This instagram model says he feels “disrespected” when followers post comments on his “perfect body”

This instagram model says he feels “disrespected” when followers post comments on his “perfect body”

It’s not easy being beautiful. Just ask Instagram star Jasson Jerez.

The Los Angeles-based influencer regularly posts risqué photos of himself for his 160K followers.

For example, this:

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Culo Dominicano 🇩🇴

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And this:

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Good afternoon London 🇬🇧 #GivingYouDramaMama

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And this too:

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Es viernes y el cuerpo lo sabe 😈🕺🏻

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Based on the photos, it’s clear Jasson works very hard on his physique, and he should be proud of the results. All those hours spent at the gym are clearly paying off. Good on him!

But being beautiful is not without its burdens.

Recently, Jasson took to his Instagram story to express his dissatisfaction with followers who say his body is “too perfect” and that he’s “not relatable” because of it.

“So, it’s actually really disrespectful for you to come onto my page and say how I’m not relatable, that my body is too perfect,” he laments in a video posted to his Instagram story last week. “People who are fit, people like me, we all work really hard on our bodies, it doesn’t matter if you do steroids or not. It’s still hard work. I give up a lot of food that I could eat.”

Naturally, his video has inspired a lot of responses…

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  1. Mandy
    April 07, 10:17 Reply

    LOL. Pretty really does hurt.

  2. KingBey
    April 07, 14:55 Reply

    Much ado over nothing. He doesn’t have real life problems.


  3. Delle
    April 08, 09:25 Reply

    I sometimes feel like this. It’s annoying when all people say to you is how cute you are, or sexy.

    There’s more!

    Funny how I made a video about this same thing yesterday. I understand, Jasson. You’re much more, okay?

    • Pink Panther
      April 08, 10:23 Reply

      But people are reacting to the part of him that he’s putting on display. There’s nothing much more about a selfie where your ass is sticking out or a pic where you’re posing sexily in your undies. Photos like that do not ask for an indepth conversation about mental awareness or the possible traumas he has suffered in the past or how tough life is. Pictures like that are thirst trap, and guess what, people respond to thirst by commenting on how sexy or cute you look.
      If you’re someone who is ticked off by online compliments, perhaps make the posts or captions that invite the kind of conversations you want people to have on your timeline.

        April 13, 00:29 Reply

        Bless your heart Pinky dear. After marketing sexiness and pple comman start pricing, he’s complaining. I honestly don’t think that people who wear robes and jalabiyas and cover up get such comments.

  4. Rainbow Nova
    April 08, 22:50 Reply

    I know to a lot of people this would seem like crap as in “WTF is he talking about? Don’t post pictures like that if you don’t want that kind of attention/treatment, its your call dude” but I say this as someone who can totally relate to what he’s saying, okay lemme recap…
    He probably didn’t just get to the place where he’s so confident and comfortable in being so free and expressive just like that, he might have gone through anorexia, depression, low self esteem or something similar for a while before he found his silver lining so when people say stuff like that, he’s thinking “Wait, all the shit I’ve been through to get here and now I’m perfect and unrelatable, damn that really hurts”. It’s like saying he just “wakes up like that” so fired up to take a saucy photo and enjoy the liberty of self expression after all why go through all that discipline, hard work, patience and resilience to become something people just like, some object people wank off to instead of a person who inspires others and gives them the courage to live freely too.

    I understand it’s easy to find fault in his point of view as most people get shamed all the time for trying to do the same and he should be happy and satisfied but then what if he was shamed too and took his time, working on himself till he can stand up to the world and just be free. We’re all fighting our battles and facing our own shit, we all have goals, fears and dreams so before disregarding/ignoring someone’s plight, try seeing things in their spotlight and if you can’t, you really don’t have to cut ’em off like what they say doesn’t matter, it hurts more than not being able to speak up at all in the first place.

  5. Rex
    April 09, 14:44 Reply

    Rubbish and fitness!!
    what do you expect people to reply or comment after you post your whole market on instagram “oh Pastor your preaching was uplifting” abiii?
    life is so garbage in garbage out, you serve sexy and now you dont want to enjoy the outcome。
    Oyinbo find a struggle mbok kud yad esit.

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