THE PROPOSAL: Two Queer Women And Three Queer Men Are Interested In Marital Partnerships

THE PROPOSAL: Two Queer Women And Three Queer Men Are Interested In Marital Partnerships

Hello, my name is Chinedu, I’m Igbo and in my early 40s. I am a career-driven person with side interests in arts and entertainment.

I need a partner for a marriage of convenience. My preference is a feminine-presenting lesbian/bisexual woman, preferably of Igbo extraction and based in Lagos. She should be between the age of 25 and 35.

She should be gainfully employed or at least doing good business, although the absence of either is not a deal-breaker. I want a woman who wants to settle down in the traditional sense, while we also explore our other interests with discretion and decorum.

I really need someone that understands that this is a partnership rooted in friendship and respect. This means a person of honesty and openness. No surprises.

I can be reached via the same email address

Submitted by Chinedu


Hello, my name is Ella. I am from Enugu State and I reside there too. I am 31 years old and I’m a chef. I identify as Bisexual and I am femme.

That said, I am looking for a matured gay or bisexual man, in his 30s or above, ready to settle down for a marriage of convenience with possible procreation. He should be kind-natured, friendly and employed or business-oriented. Every other thing will be discussed as we get to know each other. If he happens to live abroad, I am open to relocate to make this arrangement work for the both of us.

Any interested person may reach out to me through the email address

Submitted by Ella


Hello, I am Toyin, a 31-year-old Lesbian living in Lagos and currently self-employed.

I am interested in a male partner who’s Gay, Yoruba and Christian within the age bracket of 32 – 48 years of age, who wants to get into a contract marriage within this year or next year, and is also willing to have kids through various channels we both find convenient. Please, you must be Yoruba.

The man I’m hoping to partner with should be understanding and matured; I’m saying he has to know we’re in this together and is willing to have my back, as I will also have his back.

If you are interested, kindly reach out to me on

Submitted by Toyin


Hi, my name is Obiora and I am 28-years-old. I am an only son, an entrepreneur, Christian and bisexual. I am Igbo and I reside in Abuja.

I am searching for a femme lesbian who’s interested in partnering with me to present a marriage to the world and raise a family. She should be Christian between the ages 24 – 27 years of age. She should be kind, accommodating and understanding.

I would want us to start from being friends to partners, and live our lives without it affecting the children we choose to have.

Any interested lady may reach me on

Submitted by Obiora


Hi, my name is Nuel. I am aged 40 and I am a teacher who is also into poultry farming. I am Igbo and bisexual. And I am looking for an employed, femme-presenting queer woman who is genuinely interested in getting married. I am open to living together or separately, and also having kids. I would prefer someone who will be a friend that I can really relate with in so many ways, as I am an introvert. I don’t have many friends.

I really don’t like the idea of an “arranged marriage”. I would prefer to get to know more about you, and I am all for a liberal partnership/marriage.

I live in the Eastern part of Nigeria and I am working towards relocating abroad.

Any interested woman may reach out to be on this email

Submitted by Nuel

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