I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if he lives in Iba, if he doesn’t belong on any social media platform at all, if he suddenly uses the same device as you do, or basically has the same struggles as you do, and is insistent on you coming to see him…

Then he is probably kito.

These pictures are probably not his and belong to an unsuspecting Nigerian who they’re using to catfish on Grindr. But information is power. When they send you these pics, then he is probably kito.

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  1. Shuga chocolata
    July 18, 06:53 Reply

    If they refuse meeting you at festival mall, Oremi run.
    I stated in that area for a month, refusung to meet people ’cause immediately i bring up a meetup at the mall or eatry they talmbout bow their houses are better looking ???????

  2. Mitch
    July 18, 09:13 Reply

    How much more of this nonsense are we going to take? Imagine the unwashed scrotal sac coming to tell someone he’s using an iPhone too.

    How convenient!

    I’m tired of these stories. We need to start doing something to curb this madness. Gay people are not a free-to-hunt species in the forest. Oginidi?

  3. Rex
    July 18, 11:57 Reply

    I support you buddy, can’t these kitoers be kittoed…even if it’s means using our Lesbian sisters to raputa ha, thunder fire them there.

    • J
      July 18, 17:44 Reply

      Lesbian sisters kwa, device another plan jare ?

      Imagine the multiple replies he sent when he heard iPhone, ole

  4. Gaia
    July 18, 22:39 Reply

    evwerything is just kito now….. na wa

  5. Aiden
    July 19, 19:50 Reply

    I know there’s no general formula for this, but when you’re given an address, you can go to google maps, type in the address and see what the area looks like.

  6. Okanje
    July 20, 12:19 Reply

    My own remedy to escaping kito has been having my own venue and meeting me there.If the person can’t, then I will have to let it go.I only agree to go meet someone else if he is known by my close circle. Otherwise we go our way.

  7. Eclectic
    July 21, 11:10 Reply

    Lol. I chatted with the same scumbag, and from the get go, I knew he was no good, but I kept the rise on, looking for a means to humiliate him. I told him I was returning for work and I wanted to have dinner at a restaurant in egbeda, that he should come and join me. He refused and said I should come to his place that there’s a restaurant I can eat around lol. I told him OK, that I was coming. He called me several times and I kept telling him I was on the road. Lol

  8. KingBey
    July 22, 04:41 Reply

    He’s sha not looking bad. That tongue can do wonders. ???

    Kitochildren hevriwia! ???

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