KITO ALERT LXXIII: More Kito Reports and Iyana School Scum

KITO ALERT LXXIII: More Kito Reports and Iyana School Scum

In the past several weeks, we have gotten so many kito reports. We have had to wade through what is verifiable and what is not, before bringing to you these kito alerts. Also, unfortunately, many of the kito reports we got have been people falling victims to previously-exposed kito scum.

However, here are these reports. As always, do share, be warned and stay safe.


1 It would seem as though Desmond Gold is now working with a new gang. Or perhaps, they’re an old gang who simply hasn’t been discovered until now.

Even so, their victim wasn’t able to get their identities. Only that the guy in the middle (of the above picture) was the person he was chatting with, and when the guy came over, he brought his gang with him and they assaulted him and harassed him and extorted him. Desmond Gold must know that his identity as kito scum has become widely exposed, and so, he has resorted to using other recruits that we haven’t alerted the community to.

If anyone can identify these other two with their names, phone numbers and social media information for a proper kito alert to be done on them, do kindly pass that information along to us.


2 The only thing we know about this scum is that his name is Elijah (if that is real). His number is 08129966368 and he operates in Lagos. He is the kind of scum who’d come to your house, spend a good time with you, and then disappear thereafter with your valuables.


3 Speaking of kito scum who prey on unsuspecting gay men, this guy named Ekanem Unyimeobong on Facebook with the name Free-born Black, also targets gay men who are interested in him with the intent of extorting money from them. His number is 08167595521 and he resides in Uyo.


4 This kito scum is named Uhuaba Richard (on Facebook with the same name). His numbers are 08104778348 and 07010319030, and he resides in Lagos. And as is common with most of these kito scums, he is the type who’d come to hook up with you and then threaten to out you with noise and drama if you don’t pay him. He also works with a gang who assist in his harassment and extortion.


5 These two are kito scum who operate from Iyana Iba, Lagos. (I still do not know how this place hasn’t become a nationwide-known red zone. I mean, at this point, gay Lagosians have to now know that going to Iyana Iba or Iyana School to meet anyone is a big NO-NO!!!)

Anyway, this one is named “Johnson” (of course an alias). He operates from Tinder and targets gay men who he can lure to Iyana Iba (Iyana School).


This second one is named Raymond (most likely an alias). He operates on dating apps and on Instagram where he has an account.  He also targets gay men who he can lure to Iyana Iba (Iyana School).


6 The kito alert for these two is just a rerun. We have previously posted on them, but somehow we still get reports of people falling victim to them. Following the prevalence of the reports about them, we decided to post a reminder alert.




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  1. Francis
    February 12, 16:22 Reply

    Abeg is Iyana Iba on the Island or Mainland? 🧐 Person tell you say he lives with his uncle on the island and he invited you to his house on the mainland and you still waka go? I’m confused

    • Fred
      February 12, 22:00 Reply

      an average Nollywood movie storyline

  2. RichieMichie
    February 13, 09:02 Reply

    That no. 5 be looking like Simon leviev from the Tinder Swindler

  3. Pezaro
    February 13, 11:52 Reply

    They still kito people in those iyana-iba areas? Wawu! Just wawu!
    I mean iyana-iba being a deadly kito-zone should be a cliché by now, such a shame 😩

  4. Delle
    February 22, 10:54 Reply

    Uhuaba Richard??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Ayam yelling!

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