“You’re what?”

The two words, uttered in a low but sharp tone, conveyed Basil’s incredulity more copiously than anything else he could have said.

“I’m seeing someone,” I said, wedging my phone between my ear and shoulder as I shuffled some papers into a file on my desk. It’d been a reasonably slow day at work, and presently, except for two of my gossipy female colleagues huddled in a corner, I was alone in the general office.

“I don’t understand…”

“What don’t you understand?”

“You told me you’d broken up with the Bryson guy.”

“We’re still broken up. The person I’m seeing is someone else. His name is Kema.”

“But you broke up with the Bryson guy like five minutes ago, and suddenly, you’re setting up the white picket fence with some other guy?” Basil’s voice sagged with reproof.

“I broke up with Bryson three weeks ago, Basil,” I snapped, suddenly irritated by his attitude. “And yes, a week later, I started seeing Kema. But that’s all we’re doing… casually seeing each other. There’s nothing serious happening.”

“But something serious will happen, won’t it?” he said surlily.

“I’d like to think I don’t need anybody’s permission when and if that happens,” I replied sarcastically.

“This is unbelievable!”

“What’s it to you? Don’t tell me you’re jealous, Basil –”

“For fuck’s sake, of course I’m jealous!” he exploded in my ear.

“Why?” I asked, even though I knew what his reason was.

“Because you and I are supposed to be together,” he heaved with the exasperation of one who didn’t expect to voice such overtness.

“Last I checked, you were still with your boyfriend of two years. Aren’t you two playing house now? I seem to remember it getting mentioned somewhere that you two are now living together.”

“Who told you that?” Basil’s tone was guarded.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Onome still has his place and I have mine. He just spends a lot of time at mine. You really shouldn’t be listening to gossip,” he admonished.

“It still doesn’t take away from the fact that you two are still going strong. So I don’t understand where you get off being jealous and telling me you and I should be together.”

“Declan –”


I looked up as my immediate supervisor, Estelle, walked briskly into the office, a small stack of files wedged into the crook of her arm.

“Let’s talk later, Basil,” I muttered into my phone.

“Look, Declan, we need to –”

“Later please, I’m at work,” I hissed before disconnecting the call.

I looked up at Estelle as she approached my desk, speaking now that she knew she had my attention. “Have you finished processing Davidson’s papers? Finance is asking for his file so they can start putting together his final entitlements.”

“Here it is,” I said, half standing and holding out the file I’d just been working on to her. “I’ve made some photocopies, and when Cynthia comes back in, she can log it all into the system.”

“Thank you.” She took the file and started away from me.

I fell back into my seat, stretched out a bit and turned my thoughts to Basil and our conversation. In the past several months since I made it clear to Basil that I wasn’t interested in being the lay he indulged whenever he was in Lagos, it seemed the more I rebuffed him, the more determined he was not to heed my reasoning. I liked him. I wanted the man. But I was only going to have him on my terms. The burn that came from my just-ended relationship only served to reinforce my purpose. I wasn’t going to be the reason another man felt the pain I knew when I saw my relationship get threatened; although after two years together, I figured that any cheating from Basil would wreak considerably more damage on his boyfriend’s emotional stamina than I ever knew.

Even if he does what you asked and breaks up with Onome, the Voice queried, are you sure you’d want to date him – he who is willing to cheat with you on a two-year-old relationship?

I didn’t have any answer to that. I didn’t have to. I was no longer unattached anyway. It was like I told Basil, I was currently seeing Kema. It wasn’t what I envisioned I’d be doing two weeks ago, during Jonathan’s wedding. I wasn’t even thinking about any longevity as Kema and I fled from the reception fifteen minutes after he propositioned me, commandeered one of the wedding vehicles, and sped off to the hotel where the groomsmen had been lodged in a quasi haze of desire. My mind was rapt with concentration on the moment when we hastened into the room and fell into each other’s arms the moment Kema bolted the door. His mouth covered my lips, kissing me deeply and hungrily, just as fiercely as I kissed him back. His hands moved restlessly over my body, shaping it to his and sending stimulating signals through my bones. I quivered with the intensity of belonging to him in this moment, shaken by the rough insistence of his exploring hands.

Our clothes soon came off, and before long, we were naked in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing with a hunger that came from two people driven by a mutual need. Kema eased me back down on the sheets after several moments of straining against each other, covered my body with his, and entered me in one smooth, inhibited thrust. Preliminaries were a luxury our mutual need did not allow. The leisurely savouring of flesh and curves, of muscles and bones, would be for later. Now, the race was toward fulfillment.

And then, the moment came when Kema began pistoning into me with increasing urgency. We were lying on our left sides, and his right hand had come around to grasp my erection, wanking me with vigour as he thrust from behind. Our bodies were slick with sweat, and the perspiration on me intermingled with the gel he’d lubricated my dick with, to make for a slippery back-and-forth pressure from the masturbation that sent tingling sensations spreading all over my groin. My orgasm crested and crashed in waves that had me gasping and spasming, momentarily unaware that the climax had been concomitant with Kema’s. It was three seconds later that I realized he had my body in a vise-like grip, as his body tremored next to mine.

It was a very sated sigh that slipped out of me as he pulled me around to face him, planted a kiss on my lips, looked into my eyes and started chuckling,, a sound I very quickly joined in.

“You sneaky, little slut!” Ekene gasped in mock-outrage the next day when I met with him and Yinka for some Sunday Coldstone treat. The others couldn’t make it. And I’d just brought them up to speed with my sexcapades the day before. “You told us you had to go and meet your sister.”

“Play the family card,” intoned Yinka, “and no one would think that you’re off to do dirty, dirty things to the best man. My, Dee, when did you get so nasty!” He was wearing a grin that approved.

“I’m not nasty, and it wasn’t dirty joor,” I said laughingly.

He gave me a pointed look, and I laughed some more as I admitted, “Okay, maybe a little dirty.”

A ripple of laughter spread out across our table.

“Well, now you’ve got that out of your system,” Yinka said. “You’re free to meet your next real guy.”

“What does that mean?” I stared uncomprehendingly at him.

“It means now, when you meet a viable guy, it won’t have to be a rebound.”

“Oh… Well…” I shrugged, looking away and digging for some ice cream, “I’m not sure I buy into the rebound thing.”

“Wait, you’re going to date him now?”

“What would be wrong with that?” Ekene interjected.

“Two words.” Yinka lifted his hand and flicked two fingers as he said, “Jennifer Lopez. She clearly rebounded on Marc Anthony from the great but messy love affair that was Bennifer. That marriage lasted just long enough for her to get knocked up, and then it was adios.”

“Hollywood marriages generally last the length of time it takes to blink an eye,” I countered. “And JLo doesn’t exactly have a great track record with men –”

“Yes, because all her relationships are a long line of rebounds,” Yinka cut in, arching his brows meaningfully.

“What’s your point?”

“You don’t shag the first guy after a breakup, and then date him.”

“I haven’t said I’m going to date Kema.”

“But you seem to be developing feelings for him.”

“I am not!

“Yes, you are.” His eyes were keen on me.

“Well, the sex was pretty good. Bite me!”

Ekene let out a ringing laugh at that.

And Yinka heaved an exaggerated sigh, before saying with an air of clairvoyance, “You’re so going to pull a Jennifer Lopez on us, I can tell.”

“Look, I know I said I wasn’t going to start dating again, but you know, maybe this is just what I need to get over Bryson.”

“Well, you know what they say about breakups,” Ekene said.

“That when God closes a door, he opens a window?”

“No, that the best way to get over a man is to get under another one.”

I was thinking about that conversation in the evening when I was in Kema’s bed. He lived in a serene neighbourhood in Aguda and asked me over when my friends and I left the delicatessen. We went at each other with the same inexhaustible intensity of the first time, this time falling into a deep sleep of satiation afterward.

I woke up first to the increasing dimness that the setting sun had cast in the unlit room. Kema lay with his face turned to mine and his arm heavy across me. I moved my fingertips in delicate patterns from the hair o his forearm up the bulky biceps and smooth shoulders, savouring the sleekness of his skin. I loved the weight of him, the warmth of his breath against my neck, and the feel of his chest rising and falling.

What are you doing? the Voice shrilled at me.

I froze. The abrupt cessation of my stroking must have communicated itself to Kema’s subconscious, nudging him awake. He blinked his eyes open at me.

“What are you doing?” he murmured, his voice thick with sleep.

“Watching you.”


“I wanted to.”

He smiled as he ran a finger down my back, tracing a path to my derriere. “You’re pretty awesome, Declan.”

“I know.”

“That’s it? You’re just going to say ‘I know’?” he demanded in mock-disbelief.

“Don’t get needy with me. I hate needy guys.”

“And I’m not so sure I like lovers who hide their feelings.”

I smiled, thinking about Yinka as I leaned in to kiss him. “I had a great time.”

“That’s not a prelude to you leaving, is it?”

“I should get going…”

“No, you shouldn’t.” His hand tightened around me. “Stay awhile. This is just perfect, you and I, right here.” His voice was gruff as I burrowed willingly into his arms.

There was no need to hurry home, I thought as I shut my eyes and took in a deep lungful of his musk.

“Declan…” he murmured then.


“I want to see more of you.”

“I want to see more of you too.” The words slid from my mouth with very little effort. It felt right to say them.

Damn you, Yinka!


It was the snapping-on of the electric light that jolted me awake this time. I blinked rapidly at the bright intrusion, instinctively squinting to adjust my vision and stretching an arm across the bed in search of my new lover.

He was not there.

A weight was depressed on the bed, close to my feet.

I turned to see who it was, sitting up in the process. My eyesight was well adjusted, and I felt a little recoil within me when my gaze fell on a young woman.

Seated, her slim figure was held up in a carriage that betrayed good breeding. Her hair was coiffure in a pageboy cut, a style which accentuated a piquant face dominated by large, feline eyes. Her brows were naturally defined, and her lips were pale. She seemed to have on no makeup, as though trying deliberately to understate her remarkable beauty.

“Who are you?” I rasped.

Her lips parted into a small smile, one that bore no meaning I could discern. Then she said, “I’m the one who should be asking the questions here. Like” – she waved a slim hand languidly at me – “if you’d mind telling me what you’re doing on this bed, looking like you’ve been fucked by my fiancé.”

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. kacee
    August 03, 07:48 Reply

    Lol, declan don enter gbese, hehehehe i was starting to like kema (turns out he is a prick).

  2. Uziel
    August 03, 08:23 Reply

    And all I can think of is that the boys are gonna have a field day with this!

  3. KX
    August 03, 08:25 Reply

    First of all, Declan is an ashewo! He is d “sex” in d series! Like “Love, Declan(sex) nd the city! Who tumbles into d bed with a near total stranger? Who does that! Seriously! Unless that stranger is Trey Songz or Jason Derulo! Ah ah Dee! Sister gurl, u no dey try oh! Lol!

    And someone pls better slap me out of dis sleep nd tell me I didn’t read that last paragraph! Or better still, just slap Dee, tell him he is dreaming nd that he needs to wake up b4 I start to rain abuses on Kema! Am holding myself so hard from jumping on that purported “bingo”!

    Hian! Espeakelekwe biko!

    Dee has suffered enough! And although his ass does most of his thinking thus d heartbreak, give d bobo a silver lining already Pinky!

    • Pink Panther
      August 03, 08:36 Reply

      KRYXXXX!!! You are a character.
      I don’t even know which part of your hilarious comment to address.

  4. Jamie
    August 03, 08:29 Reply

    Oh!! Shit happens though…

  5. Absalom
    August 03, 10:03 Reply

    Is this before the part where the fiancee and Declan team up to deal with Kema…as per “The Other Woman” things?

    • Pink Panther
      August 03, 10:11 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaaa!!! Wouldn’t that just be delicious.

    August 03, 10:12 Reply

    Ohhh! this isn’t making sense… Fuck every guy that comes your way searching for a boyfriend… Who does that?… I take dick but not in this manner…. *Hey! Declan. you a bitch.. come here let’s give you the sisters conduct*.. we have rules and regs please! Thank you very much!

    August 03, 10:14 Reply

    Absalom hehehe… Its going to make super brain…

  8. Khaleesi
    August 03, 10:20 Reply

    Great Piece Pinky … well written as always …Ghen ghen!!!

  9. Richard Moore
    August 03, 10:32 Reply

    Declan… before I join all LGBT Africans to call you a slut… and call Kema a lying, two-timing bastard…

    I’d like to see what happened next.

  10. Ruby
    August 03, 10:42 Reply

    Oh Snap!
    This is gonna be one Bumpy Ride…

  11. Mandy
    August 03, 11:15 Reply

    The timelines though… Declan had sex with Kema and met this new beesh on the Sunday after Jonathan’s wedding.
    And two weeks later, he was still maintaining to Basil that he was seeing Kema.
    So clearly Kema is not that big of an asswipe. *patiently waiting for the unravelling next episode*

  12. R.A
    August 03, 11:17 Reply

    Hoes flying up and dan! KMFT!

  13. Keredim
    August 03, 11:21 Reply

    Yes, let’s all round up on Kema and tie him to a stake and whip him (hmmm he’d probably like that).

    It’s not like fickle Declan wasn’t using him to fill a void and make Basil jealous…
    Something tells me “Catwoman” has seen it all before and probably likes to watch
    Pinky, fantastic episode…loved the delivery.
    (Don’t think I didn’t notice the lack of condoms on the bedside table)

    • Mandy
      August 03, 12:14 Reply

      LOL! Keredim, the condom police! Read Declan and Kema their rights joor!

      • Pink Panther
        August 03, 12:21 Reply

        He can’t arrest them. His condom case is based on circumstantial evidence. 🙂

        • Keredim
          August 03, 12:40 Reply

          PP, ekuse. My God dey look you….lol

  14. ambivalentone
    August 03, 11:24 Reply

    Okay. After reading the description of the intruding lady, and judging from her demeanor, I’m sure she is just a friend to Kema. Like what woman waits until u wake and calmly says ‘you just fucked my bf’? They’d be hearing her screeches two streets away already.

    • Pink Panther
      August 03, 12:04 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaa!!! Trys, even bfs screech when you’re flirting with their man, let alone potential wives.

      • ambivalentone
        August 03, 14:04 Reply

        Oho!!! O di egwu. Please tell Mandy o. And let her stop attacking us Yorubas

    • Mandy
      August 03, 12:17 Reply

      Or perhaps she’s an ice queen type of fiancee waiting to eviscerate Declan with icicles. Lol. It was mentioned that she has good breeding. That rules out the Yoruba hand-clapping market-woman persona.

  15. Temi Cole
    August 03, 13:21 Reply

    Great Read! This Declan sha… Ms. Swift still de learn work where e de!

    • Pink Panther
      August 03, 13:31 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaa!!! Temi, if I get fired for gross laughter on the job, it’d be your fault.

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    August 03, 21:39 Reply

    The laff i laff after reading and rereading that last paragraph ehn was something else.
    Pinky welldone o.I dey hia dey wait you.

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    August 03, 22:56 Reply

    Nice one PP enjoyed the fact that declan is more human now at least I can relate, we all have whoremones. But why is he always falling for some guy with a girl on the side? I’m hoping to find in the next episode (which century will that be?) that it was all a joke. And wanna know what happened on Jonathan’s wedding night /honeymoon did he live UP to expectations? In short declan go back to kizito and stop slutting around, tame ur inner tramp.

    • Pink Panther
      August 04, 01:39 Reply

      Did Jonathan live up to expectations? Lol. Kester, he and his new wife weren’t in a chastity-vow relationship nah. It’s been made clear that Jonathan is bisexual.

  18. Queen mother
    August 04, 00:58 Reply

    why was the lady just sitting down on the bed waiting for Declan to wake up? why not pour “methylated Bleach” on him already. I wouldn’t call him a whore though. He only craved to be loved wholely and solely— but ain’t that a pipe dream? he simply has to wake up and face reality.

    ‘… what are you doing on this bed looking like you’ve been fucked by my fiancé’

    hmm. Could the girl know about her ‘fiancé’s’ side sexcapades? or was she just being ‘calm in the face of shock’? But who likes to share ‘Bananas’ with monkeys? I fear for Declan. Poor bitch.

    there is something about yinka though.

    Hello kryxx.

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