Kiss And Tell (Entry 3)

Kiss And Tell (Entry 3)

I met Tony on Facebook. I liked him almost immediately. I guess this was because of his good looks. He is dark-complexioned, slim-waisted and slightly muscular with a broad chest and well defined abs. He was twenty-one when we got chatting, and this was around June 2013. I was still overseas then, and we grew fond of each other through the various means of communication including Facebook chat, Whatsapp and phone calls. We conversed mostly via Whatsapp, an avenue that made for the easy and steady exchange of nudes and sex chats. We maintained our online friendship until December of that year when I got back home.

Then I invited him over from Lagos. We planned he would stay for about two weeks with me. I had to lie to mumsy that he was a friend and a fellow student, and that we’d come back to Nigeria together, and that he didn’t want to stay in Lagos with his parents since they wouldn’t be coming back for the Christmas break. Mother heard the elaborate lie and didn’t bother us.

The day I picked him up at the bus terminal, I was not disappointed at all. He looked even finer and more chiseled in person. Tony combines both a foray in the movie industry and some modeling with his studies, and has the kind of good looks that rivals the likes of IK Ogbonna and Uti Nwachukwu. I smacked my lips with appreciation as I watched him walk over to him, my mind already concocting all the dirty things I couldn’t wait to do to him.

But I hadn’t factored in the fact that my little brother’s bedroom was right opposite mine. And so, we couldn’t engage in our trysts as passionately as we wanted to. There just wasn’t enough privacy. Like the night, on New Year’s Eve, when we got down to kissing and tearing at each other’s clothes around 2am. There was something about old things passing away with the old year that added more fire than usual to our passion. Everything tasted and felt better – his lips, his nipples, the heat of his skin against mine. And then we slipped and slid until we were in a 69 position, and began sucking off our lives on each other’s cocks. My body was on fire and the most peculiar concentration of sensations began pooling at my groin as the warm moistness of his mouth and tongue slipped up and down my cock, making me gasp and unable to concentrate fully on sucking him off as well.

Finally I’d had enough. I disengaged my dick from his glorious mouth, hijacked a condom from my wallet and was in the process of slipping it on, my erection already quivering toward his positioned ass like a heat-seeking missile –

And then, my brother woke up.

He made a production of stumbling out of his room, sleepy-eyed, his clumsiness giving us time to quickly drop into the bed and lie still. He clearly wanted to pee, and there was a connecting door to the toilet in my room. So he had to get into my bedroom and walk past two sleeping men with frustrated hard-ons. By the time he was done urinating and had trudged back to his room, we’d lost any zeal to carry on in the room.

So we proceeded to the living room to finish up what we started. It was a risky move; any member of my house could wake up and walk in there at any moment. But the entire house was just quiet enough to lull our senses and heighten our anticipation of the sex.

And the sex – it was simply mind-blowing. Gay sex is already an abomination. But gay sex in a place where you’re absolutely not supposed to be having it, in the middle of the night, was the guiltiest pleasure of all time. We fucked from the couch to the table and then up against the wall, panting and sweating, the urgency of our imminent orgasms heightened by the risk of getting caught. It was all I could do not to groan out loud when I finally began spasming against Tony’s back, my cock cradled inside his ass shooting out cum inside the condom in spurts.

This was officially our first sex since he visited. And as we settled in bed to sleep, I promised myself it wouldn’t be the last. The way Tony snuggled up against me seemed like a silent agreement with what I was thinking.

And so, by the next night, we’d decided to spend it in a hotel. One risky sex in my living room was enough. I didn’t want to tempt fate. I paid for a room in a motel, and we moved in for the night.

Surprisingly though, Tony suddenly wasn’t in the mood. He rebuffed all my advances to get intimate with him, and it wasn’t very long before I got upset. What was this one now? I just didn’t know what to make of his sudden change in attitude.

I had the mind to ignore him for the rest of the night and just get some sleep. But I was horny, very horny. Besides, if all I wanted was sleep, I’d have stayed back in my own bed at home. I’d paid for a hotel room and I was darn well going to get some action.

So I scrolled through my social media rolodex, and came upon some Facebook acquaintance who I’d been chatting with but never really gotten to know very well. I buzzed him – Andre. He responded. The preliminaries were gotten out of the way. He mentioned that he was in the area. And I asked him over to the hotel. He came around a short while later. I left Tony in the room and went down to the bar to meet the dude.

However, the moment I saw him, I lost my interest and whatever was left of my libido. Unlike Tony, this one didn’t look better in real life. There was just too much ‘street’ about him. And there was zero chemistry between us as we got reacquainted in the bar, where we sat having drinks.

Then around 11pm, I offered to drive him back home, but he declined, saying his landlord must have locked the gate by that time and that there was no way he could get in. I told him I had a room in the hotel – a room and a friend in it. I told him he was welcome to crash over with us. He readily agreed.

The night was uneventful. There was no threesome, no orgy, no sweaty bodies and reckless moans stirring the atmosphere till the wee hours of the morning.




In the awkward silence that fell on us following my and Andre’s entrance into the room, we retired to bed. I woke him up by 6am to drop Andre. We got to the closest junction to his place, and he suggested I drop him off in his street, so it would be easy for me to pick him up next time. I had no interest in meeting him again, let alone picking him up, but ever the gentleman, I concurred and followed his directions.

And then, we got to his drop-off point, and the street in him reared its ugly head. When he suddenly dived forward on his seat and began pulling at my car key from the ignition, I knew I was in for some trouble. The key wouldn’t budge as the engine was still running. I pushed him away from the steering wheel, and asked him what his problem was. He promptly began ranting about how I wasted his whole night, and then demanded for payment. I was stunned. Like WTF?! This New Year just wasn’t starting well for me at all. Not wanting any trouble, I offered him the only cash I had on me, about 500 naira. He took that as an affront and got really dramatic, and began threatening to yell for passersby and claim to them that I was a gay ritualist, plus he would destroy my car in the process. See me see wahala o! This was his neighbourhood, and I cussed at myself for not insisting on dropping him off at the junction.

Eventually, he settled on taking my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, and I drove out of there like a bat out of hell. That was my first and final encounter with the tout called Andre. And Tony – well, he sulked his way through a few more days at my place and right out of our acquaintanceship after he left.

Written by KingBey

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  1. yinkss
    August 13, 06:26 Reply

    POSTED THIS Yesterday but just wanted to repost this just to be sure u guys got this.
    Hey guys. I was thinking of something. Why don’t u guys download true caller and true dialer app from Google play. U can use the dialer app to search for names of any number while the caller app automatically search for the names of those unknown numbers that calls u but it requires H+ Internet to work sha. I feel this might go along way to help us in Nigeria. U can easily compare the name the person gave u to the names true dialer brings out. And for those they have or will experience kitoing in future, pls don’t delete this people’s number, save them on your phone with stuffs like “danger”, “419”,etc. True caller and dialer will upload your contacts too so that incase if any other person search for such numbers, they will know it’s not safe. I feel this will go a long way to help us especially in terms of kitoing. Don’t know if I’m making any sense sha but I’ll appreciate if PP can read this, research on it and maybe make a post about it so as to enlighten us all.

    • Khaleesi
      August 13, 10:57 Reply

      lol… see adventure!! … an entertaining piece nevertheless …

  2. KingBey
    August 13, 06:39 Reply

    @yinkss. That will be for those that love visiting people. No one is coming to my house to kito me.

    • Sinnex
      August 13, 12:44 Reply

      Please tell me the secret.

      I don’t know why I love street guys. It just doesn’t end well. Imagine someone seizing your phone and you had to buy a new one. He came and took it without you knowing, then you had to go and report to his elder brother and you got your 2 phones back and then he came and apologised and you forgive him and then he tries to lock you in your room then he comes with a friend….

      Is this good enough a triller?

      Story of my life Part 4 and beyond

  3. Mandy
    August 13, 06:59 Reply

    Chai. See how prick can cause wahala. Lol. The love of D is the beginning of all sorts of audacity.

  4. Dubem
    August 13, 07:01 Reply

    The one KDian’s opinion on the later part of this story that I want to read is Max’s. KD’s formidable bitch will have a lecture or two to hand you, KingBey for the fuckup of your kito situation. Lol

  5. masonkz
    August 13, 07:02 Reply

    If it looks, moves and talks like a ratchet, then a ratchet it is…and flee when you recognise one. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

    Nice post, by the way…except for the almost-kito part.

    • Sinnex
      August 13, 12:48 Reply

      Baby boo boo…I am hurt!!!

      You know where to find me.

      • masonkz
        August 13, 15:01 Reply

        LOL I surely do! Surprised I never knew this part of your encounter with that guy!!!

  6. Jamie
    August 13, 07:43 Reply

    So far from what you ever envisaged while seeking him out!!
    But why are some peeps so shamefully shameless. If you are not going to get any pleasure from sex, why go for it; and if you will, why ask to be paid??? Young men forget that the world is a small village, and that tomorrow they could need to be at the mercy of someone they met today.

  7. ambivalentone
    August 13, 07:54 Reply

    I only wonder what Tony said during the entire episode. I’m shocked Andre tried this in a car with two guys tho, street or no. Anyways, this is a classic case of scrambling for copper while its raining dollar notes. Your phone, your business, Your loss.

    • KingBey
      August 13, 10:24 Reply

      Tony was in the hotel room….still sleeping…. remember we had an argument before I hooked Andre up. So he wasn’t even looking at my face throughout the whole night and in the morning when I went to drop Andre off

  8. #TeamKizito
    August 13, 08:03 Reply


    Konji can automatically give you liver to do risky stuff.

    What’s with the name Andre sef.. Tch.

  9. Ruby
    August 13, 08:20 Reply

    Its a wah oh

  10. #Chestnut
    August 13, 08:35 Reply

    Lol. I don’t know why,but when I started reading dis,something told me it would end in a kito-situation; except I thought It would be Tony…

  11. Diablo
    August 13, 08:45 Reply

    Moral of the story : Do not be a slut.

  12. Masked Man
    August 13, 09:08 Reply

    You can’t lie that kind of lie to my mother.
    She’s Mother Confessor herself. You’d be left singing Nicki Minaj’s ‘you see right thru me….how do you do that shit? “

    • JustJames
      August 13, 09:26 Reply

      Your mother and mine probably went to the same confessing school.. Or maybe I’m just a terrible liar.

      • Masked Man
        August 13, 09:45 Reply

        I tell the perfect lies. She just finds a way to sniff them out.

  13. pete
    August 13, 09:28 Reply

    Chi m (2 different words) & it’s mmehie.

  14. King Mufasa
    August 13, 09:39 Reply

    I lost all respect for the writer the moment he invited some other person (Andre) for a shag, it’s almost borderline offensive towards the (Tony) character.
    I’d be gloating if I was Tony, and that’d be the last time I would see your fucking rude ass.

    • KingBey
      August 13, 10:34 Reply

      Yeah I know I acted like a jerk and I apologised to Tony immediately I got back to the hotel room on bended knees oooo…..who would reject that kind of apology? We still good fuck buddies till today.

      • #Chestnut
        August 13, 12:15 Reply

        Ahn ahn…u ppl are still “good fuck buddies till today”? I thought u said he “sulked his way out of ur acquaintanship” after that day?(No vex,I’m just confused…)

        • Tiercel de Claron
          August 13, 12:17 Reply

          Abeg Chestnut,leave wetin dem write for moto body enta moto.
          You too like atojubo

          • #Chestnut
            August 13, 13:20 Reply

            Hahaha…Tiercel, no vex; I already said I was confused nah,didn’t I?

  15. Khaleesi
    August 13, 11:01 Reply

    lol.. see adventure .. nice entertaining read!!

  16. Chuck
    August 13, 12:17 Reply

    The issue with the kito victims is how they make it seem inevitable and out of their control. You saw he was rough, you still rushed to meet without doing due diligence. And this with someone already in your house. Shows how much you respect others. Good for you!

  17. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    August 13, 12:25 Reply

    Kingbey u would have zoomed off from that area (with him still in d car) … At least u said his attempt to remove the key from ignition proved futile.

    one thing I have noticed about crazy people is that they calm the fuck down when they notice a crazier person.

    • KingBey
      August 13, 13:46 Reply

      Not when the car door was open….And he threatening to rip apart the gear box if I don’t comply immediately. Lol. It was a crazy 1 minute torture.

      • Oluwadamilare Okoro
        August 13, 16:28 Reply

        Obviously u don’t have some Cray in you… Yes with the door opened, u zoom off … Him sef go fear … When e be like say he ho wan fall off….

        Ol boy … There is craze and there is CRAZE.

  18. james bruno
    August 13, 13:04 Reply

    lol. to be honest, it’s hard to care about any of the characters in this story.

  19. Sinnex
    August 13, 13:30 Reply

    You get mind sha.
    To bring a guy to your family house na wa oooo. You have a nice family. I trust my mom and sisters. They would keep coming to my room to look for something. That is when my mom would remember to tell me about the dream she had 5 years ago.
    As for your near kito experience, I really don’t sympathize with you. How can you bring a guy over when you have a guest. That was an insult to his person. But one guy against 2? In broad day light? Does he stay in a place like Shomolu or Abule Ijesha? To think that he was at the back sef. I can only imagine the smirk on the face of your friend… heavenly!!!
    Come to think of it, how can one have sex in a house filled with people but refuses to do same in an hotel? I guess the sex was one good enough or it was just one sided.
    This doesn’t stop me for loving street guys and thugs.

    • KingBey
      August 13, 13:44 Reply

      My family has no issue with you as long as you look and act cool and responsible. I was alone with him in the car…..Tony was in the hotel room still asleep….besides, this incident took place barely a week after my return… I was not yet acclimatized to the Nigerian gay-kito scene then. He wouldn’t try that shit on me now.

      • Sinnex
        August 13, 19:10 Reply

        Dude, I was born, bred and buttered in Lagos. I be Lagosian to the core. Na work carry me come here ooo.

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