KITO ALERT: The Catfish, The Homophobe, And The Kito Scum

KITO ALERT: The Catfish, The Homophobe, And The Kito Scum


So, much like this man whose pictures become very popular with kito scum from Lagos to Asaba looking to catfish gay people, a scheme that was exposed severally HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

And this man whose pictures were also a hit with kito scum, getting exposed HERE and HERE

And this third guy whose pictures were also used to catfish guys mostly in Lagos, exposed HERE

It would seem as though these scum have discovered another person’s pictures that they have been using to catfish gay men. We have gotten reports of this man’s pictures (and an accompanying Instagram account, full of the same person’s photos) have been used to entrap homosexuals in Lagos and Owerri. Somebody was finally able to furnish us with ample pictures, which is why this kito alert is finally up. Depending on which kito cabal is using the photo, the man has been named anything from Michael to Emeka, and has had accounts on Badoo, Tinder and Instagram that target gay men.

Please, please, please, if you are chatting with anyone and they send any photos of this man, claiming they’re the one, do yourself a favour and immediately block and move on. The criminals who have used this catfish are ruthless and work as a team. The last report we got was a guy kitoed in Owerri, and he said he was assaulted by as many as 15 guys.




It is no longer news that homophobic men in Nigeria think that assaulting gay men is something deserving of a medal. They are so confident in a system that rewards anti-LGBT discrimination that they brag about their targeted violence on social media.

One such braggadocios homophobe is a graphic artist and fitness instructor who goes by the name, Jetta Snipe (on Facebook and on Instagram). His number is 07068566552.

He is the kind of man I imagine a lot of gay men throw themselves at, but homosexual interest is NEVER a reason to beat up or victimize anyone. Jetta Snipe however clearly disagrees, seeing as he recently made a post on Facebook where he warns that if you are gay and you fall into his trap, he will act nice enough to fool you before taking your money and beating you up.




This person is named Emmanuel Orus, and he resides in Warri. He is the regular kito scum who is also homosexual, and uses his hookups with fellow gay men as means to entrap them with his gang of criminals.

There is not much else we know about except for this photo and his location. But a picture is worth a thousand words.



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  1. Mandy
    February 02, 10:33 Reply

    These catfishes though… especially the ones that are heavily used by these kitoers… I often wonder if the men who have those pics even know that their photos are used for such vile things. Smh.

  2. Tony
    February 02, 12:34 Reply

    I exposed that second one on kito diaries here. Now, I went to Grindr yesterday and met him again. Same tactic but different picture (about how he divorced his wife, double date and will spend on any of his lover). I asked Baba for Grindr video call, he said his camera is bad. Same tactic. Lmao. He asked for my number and I gave him. I am playing along, so he will add me on WhatsApp and I will get his pictures and share here. I can’t screenshot on Grindr.

    I almost fell for that Emeka/Michael guy. Jesus. I am just learning about him. We met on Grindr and moved to IG. I thought he was real. We got chatting on a Friday and he said we should meet on a Saturday. That was too quick and I told him it would be the upper week Saturday, then asked for his WhatsApp number to keep in touch and he aired me. Then, a day before the upper Saturday, he messaged me on IG and aired him. I actually aired him because he didn’t give me his number the last time. Thank God he didn’t( I wouldn’t have asked for a video call because his IG is too real) & again, he is really not my 100% spec.

  3. Rolly
    February 04, 00:59 Reply

    This Emeka/Micheal guy matched with me on tinder and we got talking. The next thing I asked for his IG handle. Nigga seemed so real. I am glad I didn’t fall for this nonsense.

  4. Ken
    February 04, 08:43 Reply

    The time these bastards dedicate to evil tho is quite astonishing! Basically anytime I visit delta I just delete all apps and switch of my internet. I don’t even bother. 99% of delta guys are either scum or messed up in the head no apologies.

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