The Love That Wasn’t Meant To Be

The Love That Wasn’t Meant To Be

Nosa and I met online. I really cannot remember which of the sites now but it was in the era of Gaydar and GayRomeo. Yes, in those days, it took all the boldness and as much discretion as you can manage to be able to open such sites in the very public cyber café, but we found our way around anyway. Nigeria hadn’t had its gay awakening then, so our shady activities in cyber cafes went largely unnoticed.

In no time, Nosa and I graduated from the dating site to Facebook, and then we were talking to each other on the phone. It took some time for me to warm up to him, because the pictures he sent me of him didn’t appeal to me. But he was nice to me; he was genuinely interested in me and my well being and not just the sex he was hoping to get from me. And because of this, I didn’t put the kibosh on our interaction. We grew closer and I began to really like him.

Months went by before we met. He’d been complaining about how stressed he was becoming, and I urged him to take a few days off to relax, and by so doing, come over to see me. He agreed, but it took some persuading on my part.

The plan was for me to go pick him up at the park and take him to the hotel I’d pre-booked for him. Seeing as I was staying with my family, I couldn’t take him home. Immediately after we’d settled the issue of his visit, I spent about three days looking for the right kind of hotel that would meet our requirements – of distance (it must not be too close to my area so we would not be seen by familiar eyes), affordability (seeing as we had a budget we did not want to exceed), privacy (it shouldn’t be in the center of the city where we can’t get away with the occasional hand-holding stroll), and quality service (which included staff who aren’t nosy). He sent me money to book two nights for him in the hotel (in case he didn’t like it, he planned on switching after the two nights to someplace else he’d spend the rest of the week he planned to stay). I was in my final year in secondary school and told my parents I had an important field trip I needed to go to for a week. I’d planned everything to the detail (I still wonder why I did not realize then that I’d end up somewhere in the events industry).

Our meeting was not awkward at all; it was as though we’d known each other almost all our lives. I fell for him all over again the second I set my eyes on him, as I realized how gorgeous he was – tall, dark and absolutely scrumptious. His photos hadn’t done him any justice. We were at the park and it was obvious that we were of the same mind” Get to the hotel room and devour ourselves! The passion between us was palpable.

We got to the hotel room and started to kiss passionately, when suddenly he stopped, carried me to the bed and started to examine me, my features, his eyes roving my face, taking in my eyes, traveling down my nose, fleeting over my mouth – this scrutiny made romantic by the fact that he was speaking to me about how much he loved every part of me, every feature on my face. They were perfect to him.

I was perfect to him.

And then, he began to carefully peel my clothes from my body, all the while admiring, kissing, caressing. Boy, was I in the seventh heaven of ecstasy or what! When he got done with that, he took my nipples in his mouth, one and then the other, sucking and nibbling, while stroking my hard-on with one hand and threading my asshole gently with the fingers of the other hand. When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled back just long enough to get himself ready and then gently insert his great luscious cock inside me.

Then he proceeded to make the sweetest love to me.

To say that we had instant chemistry was is understatement. We clicked right off. The following days saw us having lunches and dinners in some of the nicest places in town. It was soon clear he wasn’t much of an extrovert but he enjoyed going to all these places with me. Besides, I’d told him he had to make the best of the holiday – you know, see the town and have a lot of pleasant memories to take home with him. In fact, at some point, he didn’t care who was watching as he held my hand when we went for walks in the evenings. With Nosa, we were not just about the sex; we were genuinely crazy about each other. We talked about our plans for the future and he often said if he had the money, he would have sponsored my university education abroad. There was such a raw sincerity in his voice when he said this that made me believe him. We were that into each other. Besides, his financial status didn’t matter to me, because I genuinely cared for him. I loved him for the little things he did that made me know he loved me back.

The week went by so fast and soon, it was time for him to leave. I remember crying when he was kissing my goodbye in the hotel room. I took one of his shirts that smelled of him. That shirt would help me through the nights I missed him so much, because I slept in it. I accompanied him to the park and then returned home with my heart heavy from emotions of love and loss.

I was in love and he was perfect – perhaps too good to be true.


Written by Darlene Sirilo Johnson

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  1. Mandy
    September 01, 08:40 Reply

    Something this good must always have comma. Can’t wait for the part 2 to read how Nosa fucked up.

  2. trystham
    September 01, 08:41 Reply

    Biko, how many memoirs of “Happily Ever Afters” have we had yet?

    • Pink Panther
      September 01, 08:47 Reply

      LOL. Be calm, Trys. By tomorrow, you’ll see how very much you’ll relate with this story.

  3. Delle
    September 01, 08:50 Reply

    Too good to be true.

    This sparks bolts of trouble and the, “Delle do not get so comfortable with the story just yet.”

    Lemme be looking…

  4. trystham
    September 01, 09:10 Reply

    EHEN!!! Before my melancholy at the story makes me forget, Had I then read ‘secondary school’? You’ve been sleeping out WITH MEN since secondary school??? *judging you stare* #gossipmode7.0

  5. Johnny
    September 01, 14:24 Reply

    All these boys that aff open eyes since secondary school . I was still Virgin Mary in part 2.

  6. Gad
    September 01, 15:16 Reply

    A secondary school kid lied his way successfully out of his home not just for some hours but days? Hmmm… Some parents. Anyway, I will reserve my comments but I really fear for our kids in the hands of irresponsible adults on social media

  7. Dickson Clement
    September 01, 15:40 Reply

    Secondary school and you were penetrated? Dear lord, some people really matured earlier

  8. Ice
    September 04, 20:37 Reply

    Lol, why are you guys surprised at secondary school guys having sex? My first encounter was when I was 14 and yes, I was in secondary school. I can relate to the love situation.

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