I was really tired from the lectures that day, classes which had started from 7am and was ending by 6pm. We initially didn’t have classes starting that early, but the CEDR woman went and fixed her lecture by 7am and everyone was disgruntled about this. I was thinking that I would absolutely not be attending her lecture the entire semester except for the quiz and exam – but the woman nah witch. She started taking attendance, making it take on 20 marks out of 30 marks reserved for the quiz. And you couldn’t get anyone to sign attendance for you, because she would count the students in the lecture room to make sure the number tallied with that on the attendance sheet. So, basically, unless you wanted to fail, you had no choice but to drag yourself to school before 7 am in fact, because she would come to class before 7 and then promptly shut the door once it was 7, never to let anyone else entry into the class.

That semester was hell all round, what with the fifteen courses I was taking on – five CHM subjects, seven BCH subjects, two MCB courses and one CEDR course. And everyone was feeling so burdened down by the stress of it all, so much so that when a lecturer suggested extending his class from 6 pm to 8, there was an instant outcry against it. At that point, I swear, I would have gladly taken to missing that last class, had the department acquiesced and let the lecturer have his way.

After so much done that day, when it was finally 6 pm and time to leave school, I desperately needed to take my mind off books. I needed laughter. I needed drama. I needed the uncomplicated presence of human company. I just wanted to forget about books.

At this time, I had just gotten acquainted with Delle. It’d happened at a sleepover that I was invited to by a friend, Mitch, who just happened to be Delle’s bestie. I’d had such fun at the sleepover, and I just knew that going to see Delle was the escape I needed from my academics that evening.

I called him and he answered. After the usual exchange of “How are you”, I told him I’d just left class and wanted to know if he was around, that I was thinking of stopping by before going on home. He said he was at home and that I could come over.

I got to his place in record time. Whilst I was still approaching the place, I could already hear loud voices coming from inside the house. Delle must have people over and they were obviously arguing about something. I smiled as I anticipated immersing myself in their drama and company.

I got in to find Mitch there of course. Peaches was there too. And then another friend named Yeka was there, and he’d come with a friend of his, a gorgeous twinkish dude who was introduced to me as, well, let’s call him Richie.

After lots of hugs and commiserations about how stressful I was looking, Delle asked me if I’d seen some gay movie called Blackbird. According to him, it was supposed to be really good. I said no, I hadn’t seen it. Yeka joined in, assuring me it was a good movie. I rolled my eyes at this, because I could still remember how bored I was with the last movie they recommended to me.

But I was here to veg out. So, I checked out the film, and after the first two minutes, I decided it was good enough for me to carry on watching. Since the others had seen it, they carried on gisting while I watched the film. At intervals, I would hear them ask the obviously reserved beautiful Richie, who seemed to be new in their company, if he was okay. They’d be like, “You are too quiet… Better be free around us o, we don’t bite.”

When I finished with the movie, I joined them in their conversations. It was around 9 pm when I announced that I had to be on my way. At some point while I was watching the film, Richie had wanted to leave but then changed his mind and decided to join me home after Yeka told him I lived in the same area as he did.

And so, as we exchanged goodbye hugs, Richie was already at the door, separated from us and looking on as though he couldn’t understand all this closeness. (I would later find out that he was simply awed by – and perhaps uncomfortable with – the fact that we were all so comfortable in our skin.

As he and I walked home, he tried having a conversation with me by asking me questions which I politely answered. Questions like “What year are you in?” “What department?” and all that jazz. Then he asked me one question that brought me up short.

He asked, “How do you deal with your friends?”

I turned and gave him a long speculative look, trying to figure out the angle from which the question was coming. Then I started by telling him that first of all, I don’t deal with them.

“Now to answer your question,” I continued, “I am a very reserved person, who oddly loves the crazy. And if you are talking about how a quiet person like me can be in the midst of crazy people, well then, you have to know that I enjoy how their crazy brings out my crazy, which is usually dormant.”

“And also,” I added, “as members of the same community, I believe we have each other’s backs. And our friendship is the type where, if anything wrong happens amongst us, the resolution will be to resolve things amicably as opposed to sinking low to get back at one another.”

He nodded at this, as though he was assimilating my words and filing them away for future ponderation. Then he said something about how he’d been cautiously observing me since I walked into the room and how he observed how calm I was when I was watching the gay sex scenes in the movie.

“How were you able to do that?” he asked.

At this, I chuckled to myself, while wondering what kind of naïve question that was. “How did you expect me to react to the sex scenes?” I asked. I went further to tell him that sex is sex. Love is love. Attraction is attraction. In matters like this, you don’t have much control over it. You can repress it, but you will never be happy with that.

By this time, we were almost at the school’s second gate. And then, he asked if he could stay at my place for the night, because he didn’t want the disturbance of his roommates.

I smiled inwardly to myself, in my head like: Don’t worry, gorgeous. I know what you really want. Thank God I still have lubes and condoms.

I told him it was cool, that he could stay the night at mine.

Then he began talking about how he really wanted to explore his feelings and how when he saw me, he thought I should be the one.

“The one to do what exactly?” I asked, smirking at the fact that I was right to think he wanted us to hook up. But I was in no way prepared for what he said next.

“I’ve never done it before,” he said hesitantly, “and I will like you to be my first.”

I was stupefied, and for a few moments, I didn’t say anything. So, I’d been talking to a real life virgin all this time!


“Why do you want me to be your first?” I finally found my voice long enough to ask.

“Because you look calm and I think you will be gentle,” he replied.

I’d been right. This guy truly was naïve. So, not only was I dealing with a virgin, but he actually thinks my reserved disposition means I am gentle sexually? Gay Jesus, You don try.

We’d crossed the shortcut gate and were fast approaching my area. I was in my mind, really praying over the night ahead. I was like: God, please don’t fall my hand. I want to give this my best. It’s not every time someone wants you to have the honour of popping their cherry.

Plus, I bottom most of the time, but have topped a few times, especially when I’m hooking up with a Vers top who isn’t doing his part to satisfy me, or when I’m feeling adventurous when the sex is good.

And again, this would be this guy’s first time! I can’t afford to fuck it up!

The closer we got to my house, the more intensified my prayers got: Please, oh ye gods that gave me the ability to be very good at making out should dial it up this night! Because this dude needs to go away from my room with nothing but a good report of how everything was great from start to finish.

And please, let him be neat! Seeing as he’s a virgin, does he even know the importance of keeping down there clean? Does he know enough or does he have more to learn? I won’t be rude if he messes up, but… Dear Rainbow Jesus, let this not even be a scenario that should ever happen!

Many thoughts were banging about in my head. Mostly though, I just wanted to make this a night he would always remember.

We finally got home. I still had leftover spaghetti from the previous day. I asked him if he wanted some and he said yes. So, I dished it out. We ate, with him still keeping the conversation going, while my nerves were busy dancing skelewu.

How was he even the calm one, while I was the nervous wreck?

After the meal, he took his bath. Then I took my bath. I stayed much longer than I usually do in the bathroom, because I really needed to get myself together. I was more concerned with him being comfortable – since it’d be his first time – than my own satisfaction.

Finally I was done. Then I emerged and joined him on the bed. I picked up my iPad and put on some music. We were talking about the music, and then, I decided it was now or never.

I kissed him. He kissed me back. He wasn’t a bad kisser, but I had to guide him until we were ravaging each other’s mouths. I pulled his boxers off; he didn’t seem to know he was supposed to be yanking mine off as well. So, I took off my own boxers. His body was perfect: slim with just the right amount of barely-existing body fat. I went back to kissing him, and then began to trace my mouth and tongue from his mouth to his neck, then his chest and his nipples and ears, armpits, navel, his sides. I was just licking and sucking my way all over his body, encouraged by his moans as he clutched at my head. I was trying to find his spot. He quivered when I traced my tongue around his navel, and then his armpit down to his waist. His dick was fully erect, but I was not going there not just yet.

I brought his feet up to my mouth and I started work. I traced my tongue from his feet down to his groin in a back and forth movement. He trembled violently whenever my tongue was around the back of his knee. And then, without warning, I went for his veiny, thick dick; such a nice dick for a nineteen-year-old. I started giving ministrations to his dick, and I was pleased when he grabbed my head and set it in tandem with the rhythm of his thrust in and out of my mouth. We carried on with this for quite some time, while I kept tracing my fingers around those ticklish spots of his that I’d found. I lifted his legs to get better access to his ass. I really wanted to ravage his ass like Cutler X. And so, I let go of his dick and dipped down to start eating his ass. I went at it like my life depended on it. At some point, I had to flip him around for him to be on all fours in order for me to better deal with his ass.

And then, it was time for the real do. I lubed him generously, and then slipped on a condom before lubing that very well too. Then I started pushing my way through as slowly as I could. I mean, I was mostly in his current position, so I’d be damned if I didn’t care about taking him as gently as I expected any top to take me. He was now moaning more than he was when I was rimming him. After some time of me feeling that he was at least comfortable, I increased the intensity and the rapidity of my thrust.

We went at it for several minutes. Before I could cum, his dick, which had been dripping precum, was now spurting actual cum out onto my sheets. And he was letting out a strangled moan of one who had peaked. Soon, I joined him there, groaning harshly as I came myself.

Both of us were now lying down on our backs, breathing heavily and trying to regain our individual equilibrium. And I was looking up at the ceiling, saying a silent thanks to the rainbow gods for not disappointing.

The warmth inside me surged even harder when he turned and said into my ear, “Thank you for this experience.”

He said those words with such feeling, I was grateful that the lights were off, so I wouldn’t have to deal with whatever emotion would no doubt be brimming in his eyes at this time. Small thing now, before you know it, ana-ekwuzi okwu love and dating.

My friends would eventually get to know, with Yeka teasing me about how I became the chosen one.

Written by Sage Philip

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  1. Mandy
    June 26, 08:42 Reply

    This story is proof that the best lover a Bottom can have is a Versatile. ?

    I enjoyed this story, especially the part where you were so terrified by the thought of disvirgining the guy. So much pressure to put on a homosexual. Lol

    • Jinchuriki
      June 29, 09:17 Reply

      Yup… Till a bottom decides to role shame someone for being versatile.
      Story of my life.

      • Pink Panther
        June 29, 09:59 Reply

        Oh really? Do I know this story? When are you going to tell it for us? ?

  2. Pezaro
    June 26, 13:17 Reply

    “small thing now anaekwuzi okwu love and dating” This cracked me up, add up a bit more drama and then you get “I was raped”
    I imagine this happened behind flats? I barely got meet anyone from the community during my time there.

  3. Ade
    June 26, 16:54 Reply

    ??? enjoyed every bit of the story. that cloudy and pregnant thoughts of how to go about a so called ”best sex” can really be overwhelming..the writer was expository in his write up and was really flattered. Nice 1

  4. Kristo
    June 26, 18:25 Reply

    Great Biochemist!!

    I wonder why BCH Department won’t mind their business but jejely join other departments wahala to their own

    I remember year three with no fond memories

    7 bch
    2 mcb
    1 csc
    1 ent
    4 chm

    I nearly died,

  5. Peaches
    June 26, 20:54 Reply

    I just deleted an epistle i earlier typed as response to this story.
    I got deets from this entry right here, and i rest my fucking case.
    Who knew fat chickens could have thin plastic bones??
    I loved the story btw, Yeka character just got placed on a slide.?️

  6. Delle
    June 27, 08:36 Reply

    I just want to say that I miss school.

    And ‘how do you deal with all that craziness’?

    *side-eyes Mitch and Peaches with legs crossed*

  7. Rudy
    June 27, 19:13 Reply

    Lovely write up Sage. Was quite interesting.

  8. Loki
    June 27, 20:08 Reply

    “oh ye gods that gave me the ability to be very good at making out should dial it up “??? this part really got me cracking. Nice story, reminds me of a guy whose cherry is waiting for me to pop once schools resume.
    I pray i deliver the way u did sage*winks*

  9. Jinchuriki
    June 29, 09:15 Reply

    This was a great read. I bookmarked this story.

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    July 14, 07:38 Reply

    Beautiful story
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    I hail super loins

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