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After what happened that night, Dobi began to avoid me. At times, through the corner of my eyes, I’d catch him staring at me, and when I turned to look at him, he’d quickly avert his gaze. I wanted him to suffer and I kept thinking of a way to do it.

Eventually the opportunity came during one of our Sunday services. The guest speaker came to deliver his message and it was on sexual sin. He talked about masturbation, fornication, lesbianism, homosexuality… You name it. He focused more on gay activities, and as he talked, some of the boys would make faces and sounds that showed how irritated they were by that.

Dobi was one of them, and at some point, I turned an incredulous glare on him, which made him look away from me.

As the service went on, my gaze accidently landed on James, the other senior who I shared that steamy encounter with, and he was looking at me with something that looked like guilt. This time, I was the one who quickly looked away. I didn’t want to feel bad over what we did, because that would make me feel bad over who I was slowly starting to accept I was. Before then, I’d prayed and answered so many altar calls on homosexuality. And nothing had changed.

At the end of the service, the speaker told everyone to close their eyes and asked those who’d been involved in masturbation, homosexuality and fornication to step outside. I was the first to stand up. I finally knew how to make Dobi pay. I could see both seniors, James and Dobi, peeping at me and I ignored them. Some other boys stood up as well, and I was astonished as I wondered what exactly each of them was standing up for. Were there other boys who were like me – who were doing the things James and I did in the cover of the night? Or were they simply feeling repentant over any of the other sexual sins the speaker had talked about? Me, I wasn’t actually going to confess to anything regarding any gay activities; I was just going to lie that I masturbated a lot or something. My main objective was to instill fear in Dobi.

After the counseling session with the speaker, it seemed that he then told our housemaster about the gay activities other boys confessed to, and those boys began to get called to the staff room one after the other. I was already back at the hostel, going through a meal of soaked garri and groundnuts, when one of my classmates came and told me that Senior Dobi was calling me. I smiled to myself as I went to see him.

“Guy, how far now,” he began jocularly, as if he and I were simply the best of friends. “Come and give small cornflakes.”

“It’s finished,” I said woodenly, not even cracking a smile.

He nodded in response and looked down at the ground. I scooped up a spoonful of garri and groundnuts, and was munching when he finally spoke again.

“Erm, w-w-what did you confess to the speaker guy?” he stuttered.

“I told him what you did to me,” I said almost immediately and his eyes widened.

Before he could react, a junior student came in and announced that the housemaster was calling him. He looked at me with horror and I put another spoonful of garri in my mouth. He got up and stormed out of the dormitory, and went straight to the toilet (probably to eject the hot piss that was suddenly weighing down on his bladder) before going out in the direction of the staff room. As I watched him go, I felt so fucking satisfied and good.

Apparently though, he was just called to write down the names of boys involved in homosexual acts in the hostel, not because he was involved. But after that day, he stayed away from me and never once interacted with me. It was obvious he’d now understood that I had the power to ruin him by telling what he did to me. In fact, I used that threat to silently intimidate him. I’d see him about to punish or flog anyone I considered to be a friend, and I would show up around there, making sure he’d see me. And then, he wouldn’t go ahead with what he was about to do.

All in all, all of these made up who I am today. I’m fucking confident and contented with myself. I went through sex and hookups with a confidence of one who has come into his own. However stressful my final year was, my university experience of hookups was fun. There was one hookup which was quite unforgettable.

I was doing my usual rounds on Grindr, trying to find some hookup, as I was really horny that evening. I was in the mood to have a uniformed person, and sex with a corper seemed ideal. Something about these corpers in their uniforms always seemed to turn me on.

As if the universe was in agreement, I spotted this person that seemed close by, and his profile was asking for fellow corpers who were around the area. I quickly slid into his DM and we got talking. At first, I was just trying to corner him and have a shag, but he was quite fun and smart. We ended up having a good conversation and we exchanged numbers. At some point in the conversation, he’d mentioned that he was effeminate; I am not into effeminate guys, but I had become so into him. So, I gave him the number to my dummy WhatsApp account, which I used for random hookups, and I gave him a fake name.

Immediately I added him on WhatsApp, I went straight to look at his profile picture and I found myself licking my lips in anticipation of being with him. He was the best-looking hookup I’d ever chatted. He was light skinned and slim, but not skinny; he had the right amount of flesh and muscles. His pinkish-caramel lips were the first thing you’d notice on his face. His posture didn’t look effeminate and neither was his dressing. He wore regular black chinos trousers and a blue T-shirt with a black jacket; he also had on sneakers. He hung a bag around his torso and was striking a killer pose.

As we started chatting on WhatsApp, I began heavily flirting with him and I could tell he was falling for my charms. All was going well until I told him I was from the North. He got scared and was skeptical about me; clearly he’d bought into the dangerous stereotypes about Northerners. Plus, I’d gotten to realize that he was actually new to the whole “gay lifestyle” and had never hooked up before. I got even more determined to have him and said whatever I could to allay his apprehensions.

After about a week of chatting, he began to seem agreeable to a meet. He even suggested visiting me. I agreed and we set a date.

Soon enough, the day came and he called me to tell me he was at the school gate. I told him to walk in as I’d been waiting for him outside so that he wouldn’t get lost. I saw a guy coming in and I was tempted to just go back into my hostel, because although this guy had my corper’s physique, he looked nothing like him. I’d had experiences like this before and there was nothing I hated more than getting catfished.

But this guy walked past me and I was really thankful. Almost immediately, I saw another figure walking quickly through the gates. He looked really apprehensive as he kept looking left and right as if he was going to be jumped at any minute. I almost chuckled as I recognized his face from where I was. He was wearing a big black jacket, unzipped, over a yellow T-shirt with black trousers. He stuck his hands in his pockets and kept walking until he pulled his right hand out with his buzzing phone to answer the call I’d just made. He immediately saw me and speed-walked to where I was. We exchanged pleasantries, and I was tempted to ask him why he was behaving as if he was delivering drugs to someone but decided to hold back the jokes for now.

I could also see why he said he was effeminate. He had this sway that queens usually possessed and had a melodious voice that would make you believe he was someone who could belt out a Beyoncé track. But his effeminacy wasn’t that much; he still appeared straight.

I bought him a bottle of sprite and took him upstairs to my room. I had prepared jollof rice, and fortunately, I’d just finished cooking it before he called and told me he was by the gate. The food was still hot. At first, he seemed skeptical about eating, and so, I assured him that I didn’t put anything in the food. This made him laugh.

We talked for a while, and he went through my laptop for movies – as I had a lot – and I was growing impatient. Soon, we ran out of gist and were silent for a few moments. Then I stood, packed away the dishes, and returned to claim his lips in a kiss. He seemed shocked by my directness but started responding almost immediately. I took him to the bed as he was sitting on the plastic chair in my room. And then, I went all out on him, sucking his earlobes, which made him squeal and push against me. I bit and sucked at his neck. He grabbed my erection and looked up at me with wide eyes. I’d forgotten to mention that I was really big.

Without waiting for him to express any hesitation over his discovery of my big manhood, I took off his shirt and attacked his nipples, biting and licking them, one after the other. He began moaning so loud, I had to place a hand over his mouth. We were in a school hostel and the walls were thin. I began tracing from my mouth and tongue from his right nipple to his abs. I stopped at his navel and flicked my tongue around it until he groaned slightly. He realized that he had made a sound and instantly used his two hands to cover his mouth. I chuckled and groped his throbbing erection through his trousers and licked it. I proceeded to unbuckle his belt, and he just watched with his mouth wide open. I pulled down his trousers along with the boxers and his erection sprang free. He was quite big and I winked at him, but he didn’t see it because he was too busy throwing his head backwards in anticipation of a pleasure I hadn’t even started giving yet. I took him in my hand and used his precum to stroke him slowly. He grabbed my head and bucked against my touch. I licked the slit on the penis head, tasting the salty solution of his precum, before taking the whole head in my mouth. He gasped and he bucked again, involuntarily digging his dick further into my mouth. I went deeper till I could feel him at the back of my throat. He heaved with his hips and the muscles of his legs tightened in pleasure.

I sucked him steadily for awhile, before moving back up to kiss him. We went rougher this time as we tossed and turned and even fell off the bed. When we were back on the bed, he placed me on my back and slid down my body, stopping to hover over my lower abdomen. He slowly unbuckled my belt and took out my cock reluctantly. For about ten seconds, he just stared at it with wide eyes and I resisted the urge to laugh. He eventually shook his head and went down on me. I groaned as he used his tongue to lick the head and down to the hilt. I was quite surprised at that move; didn’t seem like something a guy new to the hookups scene would know how to do. I relaxed as he let me fuck his throat for a while. He coughed and gagged occasionally but he was still determined to pleasure me. Since he was new to all this, I did not want to bring up the whole penetration issue. And so, we ended up wanking ourselves until we came.

After everything, I escorted him out as he went on and on about how fearless and nasty I was. I chuckled and told him I was just P.G. 16, and he made a face at me.

We became quite close after that ever since and stayed friends. At this point, I couldn’t help but reflect on how I was a completely different person from the boy I was once, and how very comfortable with my skin I’d gotten – and all thanks to my revenge body.

Written by Jeremy

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  1. Mandy
    January 31, 08:51 Reply

    “He immediately saw me and speed-walked to where I was. We exchanged pleasantries, and I was tempted to ask him why he was behaving as if he was delivering drugs to someone.” d ???????

    That corper’s paranoia though. LOL. I can imagine the stories he has heard in his pre-hookup days which made him be like this. All the horror kito stories his friends must have told him. He should keep his paranoia close to him and never let it go o. That right there is a proper survival instinct.

  2. Hilary
    January 31, 18:26 Reply

    “All thanks to my revenge body” what happened with your body?

  3. Delle
    February 01, 10:21 Reply

    ‘But his effeminacy wasn’t that much; he still appeared straight.’

    I cannot be the only one that has a problem with this statement. Y’all don’t know how you flagrantly fling your phobia at people when you use certain word choices, it would seem.

    And yet, they’ll say preference not prejudice meanwhile I don’t see how those words I highlighted above can be free from prejudice and narrow-mindedness.

    Oh well.

    That said, while I enjoyed reading this (to an extent seeing as there were bits and pieces I’ll rather did not exist in this prose) there’s such a disconnect from the title and the body of this piece.

    Perhaps you grew into yourself but erm, where’s the revenge body coming from??

    • Olutayo
      February 02, 07:35 Reply

      Honestly. I don’t want to believe Pinky is the one who came up with it.

  4. Rexxy
    February 06, 01:43 Reply

    Am I the only one that finds the story pretty tasteless and uninteresting?!!

    Just asking!

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