South African Police officers laugh at man for reporting his sexual assault by 3 men

South African Police officers laugh at man for reporting his sexual assault by 3 men

Vurgee Tshabalala was allegedly sexually assaulted by three men who had offered him a lift from Soshanguve, South Africa to town last week. On their way, the men stopped the car, and forced him to take off his clothes.

“They told me they wanted to see my private parts and then sexually assaulted me,” said Tshabalala.

The gay man went to open a case with the police but instead the officers laughed at and made fun of him. According to Pretoria North Reckord, the police officers who treated Tshbalalala with scorn could themselves face the law after he was advised to file a case with the independent police investigative directorate.

The directorate investigates cases of misconduct against the police. Soshanguve police spokesperson, Lolo Mangena said: “Legally, that is discrimination. When you are treated unfairly in certain areas of the law, that is discrimination. That is not how we operate as police. If you are treated unfairly or differently from other people because of gender, sexual orientation, religion, skin colour, political or intellectual ability, a complaint can be laid against the police officers who assisted him. That is if he can remember them, their names, or at least can identify them.”

Mangena said Tshabalala’s ordeal at the police station was tantamount to sexual assault. Mangena advised him to file a complaint with the directorate.

“This is another sort of discrimination. This means he was hassled in a sexual way and he did not like it. It can include someone suggesting or trying to get you to have sex, trying to touch you in a way you do not like, or displaying photographs that upset or offend you. Sexual harassment is against the law in South Africa,” Mangena added.

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  1. Mandy
    February 10, 07:40 Reply

    Whenever I hear about SA’s reaction to sexuality issues, I just want to pack and relocate to that place. Just imagine. There’s action to SUE LAW ENFORCEMENT based on their discrimination against you for being GAY?! When on earth will Nigeria get to this point?

    • Mr. Fingers
      February 11, 20:12 Reply

      Don’t be decided biko. Despite the gay friendly laws homophobes is as thick in south Africa as most African countries.

      They know this guy won’t recognise those police men at the end of the day.

      • Pink Panther
        February 12, 04:55 Reply

        There are homophobes everywhere. What makes SA better than Nigeria is the fact that the homosexuals are protected by law. A gay man can walk into a police station to complain about sexual assault. Do you see that happening in Nigeria?

    • Pink Panther
      February 10, 08:23 Reply

      I know you’d sew the socks off a lot of people if this was the gay clime of our country, eh Max? 😀

  2. J0j0
    February 10, 08:27 Reply

    awww some country I would like to go for a sojourn

  3. Khaleesi
    February 10, 09:48 Reply

    Progressive and advanced society! For those wishing that Nigeria will become like this, know ye that your grandchildren’s great grandchildren will inherit that wish and keep wishing like you their ancestor before them …

  4. segs
    February 10, 10:29 Reply

    i read this post on linda ikeji and felt really bad when i saw the comment section, people were insulting and laughing at him

  5. bobby
    February 10, 12:26 Reply

    Am having mixed feelings about this one sha..i better keep kwayet!

  6. KingBey
    February 11, 05:49 Reply

    Cape Town, SA… future honeymoon destination with my Boo Boo. I can’t wait ! ????????

  7. Geeluv
    February 12, 19:47 Reply

    Nigeria still have cultures to protect….. so I was told.

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