Kito Alert: He Is Either A Catfish Or Very Internally Homophobic

Kito Alert: He Is Either A Catfish Or Very Internally Homophobic

So far, there have been four reports on this guy who goes by Obi Brawn (Michael) on Facebook. He is also on Tinder as Michael. And his number is 08144319992. According to him, he resides in Egbeda, specifically Egbeda-Isheri Road.

His M.O. has been consistent with every one of the KDians who reported: unavailability to video-chat because his camera is bad (check); a multitasking businessman (check); a scanty social media profile (check); a haste to get you to come see him (check).

By the time we got the third report, we’d written him as kito scum catfishing with someone’s pictures. But the third report came from a KDian who’d actually accepted his friend request and investigated his timeline, and was able to screenshot past disturbing posts made by the owner of the profile. Eye-roll-worthy posts about repentance from homosexuality. The KDian (who’d started chatting with him on Messenger) was only able to screenshot posts that came as far as 2016, before he noticed that Obi Brawn Michael had started deleting those posts.

This all makes him either catfish or severely plagued by internalised homophobic, neither of which are encouraging for anyone in this community to go see him for a hookup.

Let us stay guided.

PS: To check out the other kito catfish we have identified in our community, click HERE.


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