“It happened in Kano. I met the guy on Badoo, and we agreed to hook up at my place.  After he arrived, he said he has to use the toilet, and while he was in there, he made a phone call. After he came out, he somehow managed to video me while I was undressing, and soon, his gang was barging in, about 3 of them, 4 if you’re counting the kitoer. They threatened to expose me by calling the attention of my neighbors unless I pay them. They collected my ATM card, and one of them went and withdrew all the money in my account, about the sum of 150,000.”

That is the narrative surrounding this kito scum named (on Facebook and Instagram) Haydar Yarima.

He resides in Kano, but reports have him as someone who is willing to travel to other Northern states to kito you in your place.

His number is 08092657177.

Please, let us be warned and continue to stay safe.

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  1. Lopez
    May 02, 09:02 Reply

    I’ve said this here and I’m saying again. In the north, Anybody young, barely educated, willing to go anywhere for hookup, desperately inviting you to come over especially to a hotel. .. Don’t meet them please. It’s high time we become wiser please and please.

  2. Abdul_kn
    May 02, 09:14 Reply

    Ahhh…kano again 😓. Hook ups from badoo in kano should be avoided pls. It’s a complete no-no. Don’t meet anyone from badoo, it’s a den of kitoers.

  3. Lopez
    May 02, 10:31 Reply

    Just the way Ojo is a kito den in Lagos that is how Kano is in the north. For me, everybody in Kano (especially having the specifications I listed) is a potential kitoer until proven otherwise. These kids are willing to travel anywhere for a setup, for example this very idiot is in kaduna presently and can kito anyone. I blame Nigeria for allowing these idiots to thrive, because the only weapon they hold against their victims is usually outing.

  4. Khalifa
    May 02, 23:51 Reply

    Subhanallahi, A friend of mine send me this guy’s pic 2 weeks ago that he kito someone and go with his house key. And Abdul Badoo is not only their den grindr too. Advisably just avoid random hook up espcly with the guys 27 years down

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