Facebook Post Of The Day II

Facebook Post Of The Day II

KD pic 14Well, that’s a postulation about homosexuality I’ve not heard of. Female ghost possession, huh? I wonder what ghost I have inside me… Goldie? Marilyn Monroe? Joan Rivers?

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  1. JArch
    October 22, 05:10 Reply

    Hahahaha ok ooo

    But hang on a second… Going by his analogy, as a gay man who’s attracted to another gay man, that means the “Ghost” inside me is a lesbian. As it’s attracted to another female ghost living in another man’s body abi?

    I’ve heard and read it all…. This douchebag gets a G- (not even an F) in intelligence and reasoning


    • Kerr
      October 22, 05:28 Reply


      Ok that’s a new one… ??

  2. papasmurf
    October 22, 05:16 Reply

    WTF!!! “Spiritual research”?!
    What rock did this dude crawl out from under?
    I wonder what ghosts he consulted hhmm?

  3. pete
    October 22, 05:21 Reply

    Mr Emma, this spiritual research you speak of, can another person duplicate it or get to see the method used?

  4. Henrie
    October 22, 05:28 Reply

    The stupidity is plenty in this one..

  5. Kerr
    October 22, 05:33 Reply

    But this spiritual theory is just funny
    Okay if two women are attracted to themselves, and a lesbian has a male ghost inside her. That makes the 2 women gay, as their male ghosts are attracted to each other too…!!

    (( sigh ))

    Someone would just wake up one morning, process fart from his brain to his ass, and dish it out for everyone to listen


  6. KingBey
    October 22, 05:59 Reply

    Well, it’s obvious everyone knows the female ghost living inside me. Do I need to spell it out again? Toodles !!!

  7. john
    October 22, 06:45 Reply

    he deserves Nobel prize for stupidity. am I wrong?

  8. Adey
    October 22, 07:13 Reply

    Cmon guys… He’s got an A for effort and creativity from me tho. But he’s still dumb AF. Terribly dumb AF. No hope for brain recuperation, so sad

  9. Max
    October 22, 07:19 Reply

    Lmfao ????.. I never knew there was a department of spiritual research.
    Now I know which ghost is dwelling inside chizzie; the spirit of bloody Mary?.
    I guess the one inside me is Carrie.
    Still thinking of which spirit is lurking inside a lot of people *side eye Dennis*

    • Dennis Macaulay
      October 22, 07:46 Reply


      Don’t look further, in me dwells the Spirit of Susan Weger, the Adunni Olorisha!

  10. Theo
    October 22, 07:57 Reply

    In that case, Bisexuals have both the male n female ghost in them abi? His mumu level get PHD.

  11. Sinnex
    October 22, 08:11 Reply

    This is a first.

    I think it is Goldie’s ghost living inside of me. Or maybe that ‘being’ that tried to fuck my ass while I was asleep. Opened my eyes and saw no one there.

    The guy looks cute sha.

  12. Django
    October 22, 08:25 Reply

    Someone pass this message to that fb dude;


    *takes a bow*

  13. Chizzie
    October 22, 08:33 Reply

    What ghost is dwelling inside of me? Probably Jezebel’s. Yes has to be that one, it would explain alot actually.

  14. Delle
    October 22, 08:56 Reply

    *clutching on to Korede for support*.

    This guy is classically daft and should be in the Guinness Book of Records for the Most Unintelligent Animal in the World!

      • Delle
        October 22, 17:23 Reply

        *swirling bubble gum around finger nonchalantly*

  15. OMG!!!It's HYPO
    October 22, 09:01 Reply

    Stupidity @ it’s peak…..infact,@ it’s grandest!Buh wait oh,seems we all missed sumfin. He used “some” and not “all”
    All d same, d “research” is dead on arrival!

  16. Vulcan
    October 22, 09:44 Reply

    Dude should be given a Hi 5…

    …with a fry pan…

    …in the face!!!

    • lonz
      October 22, 17:40 Reply

      lol. it should be a very big frying pan. spiritual research in which lab

    October 22, 09:46 Reply

    Wetin person no go see for this world. Cos i’m in a good mood i’ll let his Stupidity slide.
    OAN: Today is my Mum’s Birthday, Please pray for her to live long enough for me to come out of the Closet oooo(which is not anytime soon).

  18. Jon Snow
    October 22, 09:53 Reply

    I lost some IQ points reading this. If you want to be a homophobe…bros why not be an “intelligent” one???

    Some people should not be allowed to reproduce… their level of foolishness just might be genetic and they pass it on to their Innocent offspring. And four like minded idiots liked the post…


  19. Tiercel de Claron.
    October 22, 09:57 Reply

    Just when you think that life can no longer surprise,you witness a Nigerian reversing at a roundabout.

  20. Dimkpa
    October 22, 10:31 Reply

    For someone who is supposedly straight, he sure has given this a lot of thought…

  21. Mitch
    October 22, 10:58 Reply

    *laughing hysterically* I can’t deal today! I just can’t.

  22. Giselle
    October 22, 12:50 Reply

    So what happened to a bisexual male or female!! They have both female and male Ghost? So what ghost is responsible for being DAFT? Cos he is really daft.

  23. Duke
    October 22, 12:57 Reply

    It is so sad Madonna is still alive, cos I am pretty sure her ghost lives in me ?. Fake ass scientists. The fact the people will actually take this seriously and say “na true oh” baffles me.

    • Pink Panther
      October 22, 13:52 Reply

      People did o. If you check out the comments section, you’ll see human beings that God gave common sense exuberantly agreeing to this silliness.

  24. iamcoy
    October 22, 14:26 Reply

    I am so sorry for bisexuals cos na hermaphroditic spirit dey possess em and I hear that one is particularly very difficult to cast?

    • kacee
      October 22, 16:42 Reply

      @iamcoy hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you have killed me

  25. Tobby
    October 22, 14:36 Reply

    I’ve always suspected this. Thanks for the confirmation, good Sir!

  26. Colossus
    October 22, 14:55 Reply

    This spiritual research is spot on, absolutely explains some thoughts that had been springing up.
    Last year, during GEJ’s birthday, I had this strong urge to sing ‘Happy birthday Mr. President’, a very sensual song. I really couldn’t explain it.
    For months now, I’ve been thinking of diamonds, buying lots and lots of pure diamonds, getting married then divorced, married again and divorced, married once more to then divorce and marry the first one I divorced to then divorce again. I’ve not been able to explain that until now.
    OK, here is another scenario. Just last week, I was watching the news and Ibrahim Babangida was on and I kept thinking how sexy he looked, I felt a connection, like he has been fucking me silly for months now.

    So many I can’t remember now.

    Clearly Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Maryann Babangida’s ghosts are all living inside me. Thank you spiritual scientists, you’ve all made it clearer now.

    Now to go get the last book Jackie Collins wrote, I think it’s her ghost in me that wants to read it’s work.

  27. Kester
    October 22, 15:53 Reply

    He has just confirmed what I always suspected.Mother theresa’s spirit has possessed me, that’s why all my chykers are nearly senile and almost blind and all the young men just want favours
    *sobbing profusely *
    I need exorcism!!!!!!! I need aaliyahs ghost.

  28. Reed
    October 22, 16:41 Reply

    The idiot should have also researched if were allowed to pick our ghosts since he has nothing better to do.

  29. Wealth
    October 22, 20:20 Reply

    Lol,geez people can be funny,so the straight guys are possessed by lesbian spirit.

  30. michael
    October 22, 23:33 Reply

    I think am possessed by micro organisms seeing that I think a lot about them…

  31. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    October 23, 02:10 Reply

    Can I switch ghosts? I think I have Elizabeth Taylor now but I’d love to switch to Zsa Zsa Gabor.

    October 24, 09:54 Reply

    The brainless and vain gloriously stupid Emmanuel Ifediata is my friend on facebook and i saw this particular post, I witnessed myself pause for a while, remaining speechless and indignant…….His level of stack illiteracy and ignorance sure deserves a NOBEL PRIZE…….He posts a lot of very annoying and provocative stuffs….thinking he’s smart……worst still he employed a lady attorney who defends every of his bland and inane posts….

  33. peaches
    October 24, 09:55 Reply

    Jises!… I possess a Nicki ghost huni, and will ‘kontiniu’ to search for anyone possessed by Ciara’s ghost for… What dyu wanna hear?… Pls fb dude, gerrarahere.

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