We waved at Babajide as he got into his car, and watched him drive off before going into the house. It was just some minutes past 12am.

A few hours ago, Babajide had invited Teddy for some drinks after work and he had wanted to meet with me too. I got to Teddy’s place by 7pm and we waited for about two hours before Babajide came by the house to pick us up.

He was a dark-skinned guy in his early thirties, married – even though he didn’t look it. He was friendly, laidback – or at least that was my impression of him. He greeted Teddy and then turned to me to exchange pleasantries. I was pleased to meet him. I liked his personality, and he seemed like a nice guy. And then, during the drive to the lounge where he wanted us to hang out, he began asking me questions, seemingly interested in drawing me out, and I had to let him know that I was reserved and not a great conversationalist with people I am just meeting for the first time. He nodded, accepting my rebuff graciously.

It was an average Lagos lounge, stuffy with smells of cigarette smoke, liquor and expensive perfume. The lights, blue and dim, created an ambience of tranquility. Of secrecy. I liked that there wasn’t a huge crowd here. Not too far from where we got seated were three strippers doing their thing.

Babajide asked us what we wanted, and I typically couldn’t make up my mind. He smiled and suggested a drink I’d never had before. I said OK, and he placed the orders.

I was glad to be out. I didn’t mind the drinks, the people in the lounge, Babajide, the weird hype guys or the strippers. I was just happy to be out here with Teddy.

I wanted to be out with Teddy. Then again, I always wanted to go out with Teddy. She had been driving me crazy for a while. I didn’t mind meeting her friend, as long as it put me in the same space with her. Breathing her air. Existing with her by my side. I looked at her now and smiled. I didn’t understand how someone could be so gorgeous, so beautiful. She looked like a meal glowing under the dim lights, an expensive full course meal with the kind of dessert that comes with lots of toppings. This woman had been in my head. In my thoughts. In my pussy. And I couldn’t seem to get enough of her or be satisfied by her.

Goodness! All I could think of were her hands, the way they groped my soft little bum. Her lips leaving gentle kisses on my neck. Her body, the warmth of it. I squirmed in my seat, and she must have felt my discomfort, because she turned to look at me, an innocence in her eyes.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

Nodding affirmatively, I placed my left hand on her thigh, to reassure her.

Finally adjusting to the environment and the music, I grabbed the drink that had just arrived and took a big gulp. Babajide asked me a few more questions about myself and soon, we were having a fun conversation. I thought he was pretty chill. A song came up and he asked me to dance with him. I chuckled. Bad market. I was probably the worst dancer I knew! I stood with him for a while, but I didn’t really dance. I couldn’t, really.

Not when my eyes were on Teddy and my thoughts were with her. Not when It was impossible to shut her out of my brain, even for a second.

Standing there, rigid on the dance floor, all I could think about was how badly I wanted her to do things to me. How much I wanted to possess her body with my hands.

Babajide teased me about being so protective of her, and then eventually let go of the dancing, and we returned to our seats. I felt a rush of emotion as I settled down back next to her warmth. I couldn’t stop breathing in the essence of my sweet Teddy.

The drink I’d been having kicked in and I leaned a bit more into her. In the gloom of our corner in the lounge, I was feeling reckless. I liked the fact that her body was so soft. My hand traced her spine for a while before it slipped inside her shirt. Damn! Her skin felt so smooth. I allowed my hand roam for a while, just before cupping one of her boobs. I froze. She wasn’t putting on a bra. The alarms in my head went off.


I felt Babajide’s eyes on us, and once again, I squirmed and let my hand drop from Teddy. I reminded myself that we were out and should be enjoying the music and the place, and not each other for a change.

The three of us gisted for a while, but the truth was that I wasn’t concentrating at all. I just couldn’t. All I wanted was to be back home with Teddy, in her arms. I was done with the outside world. I wanted to be back inside.

Inside of her.

Several minutes later, Babajide said he needed to be home so we all had to leave.

GRACIOUS HEAVENS! Lord knows how badly I wanted to go home too.

After Babajide dropped us off, I hugged him and said my thanks to him for the outing. Then we waved him goodbye and went into the house.

Finally, Home. I watched Teddy undress and step into the shower, her dark, luscious skin glowing even brighter under the warm yellow lights of the bathroom. I couldn’t take it, all that beauty.

“Did you have fun?” she asked me as the water travelled freely down her body. And it crossed my mind that I never thought I’d be one to envy water.

“Umm, yeah,” I said. “Sure, I did. Babajide is such a cool guy. I’m glad I met your friend.”

As I talked, I took off what was left of my clothing.

Teddy stepped out of the shower now and was patting her skin dry with a towel. I couldn’t help it; I rose from the bed and moved towards her. I wanted – no – needed. I needed to sniff her. To enjoy the sweet scent of her essence, fresh from her shower. I moved slowly, circling her as I sniffed her body like a dog that had just found a delicious treat.

She let me sniff her, watching me with a smile that spoke of that confidence that drove me wild. Like I was accomplished in that moment, just by letting me take in her scent. It was fun. Fun every time.

Letting go, I went into the shower. As I let the water run, I shut my eyes for a bit and thought about everything that had happened that day. I’d had quite a day and was still a bit tipsy from the outing, Ah, the outing.  I thought about Babajide now. I hoped he’d gotten home safe.

Finished with my shower, I stepped out and dried myself. Teddy was on the bed going through her phone, checking her Twitter.

I mounted her.

“Hi, Becks,” she said, peering straight into my eyes as she put her phone aside.

“Hi, babe,” I said as I leaned forward to kiss her forehead, while resting my little ass on her pussy.

Written by Becks

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