Let’s Discuss…About Sexual Deviations

Let’s Discuss…About Sexual Deviations

Blog_Let's DiscussWhat you’ll read below is something a Kitodiariesian sent to me, an issue that warranted a discussion on this forum. His pseudonym is Ace. Read what he has to say and let us know your thoughts.


I recently happened upon a forum that discussed sexual deviance, and on it, an argument raged.

‘If gay people are given rights, then bestials and pedophiles should be given the same, because they also have rights to sexual expression.’

I was shocked by this premise and the number of people that agreed.

Then I did a little research.

I discovered that a good deal of people fear that if gay people are given rights, it will open the door to many sexual deviations. I also discovered that prominent people like Dr. Ben Carson and Phil from the series, Duck Dynasty, believed this.

I have begun to think of the validity of this claim. Should other sexual preferences be given the right to express themselves because we are also given the privilege?  Should we be more understanding of their deviations because ours is considered one? Who are we to say theirs is wrong and ours is not? Is there some kind of truth to this claim?

Currently, I have been seeing stories of people having sex with animals and kids, and anytime I try to express my disgust, I have a feeling that I am judging them the same way people judge gay people.

And please, that point that sex with animals is not the same with humans because it is “not consensual” is no longer valid, as there is proof that animals can give non-verbal consent to be fucked by a human.

So what do you think?


Back to me, let me first of all say that I am very justified in my feelings of disgust for anyone who violates children. I feel no guilt when I judge pedophiles. And I absolutely do not equate my sexual desires to theirs. Mine is healthy. Theirs is not. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about bestials, because, well, that’s not a sexual preference I’ve deliberated on, for the reason of it being unfathomable to me. So, I reserve any judgment there.

But this is just me. So guys, let’s discuss about us, and them, and all the desires the world thinks of as sexual deviance.

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  1. trystham
    August 30, 05:08 Reply

    I have that “judge not and ye shall not be judged.Its not like being gay is societally acceptable” mentality when I hear cases of bestiality, child molestation, necrophilia…, but I tend to console myself with the fact that “Sex is between TWO CONSENTING ADULTS…minimum age IMO 18”. Anything short of that is rape and abuse.

    BTW, did y’all hear about the man who had sex with a goat and claimed the goat ASKED for sex earlier this year??? At that point I felt it was a plan to make mockery of our demands for sexual equality

  2. Dennis Macauley
    August 30, 05:24 Reply

    Sex between two consenting adults is considered healthy! Now children are considered not up to the age to make a decision, so having sex with them equals taking advantage of them.

    Animals also do not get to decide whether or not to have sex with a human being. I cannot see how being gay compares to pedophilia (which is a crime by the way) and bestiality.
    My point is that such degrading conduct unacceptably subverts standards of basic human dignity and is an affront to humankind’s inestimable importance and intrinsic moral worth. Bearing in mind that animals do not have the same capacity for thinking as humans, hence cannot decide if they want to have sex with a human or not; therefore sexual activity with animals becomes abuse.

    Pedophilia and zoophilia are forms of sexual abuse, homosexuality (between two consenting adults is not).

    Where is the psychologist, Sensei I would love to hear your take on this. Absalom too!

  3. Insidious Miss Meiya
    August 30, 05:55 Reply

    There are SO MANY flaws in that argument, and I detest seeing it.

    Here’s why it is not comparable (and insulting, to say the LEAST):

    For me, in most moral questions, but particularly those concerning sexual issues, the prevailing issue is one of CONSENT.

    1. Pedophiles who act on their sexual desires for children are morally wrong because children are a) prepubescent, and thus presexual–their bodies are physically unready for sex; and b) too psychologically immature to give knowledgeable consent. The latter reason is the basis for prosecution of child molesters: whatever consent the child may have given is considered invalid, because they CANNOT given consent due to their underage. Therefore, it is considered rape. I hope it goes without saying, that rape is wrong.

    2. Zoophiles who engage in sexual activities with animals are not only morally wrong, but a danger to the collective health of society. Regarding consent: Animals cannot distinctly and indubitably (that is, without any doubt) given consent. Without consent from all participants, it is rape. Rape is morally wrong. Therefore, sex with animals is morally wrong. Regarding health risks, sexual contact with animals is associated with several SIGNIFICANT health risks. Infections and diseases are very readily transmitted from animals to humans from these activities, and possibly to other humans. These are diseases that previously only existed in one species, that society must struggle to research and develop treatments and cures for humans when it jumps species. The most devastating example of such a jump is HIV/AIDS, which is widely accepted to have been originally contracted from chimpanzees. (Source: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/06/0612_030612_hivvirusjump.html)

    Those are the reasons why pedophilia and bestiality are considered morally wrong and unacceptable. None of them apply, even remotely, to same-sex love between consenting human adults. It’s not even comparable. At all.

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 30, 06:00 Reply

      I honestly wonder how on earth anyone would surmise that animals give consent for sex. I mean, seriously. Either you’re simply mocking the fight for gay rights by making that assertion, or you’re plain stupid.
      No offense, Ace.

      • Insidious Miss Meiya
        August 30, 06:15 Reply

        It has to be a logical fallacy of some kind. “Because I think A, B, and C are wrong, A = B = C.” No!

        I hate raw onions as much as I hate the sight of blood. So if you’re going to serve that dish with onions, please open a vein all over my plate. Because it’s the same thing.

        Doesn’t that sound stupid?

    • Legalkoboko
      August 30, 08:41 Reply

      Isn’t it a bit ironic that we express so much disgust when it comes to having sex with the lower animals, but when it comes to killing them, we do it without a moment’s meditation?

      Oh, and we worry about STDs from animals too? How about having protected sex with them?

      My point is, the argument on bestiality is totally artificial, cloying, and sentimental. It is a ridiculous attempt at throwing the spanner into the wheels of the global gay rights movement. When I come across such argument, I usually smile and move on.

      Stop killing animals first, then we can debate on how to restrain from fucking them.
      End of rant.

    • Legalkoboko
      August 30, 09:42 Reply

      Eat all the meat you want. We aren’t going to blink. And we aren’t going to blink either if you decide to have hot sex with the meat before you eat it.
      Pinky ayam tokin to U!

      • pinkpanthertb
        August 30, 11:36 Reply

        And I am staring at you like Whaddaeck! Lol. Koboko abeg limme oo

    • trystham
      August 30, 11:32 Reply

      ” ; and b) too psychologically immature to
      give knowledgeable consent” That’s the most important clause considering the penchant for children to always say “yes” to a trusted adult

  4. Chizzie
    August 30, 06:48 Reply

    The ironic thing is that acts of beastiality and pedophilia are committed by straight people as well, So its just a huge fallacy and politically incorrect to suggest that homosexuality if given precedence would encourage or justify such profane acts when the facts show that a majority of said acts are committed by straight people. No one should feel guilty of judging a pedophile because it is wrong and will always be, taking sexual advantage of a minor is the most despicable thing. And as for having sex with an animal? As much as i find it repulsive I think to an extent its tolerance is “debatable”, at the end of the day it’s really no one’s business and no humans are hurt, so whatever tinkles ur fancy as they say.

    When the chips are down, straight people make up the majority of some of the most heinous sexual crimes : rape, sexual assault, pedophilia et al…so we gays are in a better position to judge and judge I shall!

  5. olima
    August 30, 07:07 Reply

    Of cos! Tis just a matter of tym before ppl wif other forms of sexual expressions n deviations wld start popping up n demanding for their rights.
    We d lgbt community hv taken dis too far.
    I hv neva for once support d marriage of a man to another, let alone a woman. D reason being dat Iet’s show some respect to God.
    Asking for certain rights n privileges wld only open d door for horrible vices to express demselves in future.

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 30, 07:17 Reply

      The issue isn’t about gay marriage, Olima. The issue is equating the love of same sexes to the love of children and animals.

    • Dennis Macauley
      August 30, 07:59 Reply

      @olima, taken this too far? How interesting! Let’s show some respect to God? Isn’t that funny seeing as God himself created the gay people. So he started disrespecting himself!

      Equality is about choice! The point that there is a choice that should not be denied. For example there was a time black people were not allowed to vote. They protested against it, until it was kicked down. Now do all black people vote in the US? No! Some are not interested in voting by choice, but to now legislate to say that they cannot vote would be resisted.

      So for you its okay to be gay, but gay marriage is not okay? Oh well! I personally do not believe in marriage as an instituition, but I should not be deprived of that choice as an option.

      Olima, you are not a mistake of God’s creations (if you believe in God that is), love yourself, cos I’d like to think God loves you!

    • Khaleesi
      August 30, 09:05 Reply

      What???!!!* y’all are being nice to this jerk! @Olima, your idiocy and buffoonery is heartbreaking. You have severe internalized homophobic issues, pls stew in your own juice & refrain from trying to drag others into the pits of stupidity with you! You acknowledge that you’re LGBT, yet you toe the line of the bigots in advocating that LGBT be persecuted and perpetually forced to live in the shadowy fringes of society … your severe guilt issues must have made you put up such an idiotic and airheaded comment! Am shocked at your level of stupidity, really I am … you better urgently tear yourself away from those harmful opium pipes you’ve been sucking on, put your intellect to use (hopefully you have a few functional brain cells left) & critically think! !!

      • pinkpanthertb
        August 30, 09:12 Reply

        *shudder* *groan* Now somebody has to clean up the bloody mess on the floor

      • trystham
        August 30, 11:38 Reply

        #sigh Defender of the defenseless. Afterseeing Olima’s comment I knew your retort wouldn’t be far away. You no nice at all.
        @pinkie press on. Thy reward is here on earth

    • maxonex
      August 30, 09:20 Reply

      @Olima, its ur type that’ll go and marry a clueless lady and make her an unhappy woman for the rest of her life. you’re in a mental bondage and need a Lil bit of education and miracle to escape from it. Speaking of God, if you truly believe in God and that he doesn’t make mistake, then you shouldn’t be seeing yourself as a mistake. You’re simply doing what you’re created for.
      Everyone #douchebagAlert ..stay away from ppl like olima…He’s one of those ppl that we keep the talking about here.

    • Ace
      August 30, 11:34 Reply

      This is actually what I intended to say at one point. If we are given right to marry, i fear that others will start their research and all that shit. Before you know everybody will start fighting for their right to marry trees, and dogs and their sisters or brothers.

      • pinkpanthertb
        August 30, 11:40 Reply

        So if I’m getting you correctly your aversion is to gay marriage?

  6. Absalom
    August 30, 07:14 Reply

    I agree with Insidious Miss Meiya, Dennis and Trystham. I have had that guilt too about judging paedophiles and zoophiles, but I think of myself as a child and how any adult approaching me for sexual activity would have had me confused and I conclude paedophilia is NOT right. An prepubescent child cannot grasp sexuality enough to have at it without some manipulative adult help.

    Same thing for animals. Not unless there’s scientific evidence that animals can proposition human beings, then zoophilia is wrong. Why are we the ones chasing them? Seems to me like one of the depraved things human beings invent to stave off boredom e.g. Russian roulette and chastity belts.

    I’ve only spoken from common sense though. I’m here for the comments.

  7. Stickysly
    August 30, 07:17 Reply

    My 2pence :

    Dennis Macaulay and Insidious Miss Mriya hit it right on the head and spoke my mind.
    Chizzie, I agree with in most parts. However, bestialty is condemned in all its entirety cos of the health hazards as very rightly pointed out by Miss Meiya.

    The mere thought of grouping child molesters (aka cradle snatchers) and zoophiles who have sex wit unconsenting and unaware ‘patners’ (who may be of a different biologic specie) alongside healthy and consenting homosexual adults is insulting! Very very insulting!

    Those behind this line of reasoning/philosophy should be properly thrashed. Nothing is worse than twisted logic served with effizy n swag to confuse an unsuspecting or naive audience.

  8. sensuousensei
    August 30, 07:18 Reply

    Complex issue oh! And I have like 3 different opinions. LOL!
    Mental health professionals now say that homosexuality is normal sexual behavior. But I’m not too quick to swallow their views because once upon a time, they claimed that gay folks were, to put it “mildly”, mad. So I’m wondering, why should they be the standard?
    The other perspective is the legal one. When an adult has sex with a person less than 18, that could be a pedophilic act or defilement, depending on the age bracket of the child. But let’s avoid technical terms. So now I ask, should the opinion of the law be the standard? Seeing that have criminalized homosexuality even though the health professionals say its normal? Oh ho! Another road block.
    Lastly, my true perspective (?). What should be the standard measure with which we classify things as deviant or not? I don’t even like the use of the word “deviant” because that a behavior is deviant doesn’t necessarily mean its wrong. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. So just because a person is different doesn’t make them bad. So how shall we decide what is bad and what is not? I think it should be the presence or absence of harm. So what is harm? For an adult, harm should be defined by the participating individual.(So am I saying suicide should be legalized? Ewo! This na land mine matter). But for a person younger than 18, harm should be defined by health profesionals and the law. But like I already pointed out, health professionals and the law can be in error but we just can’t escape them, can we?
    Concerning sex with animals, having sex with an animal just once, for example is not a diagnosable mental disorder but the law is against it. However, when this is the predominant method of sexual gratification, the diagnosis can be made. My issue with this is, so we can strangle animals, chop up their corpses and float them as meat in various pots containing every imaginable kitchen concoction and that’s not harmful. But having sex with an animal is harmful? (Oya hold it right there! Don’t even think that thought. In my last wet dream, I was not “sexing” a goat. LOL!)
    Oya make una carry una matter go, biko.
    *turns and calls out to pillow*
    Pillow! Pillow! Come, biko. You and I have unfinished business.
    *now snoring gently in alto*

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 30, 07:21 Reply

      You’re a buffoon, sensei. Lmao. Instead of throwing more light, you simply muddied the waters. *snatching one of your pillows and smacking your head*

    • Insidious Miss Meiya
      August 30, 07:43 Reply

      Oh no you don’t, lol. You must be playing devil’s advocate. We kill animals for food. For survival. No one has ever died because they didn’t sex a goat.

      I have more for the rest of your comment, but I have to sleep. I’m eying you o!

      • Fitzgerald
        August 30, 08:01 Reply

        Well, I don’t think anyone has died from jot eating a goat. Or has any? There’s still tofu available in the world.

      • chestnut
        August 30, 14:48 Reply

        “…no one has ever died because they didn’t sex a goat” oh this line gave me LIFE! Hahaha! ( To be fair though,no one has ever died from not eating a goat either)

      • Insidious Miss Meiya
        August 30, 15:14 Reply

        @chestnut, Lol gracias. But if you were on a deserted island, and awaiting rescue, on the edge of starvation, you would definitely die if you didn’t eat that goat.

        We eat animals to survive. So yes, we kill them. It’s an unfortunate necessity. Sex with them is not, and so that’s where consent suddenly becomes important, @sensuousensei. The animal testing for drugs, we do it to save human lives. Sad but if it comes down to who should survive, the dominant species (humans) is going to choose itself. Sex with animals is not a matter of survival. So we are allowed the ethical luxury of taking animal consent into consideration.

  9. Absalom
    August 30, 07:32 Reply

    Olima, I’m not sure what you mean by we’ve taken things too far, but let me tell you that gay rights is about choice. Choice is in the same family with Personal Liberty, Privacy and Consent (today’s keyword). We should ask for rights. Rights simply mean: You may not like my face or the fact that a hard penis gets me all hot and bothered, but you dare not actively or passively deny me my dues or I could sue and the law would listen. Apparently Nigeria is not there yet.

    Marriage: Some LGBT persons are interested in (same-sex) marriage, others are not. Topic for another day, I guess.

  10. sensuousensei
    August 30, 07:34 Reply

    Some people have sex with corpes ooo! (Necrophilia). Oya jamb question.
    Can a corpse give consent?
    Can a corpse be harmed?
    If yes, will sex with a corpse be more harmful that what the maggots will do to it? Or cremation? Ah ha!
    You say one can get diseases from the corpse? Some like their corpses “premium”. Young, dead from non-infectious causes and still warm.

    (Runs out quickly to avoid getting mobbed)

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 30, 07:37 Reply

      Sensei, don’t compare the slaughter of animals with the sexing of animals. There’s no real health risk inherent in eating them, unless of course you’re eating a bat or monkey in present Nigeria (Ebola, anyone?). But in the sex of animals, there are untold health hazards that pose a threat to humans.
      And as for pedophilia, when I judge those who have sex with children, I don’t even think of an older person and a teenager who is perhaps 16 to 18. Because, while that is statutory rape, I don’t think it’s necessarily a matter of the older person taking advantage of a child who may or may not have consented.
      When I think of pedophilia, I think of kids well below the teenage bracket. When an older man violates a, say, 10 to 12 year old kid, that is SICK! And I’m not even talking from the basis of the law. Think about the terror such a child must feel during the act. The whimpers. The tears. The confusion that must cloud his or her expression. And the psychological trauma he or she is bound to get condemned to in the aftermath of the act. Think about that, and not about what the law says. Think about that, and tell me how you cannot think a pedophiliac has done wrong simply based on the technicalities you have mentioned.

      • Dennis Macauley
        August 30, 07:47 Reply

        @sensei my darling sometimes technicalities get in the way! Let’s remove the technicalities and look at the issues bare.

        An animal cannot decide if it wants to have sex or not! It does not have the mental capacity of humans, so it does not get to give consent! So such sexual activity is lopsided (my term) and wrong only because consent is not given.

        A child is not of age to give consent, even if he/she does give consent it is invalid because he/she has not matured (by all parameters) to give consent. So sexual activity with such a person is bordering on abuse.

        In all these things, the key word is CONSENT! The ability to give it and in cases where it is given, is it valid?

        You raised interesting points, I would love to discuss them with you over coffee, and then pour you the coffee when you get annoying!!!

      • sensuousensei
        August 30, 07:48 Reply

        @health risk: what sex is not associated with health risk?
        @the terror the child will feel during the act: some 12 years olds are even the ones who seduce the adults. So for those ones, it would be pleasurable. Is this kind still wrong?

        • pinkpanthertb
          August 30, 07:54 Reply

          That a child seduces an older person, does that make it okay for the elder to indulge? That a child is the seducer, does that make him or her understandable of the import of what he or she is asking? And when you introduce this probability (not all children may feel the trauma) what about those who will? How do we know them? Should we now conduct a statistic to separate the trauma-prone children from the other ones, and say to the pedophiles ‘Yes these one u can have sex with but these other ones you can’t.

      • Chuck
        August 30, 15:29 Reply

        Guys, we might need to discuss runs boys and consent. Can a 16 year old boy really give consent when he knows he needs you to give him t fare and pocket money or else he will go hungry in school?

    • sensuousensei
      August 30, 08:20 Reply

      @Dennis: No worry, one day we go jam to drink coffee.
      @Pinky: omg! *applause*. That was sheer brilliance. But I’m a very senior devil’s advocate. So this is far from over. LOL!
      Let me quickly point out that the cut off of 18years for adulthood is really arbitrary. Firstly, it varies from region to region. Secondly, there is no biological marker to help us draw a line that seperates children from adults. So we say, at 18ish, we expect that a child is an adult. But that is just our expectation. Have you not met 15 year olds who are wiser than 40 year olds and 30 year olds who act like teenagers? The point is we are simply ASSUMING that the 12 year old does NOT KNOW what he/she/it wants. Maybe its good because we end up protecting all the children. But it is possible that there are precocious children who are more convinced of what they want more than some thirty year olds. And in terms of mental development, a 13 year old is capable of every mental function (including advanced logic and abstraction) that an adult can handle. But I must concede, that the hormonal surge during the teen years makes the prone to risk taking. Even these is not without its problems because it has been showed that not all teenagers are intoxicated with the hormones and infact in some cultures, it has not been observed. Strangely, if a 17 year old has sex with a 14 year old, its children playing. But the moment you cross 18 and you try it, e don be for you.
      Pesonally, I think an 18 year old is NOT AN ADULT. Do you see how many 18 year olds are shipped off to fight wars? Can’t it be argued that goverments conveniently dropped the bar to accomodate children are still trying to find a sense of self identity, who have no clue whatsoever what war means, who have not yet developed a personal philosophy of life and are ill-equipped to decide what they really want to do?

  11. sensuousensei
    August 30, 07:56 Reply

    Concerning health risks associated with bestiality, all we have to do is to ask them to use condoms. Isn’t that the song they have been singing for the rest of us (gay and straight)?
    And concerning animals being incapable of giving consent, omg! (Bursts into tears). When guinea pigs are used for lab tests, do you even have the courtesy to ask them to fill the consent forms? You cruel humans, I hate you all for all the monstrosities you have commited against animals! God is watching you all in 3D!

    (Abeg I’m only playing devils advocate. Biko keep your distance. It took me three solid hours to brush my peruvian brains into place this morning and I don’t want ’em ruffled)
    *straight face*

    • Dennis Macauley
      August 30, 08:28 Reply

      Let’s limit this to activities of a sexual nature! I am not talking about what happens in a lab, this is not a PETA forum. Its about sex with animals and where consent comes in.

      About kids seducing you? Hmmmm! My 3 year old nephew often offers me his entire lunch! Do I accept it? No! I remind him that he need to eat so that he can be big and strong like his uncle. Now do I like his lunch? Ofcourse! Can I eat his lunch? Ofcourse! But do I accept it? No! Why? Because I know his not making an objective decision, but acting as a child and I being the responsible adult knows where the line is. Need I say more?

      *comes after your Peruvian business with a pair of scissors*

      • pinkpanthertb
        August 30, 08:38 Reply

        Hahahahaa. Dennis make sure you chop them Peruvian tresses all off. Nonsense and ingredients!

      • sensuousensei
        August 30, 08:54 Reply

        So when it comes to torturing animals and using them for experiments, consent is not an issue. Its not even considered. But when its time for “sexperiment”, we remember consent. Very convenient, don’t you agree?
        A 3year old offering you his lunch obviously has no idea what he is doing. But I’m talking 13. Would a 13 year old KNOW what he or she is doing?

        *making my braids into a ponytail*

  12. sensuousensei
    August 30, 08:26 Reply

    Concerning health risks, who are we to judge when you consider that we do stuff like rimming. Anywayz, thankfully we now have mouth condoms for rimming (which…er…I am planning to invent VERY VERY SOON)

    • Chizzie
      August 30, 10:01 Reply

      there’s health risk associated with kissing..
      oral sex, vaginal sex…anal sex..I could go on.

      same applies to consuming raw, cooked and even processed food. There’s health risks associated with even touching money…or a phone. So ur point was abit off. no offence intende

  13. Rapu'm
    August 30, 09:02 Reply

    I have been quite reluctant in commenting on this, owing to the fact that last night I had a similar conversation with a friend, and even though I tried to intimidate him by sounding too grand (I do that sometimes, especially when I can’t get when something is at stake), I went away with a feeling…befuddled?

    So, here, let me try.

    We’ve all talked about sexual consent. What about healthy relationships? Can an animal have a healthy relationship with a human? Wetin them go dey talk? Na animal go take care of you when you sick come tanda for hospital? Can a child do that for an adult? Besides, it is obvious that children who have had sexual relations with adults almost always grow up bearing the psychological brunt.

    Yes, not all gay people have healthy relationships. But hey, even straight guys cheat on their wives, girlfriends, etc. The thing is, given the right environment, a gay person is capable of running a home, sacrificing for his partner, helping, loving and being loved in return. And yes, fucking too. And hey, when a human does that to the animal, does it say, “This hurts. That feels good. I love you. Do it harder”? Please, to compare homosexuality to bestiality or peadophila is very, very, very insulting and unacceptable.

    So, two nights ago, my first year roommate, who has been my favourite roomie and the only one I still see everyday, came to my room. He said, “I want to kiss you.” Now, I was shocked because he used to be vocally anti-gay (but that’s a story for another day). When he returned to his room without my kissing, he texted: “Ur breaking my hrt o.”

    I texted: “Why?”

    He texted: “I rily dnt knw. ….BT dats love na…. U dnt just av a reason.”

    And on and on and on. (Don’t ask me now, another day). But I hope you get the moral of the story?

    • Absalom
      August 30, 09:14 Reply

      Jesus Rapu’m, you’re ruining the lives of people’s sons without their mothers’ consent! Diarris god oooooooh.

      • Rapu'm
        August 30, 09:29 Reply

        Lol, Absalom. Abeg oh. I am not sonophilic oh.

  14. Legalkoboko
    August 30, 09:31 Reply

    ‘If gay people are given rights, then bestials
    and pedophiles should be given the same,
    because they also have rights to sexual

    To begin with, homosexuality isn’t all about sex. It goes deeper than that. And that is why it is categorized as a human SEXUALITY. However, paedophilia is all about sex. I don’t think the paedophiles seek deep interpersonal relationship with their pre-purbiscent victims (I may be wrong here though).
    Paedophilia is not a human sexuality.

    Now what ought to be the universal yardstick for determining the acceptability of any sexual act is consent. Did he/she give his consent? This is why all sexual acts between humans without the prerequisite consent is refered to as rape.

    I can go on ranting and repeating what others have already said.

    But then, I think we need further enlightenment on this matter. If tomorrow, scientists tell us that being paedophile is no longer a mental illness, then what stops us from legalizing it? Its truly a dicy matter but we need to approach it with a measure of humility.

    And to those engaging in the slippery slop argument, what if it was argued thus in the past:

    ‘If black people are given rights, then gay people should be given the same,
    because they also have rights as human brings ‘.

    What if this was the driving force seeking to destroy the civil rights movement in America in the 60s , what do you think would have been happening to blacks all over the world today?

  15. Khaleesi
    August 30, 09:55 Reply

    @Dennis, Sensei, Rapum, Pinky etc, biko una brain too hottt!! My head is spinning trying to keep up with the intellectual sharpness y’all are throwing down this morning … it would be a huge loss to this shithole of a country for any of you to pack your bags&leave (if you havent already), however, with the little I can sense of how your minds work, such brilliance will be stifled in such a choking homophovic environment.
    My 2 cents: equating homosexuality with bestiality or pedophilia is insulting and degrading most especially to the proponents of those brainless arguments. Pedophilia is by its very nature, predatory, manipulative and very harmful to victims. A child is unable to understand or fully process and therefore unable to consent to sexual relations. The pedophile takes advantage & thereby harms the child. I wont overflog an already well flogged topic.
    Animals are unable as well to give consent to sexual relationships with humans, however, the argument arises: does sex with an animal harm anyone whether the animal or other humans? Does the fact tbat bestiality repulses me give me the right to discriminate against persons who genuinely enjoy sex with animals and who pose no harm/threat to me or to other humans, bearing in mind that my homosexual preferences are also repulsive to majority of heterosexuals? On this last point I am undecided and unsure of what my answers shall be.
    Homosexuality on the other hand is sex b/w 2 CONSENTING adults who have of their own freewill & volition decided to enter into a relationship and whose activities pose no harm/threat to anyone else … ***death to homophobia***

  16. Ace
    August 30, 11:56 Reply

    Wow! Woke up this morning to see all these erudite men taking on this issue. First, imma say this blog has a collection of the most intelligent men Nigeria will ever meet. Secondly, all I can say is it is just a matter of time. The truth is a daughter of time and not authority. The truth in all these claims will stand if it is valid.

  17. trystham
    August 30, 12:08 Reply

    @sensuous Seriously??? A child seducing an adult??? Seduce them with what? Their innocence???
    You want consent from animals??? You really want consent from the animals?. Ok. The twice I read about bestiality in the papers, how did people get to know the man was deviant? The victim, the poor goats in these cases, were SCREAMING abnornally loud enough to attract passers-by. If the goat consented, it would be cooing n moaning. What other form of NO can there be again?

  18. PrudeBloke
    August 30, 13:35 Reply

    Mmmm I love kito dairies and really we have intelligent peeps here …. But at the same time we have people that think of themselves as mistakes like Olima …. As for me, banging a child or banging an animal is just despicably inhumane and very stupid respectively …and as for those that sleep with corpses,Hiiian you are sick o… Btw I love you guys sha …ok bye

  19. sensuousensei
    August 30, 13:55 Reply

    Recent finding indicate that although teenagers are able to handle logic like any adult, they rely more on their emotions than on reason when making decisions. This is why teenagers are impulsive. They tend to act without thinking. The final phase of brain maturation spans the ages of 17 to 25. It is during this period that the part of the brain involved in making decisions develop. So just being able to think is not enough. This is a scientific finding but there are still other aspects to the matter. Experience is also another factor and it helps in the making of a wise adult. Having said all these, I don’t think bestiality is a good idea. But I just don’t allow myself to FEEL that its disgusting because I have suffered from the hammer of unreasoning unbridled sentiment. Some thing is not bad simply because it nauseates me. And I am an animal lover. Biko don’t hurt ’em with your excessively long thing.
    As for pedophilia, I will only say that if you touch my child, I will skin you alive and present you as burnt offering to your ancestors.

  20. Legalkoboko
    August 30, 14:31 Reply

    Apparently the number of those going to hell on a surfboard is decreasing.
    I’m sorely disappointed.


  21. king
    August 30, 14:34 Reply

    Dear Pinky you do pick em don’t ya! These stories that make TB headlines are just up your alley..or should I say up your..ehm..rather not say!

    OK my 1 cent…ahem..clearing me throat before the onslaught..

    I have painstakingly read all comments up until now and I haven’t seen any victors yet so my guess is now for once gays don’t have something to be PROUD of now abi? I mean nobody as yet has clearly told me something new other than consent..and really…what a hog of rubbish if I may!!!!

    What Crap is called consent!! So when I seduce a 30 year old (confused fella) who doesnt yet know his sexual preference and we have mind blowing sex and yet still leaves him confused as to how sweet a man’s penis feels up his ass or how sweet a man’s mouth is wrapped around his ex straight dick…i wonder how consenting that was!!! sometimes even after they seem to have enjoyed the sex seemingly after their so called consent some i have heard shout blue murder coz they think they were seduced and then cry foul!!!…Now tell me how that is consent…so I leave the stage here saying sorry guys you just cannot win this one try as you may coz you cannot fight for rights of gays and then say no rights for bestials and zoophiles or whatever they are called!!! Ahem…throat seems so clear now…oh good..i just spat out the Crap that had been blocking me airwaves!!!!

    • Insidious Miss Meiya
      August 30, 15:19 Reply

      You seem to be confused as to what “consent” means. Your argument is, well… I don’t exactly know what you were trying to say.

      • king
        August 30, 16:18 Reply

        Exactly my point!!! No essence for all this hoolabaloo…Coz u know what?? I also don’t know what d fuss is about!

        • pinkpanthertb
          August 30, 16:27 Reply

          So talking out a thorny issue is now hoolabaloo? I bet that’s what the elitist white men said when their fellow whites sought to assist in the fight to give blacks equal rights. ‘How can you talk about negroes and the right to vote? Its all such hoolabaloo,’ they sniffed disdainfully.

          • king
            August 30, 16:34 Reply

            Oh sorry pinky didn’t mean it that way!!

    • Absalom
      August 30, 15:46 Reply

      King, seducing a 30-year-old, non – gay, non-drugged, non-drunk, non – comatose, non-dead adult is not the same as approaching a child for sexual activity.

      Second, if you read all the comments as you claim, you’d see that today’s issue was not argued in absolutes. Not everybody was screaming consent; Khaleesi, Sensuous, Legalkoboko and Chizzie delved into the complicated aspects of the deviation debate I for one was unwilling to touch. So wetin come be your own? Debates are not about winning but about having a CONVERSATION.

      *clears throat too* Done.

      • king
        August 30, 16:12 Reply

        Oh ok I can take that…so I have it that we can only converse on this and not really form any opinion or even go home with one…well I kinda like dat defeatist strategy and well if u look again at the whole scenario….you’re very correct!!! no one can even win in this convo it’s just talk…that’s all!!

        • pinkpanthertb
          August 30, 16:15 Reply

          That’s not a fair interpretation of what he said, King.

        • pinkpanthertb
          August 30, 16:22 Reply

          And your comparison of having sex with a 30 year old man who u didn’t drug (albeit sexually confused) with sexing a 10 year old child is deeply flawed. Surely even you can’t believe that they’re the same.

        • pinkpanthertb
          August 30, 16:24 Reply

          Becos if you do, and you’re fine with seducing 30 year old sexually-confused men, then you should be fine with having your dick sucked by a 10year old.

    • Legalkoboko
      August 30, 16:52 Reply

      king, the essence of all the rant here is to release divergent opinion on a particular subject matter into cyberspace. There is no need for winners and losers here. Its not as if this is one of those primary school debate competitions!

      The real victory is measured by the practical impact of an argument in the society.

  22. king
    August 30, 16:27 Reply

    Oh dear pinky my point exactly!!! Why the reason for any convo in d first place??? Isn’t it for learning and thereby forming a better opinion of things and moving on to other things and if not then what was the point in the first place… so truly we gat to learn something here….we can’t just converse and go home oh no…we gats to teach ourselves if not others!!! so my take is we cannot end this convo with just that. ..we have to agree on a side…do we give them rights just as we want our own rights from d syr8t kingdom or do we just shut up and keep quiet seeing that God truly created man and woman and not just one sex!!!!…ehm…..am still gay oooooo…just saying!!

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 30, 16:31 Reply

      If that last bit is your question, then you clearly haven’t been following the opinions abounding on this post.

    • sensuousensei
      August 30, 17:01 Reply

      King, as far as I’m concerned, you haven’t carefully read the comments. Not that I blame you seeing that some, including mine, were painfully long. The aim of a conversation is to have fun and to push our reasoning. And perhaps learn a thing or two. But I don’t think we must conclude on this matter. Or were we set up as a committee to look into this matter and present a formal report to….? If that’s the case, biko I didn’t get the memo.
      I enjoyed the conversation,was dazzled by the brilliance of my friends, didn’t take it that seriously and had loads of fun. And that’s good enough for me!

  23. Ace
    August 30, 16:52 Reply

    I started getting to the point where I felt I was convinced but the devil’s advocates on this page has taken back to my initial thoughts on the issue… ambivalence.

  24. Ace
    August 30, 18:19 Reply

    Ok ooooo I will nwoke m

  25. enKayced
    August 31, 11:57 Reply

    Firstly, dear Trystham, you had me spilling my guts in laughter with the line about goats cooing and moaning if the pedophile mounting them had their consent.
    Anyway, I should think pedophilia is wrong on so many levels. If you wouldn’t be comfortable with watching your underage child get down with someone your age, then we’re on the same page. Other observation I wish to point out is that homosexuality is not defined as a state of men who have sex with men. In other words, homosexuals should not be defined by their bedroom antics. I have a gay friend who never ever has sex with guys. He is comfortable with just cuddling and kissing with the occasional handjobs. So for proponents of anal sex as a defining factor for homosexuality, my friend should be considered ‘straight’.

    As for humans who partake in bestiality, that is one line I can’t even consider. I mean, how could a goat be sooooooo sexy or how hot can a snake be?
    There are over 5 billion humans of both sexes craving for your chocolate-flavored sugarcane.
    Use it wisely!

  26. enKayced
    August 31, 11:59 Reply

    I know my comment is coming in pretty late. Forgive my busyness dear pinky!

  27. Nestori M.
    September 07, 18:55 Reply

    I would like to point out one important thing about pedophilia. Pedophilia as a sexual age orientation is a different thing from sex with a child. Pedophilia as an orientation actually is very similar to homosexuality. It is usually discovered as a teenager, it doesn’t change over time, and it actually often includes also romantic feelings towards kids.

    If you base your acceptance of pedophiles on your own disgust, you are not really any better than the anti-gay people. You should know better.

    One thing that is of course different is that pedophiles cannot have sex with kids in the same manner as gay or hetero people can.

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 07, 19:17 Reply

      I really am not understanding your line of argument here, Nestori.

      • Nestori M.
        September 08, 14:57 Reply

        I was comparing pedophilia and homosexuality as an orientation. There is no big difference.

        OK,the last sentence can be misunderstood, what I meant was “…in the same manner as gay or hetero people can with other gay people”. Pedophiles cannot have sex with kids, but it has nothing to do with the orientation. It’s a fact of life.

        There are so many prejudices around pedophilia that stem from ignorance. People only hear about pedophiles in abuse news, and that causes pedophiles in general to be stigmatized due to their orientation. And no-one dares to speak out because of the stigma.

        Most pedophiles don’t abuse children because it’s harmful to them. Pedophilia also doesn’t mean that a person has any other mental issues, such as distorted view of reality. Pedophilia doesn’t mean that a person has an uncontrollable urge to have sex with children.

        • pinkpanthertb
          September 08, 16:23 Reply

          Oh I see. You’re actually quite right. I saw the movie, Nymphomaniac, and it put quite a different slant on my view of Pedophiles

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