that he is leaning more towards using metaphorical terms. Yes there ve 2 different spheres of rapping. Ricky does more feature and would make a reference about diamonds and watched, while jigga would brag about his empire, how his a renoun business.being on the front cover of magazine. Goldchains, diamonds. And bricks of cash would look impressive to a young person. But deals, empires, impact on a tge game as a rapper and a business man would seem way cooler to a grown mind.

      @ tef did u just say ignorant? Lol, I will let this one slide bruh. I ve been bumping to rap/hiphop when u were still busy with ur ABC…. so keep it cute honey.

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 15:08 Reply

        @peak Pls do keep on “Yip” “Yapping” it seems to be your hobby these days.

        Beleive what you want.. If it makes you sleep well at night. Pls do carry on.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 09, 15:11 Reply

          I’ve been meaning to ask you something, TEF
          Why do u keep putting some words in quotes, as if they’re not English words?

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 16:04 Reply

        Pinky just leave me in peace.. Lol all these your subtle insults I know them when I see them.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 09, 16:10 Reply

          *grinning widely* I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  26. Arabian Princess
    April 09, 07:54 Reply

    Tef, do I know you? Cos the Tef I know is naturally egoistic and talks about his, no scratch that, his parents’ wealth and likes to take snap shot with rich billionaires to share on Instagram and Facebook.

    Anyway, I guess I’m officially back. KD has been my support mechanism thru these four months.

    + I guess it’s in order to wish PP a happy …….I’ll complete it in 7 days time

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 09:02 Reply

      Lol I see have a fan on Instagram here… @Arabian princess
      But I hope you ain’t a stalker tho* since you know me even to my IG and also knows About PP’s bday even to his own surprise!

  27. chestnut
    April 09, 07:59 Reply

    Lol…y’all are way too mean! Hahaha…

  28. wazzosgrotto
    April 09, 07:59 Reply

    Gaddamn *Pulls out huge fan* Social mobility in Nigeria is a real bitch. I’ve often wondered how gay men over here from different social groups interact. Thanks for clearing that up.

  29. Sinnex
    April 09, 08:05 Reply

    Where dem dey?
    I don show.
    Waiter, bring me one bowl of snake meat pepper soup with 5 bottles of Orijin.
    It seems like this is gonna be fun.

    I only came here to read comments. I can see KDians are not disappointing.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 09, 08:11 Reply

      You’re not even going to defend your sweetheart? Well, that’s one KDian that disappointed. Lol

      • Max
        April 09, 08:25 Reply

        Lol.. I expected him to come with swords and shield.. What a disappointment

  30. Diablo
    April 09, 08:29 Reply

    I stopped reading when u felt the need to constantly remind us that u are ( as u claim) affluent. This isnt secondary school bro, at the end of the day no one gives a shit about money that technically isnt urs but your parents’. If u were truly affluent as u claim, there wouldn’t be the need to seek validation by constantly referring to it over and over again. Truly affluent ppl would rather let their money speak for them than brag abt it on an anonymous blog.

  31. kritzmoritz
    April 09, 08:41 Reply

    The hand that wrote this story, if true, has a character flaw so broken that no empathy can glue the pieces. I find you graceless and tactless so much so that I will be in prayer never to come across an error like you.

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 09:08 Reply

      I didn’t write this story for anyone’s Empathy.. No amount of empathy or sympathy will add money to me account or make the scars go away.. I wrote it for someone just maybe that one person.. Who is young and naive and in my shoes (and trust me there are a lot like that) to learn from my story.
      No no no! I don’t need no ones emphathy.
      From your comments above.. It seem I hit a nerve with words like “Lowlife” and “Slum” and trust me if that’s the case.. Why would I ever wish to meet you? Lol
      **take several sits back abeg**

      • kritzmoritz
        April 09, 10:12 Reply

        Slum and lowlife? Seems the years haven’t done justice to your poor character. You’d wish everyone stoops to your level? Trust me, many of us crossed that bridge a long time ago. Betterstill. We don’t sweep the streets of Lagos looking for handouts and playacting the rich life. Thanks to your father, those are the only options left to you. Well deserved

      • simba
        April 09, 13:35 Reply

        Teflondon..i know kritsmoritz..he ain’t a lowlife..

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 15:11 Reply

        @simba whatever rocks your boat darling! Your statement I can’t confirm.. But I can confirm tho* he was classes and immature with his comments.. Lol

    • Khaleesi
      April 09, 10:43 Reply

      ***clutches onto a concrete pillar to avoid being blown away by the volcano of Kritzmoritz words*** wow!!! that was MEAN!!!! but so TRUE!!!

      • Brian Collins
        April 10, 12:18 Reply

        Khaleesi, you and me both really. I wa just going to read the comments and them give mine but this one was too much. I pictured an Airbus A380 crashing on Tef’s head. No recovery from that.

    • R.A
      April 10, 07:42 Reply

      Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeze! *waves white flag begging and shouting for help*

  32. Ringlana
    April 09, 08:47 Reply

    Teflondon Honestly. Speaking you fucked up,Why you were banging Dave. You didn’t. Know dats someone like Kelvin. That’s the reason I say “Ders no true love in Glife Expect if outdoor service is Allowed. We are human you don’t expect David to keep. Mute. This is not. A Kito story. Using Voodoo dats off. The lImit. Becus you always get what you Wanted that’s why you wants to torments Davids Life. You. Use your Money why. He used his Mouth.#karma

  33. Sinnex
    April 09, 08:57 Reply

    This piece actually left me speechless.

    It is quite obvious we like same kind of guys. Although, this is a sad story, there was a part of me that wished it was a fiction and did not happen, it would have made more sense. This is real and I cannot wish it away. I won’t deny the fact that I was turned on by some part of the story, especially the Police Cell scene, I was half hoping that the other inmates there would have taken turns screwing you guys. Wait, since you had your ‘freak’ on in a cell, that means you did not use condom….hmmm….anyway, back to the story. I really think you went too far. It just was not worth it, to say the truth, David or is it Kelvin now, the one that squeled, came out as the hero here. I really feel for him.

    Now, I noticed some disturbing stuffs in your story, I hope you just used them to make the story interesting. Referring to your friends as guys from the ghetto and slum is a NO NO. I think they deserve more respect.

    I have nothing against guys who use their money to get what they want. If you’ve got it, you flaunt it. There is nothing wrong in it. There are plenty guys out there who are willing to do anything for money, it is just business.

    My issue is that, I just can’t understand why you discharged that guy like that. You could have actually spoken to him as a friend or broken up with him. It is quite obvious that he was attached to you, maybe he liked you, or maybe because of the money, which ever way, he wanted to be the only man in my life. How I wish someone could be jealous over me *sad face*

    When I saw ‘I visited a babalawo’, I won’t lie to you, I was taken aback. I had to read it again, this time, a little more slowly. A 21 year old guy visiting a babalawo because of a game, laptop and 2 phones, all of which cannot be up to 500k, I wonder if you car is stolen what you would have done. It seems like you are quite rich, since you mentioned it, time and again, you could have let it go. I know that is what I would have done, you are even lucky you chop the akpako wella..my own whey be say they chop the small money whey I get, I no even see prick not to talk of person.

    I noticed one thing sha, you are fearless and don’t really care. I could use a little of that in my life.

    Now, I am very religious, I believe in the efficacy of babalawo powers, what have you done about it? Have you gone back to the babalawo to tell him to neutralise what you did? What exactly did they babalawo do and what did you pay or give him? Did you tell the guy about it? How is the guy faring now?

    I am more concerned about the guy. I know it happened 5 years ago, but you really need to make sure that the guy is freed from whatever you did to him. Tell him to go to church for deliverance or something. Just make sure the guy knows.

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 09:15 Reply

      Oh Sinnex Darling, you didn’t have to all easy on me.. Lol
      I deserve every insult I get. I was young then, spoilt and didn’t know much about life.
      Lol “the prison sex” you sick child…

      As for the boy, he is doing very fine. I still don’t know if the charmed worked in him till date.. Bcuz I never went back to the Babalawo. But I showed you his picture recently.. So I guess you know he is doing just fine.

      • sinnex
        April 09, 09:24 Reply

        Are you patronizing me? You sound weird. Anyway, I was not going soft on you. I would have said the same thing to any other person.

        We are gay, we are in Nigerians and we do stupid things…

    • iamcoy
      April 09, 16:57 Reply

      Sinnex u know what dis means?
      If you drink 2 cups of water when he buys you that famous lunch when u were meant to drink one, he would visit the omo baba olowo ko cos he is a water freak especially the ragolis brand #tobeforewarnedistobeforearmed

  34. tobby
    April 09, 09:07 Reply

    Ahem, when you reported to the police, did it not occur to you things could escalate really really badly?

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 09:17 Reply

      Key word here… Naive and young.. This happened years back.. When the bill against gay hasn’t been passed. I thought what was the worst that could happen.

  35. Teflondon
    April 09, 09:31 Reply

    Ahem! Unlike Sinnex that had to reply every single person with very long thesis-like response when his kito story was up.. I’ll refuse to take that road.

    Thanks to PP for posting this and hopefully someone might learn a thing or two.
    As for those that said I was eager and everly waving my “Rich kid card” in their faces.. Biko I am sorry. I didn’t intend to sound proud or anything.. I felt I had to add certain details like my EOD and Fairly wealthy family.. So the readers could understand the exact circumstances surrounding my story.. Like why David had to do what he did and how police can easily change a case against someone when they find out you are from a rich home or gay. I’m sorry if I couldn’t deliver it better without sounding like I was bragging. Didn’t mean to.. Una hear? Lol
    Ok maybe I like to brag alittle but we are all different, wired differently.. Lol

    David is fine.. And yes we are still in contact. As for the babalawo thing I don’t know if it actually worked, what I did.. But I was young and pushed into doing something fetish like that. And I ain’t proud of it.

    Those commenting ‘Blah’ ‘Blah’ ‘Blah’ cause to me it was just that.. I didn’t even bother to read some comments.
    Just don’t forget.. This happened a while ago, it’s not recent.. I was young and wasn’t all that exposed as to the evils of the world. Not everyone grew up perfectly, some of us has done things we regretted later on in our life’s.. So this is just one of mine *So let that sink in before you wave your ugly judemental fingers at me*

    I didnt write this for sympathy or empathy.. Although welcomed if gotten.. But the essence is for someone out there at this point doing exactly the things I did then to learn from my mistakes.

    I rest my case!

    • Sinnex
      April 09, 09:55 Reply

      Na wa ooo…so you had to include me in your comment. Despite the fact that there are numerous kito stories on ground. So, you are a better person now because you did not take your time to comment or because you did not read the comments….hmmmmm!!!

      So, you know, you could have still passed your thoughts without including me.

      • Deola
        April 09, 10:03 Reply

        It would seem there is trouble in paradise.
        Nothing a lunch date cant fix….

      • Sinnex
        April 09, 10:08 Reply

        @Deola You are funny. There is no trouble anywhere, neither is there any paradise in sight.

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 10:30 Reply

        The reason why people have to read meaning to EVERY comment I make.. Still baffles me. Lol it’s just funny.

        Sinnex let’s not wash our dirty laundry on here.. We will make up over Lunch?! Yes?! Lol
        **hugs and kisses**

      • Sinnex
        April 09, 10:38 Reply

        As long as you are paying. I don’t mind. You know I have a thing for free food.

  36. tobby
    April 09, 09:53 Reply

    Also, just went through the comments. What’s with all the backlash about him “bragging”…lol.. Is that the focus of this story?…


  37. Peak
    April 09, 10:16 Reply

    Ý’all will ve to forgive me 4 not being my usual ” Dr Phil” self, but the wendy williams in me took over after reading this fuckery!

    To the guy who dragged me here to read this trash, please this is to inform u that I’m not please cos u made me lose 1 hour of my life that I will never get back. Yes! One hour! Going through this crap is one of the most tedious read of my entire life.

    To PP, How dafuq did this shit see the light of day

    @ Tef! So I take it that this is the great revelation that u ve been wetting ur pants over, hounding the sanity of ppl on kd, the great epistemology that would save live, provide answers to the mystery of life? Provide cure 4 cancet and HIV/AiDS and maje the world a better place.? This is what you ve been having siezures and meltdowns over? **sigh****

    1st of all, whats the name of that ur “prestigious private university” cos it needs to be shut down like yesterday. If this dog shit u call writing is what they produce there, then the state of nigeria’s educational system is worse than we all thought.

    Booboo we all know that this thesis you decided to curse us with today is dripping with lies thicker than cow dung. I guess thats the reason for ur failed attempt at giving urself a soft landing by telling us its not fiction “like some ppl” child.! Ve several seats.
    I thought u lived in abuja just the other day when u and sinnex were busy gushing over each other? How come ur 120k xbox made its way to computer village in lagos? (Abi computer village de abj 2*pls im genuinely asking oooo, Im 2 broke to leave lagos so if im wrong, feel free to enlighten me). fine dad was never home,, where did mom fall out from when u were locked up. I noticed that ur brother only made 2 appearances in the script?? Its like he is not a regular cast in this film. I tot davido’s family ppl knew u? I mean dem collect “aso ebi” 4 grandpa burial 4 u? So how come u nofit find am when u need am?? U must ve a lot of tablets, phones and pads cos that would explain why they can still ve mama davido’s number after months ir weeks of him using the device. Im just guesssing u ve a whole lot and barely ve time to use em all? And u guys ” got ur freaks on” afteru got him beaten and locked up, after u ve been shame and accused of sodomy, while other cell mates where there……….in naija? U and ur roughnecks unlawfully arrested him and took him to a station while the family friend who happens ti be a police man was present and he agreed with u guys in picking the station of choice, and u just got to the station and the immediately started beating him and locked him up afterwards…………..just like that? Ok! I think I need a “laugh break” ! Hahaha. I

    Honey booboo I get it. U wanna be seen and be heard, but chile! This aint it. This is just try hard overload.

    PP love this aint no kito story. The title should ve been “Fake it till u make it” and lorde’s royal would make a great sound track choice.
    And if u happen to be rich as u claim (which I seriiusly doubt) u need a lesson in composure and carriage ……..justjames says HI

    This nigga must think we are a bunch of 12year olds to gulp down this fairy gist. Sorry but my lieometer went off the chain in the 1st paragraph and just broke midway through ur epistle. At leadt some ppl sound like they were entertained.

    • Khaleesi
      April 09, 10:53 Reply

      LMAO, the depth and quality of meanness this morning is just something else … i’ve been guffawing like a wild heifer all morning … hahahahhaaa… ochi egbu o m oooo (Death by laughter)!!!!

    • denovo
      April 09, 10:56 Reply

      God bless you for this. #ZillionLikes

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 11:00 Reply

      Lmao! No way I am reading all that….

      Peak honestly speaking.. As in I am really honest here.. From the few lines I read.. I’ll say I am disappointed.. I always looked at you as the matured one on here.. When everyone is tearing & grabbing peoples weavons.. You always maintained your cool…
      That said..
      I saw something about Xbox 360 (Tho I shouldn’t be defending this.. I didnt want to stoop this low but for yours and Max case, I will) do your findings darling, 2010 a new Xbox 360 console goes for 120k and the game CDs cost 20, 25k. And then I also saw something about I (Teflondon, Jagaban of the entire lagos. Lol) lives in Abuja and Sinnex this and Sinnex that. I don’t even know what you were on about. I live in lag. I’m just here laughing at Some of your rants and the other ones’ (Max) earlier ignorance. Your statements above is bereft of any oita of fact or sense for that matter. (And trust me this isn’t personal)

      • Max
        April 09, 11:57 Reply

        Stop lying you cheap twat!!!!!!! Arrrrghhhhh!!!! In 2010 Xbox 360 wasnt even up to 100K..Also Xbox 360,uses DVD instead of blu-ray like ps3 which is cheaper.. Original Ps3 blu ray for new games went for 15k and older ones for 10k or less. back then.. So do the math for DVD xbox I’m a hardcore gamer, so I know the prices of all the consoles from 1st to fourth generation. Stop, just stop.. You deserve serious flogging like a child.
        And you said you live in Abuja. Maybe there’s a computer village in Abuja that we don’t know about.

      • Deola
        April 09, 12:23 Reply

        But come oh oga teflondon in charge of #teamreal, i thought this was the type of criticism you liked na??
        I remember trystam ( hi tryst) was it?? Tried to show how to criticize nicely, and you said you didn’t like that style, you preferred the chizzie style abi??

        But now that you’ve been served the chizzie style, its not going down too well is it?? Suddenly you are crying foul and talking about someone else’s maturity really??
        So if the comments favor you, you happily serve up lunch but if they dont then those people are buttlickers and ass kissers abi??

        Your way of reasoning becomes clearer and clearer.
        Entertaining article tho.

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 12:30 Reply

        Looool you are so ignorant.. So you knew all the prices Xbox was being sold in EVERY shop in NIG.. Blue ray this blue ray that! All those talk is bullshit to me.. I am a core Fifa soccer fan on Xbox 360 and I got my Fifa CDs way back then for 20k.. (Choke on that)
        And Pls do remove all the stupid rage from your eyes that makes you unable to read properly.. You will see where I wrote that “peak Claimed I live in Abuja (where as I live in lagos) not me” Lol its funny how are just screaming everywhere.. Could you be jealous of my life? Yes? Lol

        **Calm your titties darling**
        As this is not the main issue of the post.. This is the last I’ll say of this.
        You are looking rather ridiculous with all these.

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 12:32 Reply

        @Deola I’m actually loving it… Lol (and this is me being real)

      • Max
        April 09, 13:12 Reply

        Jealous of your life?
        Puhuahuhuahuahuahua. I’m actually pitying your sorry life(even though you don’t deserve it). You can wrap up your cheap lies and made up wealth in an old news paper, and shove it down your huge slutty asshole, the same one you open for cheap ghetto boys to violate you.

      • Peak
        April 09, 13:23 Reply

        Boy dont be acting like u didnt read my comment! Lets face it, tale has more holes in them that than the broken fidshing net of the disciples in the bible. And im sure u metioned that u stay in abuja in sinnex’s kito story, so save ur flip floping expertise for people who truely care.

        And I’m more sorry than you are to think there is more substance to you when u 1st started commenting here. U are empty son. Fix it.

      • Max
        April 09, 13:42 Reply

        @Peak, even Olivia Pope cant fix this.
        This is a hot mess..

      • Sinnex
        April 09, 15:16 Reply

        Now, I am beginning to get worried. Is it that you guys can’t seem to tell us apart or what….@Peak, I don’t think @Teflondon ever mentioned that he was based in Abuja. I am based in Abuja. I really don’t where you got the impression from. That was how @Khalessi stated that “Is this the story you have been whyning about” when my story was uploaded.

        Biko, we are different people who happen to think alike.

      • Teflondon
        April 09, 16:10 Reply

        Thanks for clarifying that.. Sinnex. They keep on Yapping on “on assumptions” and with so much conviction at that. Watching them waving their weavons and bras classless around Gave me a good laugh. No doubt!

    • Brian Collins
      April 10, 12:24 Reply

      Peak, hell awaits your evil presence for this comment you made. *Here comes Honey Booboo*

  38. Dimkpa
    April 09, 10:29 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story. It was an interesting read and holds many lessons.
    I want to believe you still remember the incident because it was seminal in your life and you’ve mulled over it in a bid to mine lessons from it. Experience is said to be the best teacher and learning from other’s experience is much smarter than having the same ourselves. I guess this is one of the main reasons you shared your story.
    I would also like to add that it is appalling that you had to sleep in a cell just because you are gay. It is an injustice that society has meted out on you and I am glad you’re holding up despite the fall out.
    I think another story I would like to read is how your family reacted on finding out your sexuality and how you withstood that storm.
    All the best going forward and next time ‘look before you leap…’ though I think you know that already.

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 11:07 Reply

      Thanks.. Lesson learnt! I’ll surely love to share about the stories you talked about.. PP willing. (I can only imagine all the trouble he must have gone through putting this together. Lol)

      You couldn’t have been more classier with your comments.

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 09, 11:11 Reply

        By all means, send your pieces. I’d love to share. 🙂

  39. Anonymous
    April 09, 10:57 Reply

    I live in magodo, I’m middle class and i always mentain social class when making friends straight or gay if you do not live in an estate or a “GRA” if u live in places like abule egba ,ketu ,bariga i will ignore u it’s what has kept me safe over the years and i was brought up to never (ba oloshi so’re) be friends with the poor. I don’t also take my gay friends to my house only the ones i wanted to impress but we no longer live in the house i was so proud of(lawyers and bank issues) my advice to you is don’t let it get into your head wealth can fly away ask the pple that lost millions in the stock market, there is this saying in yoruba called “olowo atijo” meaning was once rich!

  40. JArch
    April 09, 10:57 Reply

    Rigggghtttt, so it’s finally here and failed to make the epic impact that the noise making prior to now was intended for. Just like a movie that got so much hype and failed at the box office.

    Ass kissing protocol? Seriously child, even though this happened 5years it still came off as the naive 21 year old you so claimed to have been back then. You have definitely grown old, but you haven’t grown up.

    Karma is a big bitch isn’t she? She loves to serve it hot with some peppers. This isn’t a kito story, this is a karma story. Pinky adjust this title accordingly Biko. HIS KARMA STORY (Epsiode 1)

    It’s ok to talk about your wealth (that’s if you’re truly wealthy though) but what doesn’t fly is that you’re an uncouth SOB. Am not buying that story of being 21 and naive, good manners doesn’t come with age or experience. Referring to others as lowlifes and from the slums is just classless to say the least. You once stated here that you are always in support of the minority and defender of their cause on this blog, yet you use such derogatory term with such ease, that it causes one to wonder if you’re really a defender of the so called minority.

    Just because you “feel entitled” doesnt give you the right to play with people’s feelings, if you only wanted a fuck buddy arrangement with David, you should have simply made things clear when you noticed he was falling in love, like I said good manner doesn’t come with age, the proper thing would have been to clear the air about where you and he both stood. If all else fails then you break up with him.

    Then let’s get down to the other unimportant details:
    – Xbox for 120k? Who are you looking to deceive with that one? Was it a limited edition or did it come with a gold casing?
    – also you left your xbox in the guest room? Hian!! If this was fiction it would be ok, but any serious gamer has his console right next to him, so why was yours in Jerusalem and you were sleeping in Jericho.
    – and you guys got down and dirty after being locked up? I see

    This piece is worse than a movie featuring Adam Sandler in it. It wasn’t the least bit entertaining abeg

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 11:13 Reply

      I’ll try my best to stay on the story and ignore the rants.. So that unsuspecting readers will understand.

      The Xbox was in the sitting room where I normally play it close to the visitors room David was in.. So was my 2 phones and laptop.

      Lol yall bitches need to calm the fuck down.. And focus on the important issue which was my kito. Yall don’t expect me to add every detail in this piece.. Do you? Lol

      • Max
        April 09, 12:03 Reply

        Another lie to cover up the first. Keep piling them up..

  41. Chuck
    April 09, 10:59 Reply

    1. I see that the writer, Teflondon, leverages his wealth to fuck men who aren’t as rich as he is. Good luck with that. It seems a bit disgusting but the poorer kids seems to be into it so we just have to improve the standard of living so men won’t be fucking for Blackberry. Chai.
    2. Love isn’t seeing a man at a party and making him a sex associate.
    3. David is still scum. He was dumped, so he stole? This is why Nigeria can’t be great. Excuses for all sorts of criminal behavior.

  42. Santa Diaba
    April 09, 11:04 Reply

    Haaaayyyyy y’all are being a bit very too harsh on the criticism!
    Yes, the story is a bit annoying, but many rich kids seem to have a similar affliction that Teflon Don has. I’m not excusing his actions tho.
    And from the comments it seems Teflon has done some things here on KD to rifle feathers. I wouldn’t know, me I’m guest appearer here. But with this story I dunno, Maybe y’all can try and understand him more?

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 11:25 Reply

      Lol you are very observant. Even the mother of them all.. Is on about bullshitting me with the story. I noticed..

      I’m just here laughing at all the loathe and vitriol comments and no one is cautioning them.. Lol unlike when Chizzie was being cautioned for attacking their beloved.

      The ladies really came prepared for me… Lol I’m just laughing here.

      • denovo
        April 09, 11:39 Reply

        @Tef: u dnt jst get it, do u? How i wish ur mentor (chizzie) comments on ds post, trust me u gonna ‘dis-mentor him sharply.

  43. denovo
    April 09, 11:16 Reply

    U were broke and Tolu told u David is in for money yet u asked him to come over, knowing well that u had no kobo in ur pocket?

    U got Kelvin cheaply like that even wen its obvious that u aint a Drop Dead HOT GUY every guy dreams to laid in bed with.

    He was looking fragile and sick yet u locked him up and David was still stupid enough to have sex with u even in such an unfriendly environment?

    Did he save his mother’s number on your notepad or that was the only number on that notepad coz i really cant figure how u could remember that it was his mum’s number.

    Your Father’s PA came to bail u, police saw ur EOD hence they collected 300k for bail?

    *sigh* This is the fakest story i’ve ever read in my life, the only real thing in this story is your pseudonym.

    PP God bless u for not posting this story all this while (although it wld have bin better if u had posted it on April 1st so it cld pass for APRIL FOOL).


    • JArch
      April 09, 11:20 Reply

      Welcome Denovo, I agree you, this would be better as an April fool’s joke
      Welcome to KD, hope you do stick around

      • denovo
        April 09, 11:42 Reply

        Thanks JArch, i’ll gladly do that.

      • Peak
        April 09, 12:03 Reply

        Welcome denovo. Na real april 1st post, swallowing this pile of rubble would ve been much easier

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 11:31 Reply

      Atleast one positive for PP.. I brought a lot of first time commenters.
      All these talk of my story being fake.. Is just funny. Lol I wish one of the several invicible readers should just confirm this.. Atleast just one of My Frnd’s that truly know me.. Sadly they wont come out (comment) to confirm this.

  44. Dennis Macaulay
    April 09, 11:23 Reply

    Okay It appears I am late to the party

    ***crosses legs, sips coffee and nearly chokes from laughter***

  45. chestnut
    April 09, 11:57 Reply

    Hmmmm…this story might have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, it might not be ‘entertaining’ enuff to some ppl, it might too unrealistic to some ppl…but one thing is for sure: the story got us TALKING! Over 100 comments,and it’s barely afternoon! I won’t even lie, I’m getting my life with this thread…LOL!

    SN: Sinnex and Tef,I thought it was really cute,when u guys seemed to be forming a sort of connection(the romantic in me liked the unconventional idea of “finding ur soulmate on the pages of a blog” lol), but now,I don’t understand the slightly salty comments u guys are exchanging here…I was really rooting for u guys,in a weird way o; abeg make una no fall my hand. #OkBye

    • Max
      April 09, 12:07 Reply

      That plane was already set on a crash course.. Can’t say I’m surprised.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 09, 12:24 Reply

      Salty comments. LMAO. Gawd! I can’t laugh enough today.

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 12:45 Reply

      Lol naive lot! (minus chestnut) to even think.. I and Sinnex will really be dating… We are just besties That think in the same direction most times maybe not all the time.
      You can tell your bestie.. You love him right?!

      I’m not surprised by all the comments Tho.. I knew what was coming but I aint a “pussy” to tell PP not to post it.. As I know the importance of that “one person” that will learn from my mistakes is far greater than whatever bashing I get for the post.

      • sinnex
        April 09, 12:49 Reply

        The thing tire me oooo. Just because we think alike doesn’t mean we won’t have disagreements.

      • Max
        April 09, 13:22 Reply

        I wasn’t naive at 21.I wasn’t even naive at 19. At 21, you were already a full grown ass man who jumps from one “ghetto” D to another..So please stop using the young and naive narrative. Since you’re a hard core gamer, please kindly tell the house the games in your archive.
        Playing soccer doesn’t come close to qualifying as “hardcore”. There’s nothing hardcore in soccer. So please tell us how many 25k CD’s you bought. Maybe the Cd’s you bought are made of latex, but even those don’t retail at that price..
        Oh and, why haven’t you invited anyone for lunch today? Are you broke again?
        Or has your account been frozen?? Again?

  46. Chuck
    April 09, 12:44 Reply

    Beware of McArdry and McGray. THey think robbery is a fair punishment for jilting people. O di ka egwu

  47. Peak
    April 09, 13:07 Reply

    Hahah abeg how did u go from being dead broke to having ur account frozen??? ***sigh****

    So many questions and zero answers.
    Since when do writers write stories and come back to do multiple editing, backtracking, jara and fisi biko nu? I swear I would ve just swallowed this rubble gently like nofin happen, but the hype and trailer of this story literally left us all on the edge of our sits only to get this manuscript of lies?

    Hot mess I tell ya **in my wendy williams voice served with a dramatic eyeroll**

  48. Ace
    April 09, 13:12 Reply

    Chizzie baby, where are you? Posts like this one makes me look forward to your comment.

    That said, We all make mistakes! Damn! People can be some quick to turn on their halos. Tefledon, I understand your need to show your social status to better aid understanding of the circumstances that surrounded the event and it was poorly done. Let me just believe it is your inability to write that resulted in your not so subtle way of highlighting your social status.

    But to those saying this was a boring publication and still went ahead to critical review it like they did is just plain lies, this story was scandalous and jaw-dropping than most stories on this blog. Chill button.

    You made a mistake, hopefully you are remorseful about it and did what you did in the heat of anger. My advice, next time you are angry, take a moment or two to think of the repercussions. If I did half the things I imagined when I was angry, I probably would have a human head in a shoe box in my room.

    • Teflondon
      April 09, 13:58 Reply

      Ace I agree with you on all you said..

      What baffles me tho* are all the ladies clamouring around their tambourine claiming that… They wished they never read the story. The story strted with my name.. (Teflondon) You could have just skipped reading it or just pretend you have no interest by not commenting (Like Dennis Marculey is poorly doing) But no you just had to read.. Hate me or love me! I’ve got your attention either way…
      Lol my story is not meant for all.. Only (spoilt kids like me those days, can easily relate with this story and some matured ones here)
      I’m sure if I mentioned I was living in face me I face you and was drinking Garri Day and night.. There wouldn’t be a fracas here right now. Lol

      That said
      Today was fun for me… Lol

    • enigmous
      April 10, 05:58 Reply

      Truth is, a lot of people that their tits are turning red here didn’t read this story to understand, they read the story to judge or pour vitriol in revenge. Am sure if this story came from a different choice person, the comments would have towed a different path.

      Throw wealth in people’s faces? If you’ve never come across people who are truly rich and throw their wealth in your face, you may not understand the feeling hence the comments: “if you’re truly rich, you won’t say it”. Not every rich person wait for you to find out you know? Tef could be as rich as he claim or not but that’s his headache.

      Also, this story was written with the eye of a 21 year old though written 5 years later. I believe the writer tried to carry us along as per why he did what he did. The question is, is this something a 21 year old could do? I think the answer is yes. Does it make the actions right? No.

      I had to read again to confirm if the writer ever mentioned that he kept Xbox in the guest room and he didn’t so I don’t know what y’all are going on about. Tef, you reached for it here and there o but in all, interesting read.

      To all those saying, PP shouldn’t have published this story, blah blah blah. Bitches please, take several seats in the market abeg. Who made you Judge Judy? What put you in the position to decide what others should or shouldn’t read or write? Why fight so hard to stay/sound relevant in the scheme of things when you aren’t? If you read and didn’t like, why didn’t you move on? You think by putting others down you will rise?

      Tef, from the comments it’s obvious you have opened up rough patches with people here. Life is too short to just be gathering enemies my dear. Try, if you can, to mend the bridges to the best of your ability. Am not going to start advising you on the piece you wrote cos I believe you’ve learnt your lessons. In all, stay humble.

      • Gad
        April 11, 04:06 Reply

        This is a very intelligent and responsible comment. A far removal from the show of shame that persists. What do you think one stands to lose if he is hated by anonymous online group? What are the likely benefits for being in their good books?

  49. Rapum
    April 09, 16:54 Reply

    Wait, Pinky, did the “my tan-tan is bigger than yours” post gather this much comments? Lol.

  50. Khaleesi
    April 09, 17:22 Reply

    @TefLondon, if you had any doubt as to the depth of the distaste that KDers have towards you, well, here’s your proof, on the other hand, i think this post has garnered the highest number of commments ever … am not too sure sha, …

    • Teflondon
      April 10, 07:24 Reply

      Surely the higest! Lol I’m not least surprised tho.

    • Gad
      April 10, 07:54 Reply

      Tef too bad for you. Many kdians have deep rooted distate for you. Now it will affect you in many ways. Your food and water supply will reduce. Money will be scarce too. To avert this kdianish disaster you better present bitter kola and dry gin to appease the gods of kd

  51. Eros
    April 09, 17:55 Reply

    This story will go down in KD’s history. @Tef the witches in your village are working overtime!! LET THE EARTH BURN!!!

    April 09, 18:12 Reply

    *slowly fading away before i become target no2*

    • Gad
      April 10, 08:01 Reply

      My brother is like you are new here. What you are seeing has sadly become the hallmark of this blog. The only snag is that some users have license to vitriolic comments but some dare not raise an eye brow lest the admin comes after them

    • trystham
      April 11, 16:04 Reply

      @Reverend : Just to bring things to perspective and before u allow any fool’s opinion to make you feel u logged on the wrong site dedicated to bitching.
      Before all this, there was a Chizzie. That Chizzie was a bane to all and any who had sumtin to write on this blog with his caustic comments in the name of being a realist and different.
      The idiot who has written this pathetic story is a bloody whiner who, while claiming to not be an arse licker, is the mother of all ‘yes boys’. He roots/rooted for Meanie Chizzie everytime. I really do not see any malicious attempts of the commentators. If you can love someone who dishes hate in every letter, u shud be able to take it too. Any other personal undertone u read to the comments is due to his actions alone.

      @Gad I think it is important for u at this point to just put a sock in your irritating attempts at making this look personal. I’m not surprised tho. When he is accused of being a liar, I bet that little conscience of urs has a field day with his tines.

      • Gad
        April 11, 18:37 Reply

        Tryst,your level of reasoning and sense of fairness frighteningly amazing. Thats what one gets by fraternising with godless people or from being godless. Dead to the dictates of conscience. What a waste!

      • trystham
        April 11, 19:57 Reply

        Oh please SHUT UP!!! See this rubbish calling ME godless and unfair? I’m not perfect yet, but u still av centuries of living to achieve the level of purity I v reached. You think its by letting us know the position u occupy in church? You, SIR, are the waste. Its sad you don’t realise it yet. FILTH

      • Gad
        April 13, 16:19 Reply

        @ Trsyst, joining issues with you reminded me of an incident some years back. I still regard it as on of the worst moments of my life. A man hit scratched my car and was arrogantly claiming that he had no fault. He claimed that he was almost the President of Nigeria. One thing led to the other and I had him detained. When he was asked to fix my car, we discovered that he was a newly employed driver boasting and making trouble with another man’s car. I felt so terrible that I had dissipated so much effort on such a fool and walked away in shame after letting him go. I’m happy that you have the peace of mind that I can’t attain in a century. Its good for the upcoming ones but please make sure that this peace you you have is the type that transcends above the comprehension of men.

      • trystham
        April 13, 21:13 Reply

        All these stories. But I don’t even own a car sef *shrugs, sucks in a lungful of air* WHOOOOOOOOOOOSAH!!!!

  53. iamcoy
    April 09, 19:31 Reply

    You see we had King who later metarmophosed to Lord and we hounded him for being him… He went into oblivion and we were stunned by an even more interesting replacement *shudders*
    God please we prefer the former to thr latter.

    Pinky I can imagine you had a herculean task editing the vocabulary and spelling which may have resulted in a huge headache. Kpele

    Sinnex you are the MVP for being real and true and not ‘ass licking’ because you guys think alike.

  54. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    April 09, 20:14 Reply

    WOW! @Teflon delivered… the comments entered second page sef.

    I had to comment o. So that my name will enter this historic post… this post/comments that made me forget that I was in traffic for 3 and half hours this evening.

    Very interesting story…. but just one word “HOLES”.

    Part 2 maybe?

    • R.A
      April 10, 05:05 Reply

      But wait o! I’m lost! The last comments are the first comments or my browser going loco?! Lemme keep reading sha, I anticipate much roasting! Lol

  55. Dimkpa
    April 09, 20:56 Reply

    I have read through all the comments on this story and as entertaining and funny as they are, it sort of gave me a cause for concern which I want to share.
    It is true that the story was all ‘in your face’ with the reference to wealth and status and all. It is obvious that he made a mistake and acted unwisely which he acknowledged. One thing I feel we have overlooked is the consequence of his actions which were severe only because he is gay. If this had been a girl that stole these items and he did the same thing, he wouldn’t have been put in jail, he wouldn’t have endured the derogatory comments, he wouldn’t have had to sign an undertaking for his father, he wouldn’t have been denied furthering his education and possibly his future career. So as we flay him for this story, I think we should remember that the guy also went through a lot.
    We are all in this together suffering one way or another for being who we are. We should be careful that we don’t join those who condemn us to do the same to one like us.

    • Teflondon
      April 10, 07:26 Reply

      Dimpka.. Remain classy! You have earned all my respect from today.. In the mist of mad market women.. You remained a perfect gentleman.

    • Façade
      April 10, 09:06 Reply

      Dimkpa this has nothing to do with being a boy or girl, he got those comments cos of d way he presented his story. Not only dat, he sounded so evil. U went to babalawo nt to get d boy to return d stolen items bt after being told of d horrible tinz dat wld happen to him u still gave d go ahead. U heard he was sick n u went with some guys to roughen him up? What if he had stolen his car? He wld hire assassins to hunt n kill d guy n his family? What if he stole millions of naira? Everybody related to d guy wld get killed? any 21yrs old guy dat could do dat ain’t young n naive, he’s pure evil. Not to mention d way he Kept playing with Kelvin n David like a fiddle. Whenever he mentions love in that post i hear lust, he loves Kelvin now bt goes to screw David when d beloved Kelvin is in d other room…wicked. Seriously I believe what he got was payment for going to babalawo cos we all know what they say abt their gifts. I know that bitch karma is still coming for toying with those boys emotions

  56. Max
    April 09, 21:16 Reply

    Well, you wanted a grand opening to your wonderful piece, you got what you wished for.
    Be careful what you wish for next time.

    • Gad
      April 11, 04:41 Reply

      I can imagine how accomplished you feel because in your big head(big people have big heads) you think you have achieved a tall feat through your unkind,wicked and blind comments against another fellow. A guy whose only known offense against you is his opinion on issues. One can begin to imagine the type of childhood you had and the type of life you are living. You can now smile to the bank. CONGRATULATIONS

  57. Khal
    April 09, 22:05 Reply

    This is some story… Bet you sef allowed ego take you to police when you know you cannot explain ‘nkan te dapo’ (the buisnesss you had together). If I was in your shoes, the moment a third person comes into the discussion I go don dust my shoes carry waka. Cause I have more to lose…

    Hopefully things get better with your family, what’s most important is that you keep on keeping on and stay happy!

  58. Andrevn
    April 09, 22:42 Reply

    I hope you are fine?(now don’t go all crying on me gurl,don’t do that kk!).

    Awesome read anyway and quite entertaining.*Thanks for tha traffic* *stifles giggle*
    I’m outta here. #Okbye

  59. Andrevn
    April 09, 23:06 Reply

    scratch my earlier comment……*i just had to be mean innit?*

    I so hope sincerely you have moved way ahead of the trauma that the tides of your affluent outting has caused you…tho i’m pulling all my stops here to try and fill in the holes of you story.

    NB:Argueing with the Tons of Kitodiaries and engaging in petty catfights with your detractors is quite classless and childish especially when you’ve been made a prime target and placed at the bullseye of their dart board……….
    #silenceisnotcowardice Hon; it reflects poise,grace,carriage and an intellectual mind.
    *much love here*

    • Gad
      April 10, 15:05 Reply

      You are right but sometimes you let some people know that they don’t have monopoly of madness

      • Teflondon
        April 10, 15:47 Reply

        Oh Gad! What will I do without you.. Here on KD!
        Keep throwing your shades with grace!

  60. Dominic Obioha
    April 09, 23:36 Reply

    What the eff is a rich and handsome guy like me doing in this section of Kdiaries?

  61. Façade
    April 09, 23:47 Reply

    U know I could totally relate to David’s attitude towards Kelvin cos d fact they’re both screwing d same “rich” douche bag doesn’t make them friends, it just makes them both at risk for the same STDs

  62. victor
    April 10, 01:15 Reply

    No post on kd has had hilarious coments as this, this just reminds me never to get on pinkys bad side,he could have edited some parts of this story to make it seem mild but he didn’t cause he doesn’t want teflodon complainin that he took some details off the story. I totally enjoyed myself, only wished chizzie could have just made a much needed coment haHhahahaahahahahaahahahahaahahahahsaahahahaahahahaah

    • Gad
      April 11, 03:50 Reply

      I thought I was the only one that noticed the deliberate failure to edit Tef,s article. What a cheap and senseless way at getting at someone. This is like shooting oneself on the leg. Its like the Editor who refuses to do his work because he hates the reporter and yet publishes the story. You can imagine the consequences. Its laughable when you consider the fact that the Admin,s name appears prominently on top while the writer,s is bellow. Till lately, I hardly check who the writer of an article was.

  63. adams
    April 10, 05:24 Reply

    Well, teflon deserves all that he got in my opinion, he went to babalawo ke, even wen he knew the consequence….. i’ll like to hear David’s side of the story.

      • yours_truly
        April 10, 06:14 Reply

        My fone has been reloadin this page from yesteday till now. My sides are hurting with uncontrollable laughter… Tef ndo

  64. Sinnex
    April 10, 06:07 Reply

    Una no dey tire. Na wa ooo. When someone commits suicide you guys would come here and start writing RIP. I haven’t been able to reach Teflondon since yesterday evening. This is not normal…hmmmm…

  65. richbee
    April 10, 06:39 Reply

    I’m a new here. Infact, some minutes new… Now, this story is quite unfortunate. I’m not sure I’d love to continue living after such incidence.

      • yours_truly
        April 10, 07:09 Reply

        Am i the only one who finds Tef’s comments more hilarious than atrocious? I swear i die each time he writes something. He also thinks like a certain royal figure with the same indelible self aggrandisement.

        Goodmorning Chestnut….

      • Teflondon
        April 10, 07:29 Reply

        Yours_truly you are So hungry for relevance and attention.. So here it is. I have given you. Now piss off!

  66. Teflondon
    April 10, 07:22 Reply

    Bruh take several seats back.. You don’t expect me to add EVERY details of what happened. It will be too long and no I won’t be writing further. Sadly

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 10, 08:01 Reply

      Aww such a shame, TEF. Just when u started breaking the internet with your debut piece.

    • R.A
      April 10, 10:04 Reply

      Wait o! Lemme add my favorite line of ‘rap’ by Jay-Z “You can pay for school but you can’t buy class”

      Now that’s a ‘wrap’!

      THE END

    • yours_truly
      April 10, 12:46 Reply

      Sweetheart your ratchet broke ass cant even make my junk twitch….

      Whats funny is that you are still talking.. Go look for an over bloated D like your persona and take an uncomfortable sit on it

      • Teflondon
        April 10, 13:14 Reply

        Lol little kids.. I dont exchange banters with your likes.. Leave that to your “mothers on this blog”.

  67. Brian Collins
    April 10, 13:29 Reply

    This is a record. Wia is Dennis? I’d like to see that Ranting that will beat this. This was really an interesting read, post, comments et al. Max was totally on fire. I feel like he ate one of Khaleesi’s dragons over the Easter holiday.
    Teflondon obviously use inappropriate words in this post but we get that here a lot. The reactions just made it clear that Chizzie may have a very strong contender for the least liked person on KD award.
    Even though i personally do not like Tef myself, i .am still verys sorry that ahwhat happened happened, especially the maNner in which he was outted to his family and all that.
    That said, going to a babalawo is a no no for me. I have been kitoed myself, (see His Kito Story, edition 11) and lost far more valuable things than a game console and a couple of phone, i did not resort to doing anything fetish even when friends suggested it.
    Tef, I also have to say here that you should get your head out of the gutter that is your ass. How about you start making your own money first before you start bragging about it. Too much reference to your social status, not too cool.
    Like he mentioned a lot of times, he was young and naive and having been there myself, i know that we sometimes don’t think when we act and we think we can handle some stuff on our own and we most times are wrong.
    As for David, he is still a douche. It is because of people like him that that Anonymous fool who said he lived in Magodo Gra and some load of crap after that, spew the shii that he did. We really don’t have to resort to stealing. Guy was seeing you and was treating you nice, guy meets someone else, guy decides to not care so much about you anymore and then you steal from guy. Your name becomes DoucheB. Sad thing is that i am fairly certain that a lot of people here have done this in the past.
    I just hope we learn a lot from this. Do not go to a police station that you dont know someone personally in a case like this. Thing could blow up in your face. Dont be tactless in breaking up with people, what is it they say about a scorned gay man again. Do not be a classless bitch going about stealing from people who dump you for a more attractive person.
    Do not act like TEFLONDON.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 10, 14:47 Reply

      ‘I feel like he ate one of Khaleesi’s dragons’ Hahahahahahahahahahahaa!!! Ok, that bit was hilarious.

      • Teflondon
        April 10, 15:55 Reply

        for the record Brian
        I do not like you either and your sense of reasoning.
        It’s nothing personal..

        Yes I might be the least liked person here on KD (not like I give two fucks) but the reason is simple… I simply chose to be real.. And people hate “Real” you know?
        I bet yall Queens, ladies and Market women are angry about how I came to gate crash.. The “Happily ever after” “Sad and Loving” “Princesses and Castles” fantasy yall have created for youself.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 10, 20:33 Reply

          You give yourself too much credit. Get over yourself please.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 10, 20:34 Reply

          And this feminine perception you have of everything really speaks much about how you really think of yourself. As a woman in a man’s body. All you need is a sex change, hon. To liberate that inner female that’s rearing to go.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 11, 00:20 Reply

          Look at this buffoon. When people are talking of proper English language, people like you will talk? Ha! I don see something. My dear, focus on your housewifely duties. Being a man-woman is after all what you pride yourself on.

      • Teflondon
        April 11, 07:35 Reply

        I can see pinky you are still having a party on here..
        You should be thanking for brining your blog to live.. Some of your recent post had 4 comments, 20 comments at best..
        “Buffon”? Really
        I never knew an admin could stoop to such stupid levels.
        But what do I know. Lol
        How about you be a woMAN and reply some of the things Gad has been saying about you here…
        You clearly hate the truth!

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 11, 07:53 Reply

          Unlike you, bitch, I don’t have to reply everything every fool has to say about me. I suppose that’s what makes me a man and you a simpering female.
          Oh shoot! I’m throwing out big words again. Here, have my dictionary. I know your father’s money didn’t buy you a proper education.

      • Teflondon
        April 11, 09:40 Reply

        I release a piece of my life to the admin.. To post on his blog and he uses that same detail to insult me.. Understood if the majority ignorant reading audience do that.. But the ADMIN?

        Lol I can see you are all worked up over nothing. I guess I got to you this time.. Nways I’ll not give you the honors of dragging me to Max’s ‘scaliwag level’
        I’ll take the high roads this time.. By not engaging with you.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 11, 09:43 Reply

          My dear, I’ve decided that trading words with u only serves to reduce my IQ level. Say whatever you want to say henceforth. I’ll treat you like I treat Gad. Like you don’t exist.

    • mike daemon
      April 10, 21:03 Reply

      Yeah, true, I was about saying the same thing never report LGBT issues to the (nigerian) police.

      I think his father’s money must have gotten into his head, fucking two people in the same house, allowing them to meet and see each other? Talking about how rich you are and all that? You are proud I must say. The entire story was just annoying from the beginning to the end!

      • Teflondon
        April 10, 21:37 Reply

        No surprises there.. That your ‘whatever talk show’ gets little or no comments!
        I’ve never even bother to check it since I got on KD.. It’s that irrelevant to me..
        Now run along boy!

    • yours_truly
      April 11, 07:46 Reply

      Your excellency ma’am,
      I am so sorry i did not rush to reply you.
      I actually have a “life” a busy one at that.
      Oh and yes i am a kid, i’m just nineteen afterall but am definitely not dumb, stupid, foolish, mean, useless,….

      Like you i live off my parents but even at my age i am ashamed of that…
      Oh and BTW, showing you are a cheap and classless ho’ doesnt make you look real it just makes you the next guest on Jerry Springer’s to do list….HO’

  68. Sinnex
    April 10, 20:39 Reply

    Please don’t tell me this story is still trending.

  69. Dashawn
    April 10, 21:40 Reply

    PP dahling, I really must congratulate you on the amount of comments this post has garnered. It is quite amusing to read all of them and trust me dear, I did read all. Lol.

    TefMushin, Stop! Just Stop! Gulp three bottles of any cough syrup of your choice, sit back and allow the dosage do its work. Without mincing words, I must say I find your article really irritating. Some parts of it, remind me of the popular Yoruba movie, Alakada. Yes, you were young, naive, stupid, silly, foolish and dense, yes. Its okay, every human is allowed to have such qualities. Another irritating thing, is the unnecessary reference to your family’s wealth. Just shut up! Okay? I’m from a very well to do family but you don’t see me shoving it up everyone’s face! More irritatingly annoying is your response to comments about your post. I really suggest you take a break off KD, to think about your life. And to think you have been harassing PP to post this time wasting piece of trash! The nerve! Shebi PP has done as you requested? Oshi…

    “Are you happy with yourself? Are YOU happy with yourself??” – Beyonce, Pretty Hurts.

      • Gad
        April 11, 04:30 Reply

        The world will be a better place when those who must talk about wealth tell us about their OWN wealth and how they made it instead of the monotonous nonsense about “my wealthy family”

      • Teflondon
        April 11, 07:39 Reply

        I initially ingnored his comment… Gad I never knew you noticed… Doing exactly what they claim I did wrong.. While trying to correct me. Laughable!

  70. trystham
    April 10, 22:36 Reply

    #sigh Teflondon baybee, ur witchcraft is strong and ur mssger delivered its arrow to my mobile, but I AM glad these ppl didnt disappoint in my ‘forced’ absence. That said, I really had to skip the boring narrative. It threatened to make me pass out. I can’t afford that right now. After seeing all the comments,I haven’t the heart to dissect this…story. I hear u weren’t picking calls

    Deola darling, I have u in my sights jare

  71. Brian Collins
    April 10, 22:52 Reply

    Bia Peak shift o. That hell you are going to ehn, Dashawn must go there too. ‘TefMUSHIN’, me i couldnt deal with that one o.
    Hi, Deola.

  72. April 15th
    April 10, 23:56 Reply

    I am contacting chizzie. he must comment on this one o.

  73. mike daemon
    April 11, 05:36 Reply

    @teflondon, it seems you have issues, did I ever tell you that your story was not interesting? Yeah I did say you are PROUD which is obviously glaring from your (kito) story above, and about my show not been interesting and getting little comments and all that, am satisfied with the number here that takes out the time to listen, than a large number listening and spilling hate and putting out discouraging comments. And don’t think it gets posted here alone. And another thing I believe is great things starts little.. Anyway thanks for responding as I am not looking for validation that what I am doing is GREAT, just want my message passed!

  74. Dee
    April 11, 11:40 Reply

    Really? I had to go potty twice reading this post cos every bit of it had my stomach turning from how shallow and self aggrandising people can be. That said a greedy proud hoe Gon be a greedy proud hoe n yes he…sorry…she got what she deserves…..a night in the cell with the so called boy lover from the slums how’s that for “bitch u ain’t all that?”

    • Teflondon
      April 11, 12:40 Reply

      I can see every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to add his own contributions to this historical post of mine..
      This is a post from two days ago.. There are new post and yet people insist on commenting on this one.. PP if you had some serious marketing skils.. You would try to patronize me to be posting a weekly rant.. As I can see I’ve drown out a lot hidden readers and first time commenters.
      Call it disdain.. What it is important is the attention your blog seems to be getting from the so-called hatred they have for me. Something I am clearly reveling in. It’s a win-win situation for me and PP. Think about it. Lol

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 11, 12:42 Reply

        Let it go, please. Move on. This fire is dying. It’s no longer cute to be gloating over it.

      • Façade
        April 11, 14:32 Reply

        We don’t need this blog to be a beacon of hate so shove ur rants up ur butt dear

  75. Gad
    April 11, 12:46 Reply

    Chai. Poor Gad. Elecricity and water supply has been cut off from Gad,s residence.His neighbours and friends and associates are isolating him all because a certain admin of a blog he visits claims to treat him like he doesn,t exist.Gad while you rush off to get a crate of fanta to present to this dead-loss in appeasement please get a consortium of diplomats to draw up a soft worded apology letter to him to avoid further disaster.

  76. Controversy
    April 12, 02:22 Reply

    Doing it in the cell with David was sick…really sick. Are u a sex addict?

  77. michael
    April 13, 23:31 Reply

    hahaha… abeg I had one of my molars extracted today, I don’t want to laugh too much else it starts bleeding….

    nice one teflondon. I totally get you but going to the police was an awful decision and I sincerely hope you’ve learnt your lesson.

  78. sexstar
    May 06, 21:24 Reply

    OK at first u felt sorry for this writer but I will express my disgust on this piece … I hated when u said u are a game freak and cos of that u decided to wash ur dirty linen in public. Causing a stir on the road. Like seriously … Most tb guys Shud learn to be smart .. Be careful and smart next time

  79. ChristianGayBoy
    January 05, 16:36 Reply

    Finally got to the end! This was one busy comment section. Whew. I’m always coming late to the party but darn this did not get old over the years, no sire, it did not! 😂😂😂😂😂

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