Kito Alert: A Familiar Face. An Identified Kito

Kito Alert: A Familiar Face. An Identified Kito

Before we had kito scum like Desmond Gold, Bobby Moses and Mario Del Rio, there was Idowu Adeyemi. He was one of our earliest kito alerts, whose crimes dated back to 2017/18. And with him was an accomplice whose identity we didn’t know.

Until now.

The guy who’s been previously exposed HERE and HERE has now been identified as Jackson Ebinum Azuka. He is a vicious criminal, and according to the report we’ve gotten, a real scum of the earth. He has reportedly been incarcerated and so, you just know there is never going to be any rehabilitation for this person. The only life he can ever exist in is one of crime, and unfortunately, targeting gay men like him is his trade.

His number is 08081277521. Please, let us stay warned and guided. Be safe out there.

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  1. Wonda Buoy
    February 14, 20:30 Reply

    Even with all the notices, publications and warnings, his “business” still thrives. That’s the annoying thing.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, ndi yard m.

  2. Ube
    February 15, 21:25 Reply

    He has freshen up. I threw him out of my house when he threatened to blackmail me. He sent a fake cute pix, and was looking unkept when he came. I threw him out and his shirt tore in the process. He was ranting, while the estate security wooza him and send him out. I was expecting to say something about gay during his rants but he did not. I no even send.

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