Michael Sam Knew He ‘Didn’t Like Girls’ After His First Time With A Man

Michael Sam Knew He ‘Didn’t Like Girls’ After His First Time With A Man

The 2014 ESPYS - Roaming ShowMichael Sam recalled his history-making year as the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL in a poignant speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Time To Thrive Conference.

Crediting football as “his sanctuary,” Sam discussed coming to terms with his sexuality despite having grown up “poor, afraid and alone” while accepting the HRC’s Upstander Award at the conference, which took place over the weekend in Portland, Oregon.

“The people who were supposed to be there for me weren’t. I looked to football and sports to be my sanctuary,” he said. “When I got to college [I thought] ‘Maybe I will experiment — I will see if maybe I’m not gay. Maybe it’s a phase.'”

He then quipped, “But you know, after that first time, I knew pretty damn sure I didn’t like girls.”

Sam also took time to thank his fiancé, Vito Cammisano, for being the first person “who made me comfortable to be who I am, to be comfortable in my own skin.”

The couple got engaged earlier this year atop St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

Although he is currently without a team, Sam vowed to remain a role model to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth regardless of his NFL prospects, telling the crowd, “If we can save one life, we’re all winners.”

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  1. Pete
    February 23, 05:09 Reply

    The couple got engaged earlier this year atop St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

    Has the Church softened to that extent?

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 05:15 Reply

      Lol. What’s the church’s business with tourists choosing to put a ring on it in their surroundings?

      • Pete
        February 23, 05:25 Reply

        Atop St Peter’s Basilica is not a tourist zone. Are they referring to the front?

  2. Dennis Macauley
    February 23, 05:46 Reply

    Let me just waka pass because if i say what i wanna say, PP will eviscerate me

    • Pete
      February 23, 06:02 Reply

      *drags you back*oya, start talking before I pinch your ass (no be u talk say e dey pinchable)

  3. Gad
    February 23, 06:13 Reply

    Beautiful. There is nothing as worthy as giving time and energy for the development of younger ones in a world where me, myself and I seems dominant.

  4. Gad
    February 23, 06:14 Reply

    Beautiful. There is nothing as worthy as giving time and energy for the development of younger ones in a world where, me ,myself and I has become prevalent.

  5. Lothario
    February 23, 06:42 Reply

    I hate that he’s not on a team…..it’s been too long and I feel like his being gay is what’s causing it. Players get signed everyday, many without names or causes, he’s a media darling, any team that signs him will be sure of major PR….. so, what’s the problem?

    I guess no team is ready for the scrutiny that will come with signing him up.

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 06:55 Reply

      True that. He has even admitted it one time that he believes its becos of his sexuality that he was dropped from his last team.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      February 23, 07:11 Reply

      The truth is that he is not that great a player. He is gay and being gay in America (the land of political correctness) is the new cool. He is a media darling and would bring massive positive PR to any team that signs him, but after all said and done it ones down to talent and skill and there are feelers that he is just okay and not exactly a great player.

      Football (whether soccer or American) is still largely a homophobic sport. That is a big factor too!

      • Lothario
        February 23, 07:42 Reply

        True! I heard he isn’t such a great player. Let’s hope he steps it up….

  6. Max
    February 23, 06:45 Reply

    Lol @ Pete. “he’s currently without a team”?
    How does this NFL work biko?

  7. Mitch
    February 23, 07:32 Reply

    Awwww! This is so sweet. Just wish there was such hope for us Nigerians

  8. Chizzie
    February 23, 07:45 Reply

    well good for him and all but at the end of the day there are bills to pay and being gay or coming out doesn’t put food on the table.

    and I think putting a ring on it, in the gay capital of the world is only apt.

    • Gad
      February 23, 09:31 Reply

      Vatican, headquarters of gayworld? News

  9. Chris
    February 23, 08:12 Reply

    I appreciate Michael Sam’s honesty by coming out, however in the so called western world or enlightened world, football sport in its totality is still very homophobic, and trust me you dont wanna know . Well it can only get better. This “coming out ” thing needs to be weighed carefully as in….

    • Gad
      February 23, 09:51 Reply

      Do you mean “courage in coming out” as against “honesty in coming out”? * just asking for clarity

  10. chestnut
    February 23, 08:21 Reply

    I just don’t know why I’m not feeling this Michael Smith character…something about him just makes me feel…impatient?

      • pinkpanthertb
        February 23, 08:25 Reply

        I make that mistake too. Lol. Michael Sam. Sam Smith. Michael Smith. Its all one LGBT blur with those two names.

  11. Chris
    February 23, 10:17 Reply

    To Gad, well, you almost put me on the spot there:) Let me dig slightly into that, if i wont be crucify for my opinion here, when any member of LGBT decide to declare their sexual orientation, it straight away depict honesty. To now come out and announce to the whole World, knowing that your livelihood could be affected by this bold decision in a negative way ,well this is super courage to me., and especially in a “manly” sport. I sure respect Michael Sam’s liver and others who have made such public and even private declaration.

    • Gad
      February 23, 11:40 Reply

      Thanks for this clarification though it has not stopped me from wondering weather those whose sexuality are still kept secret are dishonest.

      • pinkpanthertb
        February 23, 12:46 Reply

        Gad, here’s what I think Chris is saying which is giving birth to this obvious misinterpretation of yours. When you have come to terms with your sexuality, that’s you being honest with yourself. When you come out of the closet, that’s you being courageous. And to a large degree, those who refuse to admit that they’re gay whilst being faced with all the signs of their sexual orientation, are being dishonest with themselves.

        • Gad
          February 23, 13:26 Reply

          Wao. Just wao. There can’t be a better way of putting this. Pinky, I will buy you tomtom

  12. Chris
    February 23, 12:55 Reply

    Sexuality is a facet of every human being. The choice to flaunt it or not rest with each individual. If a person is not waving their sexuality flag in public, it doesnt mean dishonesty( well i think). I think it is a matter of preference and factoring other issues tagging along such as mainstream society, family background or family civumstances plus the legalistic aspect too especially in Nigeria. I cant see how easy it would be for a bsexual dude or a dude married to a woman but have sexual affiliation with dudes to make a a public or even a private declaration hence the time DL.

  13. Khaleesi
    February 23, 16:31 Reply

    what a cute couple!! ***jealous and envious***

  14. A-non
    February 23, 17:25 Reply

    Homophobic sport, African American, white/hispanic boyfriend, poor family background.

    Michael definitely ticked all the wrong boxes on this one.

    That said – courageous move!

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