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Boring journey. Boring city. Boring Dan?

Oh well. I was just happy to be in a new place. New experience. I would enjoy this place. I had to na.

I arrived PH; big city, with lots of Rumu(s). Dan wasn’t quite straightforward with the directions he gave, but I got to him anyway, after going around Rumu-this and Rumu-that.

Dan. With his rough face and eccentric accent. Oh, he’s been cycling – bigger, firmer butt. Skin tone was perfect. I was hot inside. But I just couldn’t do away with the attitude. I always gave him attitude, because I wasn’t completely in love with him.

So it was lust then?


I was welcomed. It was a very small apartment. But I was OK. Dan was OK.

I settled, ate something. All the while Dan kept staring at me with a rather sheepish expression on his face. Like one of those silly girls in Game of Thrones.

I like Dan. Dan is horny. I like Dan. Dan is in love. All memories of Owerri and Kene and school-ish was out of my mind. My parents called. I’m fine. I’m studying. I’m doing OK.

Lord knows I was in a man’s house in Port Harcourt. He would fuck me tonight. I wouldn’t mind because he was my boyfriend (whom I can’t seem to LOVE). I would enjoy the sex even, because it was not Kene.

“I’ve missed you,” Dan said.

I knew that. We were worlds apart. I was like a monster eclipse that occurs once in hundreds of years. Who knew when he’d see me again?

He kept staring. Like a little girl who was hoping her uncle is a pedophile and would come do her. His blood was hot, I could feel it.


Should there be any tension? I mean, he was my boyfriend anyway. The room was unbearably hot!

Minutes passed. OK. He stepped out, he’d be back soon. Settle down well, Kizito.

Power came on.

Dan was back.

We chitchatted.

Night fell.

So the room was cool. He put the light out. We talked in the cool dark room; touchy stuff. I got teary. He loved me much. He knew I didn’t love him as much as I should. I didn’t know what to do; I gave him that same nasty attitude. I was angry at him for no good reason.


Then he hugged me. I melted into him. Touchy-feely stuff.

“Please. Please,” he said. “I don’t know why you treat me like this. Why don’t you love me?”

“Maybe it’s not you. The problem is me.”

“We can work things out. Please…”

I sobbed then.

“I love you,” he told me.

“I love you, too,” I responded.

I had to. I would try to.

The sex that followed was passionate. Sweaty and passionate. With power going off and coming back on.

The night was peaceful. Morning came. Bright. Dan headed to work. I stayed in the room, trying to read, to study. Meh. I was in all day. (I can be in all day. Like Rapunzel up in that tower) Dan was back at night.

It was like a husband and housewife thing. With me being home and all that. I didn’t know anyone else in PH, and it wasn’t like the place had the beautiful effect of dragging and calling you out on its own to enjoy yourself. And the high cost of living sef. Ptueh! I’d rather remain inside. Peace.

But ah! If them find out say I dey man house! Chei.

The night before I left PH was a beautiful one. We went for a stroll. Something like a short tour round the Rumu communities. It was nice. I never wanted it to end. But it had to end. We were going to end.

Somehow I knew immediately I left Port Harcourt that my relationship with Dan was going to suffer.

It did.

Oh, it did.

Written by Kizito

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  1. Mandy
    July 07, 06:29 Reply

    There’s no way a relationship of unrequited affection survives. No way at all. Add to that long distance, and it can’t even really be called a relationship.

  2. Griffin
    July 07, 06:34 Reply

    This series has become whack jhor, “like a little girl hoping her uncle is a paedophile and will come do her”, I bet that was supposed to be humorous.

  3. pagxy
    July 07, 07:52 Reply

    Mandy is always first to comment why.

  4. Shuga chocolata
    July 07, 09:55 Reply

    Love unrequited tsk tsk tsk, can’t handle it.
    I can do e-relationship and did anyone else notice the RUMU-comunity?

      • Shuga chocolata
        July 07, 11:05 Reply

        Well! Well!! Well!!!
        I’ve been hearing things about RUMU communities and It is not appealing to the ear, don’t think I can ever visit PH, no hate.

  5. bain
    July 07, 10:00 Reply

    Use ur coma’s! …..its hard to read with…full stops everywhere!

    • ambivalentone
      July 07, 16:13 Reply

      But sir, even your comment didn’t measure up to the grammar standards you are screaming for na.

  6. Django
    July 07, 10:17 Reply

    Okay, I stopped reading when it got to “the little girl who was hoping her uncle is a pedophile and would come do her”

    Good morning.

  7. Django
    July 07, 10:20 Reply

    Why would pink panther even publish this story?

    Who is this kizito?

    I thought this is where everyone is supposed to learn how to have sense?

    Nonsense, come after this post is you don’t have home training.

    • Shuga chocolata
      July 07, 11:03 Reply

      Be calm django.
      You could comment only when you don’t like things. You sound like a feisty one but you need to be pacific.
      Just my opinion.

      • Django
        July 07, 13:06 Reply

        I should be calm

        I need to be Pacific

        Because that’s what you think I should be?

        Am I here to make you comfortable?

        Who are you again? ?

    • Sasha
      July 07, 14:13 Reply

      If you look anything like your avatar, it would explain alot of unnecessary outburst you display here periodically.

      • Django
        July 07, 14:22 Reply

        Unnecessary? With you sperm filled brain, how will it be necessary?

        You think everyone must be as weak as you are, right? I must laugh out loud to win your approval, abi?

        Abasha jatijati, when you see nothing wrong with the entry. Iranu oshi

        Do I blame you?

        • Sasha
          July 07, 15:40 Reply

          all this coming from a mentally unstable silly girl. I don’t feel offended at all.

          Get the help you need. Goodluck finding a good shrink in Nigeria.


          • Brian Collins
            July 08, 08:15 Reply

            *singing in drag* This Gurl is on fire, fire, fire….
            Lol, Django biko suffry with my kizito abeg. I know you probably want him to be a literary genius but I don’t think he is that. His writings have always been So random. I am just happy to be reading about someone else’s life. Bear with us please.

  8. Sinnex
    July 07, 11:20 Reply

    I used to be a fan but this is just so annoying.

    You end up using people and you think it is fun. If you don’t like someone, why would you travel to visit? Why would you ask for help or money? You remind me of a lot of guys I have had encounters with. You know you don’t like someone, what stops you from letting the person know?

    I kinda agree with Django…this piece is neither here nor there. Not entertaining or even educative. It is just a piece of crap.

  9. IBK
    July 07, 11:39 Reply

    I like this post.
    I like the way kizito writes. It’s beautiful in my opinion. The honesty is there. He isn’t trying to paint himself in a good light. He tells it all as he’s thinking it. I understand that it’d offend a lot of people and he has often left me exasperated by his stories but reading them has always been a delight.
    Kizito, listen to the critics (the ones that come with bile and those that offer actual constructive criticism). Sift through what you’re hearing.. Decide the ones to keep and discard the rest but art is at its most beautiful and satisfying when you’re staying true to yourself. Everybody can’t understand you but the ones that will will.

    • Chizzie
      July 07, 12:38 Reply

      Alright thanks, Kizito’s spokesperson

    • Django
      July 07, 13:13 Reply

      “…the ones that come with bile…”

      I know your kind and you shouldn’t be allowed near children, how much more have one.

      You suddenly think you’re wise and superior because of a certain KitoDiaries somewhere on the World Wide Web.

      Misinterpret this post however you want. That is your own cup of tea.

      But hey, I come in peace. ?

      • IBK
        July 07, 15:16 Reply

        Abegi calm down.
        What have I said now that you think you should come at me with the children bit. Did I support his attempt at making pedophilia funny?

        Really though you need to calm down. The way you get into fits of rage like a headless chicken is getting unbecoming.

  10. Chizzie
    July 07, 12:36 Reply

    The paedophile joke wasn’t nice, but everything else was. But you know instead of sleeping with all these men in different cities, why don’t you settle down and start a family with one? All I’m saying

  11. Sasha
    July 07, 14:17 Reply

    I understand that you’re an ashewo, but using people is a whole ball game altogether. I know you’re trying to be sincere in your story telling, but maybe you should take a break and work on your personality, becuase you my dear is someone I would never want to meet.

  12. Chuck
    July 07, 14:30 Reply

    These students and using older men for money. Just make sure you don’t get STDs

  13. ambivalentone
    July 07, 16:23 Reply

    What child ever dreams her Uncle should do her? You thot that up or you actually lived it? Its quite sickening!!!
    Is this one BF abi someone you just holding on to to scratch your itch until something better comes along?

  14. Django
    July 07, 16:58 Reply

    Most Nigerian gay men and their online stupidity.

  15. Peak
    July 07, 17:38 Reply

    Kizito, If there is anything I have truly admired about ur stories since its inception, is how it is always honest and not designed to put you in the running for Miss Congeniality on KD. I may not be the biggest fan of ur life’s choices (going by ur stories), but I’d rather swallow the painful truth about how you live(d) and the lessons that came with it than be served a spiced out story of elite state of perfection.
    Kitodiaries is suppose to be a place where we tell our stories and not feel a single drop of shame about it. I’m sure like everyone else, you learn ur lesson(s) along the way.

    That pedophile joke is a tad offensive. Going by the reaction its garnered so far, ppl aren’t having it…today. Not that I approve, but for some weird reason, I seem to recall a couple of KDians publicly announcing that they nursed fantasies of an adult member of their family or a neighbour having their way with them. Some have boldly announced how they led the charge in the war of seduction and no one said anything. For some weird reason, some of us are on Saint mode today. #ItIsWell

    Kizito biko don’t tweak the story o, I will read, cring, pray for you (even if u don’t need it) and move on.

  16. DarkSide
    July 07, 19:14 Reply

    The pedophilia line made me uncomfortable…

  17. Brian Collins
    July 08, 08:31 Reply

    I don’t want to write that people should calm down so that some will not think that I support pedophilia but I know for sure there there are a couple of us who have fantasized about an uncle or parents cousin taking us. I know I had a great crush on one of my mum’s cousins. And I have had a discussion with a few friends about it and they had similar experiences. I think it is normal that we crushed on some of the older male entities we were close to when we were younger, when we didn’t really understand what being gay was and what we truly wanted. I know some people who seduced their uncles before age 18. They knew what they wanted and went all out to get it.
    Dear Kizito, pls be as random as you can be, telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

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