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Photo: What Alex Ekubo Could Be Talking About

A KDian sent me the screengrabbed photo below along with the words: “I don’t think he was talking about the clothes, but my mind was miles away from that. I

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Photo Of The Day XLIV

This much thirst during football though… Tsk tsk 🙂


  1. Griffin
    September 09, 06:50 Reply

    No improvement jhor, innocent bro hug.. ..ur mind is filthy Pinky.

    • Panther
      September 09, 06:51 Reply

      I wasn’t even thinking about the hug. 🙂
      Now whose mind is filthy? 😛

  2. Façade
    September 09, 06:54 Reply

    Omg those chocolate cakes, Pinkie diaris God o

  3. #Chestnut
    September 09, 07:29 Reply

    Cake, Cake,Cake,Cake, Cake!that dude’s face be like: “choi…if these cameras weren’t here ehn,this is not where I’d place my hand…” Lol.

  4. ken
    September 09, 07:53 Reply

    Ladies….stop lusting after bombom. lol

  5. Griffin
    September 09, 08:06 Reply

    Glossy looking orbs of ? perfection.. ….I shouldn’t!!!!

  6. Masked Man
    September 09, 08:07 Reply

    In a squatting position, says a little prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude.

    Then claps on both gluteus and squeezes them generously.

    Pulls down them pants.

    Spreads his legs apart.

    Bend his torso to wait level.

    Then begin the adoration.

    You can eat these cakes for well over an hour.

    Bless you lord.

    • kacee
      September 09, 10:16 Reply

      MM u’re so bad lmao

  7. Mandy
    September 09, 08:11 Reply

    How does this guy run with cakes that size bikonu?

    • Verified
      September 09, 08:44 Reply

      And I was wondering same thing Mandy

  8. Verified
    September 09, 08:43 Reply

    Cakes of life.. That cake is just glorious!

  9. Olly Goes
    September 09, 09:35 Reply

    Ogunode. My new ASSlethics crush. I’m ditching Tyson Gay, until now the world record holder in the 100M dASSh…

  10. Olly Goes
    September 09, 09:39 Reply

    I’ve just checked Femi Ogunode’s profile on

    He runs for Qatar, is 100m champion, shares my birthday and has a come and do smile.

    Am going to do.

  11. Dennis Macaulay
    September 09, 09:57 Reply

    PP! I saw this on IG and I knew it will end up here!

    You are a mess

  12. kacee
    September 09, 10:20 Reply

    his butt looks Graby hehehe (if that’s a word)I can’t understand u guys obsession with cakes #Icantdeal

  13. sinnex
    September 09, 11:58 Reply

    You sure say this nyash no go break person prick so?

  14. Khaleesi
    September 09, 12:56 Reply

    ****screams**** Oh Lawd!!!! how i’d luv to be squeezed into the middle of all this black man meat!!! How i crave to be sandwiched between them both – in a perfect oreo!! Of course i can’t forget to reach back and grab those life giving cakes! …

  15. ambivalentone
    September 09, 14:44 Reply

    And there that uncle yonder looks as flat as I am. I’m quite sure it’s not the same God that made both of us. *sobs*

  16. Angel
    September 11, 06:52 Reply

    These cake tho…yummy!

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