My second visit to Lagos was both exciting and scary for me, mainly because I was sort of moving into the city. I guess the scary part came with the fact that I didn’t like the house and the environment I was to move into, but I had no choice.

Amidst my other reasons for getting excited was the idea that my Grindr possibilities would be almost inexhaustible. Quite frankly, the East where I was coming from had become too choking for me. I almost knew everyone within my location on Grindr (not physically o). This made it too boring and messy sometimes, so the idea of going to a city of over 15 million people had me feeling hopeful.

It was in November of 2016, barely a month to my moving into Ikotun that I met Bode on Grindr. The person he came off as was basically my type: versatile, older, handsome and employed. He told me he worked for the Lagos State Government and had his own house at Ijegun. All this I found quite appealing, coupled with the fact that he spoke very good English. The idea of meeting people on Grindr always got me on the edge, not because I was scared of being harmed (I had never experienced kito), but because of the apprehension of not meeting up to someone’s expectations.

But with Bode, I didn’t feel this fear prior to seeing him – so yeah, I was that comfortable with him. We had chatted for like a week and he constantly sent me different pictures of him either at work or chilling at home.

So on a particular Friday evening, I was lounging in my bedroom when Bode pinged me up to come and see him right away. As much as I wanted to see him, the timing just wasn’t working for me; I mean, I had to prepare myself. I declined but bobo immediately sent his nude pictures over, and just like a spell was cast on me, I got up, prepared quickly and headed straight to Ijegun.

After I had given my mum some lame excuse, I dashed into the next bus bound to Ijegun, got a bike to a hotel he’d asked me to stop at and waited for him. Truth is, I didn’t prepare to stay out that evening; what I truly wanted was to meet him finally and perhaps plan a better fuck day. And so I waited and waited and waited for Bode to show but nothing seemed to be happening. I called him severally and he kept telling me to chill, that he was on his way. Naturally I became apprehensive. I walked into the hotel bar, sat for some time, and entertained the idea that this might be a set-up. But no, Bode was too well-spoken to be a ‘TB’ criminal, I thought. And so I waited more.

It got to about 7:30 pm and I finally lost my patience. I walked out of the hotel and was headed toward the gate when I dialed Bode and said I was leaving. As he was busy telling me how he was already there, I saw two groups of agbero-looking boys approach me from both sides of the road.

And that was when it hit me, the realization that comes with both fear and a faint dizziness.

They rushed at me, yelling “Na we be Bode, we don get you now!” They seized my phone and tried dragging me into the hotel. But as a dignified mugu that I was, I resisted, demanding for some respect, which strangely they gave. And so, we walked into the empty bar of the hotel. From the moment we started walking, my mind had left that environment and traveled into dangerous territories, territories filled with images of my lifeless body on the dirty streets of Ijegun, and my fainted mother and a crowd of moaners by her side. It didn’t even occur to me to break free and make a run for it. How could I? These boys looked well-fed, huge and seemed to be ready to chase me to any length. Besides the jungle justice videos I came across the previous day didn’t help matters too.

And so I followed this 8-manned group of huge – and quite handsome – boys into the hotel bar. The fact that I found them handsome put me in more shock at myself than my apparent predicament.

We sat down on the plastic chairs, I in their middle, backed against the wall. I quickly scanned them some more, and boy, were they hot! I also cited a potential 9-incher dick print, and thoughts began to run amok in my head.

The slap came rudely, violently yanking me out of my sexual delirium and back to my kito situation.

And strangely, a yearning for more of that thunderous slap began to blossom inside me.

Jeezuz, what was happening to me! I was supposed to be terrified, teary and blubbering for mercy from these thugs. Instead, they were turning me on.

One of them started talking and instantly, I recognised his voice to belong to Bode.

And boy, Bode was fine! You know that rugged, bad-boy fine, mixed with an alcoholic breath! I almost ripped apart my pants and offered up my ass right then!

 Bode: “What are you thinking of?”

In my mind: Why are you speaking English, Bode? You still want me, abi? I can give head to you all right here!

Me: “Nothing, sorry.”

Bode: “So a fine boy like you is busy chasing your fellow guys?”

In my mind: Yes, Bode. In fact, my wet ass crack could chase your dick right here.

Me: “I’m sorry…”

Agbero Number 1: “Guy, you dey speak plenty English for am! See how fine guy like this dey do homo! We go teach you lesson today!”

In my mind: Oh daddy, please, teach me all the lessons you can!

Bode gently jerked my face away from where my eyes were focused on the 9-inch dick-printed junk of Agbero Number 3, to look at him.

In my mind: You’ve got really soft hands, papi – and amazing eyes.

Bode: “So we are going to make this simple for you. Your ATM is here. So you will withdrew everything in your account and give us.”

Agbero Number 2: “Guy, I don go through him phone. The guy dey broke.”

I sighed inwardly. Thank God I withdrew all my salary earlier in the afternoon.

Agbero Number 1: “Na so we go just go? This guy look posh! He go get money somehow.”

In my mind: That deep husky voice… Lawd!

Bode: “Where do you stay and what do you do?”

Me: “I stay in Ikotun and I–”

Agbero Number 6: “Guy, which kain JAMB question you dey ask? Abi you wan fuck am?”

In my mind: Oh dear, my bugaina won’t mind at all.

Bode: “Na why I no dey like roll with you! You too dey talk like fool!”

Agbero Number 3: “E don do, guy make we dey go. We go just carry him phone and this him pam.”

Bode: “Na wetin him go come wear na?”

Agbero Number 3: “Oya, him go wear my own. Kunle talk am, you like this boy.”

Agbero Number 4: “Na why him no go like am? The boy na fine boy.”

In my mind: I’m blushing here, people – and incredibly wet too.

They all got up and I followed. I exchanged footwear with Agbero Number 3 and he grabbed my waist with one hand, cupped my cheeks with the other, and spoke directly into my ear. “Guy, stop this homo tin. I no wan catch you again.”

In my mind: Yes, papi. Please be my last homo tin.

Bode: “Let’s go.”

In my mind: That’s all? Come on! There’s supposed to be a gang rape scene!

We started for the gate and eventually got out to the street. Bode handed me 500 naira from the 1500 they took from me and said it was for my transport. He also asked me to pardon the “rough guys” – he called his partners – that all they wanted was money, and that if I wanted my phone back, I should give them 5k to at least buy drinks.

But of course, foolish Me forgot to collect their number – a mistake I still regret today!

On our way to the junction, some of the boys kept feeling my ass and complaining that I didn’t have ass. They eventually got a bike for me and told the bike man to take me to Ikotun. The bike man must have caught on to nefariousness of the situation because as we drove off, I told him to turn back but he refused, saying that the boys looked like trouble. My response to him was a silence borne from a mind deep in thoughts.

In my mind: Why is this man talking rubbish? That is how I’ve missed being violently gang-raped by 8 ruffians. Was that even a kito?

Written by Bloom

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  1. Mandy
    February 11, 08:31 Reply

    Da fuck did I just read? ??? Bloom, you’re a real Yaba-left case. So it must mean that you’re into S&M from this story, yes?

    • trystham
      February 11, 09:45 Reply

      Aswear, I shouted ‘WEYREY!!!’. I wonder if he managed to lightly touch AT LEAST ONE crotch.
      Oh well, Ijegun is off limits.

      • Pink Panther
        February 11, 11:24 Reply

        Lol. Are you just realizing that? That place is a cesspit of kito snakes.

    • Lorde
      February 12, 13:07 Reply

      I..i…I’m….really confused here

  2. Johnny
    February 11, 08:32 Reply

    Don’t tell me this is fiction. Hian! You want to do eightsome

  3. Dunder
    February 11, 09:59 Reply

    Uncle, you are a hot mess. I’m sha happy you were relatively unhurt. But is this pink on pink crime?

    • Pink Panther
      February 11, 11:23 Reply

      Seems like so, doesn’t it? Those guys strike me as gay.

      • Lorde
        February 12, 13:09 Reply

        Obviously….. the ass feeling was the exacr giveaway….after they kepy holding his waist n cupping his cheeks n calling him a fine man

  4. Andre
    February 11, 15:01 Reply

    WTF did i just read? Guy you are something else… Na God save you say dem no rape you. But seriously those guys have gay tendencies, that’s if they aren’t even gay.

  5. DeadlyDarius
    February 11, 16:17 Reply

    I’m confused….

    Is this supposed to be a titillating story or what? Is it fiction? Are internally homophobic gang fueled potential rape situations FUN?

    This post is bizarre and sad.

    • Eddie
      February 11, 17:06 Reply

      I toot your comment…. How can a potentially dangerous situation make you aroused,Bloom? Oh well,different strokes for different folks…you were relatively lucky,I guess

      • DeadlyDarius
        February 11, 18:26 Reply

        Its not even a major concern of mine if the writer has private ‘rape’ fantasies….he obviously hasn’t been brutally set up before.

        But is this glorification of a terrible practice (kito) the right direction for this forum?

  6. Absalom
    February 11, 18:26 Reply

    It’s okay to have “edgy” sexual fantasies, but the constant harping on your attraction to your attackers downplayed the vileness of their actions and even valorized it.

    I’m sure there are plenty of gay men out there who will fulfil your fantasies consensually without assaulting you and stealing from you.

    Let’s not make the enemy look cool.

    • Malik
      February 11, 20:52 Reply

      Word! They could have actually hurt you, for real. Sexual fantasies aside.

  7. lol
    February 14, 15:06 Reply

    Moron, just one word . but then a psychological state exist where a captive falls inlove with the capturer , I think its stupid buh humans r strange.

  8. ROCK
    March 23, 06:44 Reply

    Did this really really happen?
    Sex will be the last thing mind in this situation.

  9. Jay_son
    October 05, 15:38 Reply

    I’ve had wild fantasies of being ganged raped though, but damn!!! This is way off my level,

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