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And the Sexiest Church Award goes to – not HOTR or COZA or Winners, but – Mountain Of Fire And Miracles! For printing stuff like these in their magazines. Check

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Photo: What happens when Twitter adds a Heart-shaped button

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Who Has Seen Jennifer Lopez’s New Movie, ‘The Boy Next Door’?

I don’t care what all these white-men-o-phobes (yes, that should be a word) on KD say, but I have been observing JLo’s co-star in the movie, The Boy Next Door,


  1. KingBey
    March 03, 05:31 Reply

    That’s when he says he’s a strict Top to me……*crashed hopes*

      • Chuck
        March 03, 10:48 Reply

        oh, Max isn’t a bottom? Call the Ministry

      • Max
        March 03, 15:51 Reply

        @Chuck, I’m not anything.. I’m neither this nor that..

  2. Mitch
    March 03, 05:35 Reply

    Hell no! Cute guy? You must learn to top oh *in Ebube Nwagbo’s voice*

  3. Samurai
    March 03, 05:51 Reply

    Your role isn’t set in stone and diamond, please.
    It is a preference.

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 03, 06:01 Reply

      And he who prefers one to the other, isn’t that set in stone and diamond?

      • Samurai
        March 03, 06:11 Reply

        What I mean is that there is no rule against trying out another role even if it is just temporarily. If u see a guy u like and would really love to get down with, and he is apparently the same role as u are, u can try out the alternate role na.

        Well, I better shut up. What do I know?

      • Dennis Macauley
        March 03, 06:17 Reply

        Samurai i have had this battle with PP before and I lost. You wont win, just let it rest!

      • Samurai
        March 03, 06:49 Reply

        Lol. PP we have no pardon to give you. So stop begging.

      • Max
        March 03, 06:51 Reply

        What battle? And he won??
        Mbanu.. Not with me. I’m looking for a fight PP…
        Roles are rubbish!!
        Just another categorization used to put gay ppl in a box.

        • pinkpanthertb
          March 03, 07:22 Reply

          Some people just want what they want without their preferences getting politicized.

      • Max
        March 03, 08:00 Reply

        It still shouldn’t be that way.
        How do you cum? Be honest

      • Absalom
        March 03, 08:19 Reply

        Dennis and Samurai, you guys will never understand it, will you. *playing with stubble* Sigh.

      • trystham
        March 03, 10:14 Reply

        @Max With a strong firm dick in my arse, thats how. Changing roles because u like persona or face??? Biko, my D surprisingly has a mind of its own. It won’t get up if it thinks its going in somewhere not my fist. The roles are cast in concrete abeg

      • KingBey
        March 03, 12:14 Reply

        I wonder oooo…..people be turning simple English upside down.

  4. JustJames
    March 03, 06:19 Reply

    Hahaha. That’s not my expression. Btw I think almost everyone on grindr is top. Sure there are the bottoms who say so in their profiles but where them vers guys at. I don taya.

    • Eros
      March 03, 07:10 Reply

      Peak? Really? Interesting

  5. trystham
    March 03, 07:43 Reply

    Its not right tho. Especially all those Macho Marys. While not being ‘sexist’ and all, I really think bottoms shud be barred from the GYM. Hian!!! Lemme know who is on the menu abeg

    • Chuck
      March 03, 10:51 Reply

      What about tops that prefer muscular bottoms? Anyway you’re probably homophobic yourself, with your prescriptions about how others should live

  6. #TeamKizito
    March 03, 07:50 Reply

    And Tops should sign up, yea? Trystham. The Afo beer, fats & oil. They should. They ought to.

  7. KryxxX
    March 03, 08:09 Reply

    And the tops should hit d gym abi? Seriously?! And I end up chubby or even worst, fat an gross! Hell no!! Hell to the NO! I workout, not for anybody but for me and it doesn’t and shouldn’t affect my preference! Moreover, ppl still like them toned/firm!

    • trystham
      March 03, 09:15 Reply

      Take ur fitness programme OUT of the gym, and stay FIT and trim not muscled and ripped.

      Thats how u wee see one perfectly ripped and muscled brother that wee be asking for prick like Aunt Ada. Abeg o. There’s enough confusion in the world already.

      • KingBey
        March 03, 12:21 Reply

        Lwkmd ! Seems you have had so many experiences with Macho Mary’s……Am yet to see one though. Every guy with a lil bit of muscle I have seen in this Lagos is “Top”…….and me love muscled Cakes ! Well, I will keep searching for that Macho Mary.

      • KryxxX
        March 03, 14:10 Reply

        Oh well! Maybe I should just stick to my cardio, squats, pile, donkey kicks, side raise nd lunges so as to achieve a Mama bukky kind of ikebe super while my other body parts lies fallow abi?


        Toned and ripped is just a body type preference! I shouldn’t be judged on how I choose to look just bcos it doesn’t “match” how some ppl think I should look based on preference in d bedroom!

  8. Dennis Macauley
    March 03, 09:25 Reply

    The stereotypes that we perpetuate sef ***sigh***
    Bottoms dont belong in the gym? Let me assume that was tongue-in-cheek and refrain from saying anything.

    Max and Samurai care for lunch? My treat

    • Max
      March 03, 09:51 Reply

      Yeah.. Sure.. Add Peak to the invite..

  9. Khaleesi
    March 03, 11:37 Reply

    ***Rolls eyes** … The great complex of roles – the Roley-plex of the gaybourhood … If you both like each other, do whatever it takes to make sure the sex is fun – whether you can or want to top or bottom is immaterial, the end (sexual satisfaction) should justify the means in this regard …

  10. pinkpanthertb
    March 03, 15:26 Reply

    Yes of course. The three kisses that Michelle Williams will always give Beyonce.

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