I met a Baby Gay today.

I didn’t know those species existed in these modern times of teenage exploration and the world being a global village.

But there he was – a real-life Baby Gay.

Our hookup started from Tinder, to WhatsApp, to my house. And then, we were in my bed, trying to get our freak on. He had a very impressive dick, but two minutes after our clothes came off, I started to get disappointed.

I began to get the impression that he was one of those selfish Tops who like to do nothing but lie there, get serviced and then fuck.

He lay on my bed, letting me suck his impressive dick.

His hands hovered about my body, never quite grabbing any part of me to caress.

He kissed badly.

He nibbled at my nipples.

And he absolutely wouldn’t suck my dick.

After about five exasperating minutes of fumbling about on the bed, I’d had enough. I got up and put on my shirt. He looked bewildered, his erection standing like a tent-pole on his groin, as I turned to him and told him I wasn’t feeling him.

“It’s time for you to go please,” I said.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asked.

“Well…yes…everything…” I responded, unwilling to go into details.

“Is it because of the romancing? Because, you know, I don’t know how to romance.”

“Well, there lies the problem. Look, it’s okay. Let’s just call it a night. I’m no longer in the mood.”

He got up, zipped his hard-on back into his jeans, put on his shirt, and soon, I was walking with him out of the compound.

That was when he started sharing.

He told me he’d only just started having sex with boys last year. He was 25-years-old, and had never known that there were other options available to him beyond his frustrated attempts to be into girls. Then 2021 came around, and he stumbled on gay porn, and gained his salvation.

And apparently, none of the three guys he’d fucked since then had ever let on to him that gay sex went beyond what his dick could do to their assholes. They’d get into a room with him, drop their pants, and it’d be bang, bang, bang. No education on foreplay, no lessons on the pleasures he could give with other parts of his body besides his dick, just wham-bam, thanks sir.

And so, he couldn’t understand why I acted the way I did, why I said no when I’d clearly been into it in the beginning.

That was how I found myself giving him a crash course on how to please a man. It was a short walk from my house to the junction, so that crash course couldn’t get wrapped up.

So, as we exchanged quick goodbye hugs, he looked earnestly at me and said, “Please, give me one more chance. I’d like to come and see you again, maybe even spend the night. I’m not asking to spend the night so I can fuck you. Instead, I want to spend the night learning how to fuck you.”

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. aloed
    April 23, 08:21 Reply

    “ I’m not asking to spend the night so I can fuck you. Instead, I want to spend the night learning how to fuck you.”

    Oh, isn’t that so sweet?
    Please give him a second chance, he’s really willing to learn.

  2. Shrek
    April 23, 08:34 Reply

    This is so me. My first experience was when I was 29 but I had prepared my mind by reading and watching almost everything about it. Then my first was a master about 20 years of experience so it was like a practical class.

  3. Koreh
    April 23, 08:53 Reply

    Lol, you said baby gay like he is 10 yrs., he is old but lacks orientation about sexual activities..
    The best you can do is to say yes to his proposal
    Apart from the fun you’ve helped him too

    • Pink Panther
      April 23, 09:10 Reply

      Baby Gay doesn’t mean the age of a homosexual.
      Baby Gay means the age of a person’s exposure to their homosexuality. You may be 40, but if you’ve only just discovered your sexuality or only just started living your truth as a gay person, you’re a Baby Gay. It’s the same as saying one is a late bloomer.

  4. Francis
    April 23, 12:32 Reply

    We all deserve another chance oh 👏👏😂😂❤️❤️

  5. Tariq
    April 23, 16:20 Reply

    Reminds me of me…I was 27 the very first time…and was forced by a senior friend more like a big bro when I visited one even like I use to do back then…I saw it coming way bfr then so as much as I wasn’t sure about my readiness to explore my curiosity, I was yet laid back and did little with d struggle I half heatedly tried to put up….lol imagine putting up a weak resistance n yet your Dick’s on brick…..yeah junior betrayed me😭

    My big sized friend of a brother overpowered me n threw me on his king size bed….n truth was🤷🏿‍♂️, he did all d work!

    I was just laid bare on the bed…hands on my eyes while he got his pleasure from pleasuring me….I was left amazed for days n stayed away from him but u bet it all got me coming back for more. I’m better now T for Thenks 😉

    • Sayyed
      April 24, 00:09 Reply

      Hahahahha very funny but Mr Junior bai kyauta ba

    • Sayyed
      April 25, 01:16 Reply

      Are you staying in the north? Pls holla me @ahmadsayyed942@gmail.com

  6. Monk
    April 24, 02:30 Reply

    I’ve only been with the same sex once and that was when I was 13 years old. I’m thirty years old now and I’m yet to have a proper sex with a man because I’m too scared. Too scared of getting kitod or outed (my straight identify is very important to me, please don’t judge me).
    I have a massive playlist of gay porn on popular porn sites and I’ve had multiple toys and fruits up my fat ass but never had a real dick.
    I’ve been craving dicks alot nowadays and a day doesn’t go by without me thinking about what it would feel like to be satisfy a man’s sexual urge with my body.
    If you’ll like to join me on my sexual discovery journey, kindly reach out on telegram (@monk66). I have preference for men that are older or with my age bracket.

    • Mikey
      April 25, 01:42 Reply

      Pinky when will you post my story

    • Flame
      January 01, 15:48 Reply

      Hi mate. If you ever see this, I would like to connect with you. I think I‘m facing a mid-life crisis at 29 and i woulf like to connect with MGM. I just might get married in 2024 and I have questions and anxieties.

  7. Emrys_
    May 05, 09:10 Reply

    Lol. I can remember when one guy that is also a baby guy told me the last time I saw him that he wants to know how to fuck Me so bad. Like he always dream of being inside Me. I think you should give him a chance, thereby giving him a ‘full course meal’ lecture on how to fuck a guy.

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