Anyone who has graduated from a Nigerian university can relate quite well to the stress and volume of work the final year comes with. For someone like me, it was really hectic as I was in a lot of planning committees both in class and church. Then there was the issue of my school project, tests and assignments. And the more stressed out I was, the hornier I became. Staying in the university’s dormitories wasn’t really helping as the shirtless and nude guys walking about just frustrated me more.

Fortunately for me, I had learned to control myself around desirable boys. I pride myself on my highly photographic memory; all I’d need is a second-or-so glimpse of a guy, and that would be it. His physique and his bulge would be registered in my head. This meant that I wasn’t the type to stare for awkwardly long moments at someone or at his body part. When I see what I want, I look him straight in the eye and give the usual “Bro, how far” or “Chairman” with the deepest voice I can muster, before moving on, before shelving the clear impression of what I’d seen for my future titillation.

Oftentimes, my gay friends would ask how I do it, that is, act straight and still be into guys. I would tell them all the same thing. Anytime I did something and someone said it was feminine or “girly”, I would never do it again.

Let me take you on a walk down memory lane.

You see, in my late primary and junior secondary school,  I was super effeminate; from my walking steps and posture to my handwriting, as I’d usually dot my I’s with hearts back then. Worst of all was that I was super chubby; I had a big ass and plump man boobs. I was ridiculed and taunted for this, and this worked my self-esteem to various lows. I didn’t talk a lot and didn’t participate in any activity except singing as my voice was really good. That was where I got one of my nicknames, which was “Beyoncé”. Of course, there were other less flattering nicknames like “Fag” and “Homo”.

Then, sometime in 2012, I fell ill and had to undergo surgery. I spent about four weeks in the hospital living off of fluids and small chops. The end result of this was that I lost a huge amount of weight. I lost so much weight that I had to buy new clothes, seeing as the ones I had had become baggy. Of course, even with my now-slim body, I still felt fat and self-conscious. When I went back to school after my illness, some of my classmates couldn’t recognize me. The few that did looked at me with varying expressions of shock and pity, but no longer scorn. Girls even started speaking to me more. In fact, for the first time in my existence in school, there was a rumor that a certain girl had a crush on me. The girl never approached me with this and I was never interested.

As time went on, with all these new happenings, I began emerging from my shell. I started talking more and my self esteem began getting a big boost. What crowned everything was that in my SS1, two male senior prefects started getting close to me all of a sudden. I thought it was weird and I was very suspicious. Although one of them was transfer student who came to our school in his SS2, the other was one of the main people who persecuted me when I was fat.

Towards the middle of the term, the transfer-student prefect (let’s call him James) started calling me his school son. I didn’t mind because he was really hot and I suspected I’d developed a crush on him. He would buy snacks and drinks for me from the kiosk and touch my cheeks playfully. The other prefect (let’s call him Dobi) would occasionally come to my bed and make small talk with me. When he wanted to give away something or give out extra food, of all the many students that swarmed around him, he’d simply come to where I am in my corner and drop it on me without saying a word.

I was enjoying all these benefits for quite a while before things began taking a different turn.

One night, after lights out, I took out my flashlight to continue studying for an upcoming test. I hadn’t done enough studying during the night prep. I was on my bed, and soon, I began to feel like someone was looking at me. When I turned to look around, I was mildly startled to see James close to my bed, staring at me with a grin. I smiled awkwardly back at him and asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted to gist with me. I put my books away and we began to gist till it was almost two in the morning, while our fellow students snored all around us.

At some point in our conversation, he began caressing my arm. He did that for about twenty minutes, but I innocently carried on talking to him, not getting the message. To me, what he was doing held no sexual undertone. He’d always patted my cheeks in the past, so I didn’t think of this as anything.

But then, he pulled my left hand into his boxers, and then my eyes widened with immediate understanding. I darted a quick look at him and he was staring back at me, biting his lower lip. His penis felt thick and huge; I could feel the veins pulsating as I stroked it gently. A crazy thought passed through my head and I found myself wanting more. I took off his sports wear shorts to be greeted by the sight of his engorged member. I had never performed a blowjob before and I didn’t even know how to start. I bent over his erection and flicked my tongue over the tip, causing him to choke out a gasp. This startled me and I was about to jerk away from him, but he grabbed my head tightly and shoved the full length of his hard-on down my throat. Luckily, my loud cough at this unexpected penetration clashed with someone else’s slumberous cough in the room. After that, we got into the rhythm of the blowjob. I sucked him, and then he sucked me, and we kept servicing each other with our mouths until we both came.

After that night, things got really awkward between us, and we didn’t speak to each other for a few weeks.

Another evening came and I was the last to leave my class after night prep because I was looking for my compass in my cluttered class desk. I had just bought the math set and I didn’t want to start losing the things in it yet. I didn’t find the compass and decided to leave it till the next day since I didn’t want to be caught out of the hostel area after lights out. As I picked my bag to leave, Dobi appeared at the front door, blocking my way. I was startled by his sudden appearance, especially since it was nighttime, and I yelped out my sweet Father’s name “Jesus”. As my heart calmed upon seeing who it was, Dobi asked me what I was still doing there by this time. I began explaining to him, but in the middle of what I was saying, he slapped me. It was so unexpected and tears immediately stung my eyes as I put my hand to the burning cheek he slapped. I was shocked. Who was this and what had he done with the senior who was often nice to me?

Dobi ordered me to get on my knees. I quickly obeyed. Then he drew close to me and put my head in between his thighs, while panting words about how he was going to treat my fuck-ups and how I was taking him for granted. The one that got me was when he said I had been staring at him “faggishly”.

At this, I pushed back from him and stared up at him with shock printed all over my scowling face. Faggishly?!!! What was he talking about?

“You are doing as if you don’t want to touch my big dick,” he fumed. “I know you have been scoping me in the bathroom.” Then he yanked me up by the collar of my shirt, lifting me only to slam me against the whiteboard. He shoved me around and began rubbing his erection against my derriere. Even then, when I wasn’t much aware of sexual things like this, I felt disgusted and violated. I felt dehumanized. I fought against him and he grabbed my head and slammed it to the board really hard. I started crying out loud and he tried to shush me, threatening to slap me if I made any noise. He dug his hand aggressively into my trousers, past by boxer and started groping my bare ass, reaching his fingers for my asshole. I screamed, like, Sindel-screamed loud enough for the dead to hear and awaken.

“Who is there?!” a familiar voice called out from outside the classroom.

On hearing this, Dobi jerked away from me, took out his belt and started whipping me until the owner of the voice appeared in the doorway of the class. He was our security guard. He asked what was happening and Dobi told him I was loitering about after lights out. The security guard didn’t seem pleased with him beating me, so he told him to stop and instructed me to run on to the hostel. He told Dobi to stay back and began to tell him something I didn’t get to hear as I was already on my way out of the class. I ran all the way to the hostel and cried myself to sleep that night. I couldn’t believe what had happened to me. I couldn’t believe the nice senior had turned on me like that.

And I swore to get my pound of flesh.


Written by Jeremy

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  1. Mandy
    January 30, 14:37 Reply

    Dobi’s sexual assault reads like something someone who hates his homosexuality would do. Imagine the difference between what he did and what James did. Both men, I’m sure, would mature from secondary school boys into two different kinds of gay men.

    • Bosco
      January 30, 19:31 Reply

      Will they? With the awkward nature that james placed around at such early age, though seems nice, I doubt.

  2. Ethereal
    January 31, 12:46 Reply

    The outright display of dobi’s act, depictw acts of a DL. Someone tethering on the edge of self denial over his sexuality…

  3. Dunder
    February 01, 04:22 Reply

    The second assault, the Dobi character… Who raised that? Be internally homophobic all you want but why stun a child of God with your violent fetish? What the damn hell? I’m sorry Jeremy. Boarding house beings out the monster in many budding beasts.

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