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Photos Of The Day: Bring on the Thirst

So I was on my own, minding my business when a friend drew my attention to the dicklicious — sorry, delicious photos of model Fab Igwilo, looking all wet and

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Photo Of The Day VIII

So you wake up from a night of wildness to find him in your kitchen – hot and making you breakfast… #sigh

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Photo: Helen Mirren Wants To Die

All these females will just hiarandia and death will be hungrying them. They’ll just be looking for early retirement from this life. Let me just siddon and be looking at


  1. KingBey
    March 03, 05:31 Reply

    That’s when he says he’s a strict Top to me……*crashed hopes*

      • Chuck
        March 03, 10:48 Reply

        oh, Max isn’t a bottom? Call the Ministry

      • Max
        March 03, 15:51 Reply

        @Chuck, I’m not anything.. I’m neither this nor that..

  2. Mitch
    March 03, 05:35 Reply

    Hell no! Cute guy? You must learn to top oh *in Ebube Nwagbo’s voice*

  3. Samurai
    March 03, 05:51 Reply

    Your role isn’t set in stone and diamond, please.
    It is a preference.

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 03, 06:01 Reply

      And he who prefers one to the other, isn’t that set in stone and diamond?

      • Samurai
        March 03, 06:11 Reply

        What I mean is that there is no rule against trying out another role even if it is just temporarily. If u see a guy u like and would really love to get down with, and he is apparently the same role as u are, u can try out the alternate role na.

        Well, I better shut up. What do I know?

      • Dennis Macauley
        March 03, 06:17 Reply

        Samurai i have had this battle with PP before and I lost. You wont win, just let it rest!

      • Samurai
        March 03, 06:49 Reply

        Lol. PP we have no pardon to give you. So stop begging.

      • Max
        March 03, 06:51 Reply

        What battle? And he won??
        Mbanu.. Not with me. I’m looking for a fight PP…
        Roles are rubbish!!
        Just another categorization used to put gay ppl in a box.

        • pinkpanthertb
          March 03, 07:22 Reply

          Some people just want what they want without their preferences getting politicized.

      • Max
        March 03, 08:00 Reply

        It still shouldn’t be that way.
        How do you cum? Be honest

      • Absalom
        March 03, 08:19 Reply

        Dennis and Samurai, you guys will never understand it, will you. *playing with stubble* Sigh.

      • trystham
        March 03, 10:14 Reply

        @Max With a strong firm dick in my arse, thats how. Changing roles because u like persona or face??? Biko, my D surprisingly has a mind of its own. It won’t get up if it thinks its going in somewhere not my fist. The roles are cast in concrete abeg

      • KingBey
        March 03, 12:14 Reply

        I wonder oooo…..people be turning simple English upside down.

  4. JustJames
    March 03, 06:19 Reply

    Hahaha. That’s not my expression. Btw I think almost everyone on grindr is top. Sure there are the bottoms who say so in their profiles but where them vers guys at. I don taya.

    • Eros
      March 03, 07:10 Reply

      Peak? Really? Interesting

  5. trystham
    March 03, 07:43 Reply

    Its not right tho. Especially all those Macho Marys. While not being ‘sexist’ and all, I really think bottoms shud be barred from the GYM. Hian!!! Lemme know who is on the menu abeg

    • Chuck
      March 03, 10:51 Reply

      What about tops that prefer muscular bottoms? Anyway you’re probably homophobic yourself, with your prescriptions about how others should live

  6. #TeamKizito
    March 03, 07:50 Reply

    And Tops should sign up, yea? Trystham. The Afo beer, fats & oil. They should. They ought to.

  7. KryxxX
    March 03, 08:09 Reply

    And the tops should hit d gym abi? Seriously?! And I end up chubby or even worst, fat an gross! Hell no!! Hell to the NO! I workout, not for anybody but for me and it doesn’t and shouldn’t affect my preference! Moreover, ppl still like them toned/firm!

    • trystham
      March 03, 09:15 Reply

      Take ur fitness programme OUT of the gym, and stay FIT and trim not muscled and ripped.

      Thats how u wee see one perfectly ripped and muscled brother that wee be asking for prick like Aunt Ada. Abeg o. There’s enough confusion in the world already.

      • KingBey
        March 03, 12:21 Reply

        Lwkmd ! Seems you have had so many experiences with Macho Mary’s……Am yet to see one though. Every guy with a lil bit of muscle I have seen in this Lagos is “Top”…….and me love muscled Cakes ! Well, I will keep searching for that Macho Mary.

      • KryxxX
        March 03, 14:10 Reply

        Oh well! Maybe I should just stick to my cardio, squats, pile, donkey kicks, side raise nd lunges so as to achieve a Mama bukky kind of ikebe super while my other body parts lies fallow abi?


        Toned and ripped is just a body type preference! I shouldn’t be judged on how I choose to look just bcos it doesn’t “match” how some ppl think I should look based on preference in d bedroom!

  8. Dennis Macauley
    March 03, 09:25 Reply

    The stereotypes that we perpetuate sef ***sigh***
    Bottoms dont belong in the gym? Let me assume that was tongue-in-cheek and refrain from saying anything.

    Max and Samurai care for lunch? My treat

    • Max
      March 03, 09:51 Reply

      Yeah.. Sure.. Add Peak to the invite..

  9. Khaleesi
    March 03, 11:37 Reply

    ***Rolls eyes** … The great complex of roles – the Roley-plex of the gaybourhood … If you both like each other, do whatever it takes to make sure the sex is fun – whether you can or want to top or bottom is immaterial, the end (sexual satisfaction) should justify the means in this regard …

  10. pinkpanthertb
    March 03, 15:26 Reply

    Yes of course. The three kisses that Michelle Williams will always give Beyonce.

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