Kito Alert: Is Desperation An Excuse?

Kito Alert: Is Desperation An Excuse?

Today’s alert is on a drug pusher named Excel (maybe his real name or an alias).

His number is 09032978947 and he resides in Lagos.

He is a drug pusher who runs the streets, who seized an opportunity to rob the persons he’d gone to hook up with.

According to the report, Excel had gone along with an acquaintance (let’s call him X) to X’s friend’s house, where they spent the night, all three together. By the time X and his friend woke up the next morning, Excel had disappeared with their iPhones and X’s friend’s car keys. The car itself was fortunately still parked in the compound. After retrieving his line and getting a new phone, X buzzed Excel on WhatsApp, and the following conversation took place.

It is apparent that Excel’s defense for stealing from the people who took him in, the people who had intended to help him with his hustle is that he was desperate.

But is that an excuse? Does desperation make it okay for one to victimize another person? Like X pointed out in the chatversation, why not ask instead of steal?

Anyway, through a series of fortunate events, X was able to – with the help of some friends – ensnare Excel. By the time he was caught, he only had the car keys to give back. He’d sold the phones: iPhone 11 for a paltry sum of 50k. (SMH. Didn’t even have enough business acumen to get a good prize for such expensive phones).

Anyway, the video below shows the apprehension of Excel and his friend, who he was nabbed together with.


The reason why this is so infuriating is that members of the community have recognized that their fellow gay men are fair game, due to our vulnerability, for all manner of vices: setups, robbery, assault, extortion. And they, like the homophobic scum out there who are actively victimizing us, exploit this disadvantage that they know so well and use it against us, their fellow people.

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His name is Nnaji Chukwudi Michael, but he goes on Facebook as “Chuks Michel (Hakeem or Child)”. Numbers are 08149123634 or 08143040919. He lives in Gboko, Benue State, and masquerades

Kito Stories 6 Comments


There have been three stories published here of members of our community who suffered victimisation in the hands of kito scum. And these are the people who orchestrated those entrapments.

Editor's Desk 94 Comments

Kito Alert!

His victims are yet to come around to telling their stories. But here’s the general gist of his MO. He claims to be a doctor; supposedly based in London, but


  1. Lopez
    January 08, 08:23 Reply

    Why did I found the video hilarious? It’s not even funny to begin with. My take on many of these kitos is if they look like they belong to the streets you should probably leave them on the street.

  2. Colossus
    January 08, 08:44 Reply

    So, did they have sex or is that implied?

  3. ChristianGayBoy
    January 08, 09:29 Reply

    This is the best morning present yet! I’m glad we are developing a working justice system in our own community!

    A few years ago when a gay man gets kitoed, it ends there. No police to run to, no vigilante group that would take up your cross but here I watched a video where an aggrieved gay man said, “I go carry you go Barracks.”

    It may not look like it but we are moving and it’s so palpable. I hope MR X however, gets full justice for his troubles!

    On some other level, I need a man like MR X. The warmth in his chat, the empathy, his clearly comfortable self, maturity, sigh. (Slain).

  4. Eric
    January 08, 09:36 Reply

    They hooked up with this nigga for real?? Lmao.. Gay me can do better.

    • ChristianGayBoy
      January 08, 09:47 Reply

      Sometimes I see the guys ‘unveiled’ as kito monsters and I ask myself “how did they get any victim?!” “Could I have been in the victims shoes?” “Do I still need wisdom to tell me what inappropriate looks like?”

      But alas, Everyman to his taste buds I guess. Oh well.

  5. Bliss
    January 08, 09:46 Reply

    This is what fears me the most. Community members still victimizing us.
    Like am scarce shitless. Like never let your guard down even when u are asleep.

  6. David
    January 08, 10:02 Reply

    I feel the beatings and harassment in the video was uncalled for, no matter the reason it doesn’t justify it, instead of these look for ways to settle the issue amiably it mustn’t end in violence why become the beast you are trying so hard to fight and from the chat screenshots the said thief was desperate and I know what desperation breeds the thoughts that runs through ones mind especially the negative thoughts it’s overwhelming sometimes and it takes alot of self control not to act on it, from the chat one would clearly see it written all over it , the guy even had time to reply the messages. “David Turns off the mic” we queer folks need to learn how to help each other sex aside we are way too judgemental and hostile to ourselves we don’t talk all we do is have sex and the funny part is even when someone shares his experience with us we always try to harvest it for sex which is annoying, someone meets you for help the next thing is let’s have sex first (for the record am not talking about the story posted here but general life issues ) and we need to do better and lastly sorry for the Epistles

    • Mitch
      January 08, 11:51 Reply

      You’re an idiot.
      A hardcore idiot!

      • Leon
        January 08, 19:46 Reply


    • Marvey
      January 08, 12:15 Reply

      E be like say they never kito u before, u think most of those kito guys ain’t queer ? Wait until the release the monsters in them, then u will know ur pity ain’t needed here… secondly, no matter wat U’re going through.. nothing I repeat nothing justifies the act of robbing another to quell ur own challenges cos u just don’t know how the person suffered or worked hard to get the stuffs u’re robbing him of …

    • Mafiaso
      January 08, 21:49 Reply

      What’s this rubbish you just spewed here? I pray they don’t kito you. Non sense! He deserved the beating, he got. Those who cause pains to others, should always have a taste of same when caught, simple.

  7. Greenfox
    January 08, 11:18 Reply

    Omo, e be things. I pray he recovers those files on the phone because this situation is quite messy.

    • Deva
      January 08, 23:01 Reply

      Oh My!.. these shameless wicked thieves.. This video gives me so much peace. I need to see more and more and more.. Thank Goodness he’s being dealt with. Dear God please let all Kito scums be killed or worse.. I hate them with all of me. amen!.

  8. Pezaro
    January 08, 12:13 Reply

    You must be high on cheap Hausa gum this morning. I can’t believe you’re sympathizing with a criminal. I can only hope you get robbed or kitoed by a community member, at least then you’ll get your senses back.

  9. Babji
    January 08, 14:29 Reply

    Most of you gay people if someone came to you for help, you would find a way to fuck them and use them and then give them paltry sums, hence the reason some of you get robbed or “victimized” as you are putting it. 1/2 the time you call these soo called ghetto boys its because you know they are easy come, you know they are probably broke, hungry and in need, they come to your house and you use them sexually then come with pretense.
    If you really cared you would just take your phone and send them that 20k out of the blue, then let them carry themselves to your house for the sexual favor.
    Someone is telling you they have a 200million problem and you are telling them you could have given them 20k , are we now emptying the ocean with a sieve?
    I know there are a lot of genuinely kind and caring gay people out there, but many of you are users and abusers, flashing good lifestyle and money in the face of these hoodlums to get them to drop their pants, and then when you get screwed literally you come with sob story to play victims.
    First of all if you were really that well off you would not be hooking up with random strangers and people you do not even know where they are from, secondly you wouldn’t be sooooo desperate for dick to let people you hardly know sleep in your houses and walk off with your stuff in the morning.
    This is 2021, let’s get real

    Meet those boys on the street, buy them food dash them money, show them real kindness and affection and you will be surprised, some of my best friends today are former hoodlums and thugs and for one reason alone they have never cut my neck or robbed me and they even protect me. They know whatever I did for them was genuine and not because I wanted to shove my dick up their ass. They come home, they eat , drink, shower and rest and then they know it’s time to go.


    I am sure if we go back into this relationship you will find some ugly truths.


    • ChristianGayBoy
      January 08, 15:44 Reply

      It would have been really alright if your comment was not surrounded around this post but seeing how you made an example of this write up I must say that you are in the wrong sire.

      To start with there was no sign of inclination that the thug in question was taken advantage of. They had a hook up, sex and there was discussion about getting the guy a job. Please take note of the fact that the job seeker wasn’t even getting hired by the writer but the writer’s friend who did not have sex with the thug.

      You speak of unspoken truth but then there are more than 10 screenshots of their conversation without omission and additions. Clearly if there were loop holes the screenshots would have communicated that to us.

      Oh and if you really think a story does not add up, it is better to say “the story does not add up” rather than build an entire hypothetical case and make false reality of it. Don’t point fingers without finding proofs.

      Lastly, two wrongs don’t make a right. While exploiting people is a bad move it becomes important to note that in the face of a kito story responding with “serves you right” is not a solution. It rather speaks volume on your humanity, mentality and personality.

      • Babji
        January 09, 05:05 Reply

        I stand by what I said, I have not misread anything, nor do I think I am wrong, if the so called Job giving friend did not partake in the carnal pleasures then what was he giving 10k for ???? He is sooo kind hearted that two guys come and fuck in his presence and he still gifts one with 10k . Please we were not born yesterday. They both took advantage of said hoodlum and orobably the fucking was sooo good and their asses and dicks were satiated and hence why they fell asleep.
        Why do we keep seeing the same Keto stories over and over and over again on this forum because your greedy hornyness will not let your bom boms rest, even knowing full well the danger s that lie in Lagos all de Asaba and what not, you people let your dicks and your Bussies soeak louder. Why not seek meaningful well rounded solid relationships instead of random late night hookups then come cry here.
        A Kid play with fire once is burnt and never returns, a dog steps on a thorn once and knows not to follow that path again but we gay Africans noooooo we thrive on the thrill of dangerous sex, on seducing apparently Straigh looking ghetto gung ho dudes. And sorry for us The criminals now know this and exploit that weakness. Me I have never been kitoed and never will because I have something called common sense.
        You are all defending this apparent victim here but look at the other side, how hard is it to recognize someone who hasn’t eaten, where is your common courtesy when you don’t even ask the person you are going to fuck if they have eaten???? The guy says in the text he was hungry, I am sure they offered him alcohol but never bothered to buy him food, I still maintain that there is more to this story than one sided whatsapp chat. Something more went down and sadly because everyone wants to side with the so called victim we will never know.
        As I said in the beginning if you are gonna help someone find a job he need not comento your house or your friends house for a night of sex whether consensual or not, call him, tell him hey dude I know you been going through anrough time I have a job prospect for you, meet me tomorrow in town we talk about it. That is the noble thing to do. The friend who was gonna offer 10k if he was genuine, the minute he met the guy would have said hey buddy I been thinking of gifting you 10K here take. Not after the deed is done. So yes this story is fishy and it touched a nerve and you can all call me all the names you want but this time round I am not swallowing it.
        You guys need to chose your battles wisely, so what has beating them and stripping them achieved ???? What ????? Mscheeeeewwww!!!!! This Jungle justice only puts gays on the limelight to receive same treatment next time. If a crime was committed go to the police and register the theft and let the authorities deal with it.
        Anyways a dey tire even my english finish sef…

        • Bliss
          January 09, 07:57 Reply

          The fact still remains that we can’t judge the matter one sided.
          I have been kitoed and not just once, i was 16 then. I hated them and wished death on them. But what has that done, it had made me a bitter and depressed person. (if i see the person, Omo i go like collect my share of beating)..

          But i learned to love myself, i am still learning to love my self, and stop hating.
          I see your point Babji but ……. … Is so hard to just leave those scumbag alone.

        • Audrey
          January 11, 21:03 Reply

          Hey Babji as much as i wouldn’t want to admit, I think to some extent you are speaking the truth and I’m also guilty of the said misdeed BUT I’ll want you to please not generalize. Gay men are one of the most generous I’ve seen in my little time of existence but MOST of this generosity comes with the price of me pulling my pants and that’s why I’ve chosen to surround myself with straight friends who I wouldn’t need to second guess the reasons for their niceness towards me.

          The obvious truth is that both men partook in the SEXercise and as expected the dick was worth 10k to the other participant so let’s not make it look like it was him being nice. The kito scum is an Idiot to have reduced himself to the level of a petty thief but I don’t think apprehending him and beating him on camera was the best way to handle(except the said men are out and proud) cos obviously the aggrieved men has more to lose than the stupid MR X.

          We act indifferent to the screenshots from the conversation because we belong to community but imagine when some of your friends, colleagues, family members or even church members getting a hold of this conversation and knowing that your phone that you claimed to have been stolen was actually taken after a hot MSM sexual romp as some sort of gratification I wonder the damage control you’d be faced with. My dear in situations like this WISDOM IS PROFITABLE TO DIRECT.

    • Mitch
      January 08, 16:19 Reply

      Babji, you are an idiot!
      You are a gigantic idiot!

      • Babji
        January 09, 05:07 Reply

        At least I am a safe Idiot and I do not go around seducing street boys and bringing them to
        My crib for sex and a dose of robbery

      • Audrey
        January 11, 21:05 Reply

        Nna the name calling ain’t necessary biko. We can disagree about a thing and still be civil about it.

  10. Terra
    January 08, 17:31 Reply

    “I want trade “, “I want street guys”. So you invite a street guy you don’t know into your home and have him pass the night, and you actually sleep, then you’re surprised when your shit goes missing. If it’s a hookup, and you don’t know the person well, don’t let him sleep over ffs. Don’t let him stay so late that he needs to stay over. By 7pm, people should be going home abeg. If you can’t meet during the day on weekdays, wait until the weekend. You will not die. And if he keeps insisting on staying over, let the hookup go. Again, you will not die

  11. David
    January 08, 21:06 Reply

    Mitch your insults and tantrums are uncalled for, put your emotions in check and act like a civilised human I clearly stated my point of view if you have any issue with it state your points and converse appropriately there isn’t any need for the insults, back to what I was saying I totally concur with what babji said , you want to give someone a job and you are taking him to the employers house for sex with a promise of 10k afterward what does that sound to you, a normal hook up or exploitation? Answer that in your heart, don’t get me wrong I’m not supporting was the said thief did, stealing is wrong in it’s entirety so is jungle justice and I for one don’t believe in making judgements from a one-sided story , from chats there are lots of hidden messages there that we didnt care to look at before passing judgement yes the thief was wrong for stealing and the person being stolen from was also wrong for exploiting someone’s weakness and problems for his selfish gains and also for the jungle justice.

    • ChristianGayBoy
      January 08, 21:18 Reply

      David, by all means where did the exploitation happen, pray tell. They were going to hook up. From the provided screenshot they planned to FUCK (CONSENSUALLY) The writer offered 10k in GOOD FAITH. This was not implied, it was clearly revealed. Upon knowledge of the PERPETRATORS plight of 200k debt he agreed to make the pay 20k.

      The writer had sex with the perpetrator not the friend who was giving him the job. The location of where the sex happened is absolutely baseless.

      You can say it is a consistent reality that men in the community take advantage of underprivileged men but to use this story as another example and try to create scenarios and cases where there are none is unfair.

      Domestic violence is clearly wrong but at least the video ended with “we go carry you go Barracks.” If this isn’t comforting I don’t know what is.

      In this story an entitled, self sabotaging, petty criminal took advantage of his host during a hook up and he got caught which eventually made him dance to the tune of his music. This is what happened nothing more, nothing less.

      Oh one more thing, please let’s not always jump to the conclusion whenever we see a hook up story between one rich man and one poor man then the situation is one of exploitation (that is, the rich man is taking advantage of the clueless underprivileged or the ruthless underprivileged is milking the rich man over sex).

      Life is not black and white. Do not create a single story over every narrative. Let’s learn to take things as freshly as they come.

    • Mitch
      January 09, 13:56 Reply

      I do not converse with idiots. I simply tell them what they are.

      And you, Mr David, are a Worldstar Idiot!

  12. David
    January 08, 22:55 Reply

    “The writer had sex with the perpetrator not the friend who was giving him the job. The location of where the sex happened is absolutely baseless.” Then the 10k appreciation was for what? Sleeping in his house or what ?

    “We go carry you go barrack” and that solves and beautiful the violence let’s call a spade a spade in cases of theft you go to a police station not to a barrack taking him to a barrack isn’t for justice but more of vengeance you should know that

    “In this story an entitled, self sabotaging, petty criminal took advantage of his host during a hook up and he got caught which eventually made him dance to the tune of his music. This is what happened nothing more, nothing less.” I didn’t support the actions of the thief neither did I for the jungle justice just clearly saying both were wrong .

    For the record I wasn’t jumping into conclusions nor did my opinion stem from societal stratification just stating the facts in this incidence and the little troubles in the queer world that’s all

    “Life is not black and white. Do not create a single story over every narrative. Let’s learn to take things as freshly as they come.” Learn to heed to your advice sometimes, don’t be quick to voice out logical reasoning when you don’t apply them , who created a single story here, I didn’t, you did man, I didnt take a side here you did , I only pointed out the flaws in both parties, the said thief for stealing and the other party for the jungle justice which are both wrong and also the possibility of exploitation that’s all dear

  13. Mickey
    January 09, 01:11 Reply

    Dear David,
    Mr x revealed in that chat that he told his friend to give the thief 10k just to appreciate him,we don’t know if they had bargained any amount before or maybe Mr x just wanted to appreciate the guy coz they had a really nice time together.

    And clearly from the chatversation Mr x didn’t know about the guys condition,so nobody was using any body it was just guys having fun.

    Plus a lot of gays have been killed,battered,raped,outed and robbed. That’s why when you said the beating was unnecessary Mitch didn’t take it easy on you.

    So I suggest you read more of the kito stories and understand where we all are coming from. I saw a video last year were a guy was kitoed and they were beating him in that video,with belts and canes which was posted online. So imagine if you were the one in that video.

  14. McDuke
    January 09, 03:10 Reply

    While I’m not here to play the moral police or decide what kind of punishment that is best suited for kito scumbags, we need to tread carefully. This message could have easily been communicated without the video which in my opinion is rather unnecessary and doesn’t do anything for our cause. In a way, I find it disturbing and to think this was more a case of robbery than kito. I don’t know the point you were trying to make or the message that is meant to be passed by sharing this video on this platform. By all means we should strive for justice while fighting for our cause, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  15. Good add
    January 09, 13:49 Reply

    Mehhn!!! David, how old are you? you seem new cause i am just noticing you.. probably someone got a new phone for Christmas. JK.
    You said they could have handled it differently, could you suggest a better way. There is something called physical/coercive power when it comes to handling fraud (my Acca class cant waste) it is power based on fear and consequences. Dont see it as it only as to deal with XL .see the bigger picture. It scares more ppl away from doing what he did. He was the unfortunate scape Goat. If he was treated with levity you think more daring youth wont do this. And this one @Babji said gay men like to take advantage i think you mean Men, cause im sure the first story of rich men taking advantage is one with a man in power and a lady who needs help dont make it look like a gay thing, its a man thing in fact its a person thing, biko biko we have many rubish sterotypes. “They took advantage of you” did they take away the power to say “Yes or No”?

    And unku mitch, you need to be calming down nau😩. Some ppl don’t know better, some ppl have different opinions even if their opinion is
    And David you claim we don’t know the full story well neither do you and na you dey add, giving us behind the scenes lol.
    Well pls can we make this place a safe place. This is the only place some of us can flip our weaves . Tankiu

    • David
      January 09, 23:22 Reply

      “Mehhn!!! David, how old are you? you seem new cause i am just noticing you.. probably someone got a new phone for Christmas. ” Lol hilarious statements my age is non of your business and for the record I ain’t new here been here all this while observing and your statement speaks alot about you ,airing your opinion with flawed statements geared at discrediting someone’s personality so pathetic you would condescend so low

      “And unku mitch, you need to be calming down nau😩. Some ppl don’t know better, some ppl have different opinions even if their opinion is” and you think your opinions are right and you know better that’s your insecurity and flaw you need to work on and also your communication skills.

      This is a safe space where we are allowed to share our thoughts and opinions about certain issues, if you feel they are wrong and honestly can’t criticise them without the flimsy insults and dirty questions then keep it to yourself , I shared my view without any insult to anyone, I advise you do the same

  16. Uc
    January 10, 20:48 Reply

    You have a bill of 565k and you just got an iPhone 12. Hmmmm!

    • Audrey
      January 11, 22:16 Reply

      Thank GOD I wasn’t the only person that saw the twist.

    • Babji
      January 12, 09:01 Reply

      There is always a twist in the plot ……

    • Tristan
      January 16, 22:56 Reply

      To appreciate him? Lol. Apparently, the sex was good…Kiki ***giggles and gapes like the Feathering girls***

    • JJ
      February 23, 02:23 Reply

      Lol no be by that now, you have problems doesn’t mean you should walk around showing it to the world na.

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