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Tweet of the Day: A Statement of Defiance

Does anybody else feel gingered by Pamela Adie’s words?

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Check On This Nigerian Journalist’s Gripping Story About His Encounter With 2 Gay Men Who Asked For His Hand In Marriage

This hilarious calling-out-of-bullshit was originally published on Check on it. * Nigerian journalist and assistant editor with the Nation Newspaper, Seun Akioye, recently took to Facebook to narrate the

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Morning Humour IX: Sad Story

The sorrows of a bottom… lol


  1. kingjay
    July 07, 07:45 Reply

    stay straight biko, we the association of gay people dont want your. bye felicia

  2. charloxy
    July 07, 08:16 Reply

    Rolling my eyes ? from Africa to Asia….mtchewww!!

  3. Kenny
    July 07, 08:31 Reply

    Checks his Facebook page, inserts long hiss

  4. Wiffey
    July 07, 08:32 Reply

    What nonsense… Who you epp abeg?

  5. Mr. Fingers
    July 07, 09:00 Reply

    They should leave him alone na. I don’t understand the attraction people ve for someone who is not into them. Hian.

  6. Chizzie
    July 07, 09:20 Reply

    I won’t be surprised if this one’s father is a MGM … When you cheat on your wife concurrently with several men and women, karma rewards you with senseless children. ?.

    • #FlyOnTheWall
      July 07, 10:16 Reply

      Chizzie dear, we know you were fucked (and) dumped by a fat (married) white man. I guess it hurts, but you can rise above it small and be happy! Its not that bad

    • ambivalentone
      July 07, 17:14 Reply

      Bwahahahahahaha!!! Homophobes with gay children. Now MGMs with a brood of idiots??? Lets pity the unsuspecting wives na *tucks away for future use*

  7. Jon Snow ?
    July 07, 09:37 Reply

    *Scrolls through his profile pics, several look-at-me-pics spotted*

    Bitch please!!! You’re “gayer” than a flaming rainbow unicorn and as ugly as fuck.

    I forgive you though, there’s nothing worse than being gay and ugly. Terrible burden to bear

    • Sasha
      July 07, 13:43 Reply

      But you guys are friends on fb na. Remind me again why you’re still friends?

  8. bain
    July 07, 09:39 Reply

    When he falls in love with a lesbain that has zero interest in him…..he will know how it is…..’Her’ abi?….she’s coming!

    • ambivalentone
      July 07, 17:22 Reply

      Huh??? I really wonder what your ‘laughing’ face looks like.

  9. McDuke
    July 07, 13:14 Reply

    The guy is a big fool…just finished reading the post on his wall and the comments that ensued.
    My conclusion is:
    Either he’s looking for attention which obviously he has gotten or he’s living in denial but whatever is the case, dude is a hot mess but he just doesn’t know it yet…thanks to the empty heads he has as friends…nonsense and condiments…ndi are…mtchewww

    After we’ll be asking for the trouble with Nigeria….

  10. Francis
    July 07, 13:18 Reply

    Na wa oh. See vex. It’s not like he went on some homophobic rant about the matter. Some of una can like to be acting thirsty as fuck and disturbing people’s inbox. He doesn’t look bad at all.

    He say he no do, move along biko.

  11. Sasha
    July 07, 13:47 Reply

    I don’t blame him though, some gay men are shameless. They slide into DM’s more quickly than a dick thrusting into an ass. They go ahead to solicit for sex shamelessly and can be quite persistent and annoying, they simply assume that once you’re gay, you should automatically agree to have sex with them.

    • ambivalentone
      July 07, 17:18 Reply

      But this one claims he’s not even gay na. How far? Shouldn’t we be channeling this anger at more profitable ventures? Like insulting the Converters???

    • Henrie
      July 07, 18:15 Reply

      That isn’t any way a ‘gay’ problem.

  12. Canis VY Majoris
    July 08, 05:01 Reply

    LMAO @Comments. Some of you can take rejection badly sha. I see nothing wrong in his post, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion & preferences. He’s simply making his known.

    Also assuming he’s gay through his pictures is just wrong. Some of you haven’t been paying attention.

    July 08, 12:50 Reply

    That niggah right there is so gay!… y’all read those crazy comment …. ?

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