I See You

I See You

This is for those who hide their true identities behind masks of fake smiles

I see you!

For those who are not free to be who they want to be, always bending to societal rules

I see you!

This is for those who cannot behave in certain ways publicly, always conscious of the public eye

I see you too!

For those whose fears always stare them in the eye with sorrow-stained faces

I see you!

This is for those who find it hard to fit into social circles, no matter the acts they put up

I see you!

For those who are relegated to a hated minority, waiting to be beaten, and shamed

I see you!

This is for those who cannot express their love freely and ordinarily like everyone else

I see you too!

For those who cannot be with who they desire, in the way they want

I see you!

This is for those who cannot be their real selves around family and friends

I see you!

For those who are living the lie, gradually forgetting who they are

I see you!

This is for those wallowing in bitterness and self-hatred, by-products of rejection

I see you!

For those who wish that they are some other persons, or born in other climes

I see you too!

This is for those who can only have the life they want in dreams and wishes

I see you!

For those whose phones and other electronic gadgets must always be password-protected

I see you!

This is for those whose browser histories must always be cleared

I see you!

For those with statuses their governments have democratically criminalized and illegalized

I see you!

This is for those destined for the hot fiery flames of hell and damnation

I see you!

For those whose acts of love are aberrations and abomination to the sight and hearing of others

I see you!

This is for those who have been disowned and ostracized because they are different

I see you!

For those who cannot hold hands on the mall’s escalator when going to the movies

I see you!

For those seared and lacquered with scars from the ruthlessness of the righteous ones

I see you too!

I see it all, because I feel it all.

I see you all, because I am one of you.

You are never alone in this.

The struggles never end. They are renewed each new day

But we shall never give up

We are who we are!

By Masked Man

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  1. ArabianPrincess
    October 22, 07:03 Reply

    I see you. The struggle has just begun.

    P.S: a very big thank you to the KD family who commented on my December article about leavin home. I stayed and today, I’m convocating from the University. Thanks once again!

    • Pink Panther
      October 22, 07:05 Reply

      This is good. Congrats. Everything good will come to you, AP.

    • pete
      October 22, 07:07 Reply

      Congratulations, dear. Aim high, never settle for less.

      October 22, 09:49 Reply

      Congratulations Dear, this is the beginning of greater good to come….

    • Chizzie
      October 22, 10:27 Reply

      Congrats! Glad you stuck with common sense and didn’t follow the pseudo liberals here and the post modern wannabes. I remember one in particular referring to family as being overrated, I mean what a stupid thing to say.

      Good for you.

    • posh6666
      October 22, 11:58 Reply

      Wow big congrats tough times dont last tough people do.So happy for you atleast onto d next level,nysc things make sure u get away from home this 1 year and just breath,have fun and just live ur life.Hopefully u dont get posted to some remote part of naija.

    • Jon Snow
      October 22, 10:06 Reply

      Big Yansh where??? The belle cancels the Yansh so its null and void. ????

    • Lothario
      October 22, 18:06 Reply

      Lol….. You had to be messy sha….

    • michael
      October 23, 00:39 Reply


      you no well at all.

  2. Sinnex
    October 22, 08:33 Reply

    ‘I see it all, because I am one of you’


  3. Max
    October 22, 08:34 Reply

    Awwwww.. Who knew you had such in you.

    I see you too #NeytiriStyle

  4. Delle
    October 22, 09:03 Reply

    This is for those twerking to their mirrors and bathrooms only…I see you!
    Ok thanks for seeing dear. Bye!

      October 22, 09:51 Reply

      How about sharing the twerking for the delight of those who might be interested here on KD. *askingformypeaceofmind*

      • Delle
        October 22, 11:03 Reply

        Really wish I could. The publicity won’t be so shabby. Lol
        But how? That’s the question

        • PETROVICH
          October 22, 11:20 Reply

          Just ask Pinky how, he sure will come up with a bright idea…or better still, there could be a “my twerk is better than yours” contest

    October 22, 09:53 Reply

    This is really inspiring…..Kudos to you MM
    To those who have to lie about visiting their Dad so that they can attend LGBT party……I see you

  6. Chizzie
    October 22, 11:31 Reply

    Pinky please, why was my comment deleted? I don’t understand whats going on?

  7. kacee
    October 22, 16:37 Reply

    WOW, omg sweetie pie this is lovely *kisses* do and come back o this bed is too cold hehehehehe.

    • Pink Panther
      October 22, 19:49 Reply

      Hehehehee. From where? Aren’t your closet doors shut?

      • Oluwadamilare Okoro
        October 22, 20:35 Reply

        Oh pinky, they are very shut… But its beginning to suffocate me, so I wanna open the mahagany doors a lil for fresh air. But u know how heavy mahogany doors can be. *sigh*

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