Kris Jenner says she ‘turned to God’ to deal with Caitlyn coming out as trans

Kris Jenner says she ‘turned to God’ to deal with Caitlyn coming out as trans

Kris Jenner says she’s thankful she never doubted her gender, and that she turned to God to deal with her ex-husband’s transition.

Caitlyn Jenner publicly came out as transgender last year – but recently revealed she first tried to transition decades ago, before meeting future wife Kris Jenner. The former Olympian explained that Kris Jenner had banned her from presenting as female during their marriage, adding: “The rules with Kris and I were, ‘Don’t dress up, certainly around the house. If you really need to do that, when you’re on the road, take stuff and do that.’”

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Kris Jenner said she is now trying to be tolerant. She said: “I think at some point, although it was difficult and, uh, a challenge … I just have to let it go. And try to be tolerant.”

Of how she came to terms with Caitlyn’s transition, she said: “Prayer. God. You know, just trying to understand. It takes time. But time is a wonderful healer. And we have two children together. It’s important for my kids to see our family strong and united.”

She continued: “I’d never known anyone who was transgender… I didn’t even know what the word meant. Because there’s transgender and transsexual, and there’s… I mean, I just didn’t know much about it. So I definitely got a big education.”

She added:  “I never [questioned my own gender]. Thank God, I never doubted myself. I never really doubted my femininity. I just doubted the relationship.”

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  1. ken
    February 11, 06:20 Reply

    Worefa Grandma! As usual, Kris must always be center of attention.

    I dunno how “God” wouldve reacted to this tho, seeing as he doesnt even approve of men wearing female clothes, let alone full blown Trans-

    • Pink Panther
      February 11, 06:32 Reply

      God said He doesn’t approve of men wearing female clothes?

  2. Max 2.1
    February 11, 08:09 Reply

    She turned to god really?

    What she really needs to turn to God to is her botox situation and 99 other things wrong with the Kardashian family..

  3. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    February 12, 05:53 Reply

    Not sure what exactly she said wrong by saying she turned to God. Not sure what botox and blah blah have to do with her dealing with a difficult situation with God as her strength. Not sure how her husband of over 20 years accepting his femininity has zero to do with her to the point where she shouldn’t be allowed to speak about her experience.

    Accepting someone’s truth is not as easy as you imagine especially when it directly impacts your kids. They are obviously working through it so it’s not like she stoned him with a bible.

    Simmer down boys. Not everything is an attack on your morality.

  4. Geeluv
    February 12, 19:10 Reply

    “Pain in the ass” you’ll sha get over it grandma…

  5. Eddie
    February 12, 20:48 Reply

    Watched American Crime Story recently and it turns out that the Kardashians were friends of the Simpsons….as in O. J Simpson…

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