Chizzie’s Jukebox

Chizzie’s Jukebox

Being the music aficionado that I am, I’ve decided to try my hands on this…whatever this is. I like to think that (some) gays, for the most part, have good taste in music, and I consider myself one of them. Music is everything to me, and by music, I do not mean songs about sharing “the gala and the booze”. I mean carefully thought out songs, with good vocals and lyrics that weren’t written flippantly. So I’ve decided to share my love for music with all you good KDians.

And here’s how it’s going to go; each week, I’ll write in about my Top 5 songs of the week. They’ll be based on the theme for that week. To prevent things from being redundant, I’ll be sure to pick the most interesting themes (Think in the lines of “Songs you listen to when you want to make a sex tape”). It’ll be a great way to learn new songs, expand your repertoire and improve your vocabulary, as very few, if any Nigerian songs would make it on the list.

So today’s theme would be: Uplifting Songs

Yes, I might come across as a Satanist from time to time, but there’s a soft side somewhere in there, and what better way to start off than on a positive note. Kumbaya!  Here it goes:


CJ jimmy-eat-world the-middleThe Middle

Artist: Jimmy Eat World

Year: 2001

It’s not set in your typical Mariah Carey Everything-is-gonna-be-alright format; actually it’s a grunge punk rock song. The amazing thing about this song however are its profound lyrics sang in a carefree nature.

With lines like, “It just takes some time… You’re in the middle of the ride. Everything will be just fine. Everything will be alright”, it’s bound to leave you shredding every suicide note you’ve written and realizing that indeed everything will be all right.

CJ miley_cyrus the_climbThe Climb

Artist: Miley Cyrus

Year: 2009

This was of course Miley before she became a whore and the mother of all abominations on earth.

I love how the song implies that life isn’t a bed of roses and the spunk of life is the curve balls and challenges it throws at you. It’s perfect for when you feel down and out and downright hopeless.  Sometimes, all you have to do is get up, dust off and keep climbing. Miley sings to just be strong and keep going because “there’s always gonna be another mountain”. Wise words!

CJ kacey1Cup of Tea

Artist: Kacey Musgraves

Year: 2015

It’s an ode to imperfection and self love, and have I mentioned hands down one of the wittiest songs I’ve heard in a while. Its lyrics are simple but merry and would have you singing along with a hairbrush as a microphone while your fears and worries are miles away.

“Maybe you’ve slept with half of your home town… In a world of squares, maybe you’re just round… You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, why would you want to be?”

The song is the perfect mantra for attaining stoicism!

CJ visionofloveVision Of Love

Artist: Mariah Carey

Year: 1990

First off, the vocals on this song – like no other. Mariah slew every single line and hit every single note, and established this song as the most vocally brilliant in modern history.

Ideally it sounds like she’s singing about finally meeting her dream man, but Mariah has stated repeatedly that she wasn’t thinking about a man when she wrote the lyrics. She wrote the song because she had finally gotten a music contract, after years of rejection and people saying she looked too odd to be a star.  So in essence, it was her victory song.

Why listen to a victory song when you are feeling not-so victorious? Well I like to think of this song as an anchor, when I’m being battered by the storms of life. The song is about proclaiming for joy when your fantasies finally become a reality. I want that to happen to me too. I want to write my own victory song. So instead of giving up, I listen to this song and push on.

CJ dcsurvivorHappy Face

Artist: Destiny’s Child

Year: 2001

The song makes the conscious effort of being happy easier. Because after all, like Beyoncé suggests, you woke up alive, the sun is shining, so why not put on a happy face and go out there and sell your market.

Also when you have a lot of haters *coughs* like I do, and receive the occasional Grindr rape threats from comments made on this blog (I kid not), it’s the go-to song.

There might be plenty of people who do not like you, but there’re ten times more who love you, and then you love yourself. And that’s all that matters.


Next week’s theme is Dramatic (aka songs to listen to when one is having a bitch fit).

Written by Chizzie

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  1. Sinnex
    October 19, 07:47 Reply

    I just dey waka pass…

    Na only ‘The Climb’ I know sha.


  2. Ruby
    October 19, 08:15 Reply

    Feeling really lost here
    *off to do some internet trolling*

  3. Kester
    October 19, 09:06 Reply

    Nice thing you are doing here who would have thought? Before I was done reading I knew Beyonce will find her way here…… somehow. Waiting for your next piece. PP everyone is so talented I feel so unaccomplished. maybe I should write weekly about basic deep throating skills… the little I know I will never……. OK bye

    • Duke
      October 19, 09:12 Reply

      Kester, please write about deep throating skills. I give my best and these boys don’t know how to return the favor.

  4. Chizzie
    October 19, 10:11 Reply

    PLEASE! Write about that, God knows I could take one or two notes, cause my bj skills are nothing to write home about

  5. obatala
    October 19, 11:01 Reply

    what if I like sharing the gala and booze??

  6. GOld
    October 19, 11:06 Reply

    ‘the climb’
    My best there.
    The lyrics touch me anytime I listen to it.
    Sometimes I feel it ain’t Miley that sang the song with all the nonsense she exhibits nowadays.

  7. Peak
    October 19, 11:45 Reply

    Ok Chizzie let me start by saying that I was uber excited when u 1st mentioned ur interest in trying ur hand at writing music reviews. I like to pride myself as a total music head (I try at least). I was equally excited when I saw ur post. I read through and… lets just say I was disappointed to the point where I felt like bashing ur head against concrete. So I took time off to simmer down before writing anything.
    Like dude! This is music, how u going to debut like this? Why u have 2 do me like this? I get that u are trying to have a scope with the theme thing, since music is a very very broad phenomenon, but Bros, u didn’t deliver, maybe I’m the one with the crazy expectation *shrug*

    I like the theme idea, but I want this segment to have more content. The article left me wanting more.

    I have heard 3 out of the 5 songs u recommended (the middle and cup of tea are the odd items)
    Will be checking them out to cover my bases.

    Pardon my rambling, but I’d like to make some suggestions (hope it’s ok by u)
    Instead of limiting the whole article to a theme (which makes it all seem bland and less interactive) why not add reviews on new releases, albums, songs, videos. Give us acts to watch out for, must listens, introduce us to some mad talented acts that are largely underrated or u feel like the masses are sleeping on (Luke james, Stacy Barthe, Elijah blake, Dawn, Ella Handerson, Wynter Gordon, Tori kelly etc). Give us a critique of a song or an album and allow us to sound off on it.
    A lot of big names are dropping materials during the last quarter of the year to capitalize on black friday and the holidays to shift albums. Names like 1D (I don’t care 4 them) Adele, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber (I dont care 4 him), Rihanna, and possibly Kanye West are exoected to drop in November. U can give us reveiws of their new materials and offering. Just make is current and fresh. I get that good music can be timeless, but it’d be nice to keep things recent, cos most of the songs up there are quite old and some KDians weren’t born then (no pun). it’d be more fun and give us something to look forward to.
    Ok let me stop cos I’m doing too much. Its music and I really want u to do it justice. I can forgive John Rivers 4 occasionally missing the spot with fashion, but music? Ha! Somebody will be having problems with me ooooo! Nice attempt nonetheless. **off to find the listed songs that I haven’t listened to**

    • Chizzie
      October 19, 12:10 Reply

      Good idea, thought of that too but i just didn’t want it to seem too convoluted, plus I am the laziest person on the planet. i’ll give it a shot next week though. Thanks baby.

      • Tiercel de Claron.
        October 19, 12:18 Reply

        Don’t you take out the late 80’s & 90’s from the list though,or I’ll be the one you have problem with.
        If an oldie such as I can deign to keep with the current trends,as much as is possible,then it won’t do the younguns any harm to bear an oldie or two.

        • Peak
          October 19, 12:35 Reply

          @TdC Lol, see Metusela hahahahaha. Personal I think the best records were made in the 90s. 80s? Not so sure, I think I can handle some tunes from that era. So yes to 90s tunes. I think it would be nice to have reviews of songs that would nostalgically stimulate the senses.

  8. Kerr
    October 19, 11:54 Reply

    Hmm… Quite an interesting collection.
    I love the Climb….( I miss the Hanna Montana-esque Miley Cyrus ) and Vision of Love too…

    I’d have preferred Free by Destiny’s Child to Happy Face…though they are from different albums ( Free is from Destiny Fulfilled album ).

    Nice one, Chizzie. You have good ears .

    • Peak
      October 19, 12:24 Reply

      Ain’t no feeling like being free
      When your mind’s made up
      And your hearts in the right place, yeah
      Ain’t no feeling like being free
      When you’ve done all you could
      But what’s misunderstood
      (It’s all good, it’s all good)
      Ain’t no feeling like being free
      I’m like an eagle set free
      And finally I’m looking out for me
      Ain’t no feeling like being free
      Cause my mind’s made up
      And my heart is in the right place, yeah

      Destiny Fulfilled slayed lives! The ballads on that album were all on point.

      *sigh* I could use one more album from those girls if only…

  9. Khaleesi
    October 19, 14:46 Reply

    everyone is entitled to his tastes in music, if i like to wind and gyrate to tunes which exhort me to “share the gala share the booze” while reminding me that “even my boo get a boo”, its not your call to condescend and look down on others’ taste in music. This is simply a lineup of songs you like, nothing more nothing less, if you think it entitles you to arrogate to yourself the status and title of a music afficionado; i wont bother to burst your bubble … but quit feeding your music tastes down others’ throats, i barely know nor care about nor like any of these songs, you might as well be raking your fingernails across a chalk-board …

  10. iamcoy
    October 19, 15:57 Reply

    Lol.. I thought so too.. Nigerian songs and their life giving rhythm but nerve wrecking lyrics. I am currently humming EVEN YOUR BOO GET A BOO.. A BOO A BOO…

    Another segment go soon open titled NIGERIAN RHYTHMS OF THE WEEK..

    • Deola
      October 19, 18:26 Reply

      My friend, will you gerrarahia.

  11. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    October 19, 19:51 Reply

    Boring sunny day. Finally getting around to this post. Kizito the charmer didn’t allow me in the morning.

    The only song i know up there is mariah’s vision of love… I am sure others are great too to be alongside vision of love.

    Let me just go straight to the reason for my comment. That jab/shade at Nigerian music and raggae blues is misplaced…. It is true that Nigerian music scene is filled with “misroads”, but I love me some Nigerian tunes …. Those beats of life (wizkid’s samba anyone?)

    Sometimes you want to hear something lyrical that speaks to your soul … But sometimes you need upbeat Nigerian music to tell u about your boo that has a boo …. Or what not.

    Yes, there are songs that are just plain silly and useless but using that particular example is misplaced …. Most Nigerian lyrics are not too far from their American hip-hop counterparts only that they are delivered in a manner that their audience can relate to

    One of my favourite songs (Melanie Fiona’s 4am) has these lyrics … “… And I know my baby is calling somebody else baby…”

    Oya somebody anybody should tell me the difference between that lyrics above and “even your boo get a boo”.

    Good night folks. Sleep well.

  12. ronniephoenix
    October 19, 20:30 Reply

    Totally not trying to start something, but chizzie actually is more than a freaking satanist? Hmmmmm ok.

  13. Wealth
    October 21, 00:00 Reply

    Wow I’m a music lover too and I love the dream girls with passionnjennifer hudson mostly and nice work chizzie looking for ward to next week’s theme

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