Kito Alert LIV

Kito Alert LIV

His name is Oluwa Zack Solo (apart from “Zack”, I’m not even sure the rest of these names are real). But he goes on Facebook with the name, Henzi Rentals Tee.

He is gay, and allegedly a model who has no other prospects other than to steal the valuables of those who invite him into their homes.

His last known residence was Benue State, before he was invited to Lagos, after which he disappeared with the things belonging to his host.

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  1. Delle
    January 19, 08:24 Reply

    Even the pictures lack integral value.

  2. Mitch
    January 19, 09:07 Reply

    So, a model thief!

    • trystham
      January 19, 09:13 Reply

      Looooool. The standards thieves aspire to

  3. Higwe
    January 19, 13:44 Reply

    This one looks like a Marlian 😂😂😂🤣

  4. Gif
    January 19, 14:02 Reply

    He’s cute though, full lips that’ll do just a dick!
    To bad he chose the life of a petty theif!

  5. BoyToy
    January 20, 06:05 Reply

    I have an addendum to this post;

    This dude has another Facebook account that carries the pseudonym “Hrh Odizack”.

  6. Loki
    January 20, 16:11 Reply

    Y is it dat d bad ones are always very cute

  7. Blackberry
    January 21, 00:06 Reply

    I don’t see anything cute in this goat!!! Just negodu his unfiltered pictures!!

  8. Blackberry
    January 21, 00:13 Reply

    Just negodu the animal!!
    I’m so pissed…

  9. Moe
    January 29, 02:41 Reply

    The guys that got my kito fucked up is now in love with me…
    I told him i was leaving d country to school and d day it happened i told him my mom converted my money into dollars so he asked me out dat night along with his 2 friends. When they started attacking me my hands were folded on my chest n i kept remindin them dont fucking touch me!
    The grabbed my phone n asked me to go n get dem d whole dollars i got or else they will tell my mom n everyone else n i will be hated perhaps even be killed so i smiled n asked them to give me my phone n drop me back home i will get dem d money sure they fools did as i asked.i rushed home entered d shower with my clothes on n cried n cried cos i was so scared.while they were outside waiting calling like million times so i texted him telling him to come tmrw same time.he kept calling thru out dat day til da time i asked him to come, i approached him sure he came along,held his hands n dragged him closer n whispered u go fuck urself! U have nothing on me!I will keep my money I told him… then released his hands n I was like do u want me to scream THIEF so dat u will know how many people will kill for me right now? He kept quiet with a look full of surprise perhaps scared even ,i told him at last if he ever try to attack me ds way he will know terror. Fuck! I got all d courage from movies…so after like years now he is in love with me he apologized obvi n we hanged like few times but i mean dafuq we will never be…plus hes still cute,do u know does handsome abuja rich kids? Thats how d mda4ka is.

    • Pink Panther
      January 29, 05:37 Reply

      Hello Moe, I’m going to send a mail to this your email address (unless you have another one) so we can figure out a way to tell your stories on the blog.

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