Random Questions: After The Breakup

Random Questions: After The Breakup

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum shocked the world when they announced their split in 2018, and months later, Jenna began a new relationship with Steve Kazee, who she is now expecting a child with.

Shortly after the split, Channing also found romance when he began dating pop star Jessie J, and Jenna has revealed she didn’t find out about their relationship until the rest of the world did.

In her new book, Gracefully You: Finding Beauty and Balance in The Everyday, Jenna said she “felt blindsided” to learn of her ex-husband’s new girlfriend the way she did. She wrote: “There I was, on a plane, alone, finding out about his new relationship. I felt blindsided.”

Jenna explained she didn’t receive any warning from Channing regarding the news of his relationship with Jessie being about to break, describing the time as “difficult”.

I watched a segment of E! news when this was discussed, and there was a bit of back-and-forth between the hosts over whether Jenna deserved to be given a heads-up by her ex-husband Channing’s new relationship. Some argued that she didn’t; that a breakup puts an end to taking into consideration your ex’s feelings. And others argued that she did; that so soon after a breakup, courtesy demands you give your ex a heads-up when you have moved on and might likely encounter them with your new relationship.

It was an interesting topic that I figured we should talk about here. So, what do you think: if you move on from a breakup and find new love, do you owe your ex a notification so they don’t get blindsided or not?

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  1. Richard
    October 30, 07:17 Reply

    Welll… I think if I broke things up I might try to give a heads up, but if he did, then BOYBYE!!

  2. Kobe
    October 30, 07:23 Reply

    No you don’t. A break up ends things right?
    So assuming I have 5 exes, which of them do I owe that silly duty of disclosure?
    Once we’ve broken up officially and conclusively, the ex would hear about my new relationship when every other person does and I’ll hear about the exes’ own like every other person too.

  3. Higwe
    October 30, 08:02 Reply

    The comparison is not equidistant .

    On one side you have celebrities living under harsh public scrutiny , where everything the people connected to them do, somehow ends up reflecting on them.

    And then there is us ….pretty much unknown people , who get away with quite a lot.

    If I were a celebrity and the man I was married to and had a child with , starts a serious relationship , I’d definitely need to know .

    Imagine being blindsided by the paparazzi early in the morning and they’re like ” Hey Jenna , what do you think about Channing and Jessy’s date last night ?”

    And I probably have my little daughter with me ..

    It took me a while to explain to her that mummy is having a kid for another man , now I’ve been denied the chance to prep her that she probably won’t be having dad’s unflagging time either .

    I really think it’s a lot to take in and I do understand where she’s coming from .

    Her career never quite took off after street dance , while her ex husband went on to become an A lister .

    Being the imperceptible partner takes a toll on most ambitious people’s self esteem .

    Tot up what could be perceived as being treated vilipendly and it’s cataclysm .


    As for me … frankly , it depends .
    If it was a bad breakup – then adieu .

    If we still maintained a congenial relationship , then I’ll ask ….not because it’s my right but merely out of curiosity . ?

  4. Mandy
    October 30, 08:06 Reply

    Me that’ll be looking forward to relishing the moment of shock for the ex when he sees me with my new bae?
    Oh hell no. I don’t owe him jackshit. Let our mutual friends tell him. I’m too busy moving on with the new bae.

    • Rudy
      October 30, 11:11 Reply

      Besides there’s a reason he’s canoodling with the “ex” tag. Why should I bother? Unless of course we’re still invested in each other’s well being after the break up and stayed as friends(which of course hardly happens), so I’d scratch that and go with my initial stance.
      *it’s not as if he’ll provide me with a list of all the people he’s going to shag*

  5. Black Dynasty
    October 30, 11:45 Reply

    Honestly, once the relationship ended, nothing is owed.

    However, if they’ve decided to be friends afterwards, especially if they’re co- parenting, then for the sake of courtesy, they should be informed…. but they aren’t obligated, I don’t think.

  6. PennyWise
    October 31, 11:05 Reply

    I would say this depends on the way you guys broke things off.
    I still respect my ex and tell him about any new person am seeing. Before he hears it from others or get blindsided and he does the same for me.

    I wouldn’t say I owe him any explation tho.
    But its just the respect I have for him.

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