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“You could return to New York or Los Angeles,” Nneka was saying, “you know, veg out for a bit, relax and then –” “No, absolutely not,” Benjamin countered heatedly. “We

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SIX MONTHS LATER This is it! The final step! Amara repeated these words under her breath as she sat in front of the vanity table, staring at her artfully made-up

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The Piece About The Stakes of Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’

Originally published in theatlantic.com Beyoncé’s next big release is called “Lemonade,” and that’s about all the public knows about it. Last weekend an esoteric trailer announced its existence, triggering competing

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 11)

Previously On THOSE AWKWARD MOMENTS: After a long day at the hospital, Kevin gets to unwind with superstar, Demoniker at the very exclusive club, The Ravens. And just as he’s

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 6)

Previously On THOSE AWKWARD MOMENTS: Subsequent to Jude getting shot and losing his memory, his sister, Janet, blames Kevin and bans him from their lives. In order to avoid thinking