Meet the 4 Hotties Representing Africa At Mr World 2014

Meet the 4 Hotties Representing Africa At Mr World 2014

Will the World’s Most Desirable Man come from Africa this year?

The Mr World 2014 is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Sunday 15th June 2014 in the English Rivera. Out of 46 contestants, 4 are representing Africa from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Swaziland. Check them out!

Name: Nii Tackie Laryea

Age: 23

Height: 177

Languages: English, Ga

Nii was born and raised in Accra, Ghana’s coastal capital city. A student of Banking and Finance, Nii has completed his degree and is awaiting his graduation. In the future he hopes to become a lawyer, but has dual aspirations, also wishing to pursue a career in the music industry.

Nii likes to rap, sing and play the guitar, and hopes these skills will help him progress as a musician. In his spare time, Nii likes to listen to other people’s music and organise Christmas parties for less privileged children. Facts

Current Occupation: Student, Banking & Finance

Favourite Song: Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Favourite Food: Ghanaian Banku cuisine, especially Tilapia fish

Personal Motto: “No dream is too big”

Nii has a pet dog

Name: Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ikubese

Age: 25

Height: 188

Languages: English, Swahili

Emmanuel is an actor from Lagos, Nigeria. His biggest role was starring as Femi in the award winning MTV series Shuga. Describing himself as “a philanthropic person whose ambitions are supported by my go-getter attitude”, he aspires to use his success to start his own foundation for orphans and abandoned kids.

Aside from his acting career, Emmanuel likes to play soccer and basketball, to cook, and to play the Konga drums. He says he hopes to become the greatest entertainer to come out of Africa. Facts

Current Occupation: Actor & TV Host

Favourite Dish: Hometown delicacy called “starch and owo soup”

Favourite book: The 80/20 principle by Richard Koch

He would love to learn how to play the piano. He studied International Relations at University in Kenya.



Name: Matthew Cole Fincham

Age: 27

Height: 184

Languages: English, Afrikaans

Matthew is a personal trainer, born and raised in Centurion, Pretoria. He says his job is very fulfilling, and loves having such a positive impact on his client’s lives. He hopes to open his own gym franchise in the future, and to use his abilities and resources to start sports programmes to benefit more disadvantaged people within the community.

In his spare time, Matthew likes to play golf, hockey and football, and his music tastes cover house, jazz and gospel rock. He is also a musician able to play the trumpet, and is currently learning the guitar. Facts

Current Occupation: Personal Trainer

Favourite Food: Steak & Pizza

Favourite Book: Final Quest by Rick Joyner

Personal Motto: “Live for a purpose greater than yourself”

Qualified for the SA Big Drive Team in 2013 (Big Drive Golfing)

Name: Bonelelwe Khulekani Makhanya

Age: 21

Height: 180

Languages: SiSwati, English, French

Bonelelwe is a scholar, born and raised in Mbabane, Swaziland. Describing himself as “energetic and charismatic”, he likes to play basketball, make music, and DJ. He says his family is very musical, with his mother, sister and brother all singers, while his father introduced him to drums.

His ambition is to become a pilot after his studies, although he has also worked as a journalist at the Swazi Times. In his spare time, he likes to read books, and his musical tastes vary from jazz to hip hop and house. Facts

Current Occupation: Student

Favourite Music: Deep House

Favourite Food: Traditional Swazi cuisine

Personal Motto: “Be who you want to be and believe in your dreams.”

He has 3 pet cats.

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  1. Absalom
    June 14, 07:01 Reply

    Now where’s today’s post?

  2. Chizzie
    June 14, 07:06 Reply

    lol my thoughts exactly. The Swaziland guy looks alot like a yoruba guy…maybe there’s some shared ancestry. Cause he has typical yoruba features

  3. KingBey
    June 14, 07:24 Reply

    Only the South African guy tried for me…the rest is just there….seriously is that the most handsome guy in Swaziland? :O The guy looks just like the typical TB boy you see on the street…with all the cap, handbag, accessories and all…hehe….please give us the post for today

  4. lluvmua
    June 14, 07:42 Reply

    South africa nd nigeria has my money on them! D rest looked Malnourished….. Plz pink is that nigerian guy tb? Gosh he’s so handsome!

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 14, 07:48 Reply

      Oh come on, the Ghanaian dude is hot too.
      And me, I don’t know about the Naija pikin o. Yea, you’re right tho. He is very good looking.

  5. Deola
    June 14, 07:48 Reply

    The Ghanaian guy is cute, there is something about Emmanuel that has always been a turn off for me, I can’t place my fingers on it.
    The South African is aiit and I like that the guy from Swaziland has that ‘every day’ look. He is just the right amount of cute and fit.
    If I were to choose one I would pick the guy form Swaziland.
    Its Mr. World and I am guessing its not all about the looks.

  6. CeeCee
    June 14, 09:03 Reply

    I have always theorized that West African men, led by Nigerian men are the hottest in Africa, as we can all see here, the Nigerian is by far the hottest followed by the Ghanaian, the South African is ok, I wouldn’t fuck him though, and …. is that the best that the Swazis could throw up????? Smh … biko he’s just so regular- close to being plainfaced actually, just taking a walk through my neighbourhood on any evening, I could easily pick 5 hotter guys ….
    And oh please, if the Naija boy Is ever found to be tb, send me his contact details …. I WANT!!!

  7. None
    June 14, 12:35 Reply

    Don’t know what y’all are talking about, but I love me some of that Ghanaian guy! Those lips on him are mheeeeen. And why did they have to pick a white guy to represent south Africa? Aren’t there enough mouth watering dark-skinned guys from there? smh

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 14, 16:01 Reply

      Well, SA is a mixed race country. So i suppose the white part of it won this round.

  8. dan
    June 15, 20:18 Reply

    And the Nigerian was 1st runner up

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