KITO ALERT: A Very Busy Catfish

KITO ALERT: A Very Busy Catfish

These kito organisations (because that’s what I believe they’ve become) have been busy, very busy. Ever since we busted the popular catfishes they’ve been using to entrap gay men from Lagos to the East, it would seem that they have produced another catfish, one that fits the description – handsome and wealthy looking – that they believe works best to ensnare gay men in Nigeria.

They mostly use this catfish on Tinder and Instagram, and he has gone by many names such as Mario, Sam and Ebube.

He has also been used to lure gay men in Lagos, Delta, Port Harcourt and Owerri – and maybe many more places where the victims haven’t seen fit to report from.

Reports like this…

And this…

And this…

And when one of these reports showed the kito scum that is behind one of the catfish operations (the one operating in Lagos), I immediately recognised him as one of the earliest kito alerts we’d posted.

Initially, I thought it was the one named Emmanuel Gozie Ben. But then, the pictures also closely resemble Michael Oparah. Their ugly faces seem to have no distinguishing factors.

Either way, please, kindly STAY AWAY from the online profiles that have this man’s pictures on them, asking for you to meet…

Because it is very clear that it is catfish and the person on the other end is kito scum.

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  1. Mikkiyfab
    May 11, 05:27 Reply

    The account that this particular guy uses on ig was formally for a guy by the name Nonso, I met Nonso through tinder and something didn’t sit well with me ( this was like December of last year) I remember during one of our chats he asked what my father did for a living and I told him my dad is an army official I think that was what made him not invite over to see him( even though he wanted me to spend on him) even though due to certain reasons the festive period was filled for me, fast forward to December 28 or thereabout, he said he was traveling to his village in ebony state to see his mum and dad since he worked on the island but had recently quit his job. Only for me get a frantic message on WhatsApp asking me to lend him 70k that he ordered something online that needed to be paid for before 12am of the next day at first I thought of it and told him I didn’t have any money but it was like the guy was hell bent on getting it from me swearing with his mum and dad’s lives that he would pay back as early as possible (he sounded genuine) when he visits the bank, I lied to him that the money belonged to my sister, and he said okay he bac. so I tried to send the whole 70k but the transaction never went through my bank was having issues with dispensation of cash. He told me to try a lesser sum, I did 60k still the same, 50k still the same ( I should have taken this as a sign but no I kept trying lesser sums at his request) until I tried 20k after like 3 attempts to send 20k. He acknowledged to have gotten it this was by 11:50 something pm I I tried doing another transaction but it didn’t go so I told him maybe my account was restricted that I would send another the remaining 50 by 12am the next which was just a few minutes to go still that one didn’t go and then I tried another 20k and it went when I tried doing it again my bank said I had exceeded my limits for that day. So he started pestering me to try it and try it again it was then my brain rebooted and I asked “shey you said it will end by 11:59 pm of the former day,” it was then the story changed that he said “it was going to end 12pm of the day we were in* I was like then go to your bank since you will be going to send me my money back by morning then” he now said he would like to come clear that he was in the hands of some “bad people” he sha gave one fake story and started saying I should help me out that he would pay me back once he left since I told him the money was for my sister and she gave me to hold lieu for her. I Sha didn’t send it he then sent me forged picture of him sitting on the floor half clad with what looked like blood on him but baba was still so fresh( to me it looked like a staged picture) and he started buzzing me on Whatsapp and then I lied to him that my sister had taken all the remaining cash with me he now said I should tell my dad to give me the money so he could bail himself out that his family had sent 150k to the people and the kidnappers demanded 300k in total. At that stage I knew it was kito standing and they wanted to scam me I just went straight to his ig and made a screenshot of the account and 2 of his pictures( after some days his whatsapp was disabled but I still have our chats and then I checked back on his ig account and saw that the above man’s pics had been uploaded there and Nonso own deleted but one thing that made me sure was scam was that there was a particular post that wasn’t deleted from that account and that was a post the Nonso guy made about his dead sister and I guess he didn’t want to erase that about himself but after a month or two it was erased. I have tried the number countless time but it’s like the contract has been deactivated. But I have his real pics saved in my private safe and the whatsapp chat.

  2. Chukky
    May 12, 08:32 Reply

    The guy is still very active in that Iyana school axis. They now recruit new guys that kito on their behalf. These guys see this as a business and are genuinely earning a living from it.

  3. Hoyeh
    May 16, 04:29 Reply

    This Onyeigbo guy kitoed me at iyana ishashi on the 8th of April this year……what a sad story of my life.

  4. Senpai
    August 04, 12:50 Reply

    Funniest thing is

    I know the real guy in these photos

    He’s not even in Nigeria 🤣🤣

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