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Photo: The Stupidity of Homophobia

So according to Joseph Davinci, straight guys just walk around with stinky asses, huh?

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Photo: Morning Humour V

LOL! I am not the one going to hell for this. Chestnut is.


  1. Max
    July 29, 05:23 Reply

    Ahaaa… Been long overdue

  2. drizzle
    July 29, 06:11 Reply

    I’ll pass.. I love concoction rice more and it’s not on the menu..

    • Masked Man
      July 29, 06:30 Reply

      Open your eyes, and your butthole will follow. Lol

  3. Brian Collins
    July 29, 06:23 Reply

    Being i am not a heavy breakfast eater i would have to leave this for dinner.
    Me:(at 5-star restaurant) Hello waiter, today i’ll be doing just carbs with a bit veggies here and there. I’ll jump right to the Entreé then.
    Me: I’ll have an Extra large plate of Coconut Rice with a side of sauté
    Special Fried rice with spicy Fried Rice stuffed cucumber and then Death by Jollof Rice for dessert.

  4. Mandy
    July 29, 06:25 Reply

    PP, what kind of rice is Idris Elba? 😀

  5. Masked Man
    July 29, 06:36 Reply

    All the three recipes below Pls. For breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  6. Kester
    July 29, 06:44 Reply

    Nobody wants ofada rice? Isn’t that a type of shade? Neither do I. I want lots of fried rice this morning then lots of jollof rice for lunch, dinner and overnight snacking and……. aawwww

  7. ambivalentone
    July 29, 06:55 Reply

    Come these guys aren’t doing it for me. They make me jealous not hungry.

  8. #Chestnut
    July 29, 07:28 Reply

    *jumping up and down in excitement* coconut rice, coconut rice, coconut rice!!!!! I’ve always had d biggest crush on that Blossom…(I mean, how can u not love a guy with those biceps and lips, and who happens to be named after a Power-Puff girl? How? How? How?????)

  9. #Chestnut
    July 29, 07:34 Reply

    But wait o, dat guy dat is repping “special” fried rice in d pix, who hin be abeg? He be like bush-baby…(In dis pix o!)

  10. KryxxX
    July 29, 08:15 Reply


    Is it just me or has anybody noticed d ASS on Blossom?! I see that guy in movies nd I get turned on nd angry!

    Like seriously?!

    Y would just a single person b blessed with both looks(those lips eh), body(not like he is super toned shaa. 2nd guy is an adonis) and ASS! Is not fair now! Ppl like us walking about with flat bottom flask as an ass will just b feeling marginalized!

    God be doing partia anyhow! Look, I know get! Body, mba! Ass nko, non-existent! Chai!

    As for my order, due to my sad mood cos of d above, I shall have a basin of all! And bring water for washing hand too, no time for spoon! Eating my sorrows away! #sadface

    • Max
      July 29, 08:40 Reply

      Ur ass looks nice..

      • KryxxX
        July 29, 09:07 Reply

        **Covers Ass with Obara Jesus**

        Where? When? How?

        Where did u see my ass bikonu?

        **In Madea’s voice** Pinky!!!!!!!!

          • KryxxX
            July 29, 09:55 Reply

            @MaskedMan…… The kind thunder that will fire u eh! It is doing pressup nd cardio! When e go fire u, e go do u vroom na anya like rapture!

            • Masked Man
              July 29, 10:09 Reply

              Ask Max, he had his tongue out, panting on all four when I served you up.

        • Sian
          July 29, 11:58 Reply

          It’s flat,but nice.
          The lips and tits tho………….
          Stop shouting upandan,it’s not as if your they are hidden assets

          • KryxxX
            July 29, 12:32 Reply

            Onyekwa by dis one? Biko swerve ka m fu uzor! Flat ehkwa? Go nd look for oganigwe kind of ass naa! Ochonganokwu!

            • Sian
              July 29, 13:12 Reply

              Ile gi n’agho ka ntanta nma,I choro ka amadioha mia gi onu.
              Enjoying that oganigwe kind of ass already.You know na,you can never compare.

  11. Ruby
    July 29, 08:17 Reply

    I’ll take Coconut Rice n then Jollof rice as Take away.

  12. Noel
    July 29, 08:20 Reply

    White rice is bleaching.

    • Perez
      July 29, 12:31 Reply

      Just my thought….
      I’m like… Oh God, he looked better than this… He was amazing the way he was
      New he’s all white and face, and scary like Michael Jackson when he wakes up in the morning..

  13. JArch
    July 29, 08:41 Reply

    Coconut rice looks like he’s about to fall asleep.

    White rice is giving us “I woke up like this” look… Rigghhtt I see

    Jollof rice looks like he’s trying hard to hold in a really deadly fart and not succeeding.

    Ofada rice looks like he’s contesting for Student Union president.

    Special Fried rice kwa? I reserve my comment on that one

    Fried rice just got nominated for “Best Profile Picture on Badoo”


    I want spaghetti or Beans, atleast someone said Idris Elba is in the beans category. I’ll take it mbok

    • iamcoy
      July 29, 11:52 Reply

      The way you guys are going, the eatery will swear to never ever make anything that looks like ‘special kind of fried rice’ again

  14. #Chestnut
    July 29, 08:52 Reply

    Lol @ “flat-bottom flask”, haven’t heard that in ages! But wait o,Kryxx, so u sef dey look my Blossom, okwaya? U have to be very kiaful o!

    • KryxxX
      July 29, 09:03 Reply


      Last time I checked, I didn’t see a ring on Blossom’s finger! So he is a free agent for now!

  15. Sinnex
    July 29, 08:56 Reply

    Gimme Ofada Rice and Special Kind of Fried Rice, I am in the mood of some concoction.

  16. Posh6666
    July 29, 10:11 Reply

    OmG Blossom thats d 1st guy is definitely my number!am like obsessed wiv him.Then will totally fuck oc ukeje…and also that guy presenter ozzy agu.I will pass on Alex ekubo that guy is surely a male whore digging into both pussay and manhole honestly anytime i see him he just represents std’s to me blehhhhhh looking all good but all that shimmers aint gold in this case next!

    • KryxxX
      July 29, 10:43 Reply

      Posh!!!! You are a mess! A big mess! Lmaoo!

  17. Colossus
    July 29, 11:02 Reply

    No akpu on the menu? All these obodo oyibo food sef

    • KryxxX
      July 29, 12:37 Reply

      And you didn’t tell me since ehkwa? Now I know y I have been pinning away! **dials Teflondon’s number** Oga Tefu! How far naa! E don’t tey oh! Biko tell one of those ur “rough necks” to organize performance enhancement drugs nd plenty steriods for me oh! Thankyu!

      He likes akpu! Akpu he shall get!

      • Colossus
        July 29, 15:24 Reply

        Hahaha hahaha. Nwokem relax. Akpan no mean say na those Teflondon’s rough necks biko.

  18. Griffin
    July 29, 11:23 Reply

    I want foofoo, rice don tire person, but if I had no choice, coconut rice and fried rice mix will do. God bless d person wey say ofada rice dey carry too much stone.

  19. bobby
    July 29, 11:23 Reply

    madam pls mix coconut and jellof rice for me…if ofada remain, put for take away for me…

  20. kacee
    July 29, 11:27 Reply

    I love all this food, i ehmmm wonder who carry the package pass o. *continues dreaming*

  21. yinkss
    July 29, 11:33 Reply

    I want white rice. I love it…

  22. Kenny
    July 29, 14:56 Reply

    Some jollof rice please… more, some more, *yells ‘I said more!’

  23. Raj
    July 29, 21:59 Reply

    Coconut rice. His voice always get me wanting new zippers…

  24. KingBey
    July 30, 00:05 Reply

    Coconut rice….Blossom Chukwujekwu can have me any day……anytime

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