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Photo Of The Day XV

But I thought we were already wearing AMU… *flustered look at down below*

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Morning Humour XIV

LMAO! Those expressions in the picture kill me every time. This is a response bottoms so don’t wanna hear from a guy they’re just starting to like.

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Photo Of The Day XXXII

I don’t speak Latin, but it’s pretty obvious what message this is passing across. Lol.


  1. kendigin
    May 19, 05:00 Reply

    Just loving this pic! Its really “forbidden” love.

    But I know some trashy hoes will soon wake up and start spewing d usual….

      • #TeamKizito
        May 19, 05:19 Reply

        Kendigin is a smart student. (FYM)

        Oya give him his prize. O.o

      • kendigin
        May 19, 07:22 Reply


        I just want to use this opportunity to thank my friends, my family for being supportive. My dog Cujo for his love, my lube durex play for unreserved loyalty, my dildo titan for his supper ultra titanium roddering…..i love y’all

      • Mercury
        May 19, 07:44 Reply

        Uuuhhhhh, you named your dildo Titan, how hot.

  2. Mandy
    May 19, 05:02 Reply

    ISIS Victims Waiting To Happen.

  3. kacee
    May 19, 06:22 Reply

    Madonna posted this on Instagram (Muslim and Jew kissing)*whispering THIS IS SO HOT,fanning my hot face*. I hope she didn’t make any Muslims angry o.

    • Chris
      May 19, 09:59 Reply

      Madonna abi shey? it’s ok. as long as she doesnt book the middle east for holiday destination.

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 19, 06:58 Reply

      I read this comment and somehow, I understand something else.

    • JArch
      May 19, 08:00 Reply

      This reminds me of Hozier’s Take Me To Church

      • Deola
        May 19, 10:25 Reply

        Exactly. I think thats what Tobby meant. Which is why it was cool.

  4. chestnut
    May 19, 06:59 Reply

    Those dudes are super-cute! (I wish they didn’t look like biological brothers tho…)

  5. JArch
    May 19, 07:01 Reply

    We found love in a hopeless place

  6. Teflondon
    May 19, 09:52 Reply

    This is what you call Lust Oops! Sorry I mean love at first sight.

    • Chris
      May 19, 10:02 Reply

      nah Tefldn, you meant lust at first sight, do not be afraid!

    May 19, 10:16 Reply

    Love knows no race, no religion, no geographical location… Love is universal…..

    Like the love for ice cream


  8. alpha papi
    May 19, 10:33 Reply

    Two bottoms dat needs a power top like me in dia lives.

    • trystham
      May 19, 10:58 Reply

      oh there you are. This feels like BBA. Old evictees turning up again.

  9. Andrevn
    May 19, 11:16 Reply

    Middle Eastern Men are so drop dead hawt, gorgeous and sexy.

    I would caption this #Oasis in the Arabia.

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