When Did You Choose To Be Gay?

When Did You Choose To Be Gay?

Twitter user @FreelanceCynic asked the most self-interrogatory question on Twitter a few days ago.

When did you choose to be gay?

And the responses were oh-so very insightful. Evidence of the things homophobes have been saying since: that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. We all got to one point in our lives and decided to be gay.

So, how about y’all? When did you decide to be gay?

I’ll go first.

I was just 13. I looked around at the homophobic environment around me and thought, “Well, my life is too rosy as it is. Time to fuck it up.”

So, I kissed a boy. Then I kissed another boy. Then kissing boys became too darn addictive.

So there. I’ve been royally fucked since then. Pun intended.

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  1. Jay
    March 26, 07:44 Reply

    When I first gave my cousin blow job, gosh!!!! I felt alive and have loved dicks since then.

  2. No
    March 26, 07:54 Reply

    I was an altar server. You can finish the story yourself.

  3. Canis VY Majoris
    March 26, 08:52 Reply

    For me it was realizing being Nigerian isn’t tough enough why not be gay as well. So 50 years from now when the movie about my life is made it can qualify for a Best Picture win at the Oscars.

    • Pink Panther
      March 26, 09:05 Reply

      ????? I like your aspirations. You have a very good reason for choosing to be gay.

  4. Mitch
    March 26, 08:53 Reply

    It was in Primary 4.

    I was thinking about how much I wanted to be hated by my family and friends and I searched for weeks for something that’d make them hate me.

    First, I tried theft. It didn’t work.
    Then, I tried lying. It didn’t work either.
    Then, I tried being disobedient. Failed.

    Then, I stumbled on Romans Chapter 1.
    And I had my eureka moment.

    I decided to be a flaming homosexual.

  5. Kenny
    March 26, 09:46 Reply

    You know I just thought one day that it would be nice to be kidnapped and beaten to a pulp and then ransomed…. Oh wait it would also be an opportunity to stop talking to my dad, someone who my entire life had then revolved around. Oh well… ??‍♂️

  6. OgheneTobore
    March 26, 21:38 Reply

    If I could have the choice to choose, I won’t choose to be gay. Its so much easier BN straight; obviously. But I got no choice in the matter. Evolution, natural selection be damned. But Fuck it! I’m freaking gay. I have since learned to love bn gay. I love the naked glory of the male human body! I love the feel of a thick long penis in my mouth, in my fat ass and another guy’s fat ass!

    So u know what I did? I came out to my family. I just got it over it like that.

    I sat my parents in my room and I told them who I was. At age 21; 5 years this June. My parents have always told me to ‘speak my mind’ and be confident and bold in my approach to life. So I guess coming out to them was a little easier than most people could manage.

    Surely they were disappointed as I have zero intentions of bn a parent or conscious ly thinking of bn romantically involved with someone (it’s my Hoe season; allow me to bask in it!). But they have learned to support my life choices. With supportive parents like mine (it helps that I’m completely financially independent from them), I could care less what anyone else thinks.

  7. Q
    March 28, 10:24 Reply

    I just thought about how invisible I would be ,clogged further by the lies I have to tell those I Love and I thought fuck it ! I wanna be gay

  8. slimmy
    March 28, 12:37 Reply

    I wanted to be hated by people, I wanted them to call me the most ridiculous name that will make people run away from me and I was like what will I be to make people hate me and boom I decided to be gay and I am proud and i am loving the gay I became and the attention attached to it….

  9. Fred
    March 29, 21:14 Reply

    For me, it was when I saw the rainbow button appear minutes before momma’s water broke.

    • Rainbow Nova
      April 02, 13:49 Reply

      Fuck it! I thought I was the only one, damn!
      So here’s the tea, I was 7, found out who I was (at a very religious church) and then lived in utter misery, confusion, intense bullying and depression (cause I found that it’s an “abomination” and felt that being possibly disowned by your family one day issa great goal). At church, I was drilled for 99.99999% of my life to hate, despise and loathe who I am (which I absolutely loved especially being called “faggot” at school and bullied too, again and again). Oh yeah I almost forgot, living with trust issues and surrounded by homophobia gives me life and joy especially in a country where I could get kidnapped, raped or robbed for even trying to be me at any possible moment. Always smiling when an ignorant hateful comment is made and certainly laughing my ass off (literally) when I’m told God “cures” homosexuality, being referred to as “a gay” is like chocolate and vanilla ice cream while being a queer Christian and trying to educate people in love and choosing to tolerate ignorant hate especially when I get insulted for walking/dressing/talking/being “like” a girl (aka being effeminate) is absolutely amazing and what an ecstatic way to live (in fear, isolation and utter detachment from your friends and family). What do you say, fellow “sinners”? Why don’t we just “turn off the switch?” and date girls, you know even though vagina absolutely disgusts me? ?

  10. Mystique
    April 05, 14:37 Reply

    hmmm growing up, i’d always want to be with them girls and sometimes do the things they do,i never knew what gay or being gay was but felt very comfortable doing girly stuffs lol. when i became a teenager the likeness for fair and cute guys possessed my soul i met a sissy at high school who invited me to a queer party where i met my prince charming .. you know the rest 🙂

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