#ItsNotOK: Your Stories Are Needed For The Sexual Abuse/Sexual Violence Campaign

#ItsNotOK: Your Stories Are Needed For The Sexual Abuse/Sexual Violence Campaign

Feb 3 – 9 is the designated week for recognizing Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence, and to kick off the campaign, One Action Foundation is launching a social media campaign using the hashtag #ItsNotOK.

This campaign is to create awareness about the different forms of sexual abuse/violence experienced in our community. So, if you have encountered sexual abuse or sexual violence in any form, do send in a short story which will be published anonymously on social media with the hashtag #itsnotok.

And together, we can end the cycle of abuse in our community because Sexual Abuse/Sexual Violence #itsnotok.

Send your stories to info@oneactionfoundation.org (All stories will be handled confidentially and published anonymously)

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