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Photo Of The Day X

LOL! Oh, gay men and their fabulous responses…


  1. ken
    October 19, 06:51 Reply

    And it jst had to be justin bieber ehn???
    PP, mind ya sef ooo

    Cos justin is like tots super ultra straight!

  2. Mandy
    October 19, 06:54 Reply

    Chai, Justin Bieber has suffered. He’s always the BUTT of all these gay jokes. 🙂

  3. Francis
    October 19, 07:03 Reply

    That vajayjay looks mighty pissed!

  4. Sinnex
    October 19, 07:30 Reply

    I am sure there are some guys here who can take dicks bigger than that in the picture.

    • ambivalentone
      October 19, 08:13 Reply

      I’m sure you mean ‘bigger than all of them together’ because taking just a single one is child’s play.

        • ambivalentone
          October 19, 20:02 Reply

          I’m hasty to notify u that the pussy ain’t loose. Some dicks are just…pee-wee league

  5. Kerr
    October 19, 11:59 Reply

    But when did the discussion deviate to the size of sausages, pls?

  6. johnfavour
    October 19, 14:22 Reply

    Justin aff suffered for una hand. I can’t take something as big as that

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