The best part about his features, which I was most attracted to, are his lips. He has these full, sensuous lips that looked like they were created for oral pleasure.

And somebody must have told him this at an early age, because he sure could kiss.

He kissed with passion, with abandon, with appreciation for the pleasure that comes from two mouths coming together.

But kissing wasn’t the only thing he did with his mouth.

He licked me like a lollipop. And I mean that literally.

After an extended time spent making out, he broke the kiss and moved his mouth to my forehead and temples, sucking and kissing at my head before gradually descending to my eyes.

My eyes were shut of course, so he was sucking on my eye-lids.

I mean, sucking on them in a way that made me feel like he wanted to snatch my eye-lids away from their protective position on my face.

He descended to my nose, his tongue rooting about inside my nostrils, sucking at them in a way that reminded me of those mothers who suck out the snot from their children’s noses when they have a cold.

He returned to kissing me briefly, before tracing his way down to my neck.

From my neck, he moved down to my nipples, settling on those sensitive spots with a mastery that had me gasping with pleasure.

He sucked those nipples like he kissed, with pleasure, like he couldn’t get enough of the generous pin-points of my areolas.

After several minutes spent filling me with toe-curling sensations from his ministrations on my nipples, he began traveling down my chest, lapping away at my torso as he made his way to my belly button.

He circled my navel for a few moments, before dipping his head in my groin, where he began sucking away at the inner sections of my thighs.

It was with his ministrations that I realized that my inner thighs may be sensitive, but not for erotic reasons.

He sucked away at my thighs, taking gentle bites at the flesh, and I squirmed. It was very uncomfortable.

Then as though wanting to make it up to me for causing me any discomfort, he came back up and wrapped my penis with the warm wetness of his mouth.

I trembled and moaned, sensation after pleasurable sensation rocketing through me as this guy dedicatedly sucked my dick.

Then all too soon, he left my dick and returned to my legs, traveling down my thighs to my calves. He lifted my legs up so he could lick the calves, first the left and then the right.

He rested his mouth on my toes, taking his time to suck and lick and nibble all ten digits, from one big toe to the little one, and then the other big toe to the little one.

And then finally, he looked down at me, on his knees before me as I lay there on the bed, his erection pointing aggressively at me, and said, “Where is the condom?”

He had licked me literally from head to toe, and now, foreplay was over.

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. P. Mitch O.
    March 08, 08:28 Reply


    HE IS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pink Panther
      March 08, 10:06 Reply

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 Forgivable considering everything else he sucked, no?

  2. Pezaro
    March 08, 09:37 Reply

    PP, this is damn too hot to start a Monday with 😁Thank God I wore very tight briefs to work this morning , na so I for disgrace my ancestors.

    On a serious note, there’s nothing like having s*x with someone who’s willing to go all the way, I personally think there should be no holds barred when it comes to love-making and that’s the only way s*x can be enjoyed.

    Talmbout ndi
    “I don’t suck”
    “I don’t kiss, it makes me gay” 🙄

    • Pink Panther
      March 08, 10:09 Reply

      These are the guys who should be thrown out the door faster than Kim Kardashian’s quickie divorce.

  3. Delle
    March 09, 08:11 Reply

    When he lifted your legs, the natural thing would be sucking abi licking your rosebud.

    He did not.


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