Temi’s Epiphany

Temi’s Epiphany

He was finally in Enugu.

With bated breath, he typed.


Temi had seen the small green light beside the username which indicated that he was online, but noticed that the minute the message went through, the indicator wasn’t there anymore.

With the green light out, all his uncertainties began flooding back in. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. He knew he was being too apprehensive, but he couldn’t bring himself to feel any other way.

If he was going to do this, he needed to do it now before he changed his mind, which was looking very likely.

He mentally scanned through all other contacts he knew, trying to pick out any who stayed in Enugu.

There was none, at least none appealing enough to get his attention.

He was going to resign himself to his fate when suddenly, he heard the unmistakable beep of his Messenger.

Hey boo, how are you doing?

It was Emeka.

There was a resurgence of adrenaline inside Temi and a smile on his face as he typed back: I’m good, and you?

I dey o. You forgot your boy na.

No be like that. School stuff and all.

I understand. What’s been up with you?

Nothing much. Just came into Enugu yesterday.

Really? Where in Enugu?

Temi could sense Emeka’s excitement in the message. It mirrored the inexplicable anticipation that had been slowly rising within him as the conversation progressed.

He typed his response: G.R.A. Close to Celebrities.

Emeka responded: Okay cool. Can I come over?

Temi reared back from his phone, suddenly overwhelmed by the pointed question. He had no experience with these things; had no idea if hookups were supposed to be this direct, this spontaneous, this soon.

A potpourri of emotions roiled about inside him: anxiety, paranoia, and a steady hum of desire. With his breath suddenly coming fast, he looked at the time on his phone.

5: 46 pm.

He went back to the chat window. You mean now?

Whenever you want me to, came Emeka’s response.

A thrill bounced across Temi’s nerve endings, quickening his heartbeat a beat faster as it went. There was something deliciously sensual about that response. He typed: OK. Is 8 pm too late?

Would you want me to sleep over? Aren’t you staying with anyone?

A lot more thrills were galloping all over his insides now, and his heartbeat was reaching roaring levels as he typed with slightly trembly fingers: Yeah, I stay with my aunt. But she travelled.

Cool. 8 pm then.

Very simple words, and yet, they seemed freighted with promise.

Temi set his phone down and slid down from the couch with his hands over his face. He felt his whole body getting soaked into a pool of anxiety, almost drowning him – almost making him pick back the phone to tell Emeka that it was all a mistake. That he wasn’t ready. Not yet at least.

But wasn’t he? For how long would he carry this burden? He wanted to have sex. Aside from the fact that as a red-blooded male, he suffered bouts of incredible horniness, he felt as though having sex would finally indoctrinate him into the gay world. Of course he had read on a gay blog he recently discovered (he still couldn’t believe where the blog had been all his life) that being gay transcended the sex, but he believed it played a vital role, especially when he was positive he wasn’t asexual.

So yes, he wanted to have sex. Maybe fall in love, but that would be later. For now, he wanted sex. And from the looks of it, it would be with a Facebook acquaintance. One he hadn’t met before.

Cool. 8 pm then.

Four simple words that came packed with promise.

This was going to happen. And Temi was suddenly determined to savour every moment of it.

Taking a quick glance at the Binatone wall clock which read six-seventeen pee-em, he got up and went to get ready. He remembered that Emeka had once told him he was Top, and he knew what that meant.

Temi didn’t think he was Bottom though, maybe both. He loved the sight of a dick print just as much as he relished the sight of a firm butt.

But there was no rush. He would take it one step at a time. He was sure that over time, he would get comfortable enough to either swing both ways or settle for one role.

He moved to where he dropped his schoolbag and pulled out his handbook in which he had copied out pointers from an article from that blog titled Tips on How to Be a Good Bottom. He still couldn’t believe the treasure trove of information that was available on the blog for the gay Nigerians. Now he had a guide on what to do to make sure he didn’t disappoint either him or Emeka during this first time.

He soon set to work.

He pooped, cleaned up and even shaved. He wasn’t a particularly hairy person but he didn’t want to take chances. A slight rumble in his stomach made him think about food. And then he shook his head to himself. He was going to eat after his appointment with Emeka; the eba and oha soup he had in the afternoon would have to do.

It was 8: 18 pm when he heard the knock on the door. With a fresh slice of panic searing through his inside, he approached the door and gently opened it.

“Hey man,” his guest said with a half-smile, his hands in his pockets as though he was picking confidence from their depths.

Temi wondered if he too was having any anxiety over this meet. He stepped aside and gestured for him to come in with a smile of his own.

As Emeka stepped in, Temi gave him a quick onceover. He had a beard that wasn’t groomed at all, which oddly accentuated his masculinity and still somehow managed to keep his face pleasant-looking. He looked to be 6’1 as the difference in their heights wasn’t much. Clad in a jersey polo and jean trousers, he looked presentable.

“Was it difficult locating this place?” Temi asked, trying to initiate a conversation.

“No,” Emeka answered, moving about the small parlour with idle strides. His eyes were taking in his surroundings. “I don’t live that far from here.”

“Oh,” Temi said. He didn’t know what else to say and his guest didn’t seem like much of a talker either. This, he realized, may not be as easy.

Emeka suddenly turned to him. “Where’s your bedroom?”

The question caught him off-guard. So startled was he that he found himself pointing first to the kitchen, then his aunt’s bedroom, before finally regaining his aplomb enough to point in the right direction. His face was burning when he caught the small smile that had Emeka’s lips curved.

“Not sure where you want me, huh?” Emeka teased.

Temi gave a self conscious laugh and stood there, feeling awkward.

A beat passed before Emeka said with a shrug and another smile, “Are you going to lead the way?”

“Sure, of course,” Temi said, his face now really hot. What was the matter with him for chrissakes?

As he passed by Emeka, he heard him say something about his ass. His self consciousness heightened, and he was suddenly wondering again if he was ready, both mentally and physiologically. He had heard a lot about first times, and how mortifying they can be for bottoms. The pain, the “accidents” – Oh God, the accidents! He could not bear to think of how he would go on living should there be any accident with Emeka. Sure he hadn’t pooped and hadn’t eaten since lunch, but one could never trust the alimentary canal, what with his insides wound up in these many knots. And then there was the pain – he’d heard tales of bleeding and the devastation wreaked by big dicks. He wondered if Emeka had a big dick.

He tried to stave off his anxiety as he approached his well-made bed. Emeka shut the door behind him. Temi went to sit on one end of the bed, his gaze bouncing about in the room, his hands clasped in front of him.

“You’re not a virgin are you?” Emeka said with a chuckle. When Temi made a strangled sound in response, he did a double take. “You are a virgin?” His eyes widened fractionally as he added, “You’ve not done this before.”

Even though his insides were knotty with a confusing mix of anxiety and desire, Temi turned his head and faced, his gaze daring Emeka to tease him. “No, I haven’t,” he said.

Emeka smiled. It wasn’t mocking. It was reassuring. It was sensual. It was the smile of a man confident in what he had come here for.

The smile liquefied Temi’s anxiety and made him hot. He swallowed hard, his throat suddenly feeling dry.

“I’m glad you told me,” Emeka said as he began unbuckling his belt, his gaze intent on Temi. Temi looked back at him, and their stares held as Emeka slowly got rid of his trousers. He slid his jersey off above his head and then walked toward Temi, his body, clad now in just briefs, sinewy and attractive.

Temi swallowed again.

Emeka hunkered down before him and placed his hands on Temi’s thigh. “Well, we have to make this first time real special for you, don’t we?”

“Yes, we do,” Temi croaked.

Emeka began working his hand from his thigh gradually up to his groin area, which had now tented. The crooked smile on his face showed he was appreciating the way Temi sucked in his breath whenever his fingers grazed over the mound his crotch had formed.

Then he got up and pulled Temi up. Standing face to face each other, Emeka grabbed Temi by the head and pulled him closer, his lips claiming Temi’s as his hands went down his back and grabbed his butt, squeezing as they kissed. They kissed, tongues dueling and fighting for dominance.

In that fevered moment, Temi remembered that he had kissed someone before. Just once and it had been a girl – one of the girls who called him Cutie Taymee.

Stupid name.

The kiss had been brief and unmemorable, so much spit and no flavor, so much energy and no appeal.

But this…this connection with Emeka’s lips was causing him to feel things he never thought possible.

There was a yielding in his body that was unmistakable as he clung to Emeka, sucking on his lips and tongue like there was nectar right there. Emeka let go of his butt long enough to fiddle with his belt. And in one swift movement, he’d whipped the belt clean off the pants. When he reached for the zipper, Temi stiffened a bit, suddenly feeling unwilling to allow himself such surrender. He stopped Emeka and began to unzip himself. Emeka stepped back from him just apart enough to shuck his briefs.

Soon, they were both naked. Their dicks were hard and erect, pulsating with blood. Veins gorged out with each throb of need. Temi noticed his dick had more girth but Emeka’s was longer.

Emeka took him into his arms again and buried his face in Temi’s neck. Temi exhaled and began moving backward to the bed. It was an awkward shuffle and they tripped when they were almost there, tumbling into the bed. Sprawled out atop the sheets, Emeka went to work on his nipples. He bit the brown buds, one after the other, licking the surface and sucking till they were turgid and firm. All the while, Temi had his back arched, his eyes watering from the heightened pleasure he was getting. He held on to Emeka’s head, pulling it closer to himself. He didn’t want it to stop. Didn’t want to stop feeling all his body was experiencing.

Was this what sex was?

Emeka moved down his body, following the treasure trail to his belly button and encircled it with his tongue, eliciting loud moans from Temi. He worked on the body part a little more before going down further.

Temi’s dick was rock hard, pulsating violently against Emeka’s chest. Emeka took hold of it, grazed his fingers over the tip, a touch that made Temi shudder. At this point, Temi was not sure how much longer he could take the torture before erupting. And so he sat up before Emeka could take his dick into his mouth.

“Just fuck me,” he said breathlessly, reaching for the condom on the bed’s headrest.

A smile played briefly on Emeka’s lips before he flipped him over on his tummy and placed a pillow beneath his waist to give an accurate arch.

Then he pried the cheeks open.

“Did you shave or are you naturally hairless?” he asked.

“I shaved,” Temi said. Unsure of the reason behind the question, he asked, “Do you like it?”

“Of course, baby.”

With that, he sunk his tongue into the twitching hole in front of him, sucking and biting like it was some rare dessert, and causing Temi to bury his face into the bed, his fingers clawing as waves of pleasure rippled through him. He pushed his tongue further, slipped it out, blew a gentle breath on the hole, spat on it, and then swept his tongue over the throbbing surface.

“Oh shit!” Temi groaned, sinking his face further into his sheets. Then he threw his head back when he felt Emeka’s teeth lightly nipping on his outer sphincter. His entire body felt liquid, trembled like jelly. “Please…” he began gasping. “Please, just fuck… Oh shit…”

Finally, Emeka was ready for him. He fetched the bottle of cream he saw on the night stand and poured a generous amount of its content on Temi’s hole. Then he inserted a finger. Temi recoiled, his breathing ragged. Emeka pulled out and reinserted the finger, wanting Temi to get used to the sensation of being penetrated. Then he inserted two fingers, stretching the hole.

Temi was already getting used to the feeling, moaning from the repetitive sliding movement of the fingers in his hole. He was so caught up in the throes of passion that had enveloped him that he barely noticed when Emeka’s dickhead got in.

The pain came shortly after, rising sharply up his spine and exploding in his head. He winced, drawing in a sharp breath as his eyes watered.

“Relax. Take deep breaths and exhale,” Emeka said gently in his ear, before inserting his tongue into the ear.

The pleasure momentarily took his mind away from what was happening behind him, affording Emeka just enough time to push in the rest of his dick. He let Temi get used to having him inside before he began to thrust.

Temi got fucked for almost thirty minutes. He didn’t think he would enjoy the feeling the fullness gave him or the constant massaging of his anal walls as Emeka plowed him. Deep and shallow thrusts that had him curling his toes and clutching the sheets in palpable bliss.

They also experimented with some sex positions, which was primarily Temi’s idea. He had seen them in some of the porn he watched and was more than ready to try them out. They had started first with his tummy on the bed, and then did the Missionary. They had tried Doggy, but Temi had found it very uncomfortable and painful. So they ended up doing the Lazy Dog, which allowed Temi wank himself to ejaculation as Emeka fucked him.

He was used to masturbating but nothing felt as good as the ejaculation he experienced with Emeka’s dick moving inside him, working his insides as he erupted all over his sheets.

Shortly after he came, Emeka pulled out, pulled off the condom and spilled all over his belly.

Spent and exhausted, Emeka rolled over and soon drifted off to sleep. Temi, on the other hand, got up and went into his bathroom. He stared at his reflection on the mirror. His rumpled Mohawk, the sweat beads on his forehead and the smile on his face.

A smile of contentment and he knew.

He knew as he washed up that his life had forever changed.

Written by Delle

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