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I watched some episodes of RuPaul’s drag race, and is it weird that I’m absolutely in love with the series? For those of y’all who don’t know what it is about, it’s got these guys who dress in drag, competing to be the next drag supermodel, like RuPaul. I used to think that drag queens were men who wanted to be women or transgender, but on the contrary, most of them still consider themselves essentially male but wear the female clothes and make-up as a costume. It was fabulous seeing the way they transformed from male to female and doing stuff better than many a female. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind dressing in drag one day and just having a good time with my pals… I did after all try on my mum’s shoes when they could still fit my feet. I remember she used to laugh, but now she goes all sour and tells me to learn a sport even though we both know that’s never going to happen.

Anyways… I am constantly reminded about how difficult Nigerians find it to mind their fucking business. It is not by force to talk to everybody, and my classmates that I’ve never so much as said a ‘Hi’ to will go “Why weren’t you in class yesterday?” with this condescending look or “Why do you always draw at the back of your book?” or “Why aren’t you wearing the same clothes as everyone else?”

I probably seem stuck up. But I’m not. It’s just that condescending look I hate. And the fact that they feel like I owe them an explanation as to how I’m running my life.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to listen to my very interesting pathology lecturer and I was prodded on the back, and I turn to see it’s a girl whose name I’d forgotten. She goes, “Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?”

“Why should I wear a shirt?” I ask. I was wearing a red top with the meme “like a boss” drawn on it and a pair of combat trousers.

“Everyone else is wearing a shirt,” she says.

I look around and it’s true. Almost everyone else was wearing a shirt. “So?” I ask, mildly irritated.

“Aren’t you scared that they will complain?”

By ‘they’, I assumed she meant the lecturers. I turn my whole body to face her and say, “Was it written or stated anywhere that I should be dressed a particular way?”

And she goes, “It’s to be safe…”

“From?” I snap with arched eyebrows.

And she had no reply.

In hindsight, maybe it was genuine concern. But still – Gaaaaah! You disrupted my rare moment of utter concentration to tell me I’m wearing what is different from the others – Seriously?!

One other time, I was sitting down at a faculty I borrowed a course from, playing my Nintendo 3Ds, and someone I didn’t recognise calls for my attention.

“Good afternoon. Are you waiting for a class?” he asks.

“Yes,” I reply.

“Oh.. Okay. What level are you?” he asks.

I state my level, wondering where the convo was going. He then asks for my department and I provide the answer, anxious to return to defeating the dream eaters and completing my mission.

And this stranger goes, “You’re studying such a difficult course and you’re playing game.”

Oh dear lord! Thank goodness for the restraint I have on my tongue, because I would have given the idiot a lashing he would never forget. Instead I frowned and stared at him in a way that I believe made him feel stupid for not minding his business, and he turned around and left. And I continued playing my game.

I hate the fact that we are socialists in this country. We believe in the fact that we must consider the society’s happiness than the happiness of an individual. It sucks balls. I’d like to believe that to a large degree, I’m an individualist. I do what I want to do and dress the way I want to dress. I listen to my own genre of music and know the kind of games I like. It’s more often than not different from public taste, making me get weird looks for things that shouldn’t matter. But who fucking cares about the masses anyways? I’ll just live my life the way I want it as much as possible.

I gotta go now. I’ve got tests on Monday and Tuesday. I don’t want to have re-sits or carryovers… Toddles.

Written by James

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  1. Rapu'm
    November 09, 04:14 Reply

    Nigerians are not socialists anything, but hypocrites. And then we are a people with egos that are easily breakable. You don’t have the money to throw a huge wedding reception, but you borrow yourself into wahala because you’re afraid what people will say. As if what people will say will kill you. I like my mumsi, she’ll hardly go to church throughout the year, but come and try and use your mouth to make her feel like she’s the devil, and she’ll dash you some nice words. BTW James, test on Tuesday too? *weeps*

    • chestnut
      November 09, 06:53 Reply

      Nigerians (or maybe humans at large) generally like something bad to talk about, about the next person. It makes them feel superior wen they feel that they’re in a position where they can show “care” to u by “advising” u to step up to their own “better” condition: (“if I can advise u,it means I’m better than u at something…”). They can miss me with that back-handed luv n affection

    • Metrosexual
      November 09, 10:40 Reply

      Please somebody tell me this tuesday is not ‘World Test Day’….. Virtually, everyone (me inclusive) has a test on tuesday….. Best of luck Rapu’m and Jamie…!!!!

  2. enigmous
    November 09, 04:17 Reply

    It’s alright dear, you won’t have re-sits. Nice ramblings, brought back the James we are already used to.

  3. king
    November 09, 05:05 Reply

    James James wonderful piece! And the pipo that don’t mind their business??? Ah den plenty ooo….and they do that coz of their empty uneventful lives and are wondering why you re different and what gives you the right to be different and why you should not JUST follow them jo and stick with THEIR OWN status quo!! So they are usually UNCOMFORTABLE around you for BEING YOU!!! Worst of all is that this different you seems to be working for YOU coz you are MOVING UP the ladder while they are STILL where they are…even with their stoic lives…so they want to pull you back into their LINE!! Ah! Nice read jo….!! And don’t Forget ALWAYS be YOU coz trust me….God didnt make two of U!!

    • enigmous
      November 09, 05:34 Reply

      King! King!! King!!! Did it slip from your grips or you threw it intentionally? I can’t believe it slipped o, cos I imagine your grip to be strong and powerful.

      • king
        November 09, 21:10 Reply

        U can bet Enigmous….u can bet it’s THAT strong!!!

    • Khaleesi
      November 09, 11:41 Reply

      @King, for the first time, i totally agree with you!! I could give u a huge kiss for this comment! A lot of pple esp around here hate you if you seem different and lead a life that’s mostly different from their boring unremarkable lives. I say to them: whatever! You’re not Feeding, Fucking or Funding me (3Fs), then your opinions honestly dont matter to me.
      James, great piece! Plz keep beimg yourself and let them talk till their teeth fall out!!

  4. Andrevn
    November 09, 05:12 Reply

    Nice one Jamie! Back to Earth it seems…..socialist! like i av to attend all the vigils and must robe every sunday mtcheeew……..*coughs…Jamie,Rap’um test,resits,carryovers? O! Plurz wat happened to the power of a lady!?

  5. simba
    November 09, 05:49 Reply

    I like this James. Before somebody ask me to pick a number and join de queue, I have with a church mind.. wondering Whts it’s gonna be like to drink some vodka with u

    • chestnut
      November 09, 07:17 Reply

      James or Rapu’m, u have to pick only one! Don’t be greedy…hehehe

  6. Dennis Macauley
    November 09, 07:04 Reply

    I can totally relate to this one. Several times I will be out running in the morning and someone will stop you (yes actually stop you), you remove your headphones wondering what this is about and the person will tell you “oga I see you running all the time, but you don’t need it na, you are already very slim” and am like???? Is this why you stopped me? Seriously?

  7. Ace
    November 09, 07:05 Reply

    Nice read James. People love to question what they don’t understand. *In other news, the super hot David Mcintosh replied me on IG, please make una tell am say i want that reply in person, i don’t bite. I just suck*

    • chestnut
      November 09, 07:27 Reply

      Ace, please what did u say to him ooooo,and what was his response?choi! If David McIntosh ever responds to me ehn…*faints*

      • chestnut
        November 09, 07:32 Reply

        I’m not on IG o! I seem to be missing a lot…*sad face*…but I don’t even like taking pictures; of what relevance would I be on IG? *sad face again*

  8. Queen Blue Fox
    November 09, 07:36 Reply

    Ok my first man crush on this group, and surprisingly it isn’t Dennis, nope it’s James! #yells# guards bring him to my chambers

    • king
      November 09, 08:26 Reply

      *dons James outfit* on my way to your chambers

  9. Xander
    November 09, 08:47 Reply

    Nigerians… Socialists? Not even the Chinese and the entire citizenry of the USSR could survive their socialism. Nigerians love to give their 2 cents where they ain’t needed. Well, the case is the same from the White House to the Kremlin, but many Nigerians fail to understand the aspect of biting one’s tongue. They say and ask unnecessary things, to which I snap back!

    …And RuPaul’s Drag Race is everything! #SashayAwayShanteYouStay #DragRaceDictionary

  10. Queen Blue Fox
    November 09, 10:10 Reply

    Hahaha King, when I want a threesome I’d let you know, now off you go!

    • king
      November 09, 14:01 Reply

      Wait what’s happening here Pinky biko…there seems to be someone else that has my pseudo and I don’t think it’s cool and it’s a bit impersonating!! Yes I know he loves and has kids too but don’t know if He loves the LORD like i do…so don’t you have a way of uniquely identifying us biko!! I am King and he is…..?

      • pinkpanthertb
        November 09, 19:55 Reply

        …is king too. And he has/had a more pronounced identity with that. So no one will think of you as a different person. Unless you change your blog name. 🙂

  11. Max
    November 09, 11:30 Reply

    Lol @ James… I could just reply this with two words… “Same here”… I’m an individualist.. During my days in skl, I only talked to less than 5 ppl in the entire class.. I hated them all.. They were narrow minded and big headed.. Society (in Nigeria) like uniformity… They want you to smoke cigarette jUST because they like to smoke cigarette..
    Its just crazy..

  12. Santos
    November 09, 15:40 Reply

    Guys, sorry to distract y’all.
    Last year, I had anal wart and got myself treated at a private hospital. I used to be fine until lately when I notice my skintag gets moisted after some hours…Like I’m scared I’m leaking.
    I know I need to see a doctor but scared to go back to that private hospital; I don’t want to risk fourteen years imprisonment.
    Guys, kindly recommend a doctor I can visit here in Lagos. Pleaseeee.

  13. Dominic
    November 09, 16:28 Reply

    Yeah it sucks when people poke their noses into things that’s entirely not their business but sometime I see they just like you and don’t just know how to initiate friendship or so like the lady asking you were not wearing a shirt I think she might just really like u as a friend or more and for her to notice that were the only one further confirms that. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I sense a little bitterness or so in the write up and in some of the comments,abi? be free when u shld be, no need to be socially awkward like u bare the burden of the whole world on your shoulders. Learn to accept diversity and celebrate ur own uniqueness because if I say I talk to few people at work just because they don’t think like me then am I not some hypocrite when I go back and say they don’t accept my type cos in truth I am not accepting their type too. OMG! Too much ranting. *cat walks away with speed*

    • Brian Collins
      November 09, 22:27 Reply

      You should rather sashay away majestically. True words spoken here.

  14. Ba
    November 09, 18:19 Reply

    I clearly understand that in this country there is always a norm to everything and you’re expected to follow, favourable or not they don’t care,but the thing is i simply don’t care too. Its my life and i will leave it exactly as it pleases me,besides am d only one to give account of my life. So guys b free to do whateva u like and go for anyone u like without fear of rejection or whatsoever. This life as i kn it is fucking too short.

  15. king
    November 09, 21:17 Reply

    Oh pinky b4 I forget pls could you validate James”s email add to me so I send him the ‘parcel’ I promised him. Eh you could just whatsapp his email and I will take it from there….thanx!

  16. Brian Collins
    November 09, 22:12 Reply

    Ehn see them, vexing that people are all up in their faces #hypocrites of life. Everyone is saying this and that when all we ever do on KD is getting ourselves involved in other peoples businesses. Even though it is no longer here, i remember when an article about a very promiscuous someone was put here and everyone thought they should be Judge Judy that day. Or is it allowed because it is done online rather than in person.
    Let’s see who casts the first stone. #i don’t care.

  17. Ruby
    November 10, 07:39 Reply

    I have learnt to start living my life for me and the sooner a lot of people do that, the better life will go for them.

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